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    Why did you make PTR a draft mode realm? It's no longer useful for testing builds and experimenting. There's no point having a realms just to roll a dice repeatedly. Please make PTR regular realm so we could actually use it for something. Also fix the PTR transfer item from the shop, it no longer works. Thank you......
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    Just open your WoW folder > WTF and change the entry to "" or delete the whole line in Config.wtf SET realmName and save. After that is done you could right click "config.wtf" click on Properties and at the bottom you could put a Check on "Read-Only" that way every time you log into wow you would need to manually select the server. (Didn't tested) Or if you don't want to do that and it happens again just repeat the stuff above.
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    Well there be a season 5? If so when? I always love the beginning of the season bc everyone is starting fresh with so many people on. The low lvl pvp while everyone is leveling for the frist time is one of the highlights of the seasons in my opinion so i just wanted to know when we will be getting another season. If we are even getting another one at all.

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