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    Dev's 99% haven't listen'ed to the community when they've suggested something that would actually help the server and instead do the exact opposite . remember making orb shards drop instead of orbs off bosses and how big of a shitshow that was. After the seasonal population dies down (which it always does) we'll end up with two servers again the problem now is that they're pretty much the same with the hybrid risk system. why exactly is their a reason we should have two servers one permanently low risk and the other a hybrid, it doesn't contribute anything to the game. now anything that can be done in andorhal can be done in LS which in a way invalidates Andorhal. That's a huge dick move to do to a server that's been the backbone of ascension sense day one and keep'ed it afloat. Also the dev's haven't learned anything from the population blunder. we literately had the same problem at the start of 2018. I wonder where all tho's server updates went to last year that they said could hold thousands of players with out lag. instead they're literately doing the same thing as last time and just making more and more servers
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    I cannot see any specific issues with having hybrid on LS. A lot of us started there with high-risk yes but with the amount of toxicity and in general just drama it has created, i think it's good with hybrid as it is. Yes there might be a few flaws and problems and bugs that needs to be worked on, but eventually they will be fixed. And actually having some population on the server compared to the previous state of LS is great if it remains. The only thing the high-risk players lose out on is ganking raids, something which i haven't seen in months and the few times i have seen it the raiders were the ones who receieved items or gold from sellbacks. People since the start of the server hasn't taken their BiS out in world as there is no motivation in for doing so, u only lose out heavily if u get ganked and get marginal gains in duels. Only areas where it actually happens is 1v1 zones which it seems we're finally getting rotating now aswell. With more population comes more possibility of strong communities and guilds, which means there is a bigger possibility of yet again having big group fights and guild vs guild. Which is by far the most enjoyable aspect of high-risk. Andorhal still has their shtick which is soulbound, LS does not. Hybrid will attract new and old players alike, there are tons who are tired of the high-risk aspect but do not want to go to Andorhal. And the population spike that has already happened since hybrid was implement has meant that dungeons, BGs, and even raid pugs has been happening. Ive also seen a huge spike in people looking to join guilds, and there are plenty of players around in both low & high-risk phasing. There are obviously some issues with a merge, but if that is to happen later on hopefully there can be some way both the realms populations can happily co-exist after the functionalities of the new realm has been decided. And when things like being put on high-risk or at least getting to choose the first time is actually fully functional there should be even more high-riskers around. Something that should be looked on with hybrid-risk being active is the karma system, as it really just punishes and makes the high-risk aspect of the server slower.
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    Who we are: UNO is a EU guild started by a group of Veterans with Ascension first clears in Molten Core, Onyxia's lair, Zul'Gurub and Blackwing Lair 25 and 10 man. We're a dedicated group of players that like to discover and push limits of possibilities, we created UNO to make it possible to min max in a open and unified peer to peer circle here on Project Ascension. Mainly PvE focused but doing PvP from time to time if we find interest. Raid Progression: Molten Core - On farm Zul'Gurub - On farm Onyxia's Lair - On farm BlackWing Lair - On farm Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - On farm Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - 8/9 Raid Times: 7-11 pm server time, raid days are normally Friday to Monday but sometimes we raid outside if we need to catch up. What do we look for: First of all we don't care what gear you have. What we do care about is the dps / hps you are able to deliver with your current setup and dedication to progression. It's important to us if you are able to learn. We aren't looking for drama or problems. A small problem may get you removed from the guild. In addition, we don't like to boast. It's expected you keep a humble and silent approach to outsiders, respect those who respect us. In raids, we need everyone to be fully aware of what's going on during boss encounters. We look for people who can react instantly if something gets out of hand and not just do the usual thing or tactic. Communication is key, this means you'd have to reduce clutter in raids and get to the point if possible. Don't just mention problems come up with solutions. If another player needs help, aid him if you have the time. You wont be forced to but just keep in mind this builds up the connection between guild members and helps our guild progression. We expect you to be interested in pushing limits constantly, to improve in performance and consistency between raid sessions. High activity is expected from recruits, on discord and to raids, it's a big difference in dedication shown by being around and in action. You failed in raid? No problem. As long as you don't repeat it. We understand that the boss mechanics combined with the custom added on ascension might be intense and many problems might occur, but do not deny failing if you truly know that you failed. Think before you act and be honest. The most important for us is to understand why we failed and improve/adapt to the situation. Blaming others for failing is not allowed, you need to spend your focus on what you could differently after a wipe, don't focus to much on others. Do you have a problem with someone in UNO? Contact Soz, Alzamon or Corpsethroat ingame or through Ascension discord. How to join UNO? As a general interest we have no intention to form into a 25 man guild any time soon, which means we will only accept a few amount of players. Now with that in mind contact Soz ingame and a interview on discord is required to be invited. Generally: Don't think of us as a strict and very serious guild. We are laid back and like to joke and play around but there are some times when we get things done. We have accomplished clearing MC, ZG, Ony, BWL and AQR with one tank and one healer.
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    Good guild, good raids, fun people to play with.
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    Earlier it booted me off the server and it now gives me the same issue as it did yesterday where it says my password is wrong for some reason, the password reset says it sent me an email but im not receiving anything , I even checked my spam folder and junk folder, if anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Really dev's didn't you say you wouldn't be adding the system to legacy servers, now you lie to us again? why would you add this with out asking the community at all if they want this. I only see this negatively affecting both legacy servers. Laughing skull will lose a lot of it's unique ness of having every fight be high risk. and your taking away one of the core aspects of andorhal away from it. It also makes no sense because now your just makeing both servers more and more like each other, it's way better to merg the servers then split them, Seems to me like the dev's keep going back on things they say, what exactly is the point in having a high/risk/low risk hybrid server now and also a low risk sever that both have the combine population of one normal server. why not just merge them already and just make andorhal a hybrid server. Or is this going to be another screw up that causes the sever to go into decline like all the other times.
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    Well that's going to happen to matter what seeing as it's now a hybrid system. With daily quests and invasions bwl is already less important then it used to be, yes being able to buy gear will make it even less of a priority people will still play it. Sure at the start, but how long will the population last, every time their has been a population boost it's always died down in a matter of months. Don't get me wrong, I find the hybrid system a dumb idea as their are to many ways to abuse things to ever make it a possibility with out neutering the system. but we all know that the dev's have a habit of not really listening to the players and just doing their own thing. I can only see andorhal getting hurt more by making LS a hybrid system while andorhal stays the same as it basically steals andorhals shtick
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    Personally, I'm fine with the change. While I haven't really had time to experience the hybrid risk system, and can only speak of the concept as it is on paper, I was hoping that this system would have eventually been implemented on Laughing Skull and Andorhal, and that could hopefully also pave the way for a future server merge to help with population issues, once Ascensions's server's could support such a thing, of course. Personally, I play on Andorhal (having started on the old Sargeras server and enjoying the high-risk aspect quite a bit), I switched to Andorhal because it supposedly had a higher population. I think it would be a great thing if a high-risk option came to Andorhal, not being forced into it, and also having items not be Soulbound for both sides (that being one of the things I loved about high-risk). EDIT: To add onto my earlier point, with LS being Hybrid Risk, is there any real reason to play on Andorhal anymore, anyway? I can kinda see this killing the server. I hope they have something in mind to answer that issue.
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    It would ruin the nature of the high risk PvP realm to include flying mounts. It would ruin World PvP in the new content zones. I know people are going to say those areas are only playable with flying mounts, this could be resolved with portals to certain zones in certain areas, or by simply adding walkable paths through the mountains from one zone to another, or possibly zeppelins or ships, or even trains! I really don't want to see flying mounts included, for it would ruin High Risk PvP. Don't post comments saying "Those areas require flying mounts", since I already stated a counter measure to that.
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    if u locking for a guild that can make u impove whit a carot and a stick at the same time u are welcome.
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    +1 Good friends there. Keeping some seriousness while raid, but still great humor when no raid. Generally nice people, no drama.
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    Everyone I talked to wants a permanent wildcard realm. It wouldn't hurt the server, if anything it would make the population better. People complain about the cookie cutter builds on normal realms, and this is a great fix! Please make a permanent wildcard realm!
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    I think it's a wonderful mechanic and works wonders in seasonal. I'm glad they left it in. and I'm sure their are many people who also like it too.
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    I hope that this could one day lead to a merge between Andorhal and LS. As long as the new server's can support the influx of players outside of Seasonal times, I think that would be a fine idea, and would also help make the worlds feel slightly more alive during Seasonals as well. One big Hybrid realm, it would feel alive, on and off Seasonal times, and it would let players play the way they want to. I think that's a mighty fine goal to strive for. But I can agree, splitting the population so egregiously is never a good thing, and it's always been one of the things that irked me about Seasonal Realms in the first place. But that's a topic for another time. I would like to see some life brought back into the main realms.
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    Amazing guild! Amazing People! Amazing leader!
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    Just like it could ruin the high risk PVP, it would 100% ruin the experience of those xpacs removing flying mounts. So why would it ruin those Xpacs The proto drake quest line an rep. why even go for that thus taking out a whole part of BC. The beating the clock mount you get for a cavers of time dungeon. The economy of spending money on flying mounts and riding skills. The PVP of it you are taking away an aspect of pvp which is get the person before they mount up. The reward of having the gold to buy a flying mount to be, "Safer" The druid flight form and whole quest content. So there are both pvp and pve reasons doing this would just be bad. You just want someone easy to gank. Well think about this you could always get flight from and cast instant cast to kill someone flying. I am sorry I just think your reasoning is to short sided and lacks the thoughts on how it would add a whole new depth and richness to pvp and also add the cool and interesting things those mounts brought in the first place which includes game content.
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    the flying mounts WOULD Destroy the server for what it's supposed to be It Doesn't have to "Fly" basically it'll be a glorified ground mount Nobody EVER wanted this mount as a WOTLK Veteran playing various WOTLK private servers for over 10 years people only did the Timed run for the extra badge and NOT the mount you already have the economy with being able to buy ANY gear from raids or dungeons off the AH, we already have gold sinks in the game with full talent resets, individual talent resets, ability resets, the mystic altar system, felcom and probably more i can't think of off the top of my head what are you even talking about you are playing on a high risk server, everywhere is unsafe it can still be a quest chain aswell as being able to summon anzu for the raven lord mount just don't reward the druid flight form i mean we have access to every class spell and the reward for you getting the respected spell for doing X quest has been remove for example Defensive stance, it would be broken if you got the skill from competing the quest as you would basically get 2 AE for free not to mention even if you didn't get it and it cost 2 AE it would become the meta for everyone to pick druid flight form because it's instant cast as soon as you're out of combat, can you imagine a Vanish, Shadowmeld, Feign Death or Invisibility meta where you also pick Druid Flight form it would be utter cancer
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    Good reminder as to why i have stopped supporting Ascension. Maybe there next step will be to introduce the Wildcard system into LS as well 😂 Have fun with that.
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    LS players may want a merge, but the vast majority of Andorhal players do not, move along ty.
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    So many misconceptions with your reply. -LS will get more pvp'ers. In S3 low-risk has just as much if not more WPVP because no one needs to worry about losing their stuff. High-risk also has more WPVP in S3 because players are now able to try it out without having to dedicate all their progress to that character and then lose give it up when they decide they don't like constantly getting ganked in sleaziest ways. -This won't happen. Even though gear can be bought off the AH in S3 many players still would rather raid or farm in high risk for it. Hell I encounter more raids in seasonal realms than I do in Andorhol when its at its busiest. I'm pretty sure that the ability to get raid ready faster cancelles out what you're talking about here. Also general concensus on Andorhol is that LS players are a bunch of gankers who will foam toxicity at the mouth whether they win or lose and they'd rather not have to deal with that. Luckily this opinion will probably change with the implementation of hybrid risk. -I actually agree with you on this one. But both of us would likely be proven wrong if the servers were merged. S3 is stable now and the devs learned valuable lessons from the flood of new players to S3. Though I think Abdorhol and LS should be kept seperate for overpopulation concerns but both be made hybrid risk I have faith the devs could pull off a smooth merg. -lol we'll have bugs regardless. Scripting for Ascension is a nightmare. Adding/changing one thing will always break 10 others. But the devs will fix the broken stuff as soon as they can. Think of it as a price to pay for innovation instead of as something to avoid because if we avoid this implementing new changes because it'll break a couple scripts then we'll never see anything new added. And its the new stuff that brings in new players and money. As for the "bug" you stated, don't high risk players play for the risk? Whenever someone mentions even the slightest change to high risk they always get so riled up and say something like "High risk is meant to be risky!". Besides avoiding getting killed in sanctuaries is super easy. You'll only get killed if you choose to take the risk and fight back or start the fight yourself. The sanctuary phase is slightly larger than the sanctuary protections. If you run further in town pvp will imediately be turned off for you and if you run further out you'll enter the high risk phase and vanish from the perspective of a low risk player. I've done quite a bit of testing with this in many towns. One could even use this "unphased pvp strip" to gank people constantly yet turn pvp off or vanish into another phase. Don't know if that is against the rules or not though. These are the good things a merge or even just having a hybrid risk system will bring. -better economy -more stuff on the AH -faster LFG and raid formations -more WPVP for both phases -more people to gank and loot -LS won't be as dead all the time offseason and will finally have many of its problems fixed. Again though. I'd like to remind you that I'm against a legacy merge too but only as a just in case precaution to avoid overpopulation issues that probably won't happen thanks to the devs learning from the S3 overpopulation blunder.
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    Thats not what I've found. Almost every person I've asked in Andorhol said they'd love one as long as hybrid risk was included. Worst case scenario is that we'll have more choice. Move along ty.
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    I would love a server merge too. And to anyone else who agrees don't let the few angry purist high risk fanboys make you feel like you're alone. There are far more players who support both a merg and hybrid risk on legacy realms then there seems.

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