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    Already been posted by Skray but I need to shout it out: make T3 and T2.5 quests repeatable. I am tired of holding onto the item for the future "in case I need it" in fear if I delete it I can't have it again. Zul'gurub sets are repeatable, heck even the Neck part is.
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    Had a thought about Bonecythe, since bear tanks will most likely be going for Bonescythe, would it make sense for the 6p to be changed to a flavor bonus that has some benefit for a bear tank? Perhaps a chance on melee ability to evade the next attack or spell? Or when you drop below a certain % of health to gain Evasion? Stays somewhat rogue-ish and gives effective HP in the form of avoidance rather than health regen in stealth. Another thought too before naxx releases: Can we have the quests for T3 be repeatable? T2.5 quests weren't repeatable so if you wanted 2 sets of Deathdealer (say for DPS and bear tank) you weren't able to get them and had to rely on off-set pieces. (it would also be nice to have T2.5 quests made repeatable).
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    Hey guys, I'm back today to go over the changes we have slated for the naxx T3 sets. They've been a long time coming and I'm excited to share with you what we've been able to do with them. First, however, DISCLAIMER!! These sets are subject to change at any time before release. While we are confident with their current state, it is possible the sets you see on live servers differ slightly from what's posted here. At this stage we expect any changes that may be made will be minor, if any. I'll also be structuring this post a little differently, so there will be a lot of information to go through, but I want to make sure it's all there and it will save me some time as well. Without further ado, here's your updated naxx T3 sets! Druid OLD- (2) Your Rejuvenation ticks have a chance to restore 60 mana, 8 energy, or 2 rage to your target. (4) Reduces the mana cost of your Healing Touch, Regrowth, Rejuvenation, and Tranquility spells by 3%. (6) Your initial cast and Regrowth ticks will increase the maximum health of your target by up to 50, stacking up to 7 times. (8) On Healing Touch critical hits, you regain 30% of the mana cost of the spell. NEW- (2) Your damage and healing spells have a chance to plant a seed in the target, which will heal friendly targets or damage enemy targets after 3 seconds. (4) You gain 6% of your Spirit as spell haste rating. (6) While shapeshifted you gain 1% of your maximum health every 3 sec. (8) Your damage and healing spells have a chance to summon a beam of light at your location, which increases your spell haste rating by 100 and your damage and healing by 10% for 10 seconds. REITEMIZATION Helm- +10 haste rating. Chest- 10 mp5 changed to 15 haste rating. Legs- 10 mp5 changed to 15 haste rating. Wrist- 6 mp5 changed to 16 Spirit. Ring- +10 haste rating. Hunter OLD- (2) Increases the duration of your Rapid Fire by 4 secs. (4) Increases Attack Power by 50 for both you and your pet. (6) Your ranged critical hits cause an Adrenaline Rush, granting you 50 mana. (8) Reduces the mana cost of your Multi-Shot and Aimed Shot by 20. NEW- (2) Your ranged and melee abilities have a chance to increase your tamed pet's attack speed and focus regeneration by 25% for 8 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 sec. (4) Increases melee and ranged Attack Power by 60 for both you and your pet. (6) Feign Death heals you for 10% of your maximum health and an additional 1% every 2 sec while you remain feigning. (8) Increases the duration of your Black Arrow by 15 sec. Mage OLD- (2) Reduces cooldown on your Evocation by 1 minute. (4) Gives your Mage Armor a chance when struck by a harmful spell to increase resistance against that school of magic by 1 for 30 sec. (6) Your damage spells have a chance to cause your target to take up to 200 increased damage from subsequent spells. (8) Your damage spells have a chance to displace you, causing the next spell cast to generate no threat. NEW- (2) Dealing direct damage with a spell has a chance to trigger Spell Barrage, which deals additional spell damage of a random school. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 sec. Deals 20% damage to players. (4) You gain 6% of your Intellect as spell damage. (6) When your mana drops below 50% you gain 10% of your maximum mana. This effect cannot occur more than once per min. (8) Increases the damage of your Spell Barrage by 50% and gives it a 50% chance to trigger an additional missile. Paladin OLD- (2) Increases the amount healed by your Judgement of Light by 20. (4) Reduces cooldown on your Lay on Hands by 12 min. (6) Your Flash of Light and Holy Light spells have a chance to imbue your target with Holy Power. (8) Your Cleanse spell also heals the target for 200. NEW- (2) While above 75% health you heal an additional 3% and while below 25% health you gain 3% cast speed. (4) Increases your spell critical strike rating by 42. (6) You heal yourself for 3% of healing done on others. (8) Your direct healing spells have a chance to consecrate the ground at your target's feet for 4 seconds in an 8 yard radius, healing all allies standing within each 1 sec. REITEMIZATION Wrist- +6 spell power. Gloves- +14 crit rating. Waist- +6 spell power. Legs- +14 crit rating. Ring- +14 crit rating. Chest- +14 crit rating and -13 mp5. Priest OLD- (2) Reduces the mana cost of your Renew spell by 12%. (4) On Greater Heal critical hits, your target will gain Armor of Faith, absorbing up to 500 damage. (6) Reduces the threat from your healing spells. (8) Each spell you cast can trigger an Epiphany, increasing your mana regeneration by 24 for 30 sec. NEW- (2) Each spell you cast can trigger an Epiphany, increasing your mana regeneration by 66 for 15 sec. (4) You gain 8% of your Spirit as spell crit rating. (6) When you drop below 30% health you are instantly healed for 100% of your spell power as Holy. This effect cannot occur more than once every 2 min. (8) Healing a target with a direct heal below 50% health grants you Power Word: Celerity, which grants you 100 spell haste rating for 15 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 15 sec. REITEMIZATION Shoulder- +5 spell power. Chest- +14 crit rating. Waist- +10 haste rating. Legs- +14 crit rating. Boots- 8 mp5 changed to 10 haste rating. +5 spell power. Ring- +3 spell power. Rogue OLD- (2) Your normal melee swings have a chance to Invigorate you, healing you for 90 to 111. (4) Your Backstab, Sinister Strike, and Hemorrhage critical hits cause you to regain 5 energy. (6) Reduces the threat from your Backstab, Sinister Strike, Hemorrhage, and Eviscerate abilities. (8) Your Eviscerate has a chance per combo point to reveal a flaw in your opponent's armor, granting a 100% critical hit chance for your next Backstab, Sinister Strike, or Hemorrhage. NEW- (2) Dealing melee damage to targets below 20% health increases your melee haste by 150 for 4 sec. You cannot benefit from this effect more than once every 4 sec. (4) If you have more Strength than Agility you gain 28 crit rating. If you have more Agility than Strength you gain 60 attack power. (6) Increases your dodge rating by 42. (8) Your direct damage melee abilities have a 50% chance to deal an additional 15% damage. Shaman OLD- (2) Reduces the mana cost of your totem spells by 12%. (4) Increases the mana gained from your Mana Spring totems by 25%. (6) Your Healing Wave and Lesser Healing Wave spells have a chance to imbue your target with Totemic Power. (8) Your Lightning Shield spell also grants you 15 mana per 5 sec. while active. NEW- (2) Your direct damaging spells and abilities have a chance to grant you Totemic Power for 8 sec. (~40 sp, or 60 ap, or 40 haste rating). (4) You gain an additional 20% of your Intellect as attack power. (6) You take 3% less Non-Physical damage. (8) Dealing direct damage with a melee ability increases your spell damage by 6% for 4 sec. REITEMIZATION Intellect converted to Strength at a rate of ~1.1. Intellect added at ~50% of Strength. Spell Power reduced by 20%. Mp5 converted to either hit, haste, or crit rating. Head- 11 haste rating Shoulder- 14 crit Chest- 20 hit Wrist- 8 haste rating Hands- 14 crit Waist- 10 hit Legs- 16 haste rating Feet- 10 hit Ring- 10 hit Warlock OLD- (2) Your Shadow Bolts now have a chance to heal you for 270 to 331. (4) Increases damage caused by your Corruption by 12%. (6) Your spell critical hits generate 25% less threat. In addition, Corruption, Immolate, Curse of Agony, and Siphon Life generate 25% less threat. (8) Reduces health cost of your Life Tap by 12%. NEW- (2) Your damaging spells deal 6% more damage to targets below 35% health. (4) Your Life Tap increases your spell power by 40 for 20 sec. (6) You receive 3% more healing from all sources. (8) Your damage over time spells have a chance to increase your spell haste rating by 80 and your direct damage spells have a chance to increase your spell crit rating by 84. Warrior OLD- (2) Increases the damage done by your Revenge ability by 75. (4) Improves your chance to hit with Taunt and Challenging Shout by 5%. (6) Improves your chance to hit with Sunder Armor, Heroic Strike, Revenge, and Shield Slam by 5%. (8) When your health drops below 20%, for the next 5 seconds healing spells cast on you help you to Cheat Death, increasing healing done by up to 160. NEW- (2) Increases the threat bonus of Defensive Stance by 5% and its damage reduction effect by 2%. (4) Increases your expertise by 8 and your hit rating by 16. (6) Fully avoiding damage from an attack increases your Stamina by 8 for 8 sec and taking direct damage increases your armor by 100 for 8 sec. Each effect stacks 5 times. (8) When your health drops below 30% you trigger Cheat Death. Cheat Death absorbs the next 3000 damage you would take and gives you a 100% chance to dodge the next attack within 5 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 3 min. REITEMIZATION Waist- 36 block value -> 10 expertise rating. 13 block rating-> 14 dodge rating. Legs- 63 block value-> 20 expertise rating. To give you a little bit of info on the sets above, they are meant to work loosely as follows: (2) ~2% increased ability to dps, heal, or tank, (4) general bonuses which should result in 2-4% ability to dps, heal, or tank and meant to be easily paired with other 4 set bonuses, (6) general utility, (8) thematic bonus which should result in ~5-6% increased ability to dps, heal, or tank (roughly). These may not be pin point perfect in all cases, but generally speaking it should be the case. I know some people might be disappointed with the 6 set bonus for some of the sets, but it wasn't prudent for us to have 4 bonuses which increased your output as a dps, tank or healer. Doing so resulted in either the rest of the bonuses feeling more lackluster, or in a set offering too much power. I look forward to getting feedback on these sets from the community and hearing what you think. I'll do my best to keep up with all of your comments on this thread. Before I go I would like to very briefly talk about the patch we're working on for naxx release. We are working tirelessly to get you guys a small balance patch before the release of naxx. We're aiming to do so as early as we can so you guys can be familiar with the changes before getting in the raid. That said, don't expect anything too drastic right before the raid release. Things we're looking to do at the moment are better balancing the different tank styles to all be strong picks for progression content, adjusting healing and damage output in raids slightly so damage is less spiky and more controlled, reducing the ability strong AoE raid healers have to keep a single target alive very effectively, and minor adjustments to the highest and some of the lower performing builds. Unfortunately I don't have any specifics to share with you at the moment, but I wanted to give some clue as to what's going on for naxx release. Also, we have a separate patch in the works for after naxx which will go along side a future content release which should help freshen up the PvP meta once again. That's all for now, and as I said above I'm looking forward to hearing from the community once again. ❤️ PS: I hope I didn't kill you guys with this formatting.
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    Hi all. I'm just going to keep it short and make a bulletpoint list of some concerns and questions I have and I have heard over the last few days in the hopes that maybe someone from the team can address them: - Firstly, a large concern during PTR testing of Naxxramas was the absolute lack of explanation that some fights had regarding their adapted or new mechanics. Faerlina is a great example of this, with spell tooltips not correctly explaining the new mechanics, or in some cases not existing at all. - Why are the PvE balance changes, being locked behind a TWITTER POLL? Community engagement is great, but messing us around by delaying important balance changes just to boost your twitter engagement is not. We've seen this before with content releases (retweet us 100 times and we'll give you new side content). If you haven't noticed, this does nothing but frustrate your own community... - Achievements! Are we getting Realm First achievements? If so is the R1st achievement just going to be for KT, or other bosses as well? - Attunement?? This was not present on PTR and nothing has been mentioned about it, are we having one or not? - Why were the construct and frost wings not tested on PTR? Is the team now confident enough in their own ability to self-test raids lol
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    Also, what about getting Warchief Blessing for Outlaws / Alliance b4 Naxx release ?
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    @itswicky are we going to see re-itemization on any other items in Naxx? Some of them are pure shite on Ascension (Looking at you, Warmth of Forgiveness)
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    Fraggn just sounds like a troll. But damn Tekkies, you are really trying. Wildfungus, sounds like you should have gone to Andorhal instead of LS.
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    I definitely agree that the server needs more clear doccumentation, it's just the forums aren't exactly the most active place, and people feel like they aren't always necessarily commended for the amount of effort they put in. Regardless, I've made some effort to pass on your frustrations to some of the team, and I hope they consider it closely. I wish you all the best on Laughing Skull and like I said, if you need any help you have my discord.
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    To clarify, all the same items and DP stuff will be transferred to Laughing Skull / Andorhal. I'm really sorry if you feel like I am being patronising, I'm simply trying to help, if you would like I can help explain some of the High Risk mechanics over discord @Ozious#4963 and perhaps help you with any other problems you might have. I myself have played since Sarg so I have a little bit of insight. They are working on this, the wiki is still a work in progress as far as I know, but I understand your frustration.
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    srry for repost just wondering how 60 ap is 2 - 4% damage increase
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    And why is it that we can't see what the changes are going to be so that people can make a informed vote rather then a shot in the dark hoping it's going to be more buffs rather then nerfs JUST A FEW WEEKS BEFORE NEW RAIDS. what if these changes are massive and fucks up so many builds. who knows suddenly flash heal get's a major buff and it's the best heal in the game. and every other heal get's nerfed, we don't know what they're going to change and making a twitter pole and not even making one on the fourms is a massive mistake.
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    I honestly haven't gottem much feedback on Hunter sustain until this post. Definitely hear you guys on that issue loud and clear. We'll see if we can squeeze anything for some upcoming changes so you guys won't even need to rely on a set bonus. Just remove the passive mana regeneration on Aspect of the Viper, Remove the Damage/Healing reduction, make the on hit mana regeneration range only. I'd argue that the Rogue set slightly favors Rogue builds. Don't get me wrong, it's meant to be a catch all melee build, but Rogue builds probably have the highest % of their damage coming from melee abilities which the 8 set is centered around. They also have faster GCD on their abilities and general use faster weapons, so they have more opportunities to have a higher uptime on the 2 set bonus. These 2 things might be marginal in their own right, but it was definitely never our intention to design a set around a single build or archetype. I put a link on page 3. to an efect that would fit perfectly.
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    Sorry guys, I think I might have missed some of your replies on the 3rd page of this thread. To make sure I got you all here's some feedback from me. As someone else mentioned on the thread, haste is still definitely a valuable stat for for HoT healers because of the GCD limits. I recently made changes to the set to make it a bit less situational. We'll still consider increasing the haste benefit while at low health, but the idea is that you will have one of the bonuses active most of the time. When comparing that to the other 2 sets, this bonus, while seemingly unimpactful, is pretty relevant. For comparison, you only need one of the effects from this 2 set to be active 66% of the time, to be competitive with the Druid 2 set for healing, if not slightly stronger. So long as you're getting topped off quickly and spending a fight constantly at the mid health point then you should be getting good value. We'll see how naxx progression looks and if additional changes need to be made to the bonus we'll definitely do so. Definitely hear the community's feedback on these two. We don't have much time before a release, but we'll see what we can do for these two bonuses to feel slightly more relevant to naxx progression. I didn't quote the whole comment for this, but I think if you're a tank using this bonus then you know to account for it when you drop to low health numbers and save your CDs for when this bonus isn't available. As far as a cooldown reduction for the effect goes, I'll talk to the team about it. As far as stat weights go, Blizz essentially gave this to Hunter for free. We don't plan on replacing it with anything at this time. We believe we have a good hold on pets in the meta at the moment and that we have the proper tools and ideas to make additional adjustments if it's necessary. First, thanks for the feedback and the detailed post! I think you make an excellent point in regards to this bonus in particular. I'll definitely look at getting it changed. I think you make a good case for this one as well. We'll definitely talk this over. The main issue with this is the Shaman set currently is itemized for Strength only and we don't have any plans at this time to rework the itemization to Agi or a hyrbrid between the two. I would argue that the set bonuses don't necessarily push you into a specific playstyle. They do require you to have a pet, but not to have a pet focused build to get good value. Although, I do understand that it's not quite a flexible as the Rogue 2 and 4 set. I honestly haven't gottem much feedback on Hunter sustain until this post. Definitely hear you guys on that issue loud and clear. We'll see if we can squeeze anything for some upcoming changes so you guys won't even need to rely on a set bonus. The hunter set is itemized pretty well already. I mentioned this to another reply earlier, but the mp5 on this set, and the spirit and spell power on the previous hunter sets were more or less just free stats given on the set. We kept it because it adds a little bit of flavor and it doesn't seem right to remove it. The balance team really likes this idea too! I'd argue that the Rogue set slightly favors Rogue builds. Don't get me wrong, it's meant to be a catch all melee build, but Rogue builds probably have the highest % of their damage coming from melee abilities which the 8 set is centered around. They also have faster GCD on their abilities and general use faster weapons, so they have more opportunities to have a higher uptime on the 2 set bonus. These 2 things might be marginal in their own right, but it was definitely never our intention to design a set around a single build or archetype. Sorry for not providing specific numbers at this time, but the set is intended to give an average of 2% gain in either healing or dps.
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    Ye twitter is garbage, believe it or not, but there are people like me who dont use twitter, i dont use social media in general. You could do this votes on disc instead. Also i cant vote for something i dont know what i get for it, so give us patchnotes and than do a vote.
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    Thats not a good Idea at all lol. Would mean an unfair advantage for everyone who plays well in pvp in ... everything pvp, pve ... would be better than to sell etra TE on the shop and than we are on a pay to win server.
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    I think you're totally wrong on this tbh. The way most of the set bonuses are now, they're gonna be used in several different builds instead of just boosting 1 specific one, which is great. Ascension is all about build making and making set bonuses benefit only 1 or 2 spells totally ruins that, and pushes people into certain things, instead of giving them the freedom to play whatever they want. New RE's have the purpose of pushing underused and weak builds into the meta - the sets should be for everyone, not just Arcane Missile mages or Thunderclap warriors like what we've seen before.
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    I have a question about the hunter set. If I remember correctly a few pieces had mp5 on them. As Itswicky agreed in a comment above, it's kind of a bad stat on Ascension. Will this be changed, or does it have some value for hunter speccs I just don't get?
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    If I understand the changes correctly, we're swapping 100 intellect into 245 strength, and swapping 44 SP and 82 Mp5 into 28 Crit, 50 Hit, and 45 Haste. If we compare to Bonescythe, we're looking at +16 stam, -154 agi, +131 str, +123 int, -210 ap, +177 sp, -112 crit, -20 hit, +45 haste. Compared to Cryptstalker, we're looking at +12 stam, -191 agi, +245 str, +41 int, -374 ap, +177 sp, -70 crit, +10 hit, +45 haste. This isn't really a 1:1 comparison though, as different stats had different weightings. SP was more valuable than AP, and the more of a stat that existed on a piece of gear the more budget it took. https://wow.gamepedia.com/index.php?title=Item_level&oldid=2334791 http://wow.allakhazam.com/wiki/Itemization_Formulas_(WoW) It's definitely not what I would consider vanilla hybrid gear, but it's probably pretty close to decent stat budgeting. The Str value is pretty high on it. I'd expect to see the Str value split between Str/Agi for a bit more vanilla feel, possibly throw some AP in the mix too. Another consideration, is that on the Paladin/Druid/Priest pieces where extra stats are added without removing anything, they are without a doubt over their item level budget. I think changing Mp5 to other stats is generally good though, Mp5 has very little use on Ascension, and was weighted quite highly by Blizzard's system. So that does give a bit of flexibility in item budgeting. In the other cases, I'd suggesting dropping primary stats (probably stamina, since it would make the healer set bonuses a bit less attractive in PVP).
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    Since Ascension wiki thread is dead and doesn't look like wiki will be released any soon, but so many articles was written and didn't see the light, I think it will be a good idea to create unified database for ascension players especially for this amount of new players that came with new season. Here I will be posting my guides and builds that i have already written or will write. If you have any article that you would like to be published here, please contact me ingame or discord. Also, if you have anything to add for a written article or if you want to help with article translation feel free to ask for access to the article. Since guide section on the forum is closed i've decided that general section will be a perfect spot because everyone can post here. With every new article/guide released or major article update, this topic will be bumped. Please feel free to leave your feedback, suggestions, improvements for articles/builds or constructive criticism. Database:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GjSmMZKk67B6SebTjIT9ZfVlaR_c_1XWb4mo02thLt4/edit?usp=sharing Released articles General High risk complete beginner's farming guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/149zWwsfN39_cc7bKSs8U7Wg9EB7Y5TK5sLAqB5q2ZwE/edit?usp=sharing Treasure Hunt quest chain:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MWdmUQjkpKOTaD8eMPI6PTZOKo_4HPQcMXqQ7-0DsN8/edit?usp=sharing Builds Holy crusader - Holy nova build guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N4CU8Gu8EhBYXxkhhOk4Bc6f0k7CcWNDaM_rn2upfWM/edit?usp=sharing Nature prophet - Dual Wield Nature hybrid build guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_zc1sxA52adcf0DVvH1nQaLDXePcHT0Bm-IJXxfBVNo/edit?usp=sharing Frostfang - Mutilate Hybrid build guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F15p2P5IkC4MpTJf7KEL50gLJC4tka0n8A263TFR2f8/edit?usp=sharing Ashbringer - Fire hybrid build guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OJk1WNZ5zCd-SPJux3vm9nvgrpk2TdYDQjM5nzF_Uh4/edit?usp=sharing In development none P.S. if you see any grammar mistakes please point that out on forum or contact with me ingame/discord, I am not a native speaker thats why you will probably find alot.
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    So Tekkies I appreciate your help it is very helpful and will sort out my problems or at least give me the tools to do so. I was aware killing outlaws will gain rep with the law from playing on wildcard and no lifing it with no job for three months. I'm allready very hooked. But I decided I would enjoy real minmaxing experience more. And I do like to dip my toes in pvp, so thats fun and fine, but like the impression I got wass I need to defend players from being ganked by outlaws which I guess it's not that complicated but it seemed to be at the time. However, I think this is worth saying, that I am pretty super addicted, and at this point I felt like I really had a handle on how things worked and what I needed to do and then I get a curve ball thrown at me which was largely out of my control, its not like I've been using criminal intent to kill players in my faction. And you know what I dont want to run into this sort of thing again, but my experience is building up to the point where it seems like thats just how it works. My being in this circumstance due to taking advantage of admittedly an easy route to getting established with gear and gold at 60, and probably one worth frowning upon if you are an antisocial and established player, but of course there's people who are far less experienced than me who I am personally still very new to this game, but yet miles ahead of them in awareness of whats going on, and I get a crotch punch. This is chokepoint which will also affect player retention for non vocal players other than me I'm certain and its largely because these critical systems are not documented clearly. It's good to know it's not completely irrevocable. A little more inquiry armed with further information from Tekkies and I am like oh okay I can only do this quest to reset once. So I might as well wait until I'm done farming citybosses. This is good I have had this opportunity to learn this so I can plan ahead wisely. But again, the route I have had to take to get here is convoluted and not necessarily accessible to new players. again just new player feedback about how these hurdles that randomly come up due to a lack of clear information are highly problematic to the game and player culture the developers seem to want to cultivate. addendum : I think gaining rep with the law by questing is also a good idea. But most quests come from factional quest givers. So you're really limited at 60 to what, Winterspring? Which honestly isnt making it much of an option. My opinion is you'd be better off not having that at all. since its barely accessible. The main kneejerk reaction I initially had at becoming an outlaw was F*** now I cant do quests.
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    Hey buddy! Do not fret! Usually they offer the chance to transfer those characters TO BOTH Laughing Skull and the other server. There is a quest you can complete to reset your reputation with the law! You can find it at the call board and it costs 1 gold. As aforementioned if you reset your rep you can do all this again!! Also you can raise reputation by killing outlaws, competing quests and daily missions afaik. No need to quit my good man! The server is worth the effort, and I assure you if you spend some time you'll become super addicted the same as I am! Good luck out there!
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    Yeah, imagine making a poll on Twitter when half the community doesn't use Twitter, when about 90% are on Ascension's Discord. Regarding Naxxramas, I really hope you did the most important thing: did you replace Baron Rivendare with Alexandros Mograine?
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    This would create a massive unbalanced issue, players that are already the best at pvp now have even a bigger gap between them and lower skilled or geared players making almost impossibe to fight them on a even playing field. This is a terrible idea and one that should never ever be added to ascension.
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    So Druid 8set is absolutely busted and there's no reason to pick anything else then. Priest 8set grants you 100 spell haste IF a target is below a certain HP. Druid 8set grants you 100 haste AND 10% healing on all heals??? Where is the balance there
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    Thank you for taking the time to read through it again. Excited to see the Balance team is willing to entertain the idea of Hybrid hunters in the future.
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    paymentwall is not supported in Bosnia... why you won't take my money ?
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    Figures, my apologies, I got it backwards. I would be fine in increasing the delay because not even in Andorhal those items would be looted that fast, plus that might be another reason LS has less population active because people get bored from having it all pretty early. +1 to Author idea
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    LEL my bad thought they where both from you sense they're equally mentally handicaped (sorry forgot we aren't allowed to say the r word to mentally challenged people)
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    This is a common misconception - all healers benefit from haste in the form of increased actions per minute, i.e reducing global cooldown on spells. Granted, you do not scale beyond above mentioned, but with spell mastery gone, reaching that amount of haste is an impressive feat, especially in a 25m setting.
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    Plate bear used to be a thing, but since the buffs to bear talents which buffed its leather armor % gain, I just don't see a reason to go plate gear anymore. TG bears also go for the Feral Resilience REs to make up for the loss of a shield further diminishing the value of plate on a bear. It would be great to have a relevant set bonus, but it would require further bear talent and RE changes to make plate gear equivalent to the armor they get from leather.
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    I'm really sad to see none of these sets give anything of value to melee builds that aren't focused on purely physical damage, except for maybe the shaman one. I for example play a poison build, and like 50% of my damage is nature damage. The rogue set seems most optimal for me, but both the 4 set and the 8 set bonuses only benefit melee abilities. Why not to make them benefit from other things aswell? It's not like casters will start using 8 rogue set bonuses, due to the stats being awful for them. What was fun about sets from previous raids were that sets like druid, paladin and shaman had bonuses and stats that could benefit melees, as well as casters (or stuff inbetween) which gave wiggle room for different kinds of off meta playstyles. This time there's like 2 sets that can be used as a melee, which is shaman and rogue (shaman being clearcut hybrid set, only benefitting that 1 type of meta playstyle - leaving pretty much only rogue set for AP melee builds). It seems to me that casters are getting so many sets this time, with melees not rly having much to choose from at all. I mainly play a poison melee spec on my main, and for me these sets just seem bad. There's barely any set bonuses I get something good out of. The few ones that seem good for me, are trash for me stat wise. - Druid 8 set: would be cool with on hit effects, but the stats are just purely for casters, making this not an option. Not even shapeshifting builds can use this for anything. - Rogue 4 set: would be nice to have this give ALL crit rating, not just melee, for above mentioned reasons. - Rogue 6 set seems kind of boring? Barely any builds use stealth, and even for the ones that does, this just feels wrong for them. - Rogue 8 set: would be nice to have this proc on spells AND abilities, not just abilities, for above mentioned reasons. - Shaman 8 set: would be nice if this worked on ranged abilities too - to see a hybrid hunter playstyle, going int>RAP - Hunter 2 set: this is another set bonus pushing people into playing a specific playstyle, instead of giving people the tools to create whatever they want with their build. Would love to see this changed. We have REs to give super specific boosts to certain spells, abilities or builds. Sets should be more general, while still being interesting imo. This goes for the mage 8 set aswell. - Would be nice if shaman set gave a mix of agility and strength, instead of just strength (same reason as 8 set bonus) - In general I would be happy to see bonuses that are interesting for off meta builds aswell, and having new content/updates reward people theorycrafting new builds, instead of pushing people into playing the already played meta cookie cutter stuff we see on the daily. Just my 2 cents. Other than this, you did a good job. I'm looking forward to Naxx and future updates
  34. 1 point
    Haste is an amazing stat for HoTs based healers in raid as it allows them to apply more HoTs to more raid members. I do agree however that the paladin 2p feels very lackluster.
  35. 1 point
    To be fair wutm8, we have 4 10 man teams still and a 25 man, no one uses bloodvine. If you say the sky is green and 10 other say is blue who is right than ? i even had to google the set never saw it before lol. But! i bet there is spellpenetration on the mage set again, whish has no benefit in raid, may can morph it to hit.
  36. 1 point
    This isn't wotlk where you get mostly every piece replaced as the tiers move up. There are plenty of 2h pieces that will continue to be viable. The first real 2h didn't even need the rework to be better then most shield tanks at the time. Meanwhile, shield tanks may finally be able to replaces zg gear and a large amount of t1 pieces. Also you really wouldn't want to implement any kind of conversion for shield tanks like that. There are exists 40% block value increase through talents, and 60% crit block. If you up the scaling incorrectly you're going to run into a problem quick as the benefit of shield stuffs is no diminishing returns. Is it clean for 2h? No, but this expansion doesn't inherently support it. If you change block value/rating on t3 to things all tanks can use, and then buff shield tank talents to offset, you're just making 2h irrelevant. EDIT: if there was a way to convert irrelevant defensive stats into relevant ones, say block value to parry rating when you don't have a shield equipped (obviously not 1 to 1) I think that would be a fairly easy work around
  37. 1 point
    Any changes that may come to the set would be to ensure it's a viable option for all tank archetypes. Separate talent and ability changes would be done in tandem to make sure block tanks wouldn't simply fall behind once more. We weren't really comfortable with making the leap and taking responsibility for changing the itemization of the AQ 40 sets, only the bonuses. We're now taking that leap and understand the implications of it. One of them being, "Why modify one set and not the other." We'd like to make as few itemization changes as possible, but we're willing to make the changes which seem necessary. Thanks for the input.
  38. 1 point
    There are nerfed versions, but they're custom items with different item IDs. They're just "Warlord" or "Marshal" instead of "High Warlord" and "Grand Marshal" versions of each. AFAIK they were available on LS briefly and some copies may still be floating around (?), but the real Rank 14 weapons were removed.
  39. 1 point
    Naxx sets under each other. Looking at Paladin set. So inbetween this values i dont have a bonus, and even if i get one he is just 3%. VS It says chance, but i can trigger it independet of annything. Same for Priest 2 Set. VS My trash PW:S gear without anny enchants brings me to 300-400 Spirit (something inbetween) so raidbuffed i am sure I would allready exced it. "PLEASE GUYS DONT RUNN OUT OF MY CONSECRATION PLEEEEEEEEASE" VS Healers lick thair fingers for haste rating.
  40. 1 point
    I gave a brief breakdown of what we were aiming for with the different set bonuses. I mentioned this in an above reply, but the Warrior 6 set is probably one of the better ones at the moment and a 5% max health increase would go far beyond what we're looking to do with 6 sets. Thanks, that's definitely a fair and good point. I think we may be looking at some additional energy regen buffs through some talents at the moment, but something we'll be sure to be aware of.
  41. 1 point
    I think one thing that might be lacking from the Rogue set is an Energy Regen mechanic. Deathdealers has energy regen from the free 5 combo-point generation through using Relentless Strikes RE and Talent, and Feral Cats can potentially go Genesis for the energy regen. Given that rogue builds and cats aren't really top of the meta currently, and they'll be losing energy regen bonuses going into Naxx, could the 6p be changed to something energy regen related? It would be a useless flavor bonus for all other melee builds and help keep energy using builds competitive.
  42. 1 point
    @Peel2g Spell Barrage and Arcane Barrage are different things just FYI, not sure how that actually impacts AM as I don't play the spec, but worth keeping in mind
  43. 1 point
    I think it'd be much easier and way more realistic to do something like custom "raids" where it would spawn you into a Vault of Archavon style mini-raid. They could even use... Vault of Archavon to do it. Could drop pre KT naxx gear if tuned to be comparably difficult.
  44. 1 point
    Dude it takes them like 1 year to release a raid, we'ed all be dead from old age before they get even half way done and I'm not even joking. and yes I know you said "don't tell me how long it's gonna take." Don't care, because you need to understand that makeing an expansion takes blizzard years with hundreds of employees, millions of dollars ect. even if you scaled that down to 1/25 of a regular expansion it would still take such a massive amount of time for the ascension team not to mention a complete waste of time because they don't even have the correct staff, you'd need so many more different types of staff members to make a mini expansion that it would be a very bad idea not to mention creating new content like that is the easiest way for you to get noticed by blizzard, it's one thing to use old content and rework some code to allow classless realm. it's a COMPLETELY different thing to make your own expasion to copyrighted/ trademarked material. they'ed shut down the whole project before it even got started. TL:DR No. to much work more then you'll even understand and blizz will shutdown before it even starts.
  45. 1 point
    I think they're in a good position, and don't need buffs/nerfs. I think people have no idea how to build them and that's why they think it's bad. now what they should do is allow kick and cleanse on a cat.
  46. 1 point
    r13 should have a restriction untill tbc is out.
  47. 1 point
    There needs to be a resource that details the current state (updated each hotfix or patch) of abilities and their scaling, as well as the talent and skill interactions and limitations. This is something most people that like theorycrafting and making builds would find really helpful. Very few people want to help others in the build making process, especially since a lot of the top players sell their builds for thousands of gold. The entire thing is like one big secret, and I've even had people PRETEND to be helpful, while feeding me incorrect information to throw me off their build. (Certain talents dont work when they do & saying they took certain talents that they dont etc.) If its intentional that talents ar ekept hidden, then everyone should have access to the same resources toaid in the process of figuring out what works with each other and what doesn't. Side not: Special thanks to LYFE for his list, its the best resource thats closest to this.
  48. 1 point
    Maybe you're getting downvoted because you're wrong. Andorhal has a ton of guilds clearing AQ, way more than LS in fact. LS has 3x 10man (Yikes, CHINA, Fae Serrar (6/9?)) and 1x 25man (Yikes) Andorhal has 12x 10man (toxicity x4, Hyperion, The Anglers (2/9), Exiled x2, Long Live Cenarius (8/9), HordeGuards (8/9), Oblivion, Synergy) and 2x 25man (Exiled, toxicity) Just saying?
  49. 1 point
    have to say this is the first player i've seen go into negative 10 rep on these forums
  50. 1 point
    How about no. This is the biggest pile lying shit i have seen in a while.

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