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    Remove base resilience, make PvP gear the only source of resilience(possibly at the cost of offensive stats), and dramatically increase the effect of stacking high resilience. You introduced this mechanic back when fresh 60s had 1,5k HP. Now fresh 60s have 4,5~5k HP. They don't need babysitting in PvP. PvE schmucks don't need it either. Make PvP gear great again. As an icing on a cake, you will no longer have to deal with coding abilities to do less damage to player characters. This type of ghetto resilience is really cancerous 'couse there's already well established and itemized on top of it stat that does exactly the same. Aditionally, I'd love to know the reason talents/REs that reduce duration of stuns/CC/movement impairing effects are getting nerfed or otright removed. Getting passive immunity to being slowed and/or severely reducing duration of stuns/CC was incredibly costly endeavour, we're talking roughly 25 TE worth of investment on top of multiple REs. Half of what you get to play with at level 60. Half of your build devoted to do just one thing. It was never optimal nor was meta for this reason, but it was extremely fun to kite heavy melee endlessly. Doing flag carry duty was also absolutely hilarious. Why are you destroying this? Is it wrong, bad fun?
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    Hey guys! This thread is to gather feedback and ideas about balance changes that the community wants to see on live realms. Express any ideas, thoughts, concerns, or points of view on the patch here, and be as concise and articulate as possible. The goal here is to pinpoint particular, specific issues and develop solutions for them--addressing individual changes, spells, and potential tweaks will be ideal. Please upvote changes that you think would be ideal--especially ones that are well thought out. We're working on putting together a poll system in-game that will better track the community's opinions and desires. Post away!

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