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    Hi there, This post is dedicated to outlining to, as the title says, outlining why the Horde dominates Alliance on all four realms on Ascension, causing free faction transfers to be needed and what the Ascension team can do to fix it. Firstly, World Buffs. To put it simply, Horde have access to an extremely powerful, easily obtainable and repeatable world buff that Alliance do not have access to. Warchief's Blessing. This grants a whopping 15% melee haste, as well as a small amount of MP5 and a health boost. In order to balance this, I suggest adding a way for Alliance (and Outlaws, maybe in Booty Bay?) to recieve Warchief's Blessing (renamed, if you like (Outlaw's Blessing / Highlord's Blessing)). This issue is a relatively simple fix (the Alliance repeatable quest is to kill Drakkisath, instead of rend, so this quest could be made to award the buff Q-ID: 5102) Secondly, racials. This issue is a harder one to fix, but does have multiple solutions. To put it bluntly, the power of Horde racials is vastly greater than the available Alliance racials. Orc racials for damage dealers are insane, with a racial related to Axes (some of the most powerful weapons currently), a racial related to pet damage and their active racial, granting SP and AP. Trolls also make the list with their Haste active racial, which provides a whopping 25% haste, which is absolutely insane for healers and casters. Meanwhile Alliance have... nothing even remotely as useful as those Horde racials, so, what can be done? As I see it, there are two options, firstly is the controversial yet very popular idea of introducing pickable racials. Secondly, racials could actually be balanced to give Alliance a chance, however I am not confident in this option, as it is often cited as the reason for not adding pickable racials, and so far the team has failed at implementing option two.
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    I think there is a problem in the way this server is presented as a funserver we get increased exp rates and much better random loot which makes leveling a typical funserver experience. Now the issue is when you hit 60 and realise how expensive it is to respec (particularly if you are new and have no idea where to get 150g from). You just have to allow for people to play around with the classless system and at the moment it isn't possible which kind of defeats the purpose of the system. My suggestion is: unlimited respec until 60, after 60 a 48 hour COOLDOWN to reset again for free. This cooldown can be removed with a reset orb or individual abilities tweaked with scrolls. This way people will want 4 specs and will buy them so when one spec is on cooldown they will switch and reset another that isnt Please try this out I am certain that the money players don't spend on respec they will spend to get 2nd 3rd and 4th specs there will be no loss to you but there will be gain to the playerbase. Thank you ff
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    Hi all, I made my own talent calculator as an addon ( download v2.16 Beta at https://mega.nz/#!FXAXQQjL!bV1Dt2LiOzQm2MYGN71C2VyOTLVZsSagJ4KFX8ZsygU ). Calculator is not yet done, this is just alpha. It is more complex than previous version thus more messy.. It has now 4 tabs (but only "Trees" and "Share" tabs work) and it has tabs at the top that can be used to quickly switch between builds. Look and functionality is inspired by web talent calc. There are some bugs (for example hovering over talents does not show tooltip). How to open Talent Window: In-game command /atc Right-Click Minimap Button and chose "open build calculator" from the menu Left-Click Minimap Button In Game Menu (ESC) -> Key Bindings -> Ascension Build Calculator, you can set a key to open build calculator (or set it to "n" with macro below) /run SetBinding("N","ATCOPEN") How to Create New Build: If there are no opened builds in the talent calculator, there is always a tab with unsaved talents. (So you can close all tabs with [x] button and calculator creates a tab with new build) Left-Down pointing arrow at the top right corner creates a menu from which you can select option "Create new". New build will be opened in a new tab. Right-Click to Minimap button, Load Builds and select "Create new" or "Create New from link" if you have a link. New builds are opened in a new tab. All new builds loaded to calculator are unsaved. Saved builds that are edited (you learn/unlearn some talent or spell) become unsaved as well. If you close any unsaved build, all unsaved progress will be lost, only last saved state can be loaded via minimap button menu again. How to save your build: Click Left-Down Pointing Arrow at the top right corner and select "Save" from the menu. If you are trying to save New build, a window appears where you have to write name of your build (e.g. Pyromoonkin.) If the build is not new, using this option silently updates previous build and changes title to [Saved]. You can go to key bindings and set key to save talents. I personally use "CTRL+S". You can set it also via macro below. /run SetBinding("CTRL-S", "ATCSAVE") If you have saved build (green [Saved] at the topleft corner of build calc), you can safely close current build using [x] at active tab. Build can be loaded via minimap button. You can see all your talents/spells under the "Share" tab and under the "List" tab. If you load your current build, you can use "List" tab as a spell book, just click "Learned" checkbox and drag any spell from there to your action bar. In search editbox, you can type full name or part name of spell. If you want to search in descriptions of spells, you can type desc:"text" (for example desc:"damage" to find all spells that deals damage.) You can also search by level using lvl:X-Y (show all spells from level X to Y) or lvl:X+ (level X and higher) or lvl:X- (lvl X or lower) or lvl:X (only spells with level x are shown). X,y are numbers without quotes. You can also similarly search for cost of spells using ae:X-Y or te:X-Y. Rank can be used as rank:0 to show all unlearned spells and talents or rank:1 to show learned spells and talents with 1point in it or rank:2, rank:3, rank:4, rank:5 (or you can use rank:X/Y format - rank:2/5 shows only 5pts talents in which you spent 2 points. Note: Addon first-time load may cause errors. Arkoniel
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    So in my arduous journey to try out other melee hybrid builds besides Judgement-holy and Maelstrom, I have run into a bit of a problem that severely hinders the viability of any other spellsword builds. This is the auto-attack (swing) reset that occurs when casting a spell - such as a dot, Fireblast or most other non Ret/Enhancement spells. There is not really any reason for this to exist - imo this melee attack reset should be removed for most spells (excluding lifetap and a few other spells that melee should not be able to spam without consequence). Implementing this would open up a massive variety of builds for melee spell hybrids.
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    Heroes of Ascension, With our official release dates for live servers, and the desire to include you into our growing community, we would like to offer you a chance for something special! Three lucky winners of this contest will receive an awesome reward: The third place winner will be receiving a Savage Raptor mount! Show the community your dino as you travel throughout Azeroth! The second place winner will be receiving the Magical Rooster mount! Give an early morning wake up call with this giant bird! The first place winner will be receiving the coveted Swift Spectral Tiger mount! Show off this amazing beast as you tear across Azeroth and enjoy Ascension! So how do you win? All you have to do is comment on this post, like it (or love it!), and share this post onto Facebook. You will then be eligible to win the prizes above, and a random selection will determine the winners! This contest will be active until July 14th, at 12:00am CEST. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn these great prizes, and spread the word of Ascension’s live release! Disclaimer: Prizes are to be given out upon live release of the servers, happening on the 14th of July and 21st of July. Limit is one (1) entry per player or individual, no exceptions. Eligibility is determined by sharing, liking, and commenting on this post. Names of participants will be cross-referenced in order to guarantee eligibility of rewards. Duplicate entries, cheating, or any other form of malpractice will result in disqualification from the contest. Project-Ascension reserves all rights to this contest, including reward distribution and changes to dates or times of the contest. You can find the Facebook Post HERE! Don't forget to like our page!
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    just get good 4head In all seriousness, Andorhal is still a pvp realm, people enjoy PvP, if you suck at it you can't then turn around and demand the system be changed. Sorry
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    Here's the updated custom model/texture patches that works with the Ascension models. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KW3stTZoExeuvuIqfNJQpasy4iA8dy5N I'll update this thread when I update the patches as well. If you run into any issues while using the patches, feel free to message me on Discord. Enjoy! Season 5; Please make sure to rename this patch-B to patch-C and re-download patch-F/G if you plan to use them for season 5!
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    Cross-Faction: A Breath of Life With how competitive the environment is on Ascension WoW's Sargeras, how it has been in the past, I don't see why Cross-Faction is being disabled for the future. When you have a player base of people that'll be looking to be as efficient as possible, many races will be left out purely for the sake of what is good, and a few spotty groups of people will pick for preference. With this in mind, it won't be soon before one faction becomes the dominant one on the server, and it will lead to horrible scenarios of World PVP - Realms on the live servers that are heavily unbalanced are avoided highly by people who take PVP seriously, like how Tichondrius on Live server has had an imbalance of up to 70% leaning in the favour of the Alliance. Further into the stats, you will almost never see Horde win a BG or any sort of PVP / PVE event as the World is set so PVP flags are automatic in many zones, and you'll have to push for control of certain things as people will just slow things down for others for the laugh of it. All though that is a specific scenario, in a more general aspect, it isn't healthy for Factions to have to play against one another by force, as the balance of the server will have a heavy influence on what takes place, especially once the numbers become unfair, like Tichondrius, Mal'Ganis, Stormrage, etc. https://realmpop.com/us.html Having to worry about imbalances isn't healthy, and when it does take place, the Realm in short, will end up as a shit-show & a half. The suggestion I bring forward is to life the close on Cross-Faction, not only lifting the worry for imbalances in PVP, but it also allows guilds to be more diverse in what is doable in some sense, and it also gives a lot more of an immersive outlook on World of Warcraft - having an Alliance based association with Horde mercs, or Alliance Loyalists, etc.. It gives a lot more to have this feature, than to remove it; 1) BG's are longer, and can be imbalanced in many cases. Having Cross-Faction, it will automatically balance out like we saw during beta when we had Cross-Faction. 2) Realm imbalances are sure to happen as some races are better than most; Humans have a free trinket which is a wet-dream for your average PVP'er. Orcs have solid DMG boost, but, most will have priority in other places. 3) Dungeon / Raid groups will form together a lot easier, and will have a more vibrant feeling like we see in Legion; a more unified experience between players. PLS DO IT. -Nammey
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    Title isn't meant to bash anyone and I'm sure many will flame/talk shit but in all honesty if you guys want us to get back to HIGH RISK and where we were in beta this is what we need to happen, I know it's hard in today's reality and social media but the best thing to do is either just say you support or don't and move forward not flame suggest more changes and what not let's get support for some changes and then discuss how we can implement and make minor changes!!!!. START HERE----> So I've debated posting something on the forums for a long time, a lot know who I am a lot don't I have friends and I have enemies, all the less that doesn't matter in this post I've been here since beta around the end of 2016. I've seen many stories many players make there cases and demands and many others sit silently and watch the world burn with help from others or no help at all. There have been a series of unfortunate events that have inevitably hindered everyone's experience on this marvelous creation of a PVP playground that has been created in what was once a clear vision and process to manipulate the world of Azeroth into a battleground of unforeseen potential of chaos and beauty. While there have been ups and downs as there are with every game there seems to be a stagnant common every few months "A Reason To Play". While it is hard in every game to make continuous play something of a norm for those "HARDCORE" players there are quite a few aspects of a game that keep people logging in even it be a short period of time around the clock. Ascension is so different than any other game out there it takes what is riddled as a GRIND house and combines it with that of a winner take all battle royale in every aspect which tends to create an infinite grind with tons of possibilities at hand and really has a unique basis to create a new Genre of gaming. Getting back to the point the biggest issue is the clear gap from New/Returning players to Hardcore players(this shouldn't be a thing on such a unique server). a lot of things either go unchanged or unheard or heard and never acted upon although it is a large base of players that have supported this game in numerous ways whether it be cash for donations or streams, and even just play time on PTR or special raids. #1.Disable Battlegrounds except for the weekends of CTA(Remove AV and just switch between AB/WSG CTA).(Allow for RATED only Arena/Bgs during the week must have a team comp and reward system monthly) No premades on Weekend Must have Created team during the week. #2. Remove CURRENT Raid loot in open World Except for in Crow's Chest/Invasions/Daily quests(see #3) #3. Return All Addons that allow for scouting of areas including friends list(Make available on website for all to have not just a few). turn /who back on and make friends list only available if you've spoken to a player or been in a guild with them but turn back on the zone location function!(Searching every zone to find 1 fight in a 2-3 hour span kills interest of playing on this server so much it's not even funny) #4. Increase latter tier loot in open world drops. Introduce Mats to world loot including but not limited to Herbs, Ores, Cloth, Rune Shards(increased rates to provide a better source of changing/testing builds) #5. Make Deathtrading a thing of the past and just allow everything to be traded so players have more incentive to farm well Everything. #6. Implement a rotating random daily quest scenario that has to do with PVP wether it be a King of the Hill, Kill Quest, Healing Quest, Invasion, or Mercenary body count. #7. Deinstance Dungeons and Raids(except for one specific slot time picked by each guild each week FOR THAT GUILD) this will keep guilds from putting a raid on farm and exploiting the already exploitabl economy with holding hostage all BIS pieces until everyone has what they need further creating a MASSIVE GAP in newcomers, casuals, and hardcore players. #8. Allow for hardcore versions of 60 content dungeons to be ran for previous raid content gear I.E. AQ20 Drops. We can run Scholomance with something like the BFA weekly settings to obtain BWL gear. ***(one of my personal favorite requests) as Dungeons are only viable until you're first day in raid or farming reputation yet they are one of the funnest things to do that don't require 10man teams or more and hours of prep/hours of devotion)*** #9. Reward system for Daily log ins(besides daily quests), (Devs will love this one) 1DP Chests that grant random DP items from the shop anything from 1dp-100dp items. #10. Glory system for WORLDPVP that allows for Transmog purchases of Actual IG armor that has a one time transmog use. #11. Glory system that replaces reputation earned in quests/zones/dungeons for specific recipes with Honor Gained in WPVP!!!! #12. (REMOVE PORTABLe ALTARS.) REMOVE EXTRACTS/MYSTIC ORBS and Make Re's only obtainable through massive amounts of Forging(the access of easily obtainable re's greatly affects those of a casual player to a hardcore player.) #13. Unban all previously banned players in a one time grace to return this game to maximum population(with a gear/gold wipe of course) Yes this is alot to implement and you guys already have your hands full but this is the time to listen to the players and not necessarily the dev team, in the end with no players there are no funds for the dev team, there is no reason for people to log in and therefore there is no game. First Round of items to implement would be 1-4, second round 5-8, third round 9-12 would allow for a steady progression to get this game back on track as the PVP GODSEND it was when we all started in beta & from what would be the easiest-hardest implementations. The main agenda here is to stop the increasingly large gap from casual to hardcore player of ascension(which was the biggest problem on seasonal with the staggered level caps), Give every player an incentive to log in every day(without a huge loss if they don't) and to bring back a normal playing field so newbs,casuals,hardcore, and dearly devoted players can obtain a reason to play. WE UNDERSTAND YOU HAVE A VISION AND WHAT YOU'D LIKE TO DO BUT THE GAME IS FADING FROM IT'S ORIGINAL INTENTIONS AND WE THE PLAYERS WANT IT BACK! MAKE ASCENSION GREAT AGAIN! MAGA!!!!!!!
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    I'm going to start this off and get into the matters I believe that are troublesome on laughing skull. I believe Laughing skull population peaked right before seasonal release / BFA release. Ever since, the population has been dwindling down into an uncontrollable spiral. GMs & Developers their selves had said, "Laughing skull as a whole is unstable." I agree, Laughing Skull is unstable. I think the gap for FFA PvP should be changed rather than adding a system that fucks over anyone in their main city causing them to be separated in the guild they've been apart of their entire ascension career, not to mention there is few builds that strive at level 20, and when I was at this point, I was god awful at the game. I lost nearly every piece of gear I had--back on sargeras-- I wanted to quit, but thankfully I had not. Before this gets very off topic, I will allow myself to get back on track. I often find myself standing in org looking for something to do. So I go to Stormwind to find the same thing. I try to enter BGs but it gets old, knowing who will kill you and who you will kill. There is no competition in battleground when players are not on an equal playing field. 1v1 Zones are the best thing I've seen on the server so far; although, it is very buggy as well. The crow's chest won't spawn in 1v1 Zones I believe? Something along that matter. It's sad to say the past few day's I've seen more people active and it's because of the Coren Direbrew daily--More pvp outside org atleast-- and allowing people to do their daily dungeon with the convenience of teleporting to only that said dungeon is great. What would I do? How would I change things? Crow's chest has nearly died off. Most people are often able to get it naked, solo, and there is no point to bring a group because the chance of gear is one of the few things: Very bad; not worth auction house; already obtained; or finally, not expensive enough to sell into a group split. This in it's self is a bad way to start drama, although most of the loot did not come from the crow's. It came from the pvp which was very good and fun while it lasted. But now only new guilds are the people going for the crow's. Us veterans come to an ultimatum, "Should we control the crow's? Keep these new guilds who can't raid from progressing as a whole? Or should we allow our greed filled intentions take over for chances at that one expensive item that very rarely comes from Crow's Cache." If we control them entirely, eventually other guilds will fall off, we've seen it with Warmonger Clan, Goodfellas, and many others. I would consider a whole revamp on Crow's entirely, there has been rumors for Nefarian only items--ashkandi, nelth's tear, etc--drop in the world . Honestly, I think this is the worst idea. I would much rather see it get implemented into more group scenarios, allowing people to play with their friends. This is why PvE is more prominent than PvP on Laughing Skull, and Ascension entirely... To get the gist of everything, I am saying to add more things for daily activity, hourly activity etc, expand the chances of getting an item you need. Instead of adding Nefarian only drops to the world, add them to things like Crow's or very rare chance of obtaining them from Daily Quests that are not obtainable inside the city. One Daily has brought a lot of activity in its self back to Laughing Skull. I praise the creators & ideas of Coren Direbrew. But we need more content rather than new PvE releases, even though, AQ is so far scripted great. We can't wait for more. There has to be more Now that Dailies are on the table? What would be the exact rewards? I would find it best in ascension's interest to implement things to obtain orbs; Certain RE's that are good for some specs which allows people to use their orbs. Starter gear which was once great, (T1 & Non-shitty ZG epics such as things from Hakkar), of course with the rare chance of getting T2, and even rarer chance of obtaining current raid tier (Nef Items, AQ 20, but not AQ 40 until Naxx is close..) Mystic Runes, orb shards--WHICH SHOULD BE MADE TRADEABLE INSTEAD OF HAVING TO DEATHTRADE, MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE--I seen @Traxx post about Dailies. I completely agree with some idea's. Although some not so much. In conclusion, I would like to see steps in the right direction and would appreciate any criticism / feedback anyone has to offer. I hope to drag a lot of attention with this posts and have people expand off of said Ideas.
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    Hello! First things first, I just wanted to say that this is no means a bash on the server at all. Ravenholdt has surprised me quite a lot and I’ve had more World PvP than I ever had on Laughing Skull in terms of large scale fights. Of course this can be down to new server hype but the concept of the server is great but personally I feel a lot of things need touching up on and will discuss the few important ones in my opinion. Criminal Intent Debuff (Interacting with other players) As pretty much every player who has had a decent amount of /played this weekend will know, the criminal intent debuff had its flaws. Players weren’t able to heal other players who had the debuff meaning playing as an outlaw was near impossible if you were in fair fights as healers were useless. There were also other issues such as you not being able to trade, can’t use 2 seater mounts or the book of ascension. Most of these issues were fixed, there is still some issues with doing this but we’ve been told to just remake the party, this can be quite problematic as yesterday in a 25 player raid to counter Zen’s 40 man raid, we didn’t exactly have the time to remake the entire group so some players died and lost gear because we couldn’t heal them or anything. I know this issue is made aware of so hopefully we get an update soon. Criminal Intent Debuff (Not being able to go into your own territory) I flagged this up with a GM personally as it makes absolutely no sense in my eyes why it’s a thing. The way that the criminal intent buff works is that you are hostile to all guards; this buff can last up to 30 minutes and refresh itself back to 30 minutes every time you engage in more PvP. As we know, Outlaws have been ‘banished’ to Booty Bay and Goblin Zones such as Ratchet. Currently, if you play as an Outlaw and get this debuff, if you run anywhere near booty bay or ratchet you’re going to get instantly one shot. I feel that these guards have no reason to be included in the debuff and should be limited to faction based cities and not neutral zones as having this debuff makes doing anything impossible (which will be explained in my next point) This has supposedly been fixed so you can ignore Criminal Intent Debuff (Feeling stuck with nothing to do) Having this debuff feels like a huge obstacle to just playing the game, I understand the concept of an Outlaw being that you should be banished from certain places for betraying your own faction and all of that but you really can’t do much. An example of this is that the guild I play with <Outlaws> did some PvP in the Barrens. We completely wiped the zone and wanted to go kill alliance players. We had to sit in Barrens running around doing nothing for half an hour just so we could be allowed to take the boat to booty bay and run to Westfall. I and other guildies have expressed concerns that there’s really not much to do and that you can’t travel around while you have this debuff on. Personally I don’t understand the point of having both an Outlaw buff and a Criminal buff as they do the same thing (at level 60 atleast) and having the criminal buff for such a long amount of time consistently really reduces the amount of things you can do (get attacked whenever you try and hand in your daily quests also, unfriendly with Nozdormu etc) Daily PvP Quests I’m just going to be blunt and honest on this one. These quests are not PvP related at all, they’re not challenging at all and they need to be changed because the rewards you get are too good for the amount of effort you put in. I got myself to Best in Slot gear in about a day of playing, through doing all my daily quests and the seasonal quest to get the epic trinket. I did not die once throughout the entire thing and did most of my quests solo or as two players. The quests I’ve come across so far: kill 6x mobs (4 different mobs) and kill 10x mobs (2 different mobs). One is without dying, there’s also a timed quest to kill wolfs and deer but once again this was a 15 minute timer for a 5 minute quest (solo) Quests need to be PvP related, make outlaws kill protectors, make protectors kill outlaws and introduce something to do with winning a 1v1 in the Gurubashi arena (obviously when we get to that level cap). The quests don’t feel PvP related and players are getting good blues for spending 5 minutes killing a few mobs and then running away if they see anyone to make sure they complete the don’t die section. Longer Caps In my eyes, the level cap helps casual players keep up with content which I thought was one of the main selling points. Players can balance their work/school with the server and not be held back by joining a server like LS or Andorhal and playing against full T2 players. I understand the cap gets longer over time but I feel that it should’ve been extended a least a few days. In the 25v40 fight I had against <The Law> yesterday, a lot of their players had around 600-700 health which would tell me that they are in green gear and probably don’t have all slots equipped. I’ve seen a few players say that as soon as they were ready to get involved with level 20 content, it’s being pushed to level 30. I understand level 20 content is not as fun as level 50 content but the caps should be consistent in my eyes to actually allow these casual players to experience endgame content. Guards don’t force players to drop loot as advertised Self explanatory point, I’ve died in Orgrimmar, Crossroads, Westfall, Redridge to Guards and have never dropped a chest due to this. I understand why protectors can be annoyed when we’re allowed to freely run over guards who crit me for 80 health when I have 1.6k health as I just kill people and loot their chests, a guard will kill me and I’ll lose nothing. So this point is mainly for protectors although I do not play as one. If anyone has any feedback, feel free to discuss below as I’d love to see this server develop and some of these things to be addressed in the near future.
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    TRY TO KEEP THE DISCUSSION CANCER-FREE, PLEASE. THIS IS NOT A PVP VS. PVE THREAD. RAIDING AND PVP CAN CO-EXIST IN A FAIR ENVIRONMENT. Hey there! First of all, good job on the wPvP events, devs. Despite the issues, they are a welcome addition to the Laughing Skull server, and I'd like to see them improved upon and see more of them. Now with that said, I have some major concerns about the future of the server. I feel like the devs direction is unclear, and that no matter how many events and cool things you do, your efforts will go to waste when the rewards are subpar to instanced PvE rewards. What do I mean by this? At the moment some of the best gear available is only obtainable through instanced PvE. There's no means of getting this gear otherwise, as PvE'ers will never go out in the world with their BWL gear. (No, AH isn't an option) This creates an unfair playing field, where people who stay in safezones and instances gets rewarded heavily with insane loot better than anything else, while people participating in world events and world PvP gets rewarded with old items that's been out for months (70% of them are completely useless and can't even be sold on the Auction House - talking about Zandalar items, recipes etc) I'm not saying PvE'ers shouldn't get rewarded, but I do wish there was more fairness involved when you make decisions. Especially considering this is a server advertised as PvP-focused. And this brings me to the next thing - Why is the devs direction with the server unclear? When advertising a server as PvP-focused, you stick with what you've promised. I know you want to cater to as many as possible, but it's ruining the purpose of the server in the long run. You end up having shitloads of PvE'ers on a PvP server not willing to participate in anything due to High-Risk, while all the people who want to participate, don't feel appreciated for doing so. You need to make up your mind. Do you want Laughing Skull to be a High-Risk PvP server, or a No-Risk PvE server with pseudo High-Risk PvP elements? I don't mind either one, but please be kind enough to tell the PvP/PvE playerbase if they are wasting their time on this server or not. PvE players shouldn't be taking over a PvP server, but the truth is, thats whats happening atm. Imagine if Andorhal had wPvP events, and they rewarded BWL gear, but you couldn't get BWL gear from raiding. That would make 0 sense, and ruin the whole purpose of the server being PvE and no-risk, yet that's exactly what's going on on Laughing Skull right now. PvE'ers get access to OP gear, while PvP'ers get the short end of the stick. If it's going to continue like this all the way through AQ and Naxx, I honestly don't see why any PvP'er will have any kind of motivation to play on here. Either make gearing fair, or simply declare to the playerbase that you are gonna continue to make PvE'ers be pumped on steroids throughout servers lifespan. People deserve to know. (I'm not saying BiS gear should be introduced through Crow's Chest, Elemental Invasions or world drops neccesarily. I understand the issue of having the 1-2 top PvP guilds on the server be full BiS while the rest of the server is behind. Kinda like it is with PvE guilds right now. All I know is the way things are right now isn't healthy for the server overall)
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    Hey, please change the transmog coin to a permanent one (1 time buy, infinite times use) and adjust the costs from 3 DP to 10-15. The current costs are ridiculous, 3dollars / 100g / tons of honor to transmog a single item is way too much. its basically vanilla, 90% of the armor looks terrible and ppl would love to transmog their gear.
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    im new here, i like the concept, i like the fact that people are interested in servers and devs are trying hard to make more room for more people, but one thing is bothering me so much that im hesitating to put in time in this server, and that thing is racials, and the fact that every single server is heavily alliance favoured mostly filled with humans and their retardedly op WOTLK racial i really really cant understand why on such a heavily customized server with all abilities ready for taking, we have to get stuck with racials that are so unbalanced and unfun, and see such faction imbalances. give us the option either to choose racials or completely remove them.
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    One of our main focus points moving forward is to have immersion as a strict guideline. Teleporting to dungeons eliminates the time spent traveling throughout the world, in favor for a little less work. Meeting Stones are completely functional, and can be used to meet your party members at the dungeon. In Wrath of the Lich King, when teleportation was added, it made the world feel a lot less grandiose, and we want to avoid this conundrum until Wrath is released. Part of the dungeon experience is getting there in the first place, and knowing that you ventured into danger headfirst, ready to take on the challenges that await you.
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    There is now no point to play the game right now. Would be nice if we can play on instant 60 test realm until release. ^^
  17. 6 points
    Seasonal servers are really starting to ruin any sort of enjoyment to be had on the other servers. Seeing how it's always prioritized. I would argue A lot if not most of these balance changes should've been seen in the last 7 months as it's actually adressing things that have been completely broken in a PVP environment since season 2. 7 MONTHS is basically what it took. And these aren't even the PVP changes. Naxx is a raid that's been severely delayed already and you're actually prioritizing seasonal release. Which for some reason that i really do not understand is the day before Naxx??? Was it last December Naxx was supposed to be finished and released? Honestly cannot recall anymore. And please do answer some of these concerns about PWS and other builds instead of just avoiding them. 30-15 S duration on PW:S is a HUGE change to how the build is played. A working PTR is absolutely needed right away at this point with Naxx being 5 days after a balance patch, and so are info on attunement and other things that we for some reason do not have.
  18. 6 points
    We are looking at these items and considering this. To expand on that comment, I don't believe, as others in this thread, that every item needs to be strong/viable/upgrade so we won't do any meticulous retuning of items. We'll take a look at a handful of the bottom of the barrel items in naxx and see if we want to make any changes.
  19. 6 points
    Already been posted by Skray but I need to shout it out: make T3 and T2.5 quests repeatable. I am tired of holding onto the item for the future "in case I need it" in fear if I delete it I can't have it again. Zul'gurub sets are repeatable, heck even the Neck part is.
  20. 6 points
    I've made 2 addons that me and my friends have been using for a while now and I figured I should share them with some more people. MaloWAscDeathDrop - This addon will print all items in your chat that you drop when you are killed in PvP combat. MaloWAscKillLoot - This addon will broadcast gold and items that you loot from players to other people in your party/raid that also uses the addon, and they will have that printed in their chats. (MaloWUtils - A support-addon containing code required by all the other addons.) The addons probably have a few bugs left that me and my friends haven't found yet. If you encounter any feel free to report them to me and I'll see if I can get them fixed. Direct download: https://github.com/Malow/MaloWAscensionAddons/releases/download/v1.0/MaloWAscensionAddons.zip If anyone wants to contribute then feel free hit me up and we can discuss it. Be warned though, I'm quite a novice at Lua so the code is not the cleanest. Github page: https://github.com/Malow/MaloWAscensionAddons
  21. 6 points
    After reading the newest balance article, I feel like quitting until TBC or for a half a year at least. 1) First, players will have a global 10% reduction in all magical damage and healing while a shield is equipped. 2) While a Staff is equipped you will get a flat 6% damage and 4% healing increase and while and Off-Hand is equipped you will get a flat 4% damage and 2% healing increase. 3) This should help offset the power lost by not dual-wielding and the additional power lost from the RE slot you have to forgo with using a Staff. 1) So, I just equip a shield, anybuildever, and get a huge nerf. Best design ever. This deserves profanity. 2) Then, you want to bring up an idea, that helps going staff-only or 1h+off hand, and it is totaly contradictory to our current problems. "Casters have too much healing power, we are going to adress this" and the next balance patch will give a global aura that gives EVERY caster a healing buff. A+. We want to nerf but we will buff. You will probably say something like "don't forget - healing spells are not getting the haste bonus now - this is one of the ways to nerf caster healing". Just no. Everyone uses rejuv, riptide, earth shield. Hard-casting long heals is pretty rare. And your new design just buffed a problem we have. 3) People are going for shield in PVP because the power levels of having bis gear and RE's is way off the scale and you cant survive w/o that physical mitigation a shield provides. Until this is tested, and we have a post going through all spells individually, with current info i receive a 4.35% total heal amount nerf, and a 24.48% total HPS nerf in both pvp and pve specs. It is atm pretty much damn impossible to cast a 2 sec spell w/o getting CC'ed while dueling. I'm not talking about icy veins or some other buffs, just a regular cast. Now it will jump up to 2.5 and the player experience and timing gap for CC becomes even worse. I would much rather: 1) Go through 60 level only sets, t1,t2,t2.5,t3,pvp sets - and get rid of most spell power on those. As a start, I would divide the X of spell power stat into (0,75 X of spell damage + 0,25 X of spell power) for casters and (0,75 X of spell healing + 0,25 X of spell power) for healers. 2) To get rid of spell mastery w/o effing anything up too much just work on all spell talents, ALL, not just casters. 3) Feel like healing is a bit too high? I'm the heal that says so in our gchat when we discuss balance. Just nerf it by 10% for a season, and then adjust after it. All base amounts, scaling and so on. Dont just nerf everyone ever who equips a shield. At this point I'd much rather see the next stream a dev call in chat a 10-10 wsg and get some live experience. Get some top Exiled and Oak players in the other team, and survive vs them w/o the shield and spell mastery as a heal. Show us da wae. I keep my fingers crossed until full notes come, and there actually will be some haste for heals. And not the "spell mastery gives now 25% haste" (but it still is actually 20%) kind of haste. Until then, yours 0.75% of Hysteria.
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    Hey guys, I just want to ask, whatever happened to the promised "build your own unique character." Have you guys forgotten about that? You said Project Ascension was about choosing YOUR own favourite skills, not the exact same skills as everyone else, and you even advertise this in the beginning of EVERY single YouTube video and trailer you post, this will be dead. Are you going to remove this trailer now? Or perhaps better yet, change it to "COPY THE BEST SPEC OF THE WEEK", "CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN", "SAY YOU MADE IT BUT EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON IS USING IT TOO!" I can understand the reasoning, well I can try to, I imagine it's in terms of player retention, so they have actual functioning builds. But why can't you just make actually useful PvP builds like you did with the PvE ones? I've said myself that I would be happy to share my own builds for you to use to give to new players, but I was greeted with little interest, and was told that I would have to make them myself and put in the effort myself before they were even considered... I cannot tell you not to implement this change, but I can ask on behalf of the playerbase, no one wants this change, not even the new players. How long do you think they will enjoy playing the specialisation they stole but didn't actually want to play? How long do you think people can keep copying and pasting until the gameplay becomes stale? I'm asking as a long-term player of Ascension, and on behalf of my own guild and countless other players, please reconsider removing the one thing that makes your server unique. Edit: some of the most fun I've had is sitting in a call for 3 hours with two friends theory crafting the most ridiculous but good build ever, and that ability has been taken away from me, by the fact someone can come along, inspect me and take all that work.
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    When a spec goes from being one of the top specs to one of the bottom specs then yes, it has been nerfed to the ground. As Skray said, are they still playable? sure. Are they enjoyable, satisfying, GOOD? Not really, no. As you don't actively PvE, let me break it down for you how we enjoy it. 1) Progression is fun, figuring out new things and pushing ourselves in new ways is enjoyable. However this only lasts a certain amount of time and is over once the raid is cleared. 2) Finding new ways to push our specs to the next level either by pushing our numbers higher or even make our playstyle more enjoyable is one of the main sources of enjoyment from raiding. With the example of Hybrids in mind, players like Lewtorz, Eazymode, Vath, Epzilon, Haddeqi, Skray, Royalbloodx were some of the go-to people for hybrids. They'd pushed themselves and found something they really enjoyed. They were at the top of their game because they pushed themselves, not because hybrid was, and I quote, "The pinnacle of PvE and PvP". I know dozens of players who've tried to play hybrid and failed, and that was okay too. The point is, these players who were good at hybrid were performing at the top end of PvE content, yes. Then hybrids WERE gutted and are now near the mid-to-bottom range. Could those seven specific players still make hybrid work and do decently with it? Definitely, and some have either tried or are still trying. At absolute peak performance could they be top of the game? That's extremely doubtful. The ceiling for that spec is much much lower than it ever used to be, and at least half of those names above have quit or changed specs so far. You realise statements like that are made into memes, because it's so far from the truth it's scary. Do you still play the same game as us, genuine question.
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    You mean the multiple hybrid archetypes that were nerfed so badly that almost all of the hybrids either quit or swapped specs? Man you really need to stop getting baited into making dumb comments like that @Mikkiller93, it takes away from the valid points you actually have lol. I dunno, an increased health pool might do PvP some good, you've gotta remember most players are doing low-to-mid end WOTLK level DPS currently, but with the HP pools of a vanilla player. Just some food for thought. RIP Haathun This is a joke, right? Prayer is still one of the stronger healing specs, not sure where you got this from o_O I mean you're right, players progressing through content to get more powerful, only to be brought back down has made a LOT of people quit. It's frustrating, infuriating even. I feel like balance packs should be a bit more of a mix of both buffs AND nerfs, rather than buffs OR nerfs. As it often seems like you just push a round of nerfs or a round of buffs @itswicky, rather than a round of balance changes. Some more food for thought I suppose. I would like to end with this though. Even though there was mass panic when the seasonal changes were announced, most people were not affected as badly as they thought they would be. THAT BEING SAID, some specs are absolutely still in the gutter and I would like to hear what you are gonna do for those players and the archetypes they love to play @itswicky
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    Question 1: Internal communications Will this be done more properly in the future? Since the start of Ascension, of what i have seen happening in the balance department is that huge balance patches have been released and ad hoc solutions have been made following because of either the dungeon developers have not been aware of coming changes or had the proper time to adjust to said changes. This is clearly the case now, and this is really important for any future development. Not only for a happy gaming populace, but also for the sanity of any that works on this server. Question 2: Testing and more testing When pushing either new content or balance changes, is it possible to have the PTR up for month(s) ahead of time to let the community test said changes before implementing them. Not only will this let the community come with valued feedback in terms of bug discoveries or abhorrent balance decisions. This will result in the community to actually take some effort into making this project a better place for everyone, and have some investment into it. Question 3: Bug reports and the Bug tracker For me personally this feels like an area that still needs a lot of work. For the moment the bug tracker are little more than a glorified dumpster and should be prioritized accordingly. You could either make a in game bug report function (if trinity core allows for this) or make the existing one more lets say "attractive". Because nobody likes bugs, not the players nor the developers. *edit*
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    And can we be finally honest here. With the current system, PvP players don't actually want world PvP. What they want are PvE players forced into a PvP realm, playing PvE specs, who come back week after week of getting ganked. They want fish in a barrel and they want the fish to stop complaining about the barrel. Then they want to endlessly verbally insult PvE players for being fish in a barrel. Meanwhile, all I hear about LS is everyone sits inside the cities and they are so terrified of leaving there needs to be RE forges inside them. What happened to world pvp? What happened to high-risk being awesome? What happened to PvP players being better than PvE players? Let's be completely clear that Sargeras completely died as a server and the same thing will happen with LS. You can't create a Highlander styled bloodbath and then wonder why there's only a handful of people left after a while. You can't create an MMO where there can be only one. Eventually everyone gets their turn in the barrel and then those PvP lords failquit just like the PvE players ragequit months earlier. You don't need Seasonal Servers unless the long term stability of regular servers are in jeopardy. The devs want Seasonal Servers up and running, catering to the PvP players, before LS dies. Don't get me wrong, a Seasonal Server is a good idea, but it should happen after Naxx is out and starting to be on farm, and before TBC comes out. Assuming y'all want to retain PvE players of course. You cannot ever balance a FFA PvP system fairly. It's always going to end up with a gankfest and fewer and fewer people playing. You have to accept that there will always be an imbalance and have a dynamic system that both rewards creating an imbalance and also provides a catch up mechanic to fix the imbalance. If you want to balance world pvp fairly, you have to balance it on the basis of Alliance vs Horde. If more Alliance players are online, give the Horde a damage and healing buff server wide and vice a versa. Find a way to make drop rates or RE rates better for the side with less people. Modify the AQ invasions (which are very well done btw) to be Horde vs Alliance somehow. Why not do war effort style turn ins that spark an invasion of the enemies capital cities? I.e. the Horde turn in a pile of crap and all get ported to SW with a ton of Horde NPC elites. Wreck SW, get loot. If the Alliance defend SW, they get loot. Put a 5th enchanting forge in the world and make them all flagged as capture points with NPC guards. Give server wide buffs based on the forges captured. Are the Alliance really going to raid BWL with a damage and healing debuff because the Horde have 4 forges captured? Or does this mean they have to head out into the world and wage war? Put a flag/switch/toggle at the end of every instance only taggable by appropriate level players. If one faction has all the instances tagged on a single continent, give them a server wide buff / loot / boost / thing. Put a WSG flag in the throne room of OG and SW. Lets play capture the flag with that. Get both flags in a single throne room and gg loot for the winners. Drop some Legendary weapons into the game and make them a drop on death item even on low-risk or PvE servers. Drop on death even if not equipped, or banked. Also dropped on lack of killing after 24-48 hours. Use or lose it. Make them really, really, really shiny so everyone can see exactly who has it. If you want world PvP, make the entire game world a mix of WSG, AB and AV. I'm all for PvP styled objectives that PvE players can join into. Not interested in random ganks and being corpse camped and teabagged.
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    This is the type of high quality post and discussion we love. Thank you. This is great feedback. I wanted to drop by and let you know I've read everything posted so far, and I want to put together a proper response and get feedback from the Ascension team as well. I think we should be more clear on our direction, and I will start taking more responsibility for that.
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    Thank you all for participating here, sincerely! I have forwarded some of these to the appropriate staff members.
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    I got all excited when I read the news release.... until I went and looked at it... In your news feed it says: "With more resilience and better stats, it blows the previous sets out of the water." It's half true, it blows... ... You guys need to reexamine your definition for such things... Compare the Knight-Lieutenant's Dreadweave Boots to the new Dreadweave Walkers, for example: Boots: +10 stam, +15 int, +16 resil, +19 sp, 92 armor Walkers: +17 stam, +13 int, +17 resil, +18 sp, 96 armor ... Just wow... +7 stam, -2 int, +1 resil, -1 sp, + 4 armor, and all for the low low price of 49,600 honor, plus orbs to replace the re... How about the Dreadweave Robe versus the Dreadweave tunic? Robe: +20 stam, +20 int, +24 resil, +16 sp, 134 armor Tunic: +20 stam, +20 int, +26 resil, + 25 sp, 144 armor Again, wow! +0 stam, +0 int, +2 resil, + 9sp, +10 armor... amazing, and a steal of a deal for a mere 68,200 honor plus orbs Or, the Diadem versus the Satin Hood: Diadem: +20 stam, + 20 int, +24 resil, +16 sp, 110 armor Hood: +20 stam, +18 int, +26 resil, +21 sp, 197 armor (but it's the special armor that improved barkskin doesn't apply to, so if you use that - and if you're wearing cloth in pvp you should be - the comparison is 286 armor for the diadem versus 197...) WOW!!! +0 stam, -2 int, +2 resil, +5 sp, +87 (but reallly - 89) armor, and all for only 68,200 honor, plus yet more orbs AND another ZG idol! Amazing!! Not that it matters, I guess, since almost everyone with raid gear just wears that anyway, and these 'upgrades' won't entice them to change. If they were the same price as the old set, then maybe, but with orbs being the way they are, and since honor is better spent on other things (not orbs, because 13k fuck off), it kinda feels like I've just been slapped. So THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
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    Currently I see a few issues with the server atm Mystic Orbs and Runes At the moment orbs are single drop that has to be rolled on. The grind for these orbs atm is outrageous with people solo farming BRD for 8 hours at a time for the chance of drops. Its antisocial and frankly a game killer. So my request is group Loot for orbs. Which will encourage people to group up and go to instances together Also alleviates some of that grind or at least makes it enjoyable being able to do it with your friends with out missing out The rewards at the end could stand to give a little more then they do to at least encourage people to finish the instances, rather then abusing 1 boss over and over Other method of obtaining orbs/runes is BG spam IMO they are far to overpriced almost double honor cap for 10 orbs that is alot of bg's. Now i understand the need the the artificial grind in place, I'm just asking for the for it to be a little more enjoyable and more of a social activity i can do with guildies, Ive spoken with various people on this and they all tend to agree so, I'm not alone on this. WORLD PVP Now this is a contentious issue I Feel an issue here is there simply isn't enough incentive for people to leave the gates of the main citys But i have an idea!!! Which might be enough for people to start roaming the world. Mini Boss's that randomly spawn through out the world. they would take a 5 man group to kill in at least pvp blue's (so make it hard to be abused by naked s but easy enough it can be done by some people in blue gear) Now i was thinking these boss's could drop 60-66 ilvl gear or even some random pieces from MC This would encourage people people to roam the world looking for these mobs (or players) while also offering an alternative way to get gear other then raiding/pvp the loot would have to be worthy enough for people to leave the safety of the city's put their gear at risk in hopes to get an item worth their time!! I feel this would create a more dynamic world where people dont just camp stones / flight paths to popular locations but encourage people to look at explore the zones! i hope these ideas are considered as i feel it will add to the game currently and provide a more enjoyable experience for all. Regards
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    Curious on which Talents gives you Critical Chance? Not sure if its for Melee Crit, Range Crit, or even Spell Crit? How about ways to increase Spell Power? Heal Power? or quite possibly Attack Power? Curious if talents dont work, or more importantly do not stack with other talents as its potentially a wasted TE? I recently found this cool spreadsheet, hope it helps (BUILD LIST included): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PWJIfDqAzBs85RoeBRtiFgkT4awnjxpXTQGVbmGmzMg/edit#gid=0
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    For some unknown reason, you guys decided to make respec something that requires a certain amount of farm. Now I can't understand why but i respect your reason ofc. So what I'm asking is a server test as often as possible to allow players to test the spec and gear they feel the most comfortable, so they are more confident in their choice of spec in the real servers. That's the main issue of players, not knowing if their spec is viable or matches what they have in mind regarding the gameplay mechanics. If you open test server, players will respec less in the real servers because they won't need it as much. If your goal by making respec not free is to keep a player from using different spec for different situations and force him to stick to one then your goal will be obtained more easily by giving us regular access to test servers. On the other hand, if your goal is to force a player to farm in order to test different spec, server test are indeed a bad thing. But if that's your goal I would really be disappointed, and a lot of player would be too. Why would you want to slow the process of talent discovery when that's the main thing we all want.
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    I'm going to put this as simply as possible (And all of this is aimed at Andorhal); It's been over a decade. The amount of players to whom this is their first Vanilla experience are slim to none. As such; This is a repeat button, combined with a snooze button. There is no reason for x1 rates - matter of fact, it may turn away more players than it attracts. There's no reason as to why exp rate commands couldn't be enabled to let people choose between what rates they want to level on (x2 would be enough for me - but x1 to x3 is reasonable). And I can't stress this enough; It's been over 10 years. Finding a new rock in the middle of Desolace you hadn't noticed over the last decade does not justify the creeping, snail-esque, level progression that drags out days of playtime on end - weeks if you've actually got some modicum of a life. The EXP should be tuned to such a degree that completing a zone enables you to move on to the next level range. Example; Darkshore is 12 to 20 - once every quest is done, the character should be level 20-22 in order to be able to move onto Ashenvale and progress in the 20 to 30 content. This is not the case right now. Once you're done in Darkshore, you're going to be around level 16-17, and this is after hours of running up and down the damn map, dying on a constant basis to mobs that are constantly orange to you. At this point you then have to move onto Westfall and then Loch Modan to reach level 20-21 just to be able to progress further into Ashenvale. This is not logical, to any degree - Nor is the lack of freedom of choice in the matter, on a server that boasts freedom, justifiable. The main attraction of this server is NOT the x1 leveling rates (There are others that do this, and do it better, boasting a wholly accurate Vanilla experience) - assuming as much is nothing short of misguided enthusiasm on your part. The main attraction of this server is the freedom it offers, and the possibility for experimentation that comes with it. Restricting that freedom to a horrendous grind, in which one has no other choice but to partake, is an antonym to the very image of liberty it projects. Enable the exp rate commands so people can choose the pace at which they want to level, within reason (No higher than x3) - this will provide a satisfactory solution to all sides involved.
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    Are you a great writer? Do you love Ascension? Do you want to EARN DP for your Ascension expertise? The Ascension Team is looking for players with in-depth knowledge of Ascension and custom Ascension mechanics to create articles for our upcoming Ascension Wiki! What we are looking for in the articles: Rich media Videos Spell tool-tips Pictures Good Categorization Accurate and thorough explanations How to submit an article: Find an article that has not been Striked Through OR create your own article that you think would provide high value content for the Ascension Community! Create a google document titled: "Ascension Wiki - Name of Article" Share the google document with ascensionwiki@gmail.com using the Share button at the top right of the google doc At the top of your Document include: Email to contact you Discord ID if applicable Forum Name if applicable In-Game Name you would like author credit assigned to What happens after I submit an article? The Ascension team will review the article for accuracy and quality A team member will contact you with our decision or feedback We will publish the article on the Ascension Wiki and award your account DP If multiple submissions for the same article are submitted before the article is published we may take parts of both and award DP and author rights as appropriate. We will award between 10-50 DP per article based on quality and length. The Classless System Overview article is likely to be longer than the Purges article and we will award DP with that in mind. We are also looking for people willing to TRANSLATE articles into other languages. If you are interested in this drop a comment below with the language(s) you would like to translate. These are the types of articles we are looking for. In-Depth and more extensive articles, like Classless System Overview, we will be looking for the highest quality content and will award additional DP. Articles in bold will be worth more. Classless System Overview Low-Risk Realms High-Risk Realms Open World Drops and iLvL system Fel Commutation Cross Faction Gameplay Cross Faction LFD Mystic Enchanting - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Raiding on Ascension Custom Raid Mechanics Raiding Guides 10 man 25 man AQ - 1 article submitted. Accepting additional high quality articles. Purges Stat Allocation Scroll of Unlearning Call Boards - Custom Dailies Keeping Evil at Bay Sanctioned Hunt Threat to Azeroth The Siege Heroes Call Call to Arms A Lesser Known issue Multi-Spec Tomes and Tome Collection Vanity Items Collection Ascension Racials Build Creator Good Starter Builds Glory System Karma System Outlaw/Neutral City Law Rep Murderous Intent Honorable Combat Respite Loot to the victor only Ascension Custom Items Gnomish Transpolyporter Gnomish Portable Post Tube (low risk only) ect World Events Blood Bowl Neutral Faction Teleporters Greedy Demon Hero Class Cross Faction LFD LFD Legendary REs Spoils of War Wildcard An Qiraji Invasions Notable Custom Changes Raiding Checkpoint System Seasonal Realms Seasonal Points Seasonal Collection Seasonal Challenges Hero Highlights Invoker Firestarter Darkguard Grove Warden Single target farming locations AOE farming locations Leveling Guides Crafting Guides New Player Guides
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    Hello friends, please find attached my guide to becoming a Prayer of Healing based healer! Please let me know if you have any questions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QKe-7yM075MW4gxrNqUjUQ1ZwPRzW626bIkfqEl-0vI/edit#gid=0
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    Had a thought about Bonecythe, since bear tanks will most likely be going for Bonescythe, would it make sense for the 6p to be changed to a flavor bonus that has some benefit for a bear tank? Perhaps a chance on melee ability to evade the next attack or spell? Or when you drop below a certain % of health to gain Evasion? Stays somewhat rogue-ish and gives effective HP in the form of avoidance rather than health regen in stealth. Another thought too before naxx releases: Can we have the quests for T3 be repeatable? T2.5 quests weren't repeatable so if you wanted 2 sets of Deathdealer (say for DPS and bear tank) you weren't able to get them and had to rely on off-set pieces. (it would also be nice to have T2.5 quests made repeatable).
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    I can somewhat relate to this so therefor i agree with something can be changed for the better. The events could have been designed better. Right now its to favorably for the people who camps / zerg the events . Same thing happen on LS invasions and with Crows Cache. And with alliance population to me looks like mostly new players i have no doubt that invasion events on Andorhal turns into a one way Slaughterfest for the horde. There got to be a way which can provide content and reward for both sides while still have somewhat active pvp. Tryant
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    Two funny points here, every invasion I've been to where there was pvp action has been more alliance players than horde, however alliance players are dumb, they engage in PvP and then ignore healers, try and zerg tanks and forget how pvp works. Leading in to my second point, people who don't play a lot and clearly lack skill then going to the forums and complaining about players who play a lot and have at least some form of skill is like a Silver 1 player in CSGO complaining that the game is broken because a Global Elite player stomps them. Stop complaining, start getting gud 4head. "The Horde" as you like to collectivise us, didn't get this gear by complaining on the forums. Imagine all the invasions you could've taken part in if you'd spent less time writing this and more time playing. Edit: Clarification of the first sentence
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    Project Ascension: Tips and Suggestions to new Players Starting out on Ascension, you're exposed to many things, such as the ability to create your own build [Your Own Combination of Spells] , World PVP, and the haunting knowledge that upon death you are liable to drop items to players within a certain level range. Through out all of this, it is easy to make simple mistakes that can sometimes ruin the feeling of the great experience that can be had on here, so, I'd like to give to you a list of potentially helpful tips & suggestions for when you play on the Project Ascension's [Beta Hardcore] realm, Sargeras. Navigation: If you find this post to large for you to read, and only want specific elements out of it, there is a summary section all the way at the bottom which will include tags that you find via. the [ Ctrl+F ] combination on most browsers. Quick Tips If you find yourself struggling to move the [ Custom UI] in the middle of your screen, all you must do is bring your cursor only near it until it glows, and then move it aside. [Mentioned at Tag; a2] Should you also find yourself feeling a little bit lonely, make sure to check your [ Chat Settings ] to see if you have Project Ascension's [ World ] Chat enabled. Starting Out [a1] Starting out on Ascension, you'll first be met with a [ Custom UI ] that most people have trouble with. This [ Custom UI ] includes; Character Advancement Panel, a Stat Allocation Panel, and a Talent / Spell Reset Panel. Character Advancement Panel: This panel includes the access towards picking out your own spells from the current available classes, and each of their respective 'Specs'. eg. Warrior; Arms, Fury, Protection. Stat Allocation Panel: Here, you can allocate the stats you'd automatically have placed for you as you level up in retail of in other realms. As you level up, you will gain these points to allocate at free will. - You are not able to allocate stats while in Combat, inside of a PVP Instances such as a Battleground or Arena. These stats are not 'permanently' allocated, and can be changed freely as you go. - Talent / Spell Reset Panel: Should you make a mistake in your current build, you can access this panel to reset either your Talents or Spells for a cost. - You have three 'free' attempts at resetting your talents or spells at first, should you run out of these essences, you will have to use Gold as a resource instead. - [a2] Commonly, people find themselves struggling to move these panels. All that must be done to move them is place your cursor near any of the icons until they glow without actually being close enough to click icons. [a3] When starting out you'll have three abilities that will give you a taste of the different general classes. Strike: A melee based ability that costs [15] Rage to cast, dealing good amount of damage. Quick Shot: A ranged based ability that costs [15] Energy to cast, dealing a fair amount of damage. Arcane Bolt: A ranged casted ability that costs [4] Mana to cast, dealing good damage. - Best Source of Damage at Lower Levels. - Out of these three abilities, Arcane Bolt is your best chance at dealing glorious amounts of damage reliably. What I'd suggest to you is, allocate your stats into Intellect via the Stat Allocation Panel. This will increase your mana pool, allowing you to cast this spell more often. Stats [b1] When allocating your stats, it is important to know what exactly they'll be more in a more in depth perspective; the Stat Allocation Panel provides a clear clean cut explanation of what they'll do, however, I'll explain further what the best options are for builds when it comes to stats. Strength: will increases your attack power with - Melee Weapons - and increase the amount of damage you can block with a Shield. This stat will not provide any bonuses towards - Ranged Weapons - , Critical Strikes or Dodge. You will gain '2' Melee Attack Power per point of Strength. Agility: will increase your attack power with all weapons, not including wands. It will also provide your chance for a Critical Strike, or a Dodge. You will gain '2' Ranged Attack Power and only '1' towards your Melee Attack Power. If you are in a morph that changes variables; Cat Form, you will gain '2' Melee Attack Power. A small benefit you gain as well is every '2' points you invest into Agility will provide you with a varying amount of armor. Stamina: will increase your hit points by 10, adding onto of your base health pool. Intellect: will increase your mana pool by 15, adding onto of your base mana pool. This stat will also include a minuscule increase to your spell critical chance. [ Every estimated 60 points of intellect will give you 1% Spell Crit Chance.] Spirit: will increase your passive 'health' and 'mana' regeneration per second. This can be compared to mana per/sec items or spells in game. [b2] When making a certain build, you should of course only invest into stats that will have some sort of benefit for you. Melee: Strength, Stamina Caster: Intellect, Stamina - For Low Levels, it would be best to consider spells as melee builds only excel with a combination of abilities in most casts. - Ranged: Agility, Intellect, Stamina - Being able to avoid close combat with melee builds while staying mobile is key to survival. Investing into Strength would be wasteful as your opponent will only do more damage as they probably have more stat points invested into it, you can use your higher levels of mana to benefit from spells. - Builds [c1] As I've stated before, Arcane Bolt is your best chance at dealing damage at lower levels, so I would personally recommend that you focus on utility in lower levels as you're given a good enough ability to deal okay damage. Things such as an Imp from the [Warlock Demonology] tree are a good grab. Having a filler is very important, and sooner or later you should pick an ability to replace the ones you've started with. They will not last forever, and waiting too long can sometime be punishing as at around Level 10, you can easily become a target as most players KoS. [ Killing On Sight ] When making a build it is always important to have balance and focus on having the ability to fill most rolls; deal decent damage, have some sort of sustain [ healing ] , and take a fair bit of damage. Being a glass canon at lower levels is risky as being stripped is always something that can ruin your experience and sometimes making leveling very difficult. - Stripped in this case as in; losing all or a high number of items within your current set. - [c2] Another thing to consider when making a build, it is vital that you always balance out your stats correctly. It is common for people to have a melee build, and invest into full Strength without considering that you don't always gain from placing a point into something. When you invest points into a stat that gives you attack power, it won't always increase the damage you deal until you put enough points into it. - If you level up and invest all your points into a damage type that, you will notice sometimes your DPS will not increase, I'd recommend that you place your points into a different stat like Stamina until you can really gain the benefit of that state. - Gear [d1] Getting a nice [ Common ] , [ Rare ] or [ Epic ] is always a nice feeling, especially when it either drops from a random mob within the world or has a wonderful enchant that benefits you, [ Gear on Project Ascension's realms, gear has a chance to randomly roll a talent or enchant upon itself for a bonus benefit; eg. Reduce the costs of your instant spells by x% ] but it is always best that you do not hold onto these while roaming the world alone in most cases. In PVP, you're at a risk to drop these precious items, even higher so when you're higher level or have more items from what it seems. Tho tempting, you should think about it before bringing these items out. If they only benefit you slightly, and losing them isn't much of a cost as it will not ruin you, I'd highly recommend that you bring them out anyways, but if you're at risk of losing an item that you required heavily I'd say that it is best you place these items in your bank until needed. - At risk in this case; if you find yourself struggling to win battles against other players, you're not a fairly high level for the zone you're in, or if you have players that have dedicated it to killing you for any reason at all. - Leveling [e1] Getting from level 1-60 is sometimes a lengthy process if you do not use the Donation features. You should always consider making yourself known as a player and try to get a party going at all times. Safety in numbers. While leveling you will gain the necessary [ Ability / Talent ] essences, but sometimes you won't always be able to get something that is extremely useful for you. In many cases, I'd recommend that you hold onto them so that you may use them on things that may be more beneficial for you. Typically every 10 levels you will have a new set of very good abilities. 10: Hunter Pets | 20: Ghost Wolf | 30: Travel Form // and so on. If you feel like nothing you have available for choosing is to your taste, it would be good if you simply held onto them until you can pick out these very good abilities. [e2] Another thing to keep in mind is Talents. In the current [ Custom UI ] it displays the fact that you require a certain amount of points down a specific tree before you can pick up certain talents, however, this is not the case. Even if you have no Talent Points / Essences invested into a specific Talent Tree; [ Demonology ] - you may still acquire these Talents. So, in some cases it is also a good idea to hold onto your Talent Points / Essences so that you can skip certain things that will not benefit you very well. Guilds [f1] Guilds have been, and always will be a core part of World of Warcraft for a good reason. It gives you the benefit of being apart of something bigger, the ability to connect with other players and the strength as a people to do content that you wouldn't be able to do alone in most cases. I think that it is ESSENTIAL that you find yourself a Guild as quick as possible. Not only for the fact that you will have people protecting / helping you, but it is better to play alongside people than alone. Common Issues [g1] Project Ascension is still only in beta, and it is important to remember such when playing. If you find yourself running into a bug, or an exploit it would be wise to always report these things, even if they're things that have been found in the past to perhaps give them more traction unless solved. Even if these bugs were apart of the previous expansions, just for a more clean experience. Not only that, but if you are to create a build surrounding a specific bug / exploit, or around an element that isn't suppose to regularly happen, having your build be patched is a pain and can really ruin the time playing on here. [ MinMaxing ] is something I do enjoy, but I'd suggest avoiding these sorts of things to further yourself as they will only be temporary in many cases. Summary: Thank you reading this Post, and hopefully it has helped you in anyway, and perhaps even made your experience playing on Project Ascension more fun. Below, you will find a small box that will include all of the tags for each section I have listed in this post. Tag(s) [ a1-a3 ] : Starting Out; Helpful Information Tag(s) [ b1-b2 ] : Stats; How to Properly Allocate Stats Tag(s) [ c1-c2 ] : Builds; What is Best for leveling? Survival Tips Tag(s) [ d1-d1 ] : Gear; Keeping it Safe, and When to Use it Tag(s) [ e1-e2 ] : Leveling; Make some Friends! Tag(s) [ f1-f1 ] : Guilds; Be Apart of Something Tag(s) [ g1-g1 ] : Common Issues; Report, Fix, & Stay Clean =WORK IN PROGRESS= This post will have images included in a further date once all of them are collected. Leave feedback! -Nammey
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    Howdy Heroes! Hope you've all been well since the last time we talked. I have some updates on the balance changes that I discussed with you in some length a few weeks ago. Thanks to feedback from the community we reevaluated the changes we had planned for 2H tanks and beefed them up a bit more. We also had time to look at something else the community had asked for in the time between then and now, so we're happy to say we have some big buffs today for Holy Casters. We have a few other fun changes that we were able to work on as well, so lets dive right in. Two-Handed Tanks We realized that while we had created some unique synergies for this tank variant thanks to feedback from you all we also realized we did not create enough value. Our goal here was to see how we could load more value into talents which players would already consider taking so as not to spread their talent essence too thin. This is where we ended up. Tactical Mastery has been reworked and now in addition to increasing the threat generated by your Mortal Strike and Bloodthirst abilities it also increases your armor contribution from items by 17/34/50%, Stamina by 3/6/9%, and reduces all damage taken by 2/4/6% while in Defensive Stance and a Two-Handed Weapon is equipped. We realized that tanks using this talent just weren't getting enough defensive stats to justify losing a shield, an RE and the ability to block, so we added some more defensive stats to this talent. Iron Will has been reworked and now provides an additional 8/16/25% of your Strength as parry rating and gives you a 33/66/100% chance to gain 50% damage reduction for 10 seconds after dealing damage with Mocking Blow. Also, parrying an attack causes you to generate 10 rage. This talent was seriously lacking previously, so we knew this was a place where we wanted to address some of the issues of the 2H tank. One was missing out on strong defensive cooldowns like Shield Wall, Shield Block and Holy Shield, so we ended up giving them a powerful on demand cooldown through Mocking Blow while simultaneously ensuring that in all PvE situations you will be able to rely on Mocking Blow hitting your target. The other issue we saw was the potential to be rage starved by getting several parry/dodge strings, so this change should heavily alleviate that issue. Setup now also reduces the chance to dodge granted by Ghostly Strike by 5/10/15% and increases its parry chance granted by 5/10/15% and increases the duration of your Ghostly Strike effect by 2/4/6 seconds. We also realized that trying to split the cooldown reduction effect here to Sleight of Hand left you a bit more TE starved than you should be, so we added it here. Deflection (Combat) now also increases the threat of your Ghostly Strike and Riposte by 20/40/60% and gives you a 33/66/100% chance to reduce the cooldown of your Ghostly Strike by 3 seconds after using Riposte. This talent was already commonly selected by tanks, so we wanted to look here to add additional synergies with Ghostly Strike + Setup combo without a lot of base value for every style of tank. Improved Revenge now also causes your next Devastate following Revenge to hit an additional 1/2 targets. We realized, also, that the Two-Handed tank would lacking in both cleave and AoE threat since they don't have access to the heavy amount of passive threat provided by Holy Shield and Damage Shield as well as the very consistent cleave of Hammer of the Righteous. This also gives all tanks taking this talent some additional utility. Thunder Clap now deals double damage when a Two-Handed weapon is equipped. This should allow a very consistent way for Two-Handed tanks to hold threat on multiple targets. We hope you guys will have a fun experience with this new style of tanking! Please continue to provide feedback on the matter if you have any. We will listen! Holy Caster DPS After hearing the community ask for this we really wanted to be able to deliver before the patch was ready. It took a lot of extra work to squeeze it in, but we believe we have Holy Casters at a competitive level finally. We started with some simple changes like straight damage buffs, but we also wanted to reinforce some of the unique options Holy Casters have available to them. This is where we ended up. Smite- Damage increased at all ranks by 20%. Holy Fire- Damage increased by 20%. Deals 16% less damage to players. Penance- Damage increased by 20%. Deals 16% less damage to players. Exorcism- Deals 16% less damage to players. Holy Nova- Damage and healing increased by 20%. Searing Light- Now also increases the damage of Exorcism. As stated above, we realized we need some serious number tweaks to make sure this build would be able to perform in any way. We decided to give all spells in the Holy repertoire a handsome buff while keeping their potentially high damage in PvP in check. Surge of Light- Now also increases the damage of your next Smite by 60%. This damage is reduced to 20% versus players. We also realized that Surge of Light provided a fun and unique, if weak, way for you to play the build. We finally have the tools available to use to tune damage dealt to players, so we decided to finally make use of this here. This talent should finally become a viable way to Smite down your foes! Righteous Flames- 65/70/70/75/75% Holy Fire DoT damage and .2/.2/.4/.4/.6 increased duration on the DoT effect. Another thing we realized is that holy casters have a lack of stackable REs available to them, or a lack of viable ones at least. We decided to look at one of the existing ones and beef it up to make it viable in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Holy Ascension- After casting Holy Fire your next spell is empowered: Smite: Deals 50% additional damage. Exorcism: Increases all Holy damage you deal to the target by 5% for 10 seconds. Penance: Fires an additional %. Holy Shock: Guaranteed to critically strike. It's been awhile since we've released a new random enchant, so we wanted to make sure we created something that was both flexible and fun. We hope you all enjoy playing with this one. We believe it should prove to be viable in both PvE and PvP scenarios, but please continue to give us your feedback! AQ 20 Set Bonuses I'm not going to talk into detail on every change we made here, but mostly just talk about why we made changes here. Set bonuses are something we've wanted to touch for a long time on Ascension, but we feared that players would already be attached to the existing one in the game and be hooked on the theory crafting they've done with each individual set. We decided, however, that the AQ20 sets would be a good opportunity to experiment and see not only what we could come up with, but also the reaction of the community. This change isn't something we did lightly, but we realized that many of these sets would be completely looked over as their stats and set bonuses were both lacking compared to the previous MC and BWL raid gear. So we took the initiative to try and create something unique with each set which should hopefully make some of the sets attractive in a variety of situations. Again, we'd love to hear what you, the community, has to say about the changes and if you are on board we'd love to look into making changes to some of the AQ40 sets as well! Unless you'd like to keep your 30% Blizzard interrupt prevention and +40% hit procs that is... While we do have many more fixes and changes included in this update this is all I have for you today. Thanks again for hanging around with us and, as always, for your continued support and feedback. Have fun in AQ heroes!
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    Okay let's just ignore "OMG the queue times blah blah blah" stuff. Everyone knows, the devs are doing amazing work scrambling to *upgrade everything*. I'm L52 Alliance side. I have done Deadmines x1. I did Stockades I think 4 times. I did ZF I think 3 times. Trying to get anything else done... just good fucking luck. No one wants to run all the way to SM. I suspect fully half the alliance population couldn't even figure out how to get to SFK, RFK or RFD without a guide dog and pulsing green arrows on the ground.. In terms of PVP. I've actually seen horde players about 4-5 times the entire leveling experience. I've pvped for real twice. One time I got ganked during an aoe pull. I returned and klilled the hordey. I HATE FUCKINGHATE HATE HATE PVP so that's not a problem to me. What is a problem to me is that instances are basically dead in the water because the dungeon finder doesn't teleport people to the instance. The rationale being that it puts people into the world to enjoy getting to the dungeon and experiencing world pvp. As I see it, neither dungeons or world pvp is happening on a no-risk server. Please for the love of Azeroth port people to dungeons so we can enjoy actual content. Otherwise all leveling is turning out to be is finding aoe grinding spots. It's just not 2004 anymore. Flying on a griffon for 5-10 minutes isn't gameplay.
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    Improve the tooltips details like: Works only with this abilities/talents, or works only on melee/ranged/spell, Dont stack with this abilities/talents (full or partially). Also detailed ability scale stats (SP, Melee AP or Ranged AP) like: ex @Ability scales with 25% Melee AP and 75% SP. All Weapons Procs and Enchant (Shaman/Enchanter/Ramdon/Weapon especific) If they can Proc on melee/ranged/spell or while shapeshifted. I know its a lot, but sadly most of the players need to ask to other players in the World Chat a lot of this things while they adjust their builds cause there is to little information about it. Well thank you very much Devs, and keep the good work!
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    Point 3 is my main issue with this server. If they would stop restricting talents to class specific spells it would feel a lot more "Classless." You are right as of now, feels like you can customize what spells you take but talents, which are half of your design, are restricted.
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    I'm not quite sure what you expected from the leader of Twin Boars Tavern! But here you go! From Zero: To Hero: ...Now I'd argue that the first one isn't quite zero! Just a regular day off! -Seventh
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    This server as we know it is filled with the Human race. Some people pick them because they love them and some are forced to play them because of their [Everyman For Himself] Ability. And the thought of just having to play Human again at launch is just repetitive and boring. Every other race is at a disadvantage when it comes to PvP especially at the start, so why not give all races including Humans a [Custom] trinket ability just like the fact that every race has [Quick shot]. Just a single ability that all races have. And [Everyman For Himself] becomes something other than a trinket. Make a new Race Tab under the General Tab in the character advancement where it has all of the racial abilities so no player has to play any race just for the ability. A lot of players might go for Orc's ability because of the ([Custom] Trinket + [Blood Fury]). Solution to that is to make [Blood Fury] give haste rather than attack power. Implementing this idea will: - Give some balance to FFA PvP. - Give the players more diversity when it comes to choosing your race. - Give the players a chance to experience different starting zones. - Scatter the players all around Azeroth instead of having all of them just piled up at Elwynn Forest or other (race ability) specific areas.
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    Hello Forum! I've been thinking about this for a while, and i finally made the decision to suggest it here. What if crafted gear could get a random enchant on it? I know that you can reroll it at an altar, but it would probably be a cool addition if it could come with a random enchant as you craft it. It would be beneficial for multiple reasons: 1, First of all, it would make crafting professions more lucrative. People would have an additional reason to level up their professions. You could either try to get a specific enchant for yourself, or simply craft some items and sell the ones with a good (or very nieche- like "range +X") enchant. 2, It would also make the skilling of professions less dull, as you will probably check the items you craft for REs, instead of simply vendoring them. 3, There are lots of players that try to keep their professions level appropriate, and basically level them up as their character levels. It would give those players an additional "that's awesome" moment , if they get a "cool" random enchant. It doesn't even have to be a good random enchant for people to be happy - anything they can use or give to their friends will be sufficient. Just wanted to get this off my mind. Thanks for reading guys, and please tell me what you think about it.

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