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    to even mention that while doing balance is outrageous. if you continue to balance under the premisse of having a geared player vs a new player then goodnight. mind proving that to me with actual numbers ? if you cant i will do it for you Lets assume a player has 10.000 Health and a fight lasts for 100 seconds and the enemy does 400 pvp dps. Situation a) will be 6% damage reduction and no bloodcraze Situation b) will be 0% dmg reduction but with bloodcraze a) 400*100*0.94= 37.600 damage dealt (2400 negated) b) 400*100 = 40.000 damage dealt , bloodcraze will heal for 6% every 16 seconds. 100/16=6.25 --> 6.25*6%=37.5% --> 10.000*0.375 = 3750 health recovered. Now add MS effect to that. 3750*0.5= 1875 health recovered a) 2400 damage negated b) 1875 health recovered now its your turn to backup your claim that Bloodcrazes value is "FAR HIGHER" than any dr talent sidenote: a flat 2%dr per point is actual one of the weaker ones that you can pick up ...some of them offer more like 3% per point which even further devalues bloodcraze. (9% dr would negate 3600 dmg in situation a) sidenote 2: let it sink in slowly that over a fight lasting 100 seconds youll recover health equal to just 1 non-crt flash of light that a SoR hybrid does. which he exactly needs 1 gcd for. sidenote 3: the value of bloodcraze further diminishes the less max HP the player has ... (with 8000 hp youll recover 1500 hp with MS effect effect in situation b) example: 2: taking 3%dr per point and a player that has 8000 HP the values are like this a) 3600 dmg negated b) 1500 health recovered
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    Without improved poisons, yes. The main reason it rivals IP is not due to its output, rather its advantage at having almost triple the base ppm of IP. If you have a problem with damage from Wound Poison, why not simply reduce the ppm and weave this into Improved Poisons? (and this is already with a 20% pvp mod in mind, what a joke). Or just, you know, take the pvp mod off instant poison? This unfairness comes from something you guys did, and now you are just going in circles.
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    Why did you make PTR a draft mode realm? It's no longer useful for testing builds and experimenting. There's no point having a realms just to roll a dice repeatedly. Please make PTR regular realm so we could actually use it for something. Also fix the PTR transfer item from the shop, it no longer works. Thank you......
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    Hi there Heroes! We are in the midst of making final touches on all of the new things we have coming for Season 5, and boy are we excited! So many updates and new things are coming - we’re bursting with anticipation and can’t wait to open the realm on Friday. While we wait for the big launch day, we thought we’d take the opportunity to showcase some of the balance changes we’re looking to implement along with the new season. Nothing is set in stone and everything is subject to change, but we wanted to offer a little preview of what is to come, and to hear what you think about it. The results of the Balance Survey that we sent out last month showed that the majority of you feel that PvE is relatively well-balanced while PvP still has a ways to go. We hear you, understand you, and will be working to improve this. Before getting into the specifics of the changes we’re releasing this time around, there are a few things we’d like to mention about our work going forward. First of all, you will notice balance updates happening more frequently than they have in the past. Bigger redesigns obviously take time to do well, but smaller adjustments to for example the damage that certain spells do in PvP is something that will be updated more frequently from now on. Secondly, one of the biggest challenges for PvP balance is that it’s harder to measure than PvE balance. Everyone has their own subjective view, often related to which type of PvP content they prefer. Trying to balance for low level world PvP, high-end duels, Crow’s Caches, Battlegrounds and now also arenas, all at the same time, is no easy task. We will closely be monitoring how balance develops in Season 5 and look forward to reading your feedback here on the forums, on discord and through Balance Surveys. Lastly, I would also like to mention that our ambition is not to have to implement any significant nerfs after Season 5 goes live. We know how much a lot of you are going to put into building your characters, and we don’t want to be in a situation of having to choose between nerfing that strong ability you just drafted or allowing everyone who got it to play with an advantage for the rest of the season. Thus, if your overall impression of the balance pack is that it’s a(nother) nerf-heavy one, we hope you can forgive us. We have plenty of fun buffs in store for you, don’t worry. Alright then, let’s look at some changes! To start with, we have some spell/talent changes for three specs that have been a little too dominant in PvP as of late. Art of War now increases the effectiveness of Exorcism and Flash of Light by 10/20%, from 15/30%. Art of War now has a 25/50% chance to proc, but no longer only procs off crits. It also has an internal cooldown, preventing it from proccing for 5 seconds after being used. Touched by the Light now grants spell damage rather than spell power. Purifying Power no longer modifies Exorcism, but reduces the cooldown of Holy Wrath by 25/50% (from 17/33%) and increases the damage of Consecration and Holy Wrath by 10/20% (from 5/10%). Sanctified Wrath no longer modifies Avenging Wrath, but instead reduces the cooldown of Exorcism by 20/40% and increases its damage by 5/10% We have seen these Retribution-based builds get very impressive amounts of self-sustain, and felt like it needed to be tuned down. The proc mechanic changes should make the proc more reliable for leveling and at earlier gear levels, and less powerful in conjunction with the Avengers 3-piece set bonus. The Art of War spell effectiveness reduction will negatively impact Exorcism, which wasn’t as urgently in need of nerfs, but instead of separating the numbers we opted to compensate for this by moving talents around to make the Exorcism-oriented talents more accessible. This should save some Talent Essences for PvE-oriented builds and make Exorcism more interesting for PvP builds. Another type of build that has been overperforming in terms of self-sustain in PvP is the Shield Slam PvP tank build. This was the most common complaint from last months Balance Survey, and we have two changes that we think should be quite effective at curbing their power. Shield Slam now only dispels magic effects when Sword & Board is active. Blood Craze now has a 10 second internal cooldown. We were on the fence about removing the dispel effect entirely from Shield Slam, as it is a unique and interesting effect, but it certainly was too powerful in PvP where these Shield tanks were able to do well even against casters. As for the Blood Craze nerf it will obviously impact specs other than just shield tanks, but we’ve seen it do significantly better than other comparable talents for a while now. It was time. Backstab can no longer trigger the Waylay effect. Sinister Calling (RE) no longer increases the damage of Backstab. Master of Subtlety now lasts for 10 seconds, from 6. Wound Poison has had its damage reduced by 40% Backstab builds saw tremendous success in the previous season with their heavy burst damage. At the same time, Stealth builds aren’t as scary as they were in the past. Our aim with these changes is to reduce some of the raw power attached to Backstab without hurting stealth builds. There, now with those anticipated nerfs out of the way let’s zoom out a bit and look at some more fundamental changes. I should mention that we’ll also update the PvP mods of many abilities with the patch, but this post I’ll focus on the bigger picture stuff. Most stuns have had their durations reduced by 0.5 or 1 second. Most root/immobilize effects have had their durations reduced by 1 or 2 seconds. Blink has had its cooldown increased to 25 seconds, from 18. Hand of Freedom has had its cooldown increased to 35 seconds, from 25. Seal of Justice has been changed from a stun to an immobilize. Blazing Speed now gives you a 33/66/100% chance when taking damage while being below 35% health to increase your movement speed by 50% and dispel all movement impairing effects. This effect lasts 4 seconds and can only occur every 30 seconds. What we hope to accomplish these changes is to somewhat reduce the power of these powerful CC effects, while also making Blink and Hand of Freedom less mandatory. Stuns are already an often overpowering tool that the vast majority of PvP builds make use of, and especially with Arenas coming we felt the importance of both stuns and stunbreaks would be excessive. It’s worth noting also that the increased Blink cooldown will mean that there can be short window of vulnerability where the diminishing returns may have reset before the cooldown of Blink has finished. Prior to this change it was possible to permanently either have Blink ready or have stuns be reduced to half their duration by diminishing returns. With these changes Blink will still be an exceptionally strong ability, but players will have to watch for that window of vulnerability. We have also reworked the effect of Seal of Justice, in an effort to reduce randomness. Melee players can already automatically and without spending a GCD apply many powerful effects – slows, healing reductions, even cast speed and attack power reductions. Being able to apply a stun automatically, outside of the action economy, and a stun that also is on a separate Diminishing Return category than your other stuns, was just too powerful. The new Seal of Justice will still be useful to prevent people fleeing, but won’t be quite as overwhelming. As a part of this we have also reworked the effects of Blazing Speed. It used to be a very random effect, which if you were lucky could proc as soon as you got hit and If you were unlucky would be a total waste of talent essences. The unpredictable nature also made it frustrating to play against since it could proc right when you apply your slow, allowing your target to escape without really giving you any way of preventing it. With this new design it’ll still be powerful, but more predictable and designed in a way that enables counterplay. Actually, speaking of counterplay: Deterrence is now cancelled by disarm effects. Dispersion has had its duration reduced to 5 seconds, from 6. Dispersion no longer grants slow immunity, but still removes slows on use. Hype. This is one of the changes I’m most excited for. These abilities were exceptionally powerful, especially for group PvP, since they almost didn’t have any counterplay in the way that other powerful defensives like Divine Shield and Ice Block do. Our hope with these changes together with the changes to stuns and roots is that they’ll contribute to developing a fun and engaging group wPvP and arena meta. Alright then. I’ve given you some nerfs and I’ve given you some more general PvP changes, but nothing yet to really get hyped about playing. I know I mentioned we have some buffs in store and will be rolling them out as the season goes on, but there are also some buffs we were so excited about that we didn’t want to wait with releasing them. Hope that’s okay. Hunter stings now stack without any limitation, meaning that one player can put several stings on the same target. Scorpid Sting no longer reduces the targets hit chance, but instead reduces the targets armor and resistances. These effects do not stack with other similar debuffs. Steady Shot is now castable while moving. (New ranks have also been added, starting at level 30.) Multi-shot is now a true instant ability and can now be cast while running. Explosive Shot ticks now deal damage to all enemies within 5 yards of the target. Piercing Shots now also reduces periodic healing taken by 10/20/30%. This does not stack with other similar effects. Builds using these hunter abilities have fallen out of fashion as of late. Since the Deadly Brew range nerf we’ve reduced some PvP mods and changed some scalings, but for the most part the changes haven’t really added anything new. Well, here you go. I won’t go too much into detail about these changes - it’s better you explore the new possibilities yourselves. We’ll be looking at both damage numbers and at making further tweaks as the season goes on, but for now we’re really excited to see how this new kit plays out. A commonly mentioned issue with hunter-oriented builds is that they often feel weak without a pet. We get training and managing a pet isn’t for everyone, and have this for you: *NEW* Survival Hunter talent Lone Wolf: The damage of your Hunter abilities and auto-shots is increased by 5/10% while you do not have a pet active. This talent will be available in the Survival tree, replacing the Improved Tracking talent. Our aim here is to provide an option that bridges some of the power gap for players who for one reason or another don’t want to play with a pet. Speaking of furries... Mangle (Cat) has had its base damage reduced by 30% and scaling increased by 20%. Mangle (Cat) now deals 15% reduced damage in PvP, from 20% Savage Fury now gives the same damage bonus to Shred as it does to the other affected abilities. Shredding Attacks now reduces the energy cost of shred by 10/20, from 9/18. Infected Wounds now also reduces periodic healing taken by 10/20/30%. This does not stack with other similar effects. Pretty straight-forward changes here. Mangle has for a long time, due to high base damage, performed disproportionately well on earlier gear levels but then dropped off in later tiers. Shred is trickier to use than Mangle, and before this buff there was little point in using it at all. Scorch has had its damage increased by 15% Scorch now deals 10% reduced damage in PvP (from dealing 10% increased damage). The Pyroblast damage bonus from Hot Streak no longer applies in PvP. Flame Throwing now also reduces the cast time of your Fireball by 0.25/0.5 seconds. This effect becomes inactive for 15 seconds after use. We’ve seen a lot of PvP success from Hot Streak Pyroblast builds recently, and hope that these changes will allow some more options and make the ability mix feel more well-rounded. Chain Heal has had its base heal increased by roughly 35% for all ranks. Healing Way now also affects Chain Heal and Earth Shield. Earth Shield has had its base heal and scaling reduced by 15%. Improved Earth Shield now grants one extra stack of Earth Shield, from two. Earth's Blessing no longer has an internal cooldown. When we redesigned the Reaching Recovery RE, we promised we’d look at the results and then retune Chain Heal accordingly. A lot of players reacted positively to the new RE design, reducing the drop-off of Chain Heal jumps, but the numbers still weren’t there. This should help. As for the Earth Shield changes, we wanted to make it more powerful in PvE while reducing its effectiveness in PvP, where it in spite of several nerfs continues to be very effective. Lastly, we are continuing to invent ways to make some of the less powerful abilities more interesting. Here’s one that will go live with Season 5: Hand of Salvation now lasts for 6 seconds, and in addition to reducing threat also attempts to dispel a harmful magic effect every 2 seconds. We look forward to seeing all the creative uses you will find for this. That wraps up the changes I wanted to discuss here. We’ve covered most of the bigger changes, but the actual changelog will end up being more than twice as long as what I’ve given you here. We still have to finalize some things - like making final decisions on which of these changes only make it to seasonal and which will immediately make it to legacy as well, and exactly what changes we want to make to PvP mods - so I’ll get back to that for now. Looking forward to hearing your responses to this. I’ll try to do my best to answer all your questions, but we also have the Season 5 deadline to keep, so please bear with me if I’m slow. Once that’s all done we’ll start looking at the next balance updates, which is likely to contain more buffs to underused abilities (we have a cool idea for Inner Focus that I’m excited about), and probably some attention to healers. I won’t spoil anything, but I can let you know that we have big plans for Greater Heal. Last of all, I can’t describe how excited I am to see how the arena meta develops. I think it’ll be so good for the PvP scene on Ascension. What kind of setups do you think are going to be the strongest?
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    Thats a wrong comment tho. Agi sustain rn is just very close behind Hybrid sustain.. Both are top tier rn. Its just that many people think Agi sustain is bad cuz of the nerfs in the past but it clearly isnt ^^ You just have to build it right.. I sure know some people who barely lose any 1v1's in their Agi sustain spec
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    So you're basically killing off every other melee sustain spec for a somewhat minor nerf to holy hybrid specs. Agi sustain is laughable, it simply doesn't scale well enough to be worth it for anything but cats and perhaps melee hunters if you stretch it a bit. People had to think outside the box and found out the only viable option left was Str conversion - now that has been ruined aswell. There's no direction left to turn to for sustain players. Sure, I can use the points and get more damage, but at some point a sustain build is just not a sustain build anymore. Running around with 300 healing power with half ur TE/AE invested into healing seems like a bad joke. That's exactly my point... It's still a strong talent for Holy Hybrids ONLY. They still benefit greatly from this, while every other melee sustain loses a large chunk of the fairly small healing power they have left. I even gave you a super simple solution to the problem - remove the healing power and put it somewhere else, so they will have to sacrifice 3 TE to get it back. Or perhaps just remove the extra holy crit healing (or even BETTER, make FoL through AoW not able to crit), as noone but holy hybrids actually utilize it at all... (LHW, Rejuv, Riptide, Earth Shield are all nature) There's simply no good reasoning to justify the fact that you're taking a fairly small cut from holy hybrids sustain and in turn just completely shit on every other melee sustain spec that's around nowadays. Who does this "holy hybrid nerf" really hit the hardest in the end? A holy hybrid with 640 healing power instead of 700, or a str stacking melee sustain with 300 healing power instead of 400? EDIT: just checked ingame, I have 343 healing power without str of earth totem and self-buffed, fully invested into healing power conversion - both agi and strength. I'll be close to 250 when this goes through lol... With BoK dispelled it'll go even lower and I'll hit an absolutely abysmal level of healing power. Ripperino indeed.
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    its not as easy as you describe it. Making use out of %-health recovery talent isnt just done with "allocating into stam and picking some of the %-stamina talents. That coming of head balance is quite a letdown tbh. It starts off with your gear choices you make. If you want a healthpool that is high enough to make %-healing a viable option you you always prefer stamina over dps stats. You then have to further back up your increased healthpool with defensive talent choices such as parry/dodge/flat phys dr and flat mr dr or youll just end up surving 1 more hit if you dont do so, which further decreases your dps output--> keyword EHP. Simply allocating stam and have some stam talents wont do anything for your EHP if you cant back it up further youll just end up being a papertank. You making it look like that everyone who has more than 8k HP and picked bloodcrazee automatically transformed into a hypersustain build while this cant be further from the truth. Just to put the bloodcraze nerf into perspective with some numbers. Lets say you have 10k hp ... in the unnerfed state bloodcraze healed 1% of your hp every second.(6% over 6 seconds with 3/3 points spent) --> Meaning it takes 100 seconds to recover your entire healthpool (100 health per second). 200 seconds when you have MS on you (50 health per second). The nerfed bloodcraze now recovers 0.375% health per second (37.5 hp/s) and 0.1875% (18.7 hp/s) with MS effect on you. Which equals a whooping 266 seconds without and 533 seconds with MS on you to recover youre entire health pool. THAT IS 9 MINUTES WITH MS EFFECT ON YOU ... do you think thats justified in any way ? Mind you this is a 3-Pointer aswell. you completely killed that talent with that ridiculous 10 second icd.
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    yea with 1 point or a single RE would be enough since 33% chance to trigger vs mele hits is already huge(and most likely guaranteed to trigger), before, some specs used to stack it, i believe now with the changes its mandatory to iether have 1 piece of gear with the RE or atleast 1 point in it. The value you get with the new changes for a single point is to much to pass out. If im right and its worth it for everyone to invest in it, it will be terrible and unbalanced, and if its so bad no one uses it then its also unbalanced. It was at a desirable state in which few people used it.
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    If you're targeting holy hybrids specifically, why do you do a general nerf like this? This will hurt every melee ALOT who intends on going sustain, not just holy hybrids. You could've just seperated the damage/healing from eachother and put the healing on another talent that holy hybrids would usually not pick, meaning they'd have to sacrifice 3 more points for the same bonus. Honestly super sad to see you gut specs you arent intentionally going for again and again. Atm a fully sustain-invested melee has like an average of 400~ healing power with like 2,5k AP, and will lose an avg of 75-100 healing power from this alone (that's 1/4 of their healing power btw...). Any other sustain spec has to sacrifice damage for healing - this talent included. The reason why holy hybrids are broken is because they have both damage AND healing bundled together in several talents. Just seperate the bonuses, and you could've easily avoided this problem without ruining other peoples hard work on their specs... I kinda feel like this change will hurt so much more for the average melee sustain build than a holy hybrid sustain build, as they can get the healing power from gear anyway (and melee sustain had better scaling with this coz they naturally had more STR than a holy hybrid). Especially since it will still increase holy healing crits - it's still healing and dmg combined into 1 for holy hybrids, whereas the talent beforehand was just pure healing power you had to sacrifice for damage in any other melee sustain spec. Ironically this change to the talent will be the final nail in the coffin for any other melee sustain spec THAN holy hybrids. Ripperino.
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    First of all - thanks for all your responses! Like I mentioned all of this is subject to change, and the final changelog will contain a lot more changes than these, but it feels great to be able to share these major changes with you and get some feedback. Yup, set bonuses and Greater Heal are already on our list for things to look at next. I didn't know there's an issue with the Ten Storms 3-piece though - will look into it! Good questions. The Mangle change is for Cat mangle only - I'll edit the post to clarify. Infected Wounds will be applied both by the RE and the talent te way it looks now, but that may change. Regarding Hand of Salvation I'll have to double check to be sure, but our intention isn't to reduce its power in PvE. We'll make sure it's still good. We agree that hardcasting heals in PvP hasn't been the same ever since Burning Determination got changed, and that these healers have fallen behind relative to HoT and PWS healers. This is definitely something we'll look at for future changes. As a general rule, we want to try to encourage PvP playstyles that have counterplay. Spamming instant casts (like HoT healers) used not to have much, but with the additive 30% HoT reduction available from three sources rather than just Shadow Embrace, their strength might change. Blood craze was way stronger than other passive health regeneration talents, and we think that a game design where players get high health pools and good self-sustain just by allocating stamina and spending a couple talent points isn't without its problems. Looking at the Survey, a lot of players agreed as well, These builds will still be strong, just not as strong. Regarding the melee/caster meta - we'll see! Actually looking forward to it a lot. The Slam change definitely isn't ruled out as a possibility. Slam needs something in PvP for sure, but we've had some other ideas for it too. We'll see! Thanks for the positive words! ❤️ Cheap Shot was indeed a counter to deterrence, and it will continue to be. It was however a mechanic that a lot of players didn't know about, and a lot of builds were unable to make room for. A lot of the time it is awkward to use, especially for caster builds. At the same time Deterrence had a much shorter cooldown than the "real" immunities like Divine Shield and Ice Block and was arguably more powerful for group fights due to being so difficult to counter. It's possible that giving too many counters to strong defensive cooldowns will encourage a rushdown group pvp meta where players are hard focused and killed through their immunities, but the alternative of having to constantly target swapp because whenever a player gets low there is another strong defensive cooldown to pull out is something we've seen a lot of in the past and wanted to move awy from a little. We'll keep our eyes on this. 1) That's the plan. We'll also be making some to the Chimera shot effects so that it doesn't become too strong in PvP. More details to come. 2) Couldn't have answered thsi better than tumnus0028 did. The effects will stack. HoT healers beware. 3) As far as I know it includes absolutely every hunter ability that can deal damage. Melee hunters will be able to use it too, but it won't affect their auto-attacks. It will affect auto-shot, however. We've already started to loko at other ways of buffing Explosive Shot, but first wanted to see how players find the new AoE effect. I've tested it and can tell you it's a lot of fun. We'll certainly monitor how this change shifts these builds and adapt. Generally, as I mentioned before, we aren't crazy about the idea of a spec that both gets a massive health pool (and therefore is difficult to burst down) and good sustain (and therefore is difficult to wear down slowly) at the same time - especially not when most of that sustain is passive. It's quite possible that we'll look at the healing from abilities like Victory Rush or Bloodthirst, or perhaps some other new ability giving self-healing options. Stay tuned! Thanks again to all of you for you responses! ❤️
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    Explosive Shots always needs to compede with Arcane Shot, in the past Arcane Shot was allways the better pick, not cause Explosive is a bad spell but more cause Arcane Shot has more and better supporting talents. I think it fits that the shot explodes and deals AE damage but 5 yards is to small. Will not be reliable. Explosive Shot will stay behind Arcane Shot.
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    I dont understand why you nerf bloodcraze again when the literal 2 speccs that you wanted to nerf dont even use this talent, since theyre not allocating into stamina at all but rather go for str/agi. All you did was to nerf anything that isnt a holy hybrid or blocktank which have stamina as their defensive layer and get the little bit of sustain from flat% healing ... which in most cases was their only way to get some health back. Unbelievable actually. You kinda ruined second wind the same fucking way before... As for the increased duration on freedom and blink ... this will lead into a huge kite fiesta against any melee in no time especially with the increased utility given to hunters. theyll eat melees for breakfast now. Arcane Mage: Slow will become a must pickup now since it got buffed immensely passively with these changes. With steady shot being useable while running i hope that youll give the same treatment to slam for the melee counterpart?
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    Just open your WoW folder > WTF and change the entry to "" or delete the whole line in Config.wtf SET realmName and save. After that is done you could right click "config.wtf" click on Properties and at the bottom you could put a Check on "Read-Only" that way every time you log into wow you would need to manually select the server. (Didn't tested) Or if you don't want to do that and it happens again just repeat the stuff above.
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    Hey guys! This thread is to gather feedback and ideas about balance changes that the community wants to see on live realms. Express any ideas, thoughts, concerns, or points of view on the patch here, and be as concise and articulate as possible. The goal here is to pinpoint particular, specific issues and develop solutions for them--addressing individual changes, spells, and potential tweaks will be ideal. Please upvote changes that you think would be ideal--especially ones that are well thought out. We're working on putting together a poll system in-game that will better track the community's opinions and desires. Post away!
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    Title. There is few people in Darkmoon. Andorhal is worse. Merge servers. Characters on Wild Card mode get +10-15% base stats increased.
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    Well there be a season 5? If so when? I always love the beginning of the season bc everyone is starting fresh with so many people on. The low lvl pvp while everyone is leveling for the frist time is one of the highlights of the seasons in my opinion so i just wanted to know when we will be getting another season. If we are even getting another one at all.

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