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    Problem is the dev's don't really care about andorhal, we've seen it many times where the community managers and other staffs have said them selves that they'd rather focus on seasonal players over main realm players because they're a bigger crowed, and look what happened most of the seasonal players have left for classic and a lot of the veteran players have left too because we got tired of being either ignored for months on end. (Think it's like 5-7 months between balance patches for main realms) nothing we can really do to save the ascension. people are just tired of dealing with broken promisses and massive content delays. (ya I know naxx is being release but every wing is more or less broken at start and at this point most players just tired of how the staff deals with anything that's not the seasonal realm)
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    Had the devs actually cared about doing something good for ascension, and focused on better communication with there player base which isn't a turist (seasonal), this could have been reverted but since we dont have a communication manager anymore just a seasonal manager this will never happen. I would suggest that he either steps up his game or get replaced.
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    As the title says. I've been out for a while and didn't saw this change 'till these days when I was about to play a dungeon healer toon on andie. Talking about this wi peeps on discord, seems that If we get MW > CH back won't hurt anybody, it won't touch Raids, won't touch instanced PVP, and maybe a lil of WPVP but this can be easily tweaked. So pls don't kill a spec that probably will be only viable on dungeons but a fun way to play a healer. Ty.
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    actually no one is against re trading on andorhal infact everyone on andorhal wants re trading like how it used to be where rolling on re's didn't soulbound the gear, The dev's for some special reason made them turn soulbound when you did it causing a lot of people to get pissed off and ruining a healthy part of the economy, right around the time they introduced season 1. that being said the dev's will never add any kind of easy way to get re's as for some reason they want players to have less freedom to try out builds. that or they simply don't care because andorhal isn't a season server.
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    I have a character on andorhal who does 4-6k dps I don't use a seal, aura, armor, no pally buffs outside what my raid put on me. they're not required at all to make a good melee build, you just conditioned your self into thinking that all melees need to be the same and haven't put effort in trying new builds and instead come to the fourms and complaine about how everything is the same. There are tons of builds for melees that don't follow the meta and still do way more dps then what's considered the meta. yall just see the one dude in your guild who's geared and following a meta build and think that's top of the top dps there.
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    I feel like you didnt understand my last post at all. Balancing is still needed in your suggestion as well, How is it any different? Blink vs Every other spell in the game = Blink Meaning anything rivaled agaisnt it is never going to be seen. The solution? Balanceing. Anyother example? This is literrally what Retail WoW has been doing since Cata, there is always a meta in what abilities you pick. One season every Rogue ran Death From Above, so they nerfed it then every rogue used Marked for Death, then at the end of Legion they had too move it another choice selection bar as well. On what planet is that better than increaseing Blinks AE cost too 3 from 2 and say increaseing its CD to 25-30 So players may not take this ability in PvP by there own choice without removing other abilities in the process.
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    It is limiting and before you can even go on to justifying your idea you need to achowlege that for the sake of your own debate. Im sure there is flaws to be found in adjusting the AE costs but there is also many flaws in what your suggesting for example, it doesnt matter what abilties there are to choose from players will always choose an ability like Blink in PvP in this situations you would be simply removing its rival options from the game, hence the limitation. So here its clear a nerf to Blink is required, which is essientally what increaseing its AE cost would do, the issue you pointed out is unavoidable one way or another.
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    Here we go again. No, there is no need too limit pickable abilities. You choose if you want to be effective player or a roleplaying plebian. Every build have a counter mechanic, and these can found through theorycrafting and playtesting. The entire idea of limiting abilities are against the conspet of ascension to begin with. Is it necessary balance stuff out? Sure. Is it necessary to completely change the entire foundation of ascension? No. If you dont like it, get back to retail.
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    How about we don't forget that this server suppose to be "Classless experience with building your own hero". Obviously Meta will always be there, but limiting the spell you can pick (Cough Seasonals Cough) is a dumb idea. It limits the game and its idea in the first place. Sure, some of people will prefer Draft over picking abilities, but then everyone just farms the hell out of it to pick that one ability you actually need, while on Legacy you can do it with a gold charge of your wallet and no time spent. So why not just play Legacy? Raids are designed around them, and it actually bothers me that Ascension has to remove Boss Mechanics or dumb them down, making them more Tank n Spank, so Seasonals players can kill them...
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    This is not meant to be an emo "qq i quit and hate you all" post. I am only posting this because I like Ascension and (most) of the players and therefore care enough to post. I am quitting Ascension (for now). The main reason is it seems they have "killed" the Private Test Server for Laughing Skull. Daggerspine (the PTR) now seems to be setup for seasonal realms based on the facts that I cannot transfer my character from LS to Daggerspine (error every time) and new characters created on Daggerspine are in "Draft Mode." This is a newbie nerf. New players who have ideas for builds or who need to test which talents/abilities stack/don't stack or interact in an expected manner are no longer able to without spending gold/honor/real money. I don't mind spending gold/honor/real money for changing builds on my actual character but strongly believe there should be an environment which lets us "play" with or "test" new builds without being penalized before spending on our actual character. Without a PTR people who are GMs, who know GMs, or who have been playing since forever will have a much greater advantage. Don't get me wrong; players who have been playing for a long time probably should be rolling with the strongest/funnest builds (assuming they've put in the effort to find them)...the thing is they had the PTR to test builds with and new players don't. My favorite thing about Ascension was the freedom it gave to play any build and to try to find new and unique builds that I enjoy playing. Until that freedom is restored I will be spending my time on other things. Thanks for the fun times I had Ascension devs and players! -Zalaphamapho/Qwant
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    Again I dont agree. Why always the choice is Nerfs and restrictions? That enterily kill the FREEDOM and the FUN. For example yesterday some guild mates and I where given tips about a tank build to a fresh lvl 60 and after pointing to him all "choose this cause this dont work", "or this spell is mandatory" He said: "Im now unmotivate, its no longer fun". So my point: Freedom should be the key here, if we wanted restriction we went to play retail version of the game. Ascension is Fun cause it destroy classic rigidity and bring a new world of posibility. Like your Example "Titan Grip" in the only build that is no brainer is in healing, cause the huge nerf it has sufered, some dps builds use it, but to be honest its not even that usefull, I have seen people doing insane damage with 2 one handed weapons, and no one have ever has say: "nerf one handed please". So my opinion is: Dont nerf spell and talents, give only one essence type and let the people decide was its better for their builds. Ascencion will nerver be true balanced due the infinite amount of conbinations posible, but when "balance" has been fun? We play wow to make an OP character full geared to the theet, with the most optimized talents and REs posibles for our build and thats a fact. Most people would agree with me that nerfing its not the answer, and if you think you are OP right now: please go and try ZG Spider boss and Hakkar and please post a video of your results. Cheers!
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    "Obviously Meta will always be there" Yes, everyone will pick windfury, frost armor, a seal, an aura, a buff and possibly blink. Where is the fun in that? "but limiting the spell you can pick (Cough Seasonals Cough)" In seasonal you can't pick what you want, you pick from what you get. "It limits the game" Only if you want a sandbox game. What you call limit, I call a system. Don't let them pick all the good skills with one character, so they have the incentives to level up many to catch them all. If people have many characters, there will be more pve.
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    "You choose if you want to be effective player or a roleplaying plebian" If you ever want to be invited to any decent raid you have to be effective. Can't you see the problem in that logic? In other to stay competitive, you have to do what everyone else is doing. "Every build have a counter mechanic" Just pick the same one point wonder talents and skills and have better gear. "If you dont like it, get back to retail." I can make my own server. Whoever thought of this idea was a genious, but I think the execution could be much better and bring more players. I like the idea very much and I want servers full of people, that's why I'm trying to help.

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