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    I don't mean to be this guy but, you are just a new-comer to Laughing Skull, and you've joined after years of decline in population. This didn't happen overnight, changes that were made, the lack of content for PvP players, frustration with the game, frustration with Devs are what caused a huge decline in the population of LS, as well as the fact that seasonal is just easier to play. Seasonal has actually seen a large increase in population. New players just don't want to play legacy because they are behind the curve. +The pvp meta is boring, old and stale. We've had very little new adjustments, talents etc to make it exciting again. I can't say why raiders quit, as I have no idea, but overall that's how I see it as a High Risk pvp player, who has been playing since Sarg.
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    General Information Welcome to my Shot Hunter guide for Project Ascension. I am Vedartha#0569, member of <toxicity> on Andorhal, playing on our Green Team. I play on Ascension for almost a year now and since my start i use hunterlike builds. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about playing a hunter build in a raid environment. Overview This build will allow for high single and multi target DPS with 4-5K being the current upper limit single target in a 25 man environment in Naxxramas. It is funn to play (no single button smashing!) and as a ranged build grants overview over what is going on during an encounter. You will scale well with gear and with that you can use this build from the moment you hit lvl 60. However, hunter builds in general are pretty straight forward in terms of AE and TE spend, so there is not much room for filler spells. Also the ammount of items you want to use is extremly limited, whish means your loot pool will be pretty small but on the other side makes the question what items to look for quite simple. Contents To make it easy to navigate the guide, I have split it into 8 sections. 1. - Spells, Talents and REs 2. - Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities 3. - Choosing a Pet 4. - Statistics and Priorities 5. - Enchants, Consumables and Professions 6. - Macros and Addons 7. - Gearing up and Best-In-Slot 8. - Known Issues Latest Relevant Patchnotes - Season-only changes NOT includet. Cheat Death and Ardent Defender now share a cooldown. Lowered the damage reduction portion of Cheat Death to 50%, from 90%. Cheat Death now has a 2min cooldown, from 1min. The cooldown will now also show as a debuff, like Ardent Defender does. Elemental Devastation no longer triggers from procs such as weapon enchants. Hunting Party now also triggers from critical hits with Mongose Bite and Counterattack. Piercing Shots now also triggers from Multi-shot.
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    100% The developers work hard, i also don't doubt that this is a full time job for @Dutch however the issue is where the time is being allocated, I am no scripter but i would imagine simple balance changes and tweaks too build mechanics is good value for time, for example if you know how to change the databade for Blinks CD to make it 30 Seconds, how long would that take really? That example doesnt even need to be discussed, every player has been Blinking around like a mage since day one 😂 I would also guess the first step, enabling ranked Arena/3v3 is not a mountain to climb either. A reward system can come later and a website ranking tab can come much later on. Asscention makes PvP progression feel impossible, at times the devolobers make players feel like they are asking too much from them. However there is clearly a LACK OF PASSION with @Dutch and PvP, untill this mindset changes the PvP side is always going to be a disapointment.
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    Yeah, I agree 100% - all I wanna do since I learned about Ascension is ranked Arenas with classless + RE system. I do hope they get the details right though - if High Risk rewards are too good/comparable to ranked arena rewards we may still get issues with long queue times and lack of competitive scene. Also the player population being fragmented across 2 realms isn't helping so the solution consisting merge + hybrid system + bloodstained items (described above) + TBC with ranked arena sounds pretty awesome.
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    Just for anyone reading this thread in the future - I found a pretty healthy discussion around LS+Andorhal merge using the "Bloodstained" idea on the Ascension #suggestions discord channel. Some highlights: Dutch09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019 Nato09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019 Haddeqi09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019 Skray09/11/2019 Dutch09/11/2019
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    Except that this 'population' is somewhat fake and only stays temporarily, with a fraction also not caring about legacy realms at all. The amount of turnover the servers see is insane. People coming and going, and rapidly quitting after seeing all the essentials and all the flaws that follow: Messy balancing, TC bugs, class bugs, etc.
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    No what's kill the servers are the dev's lack of attention or care ot anything that's not season, even tho I stopped player around when classic came out I'm sure as hell nothing's changed. The honest truth is that nothing going to be truely fixed untill asncesion dies out and they reboot it and hopefully realizes their mistake, untill then the ascension will be on livesupport withe the dev's repeating the same damn mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over. if you don't believe me what once the game goes to tbc and get a boost in player I bet the dev's will manage to do something that will cause them to leave just like what happened in january 2018, start of season 1, 2,3 aq release, ect. we get a boost in population, then tho's players players point out a major bug or flaw in the system nothing happens then they leave and suddenly it's fixed. except the fix it to late.
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    From the Devs side (Statement of Dutch himself), Andorhal currently holds 5x the pop of LS. Dutch is also allready working on a merge of both servers. That doesnt seem to be an option annymore, it will happen, most likely before TBC. The team is currently looking into multiple ways of allowing both system to coexist. A System that Dutch introduced was "Bloodstained Items", meaning raid gear that drops in the world will be drop as "Bloodstained". Those items have either reduced stats of the original equivalent from raid, or are redesigned to fit a pvp theme (example reduced Strength for Resilence). Dutch wants to test some of the stuff they think could work with upcomming seasons.
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    because 59 level players can kill and loot level 60 player's while level 60 players can't loot 59. meaning geared 59's can camp 60's with no risk to them selves.
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    most people got tired of ascension and moved on to classic, at least on andorhal.
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    ya let's kill that last 10%.
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    I have a character on andorhal who does 4-6k dps I don't use a seal, aura, armor, no pally buffs outside what my raid put on me. they're not required at all to make a good melee build, you just conditioned your self into thinking that all melees need to be the same and haven't put effort in trying new builds and instead come to the fourms and complaine about how everything is the same. There are tons of builds for melees that don't follow the meta and still do way more dps then what's considered the meta. yall just see the one dude in your guild who's geared and following a meta build and think that's top of the top dps there.
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    How to make a physical character in Andorhal. -Pick an aura -Pick a mage armor -Pick a Seal -Pick a hunter aspect -Pick a paladin buff Have you seen lots of people with the same skills? Aspect of the beast? Why would any melee character not pick it? Devotion aura? Why would any melee character not pick it? Frost armor? Why would any melee character not pick it? I think that by having too many options, we are having less options. If players can spread as wide as 27 subclasses they will always pick the same 1-2 points bis wonders skills/talents out of efficiency. They will hurt their own overall experience by always picking what's most efficient. Something that will lead to meta, cookie cutter builds with the same talents over and over again. When there are no classes, everyone will pick what's most efficient. Everyone will pick frost armor over beast lore. Players will kill their own fun, creativity and sense of discovery and wonder by picking efficiently. I think devs should limit the range of skills you can have, to something like 4-5 classes (12-15 subclasses) By limiting them, you are improving their enviroment, making them think creatively, and making them feel smart and resourseful about their choices. By doing that, I think Andorhal can get the best of both worlds: choose your own destiny (Andorhal), and think creatively, adapt and be unique of Darkmoon. I wish I could upload images. My first bg and everyone had frost armor, aspect of the beast, a seal and a mage armor.
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    I feel like you didnt understand my last post at all. Balancing is still needed in your suggestion as well, How is it any different? Blink vs Every other spell in the game = Blink Meaning anything rivaled agaisnt it is never going to be seen. The solution? Balanceing. Anyother example? This is literrally what Retail WoW has been doing since Cata, there is always a meta in what abilities you pick. One season every Rogue ran Death From Above, so they nerfed it then every rogue used Marked for Death, then at the end of Legion they had too move it another choice selection bar as well. On what planet is that better than increaseing Blinks AE cost too 3 from 2 and say increaseing its CD to 25-30 So players may not take this ability in PvP by there own choice without removing other abilities in the process.
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    It is limiting and before you can even go on to justifying your idea you need to achowlege that for the sake of your own debate. Im sure there is flaws to be found in adjusting the AE costs but there is also many flaws in what your suggesting for example, it doesnt matter what abilties there are to choose from players will always choose an ability like Blink in PvP in this situations you would be simply removing its rival options from the game, hence the limitation. So here its clear a nerf to Blink is required, which is essientally what increaseing its AE cost would do, the issue you pointed out is unavoidable one way or another.
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    Here we go again. No, there is no need too limit pickable abilities. You choose if you want to be effective player or a roleplaying plebian. Every build have a counter mechanic, and these can found through theorycrafting and playtesting. The entire idea of limiting abilities are against the conspet of ascension to begin with. Is it necessary balance stuff out? Sure. Is it necessary to completely change the entire foundation of ascension? No. If you dont like it, get back to retail.
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    Title. There is few people in Darkmoon. Andorhal is worse. Merge servers. Characters on Wild Card mode get +10-15% base stats increased.
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    "Obviously Meta will always be there" Yes, everyone will pick windfury, frost armor, a seal, an aura, a buff and possibly blink. Where is the fun in that? "but limiting the spell you can pick (Cough Seasonals Cough)" In seasonal you can't pick what you want, you pick from what you get. "It limits the game" Only if you want a sandbox game. What you call limit, I call a system. Don't let them pick all the good skills with one character, so they have the incentives to level up many to catch them all. If people have many characters, there will be more pve.
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    "You choose if you want to be effective player or a roleplaying plebian" If you ever want to be invited to any decent raid you have to be effective. Can't you see the problem in that logic? In other to stay competitive, you have to do what everyone else is doing. "Every build have a counter mechanic" Just pick the same one point wonder talents and skills and have better gear. "If you dont like it, get back to retail." I can make my own server. Whoever thought of this idea was a genious, but I think the execution could be much better and bring more players. I like the idea very much and I want servers full of people, that's why I'm trying to help.
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    You claim naxx is inaccesible for newer players because of gear requirements, yet you claim is too easy to get good gear through farming or buying it because of cheap prices. Just admit you want to have monopoly on items through raiding and sell them for insane prices. I suggest you to rope yourself.
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    TL;DR High Risk rewards incentivise solo-grinding over Raids and Battlegrounds. Solo-grinding is unfun and cannot serve as an end-goal so many players eventually quit. Thus, it would be best to rework High-Risk at some time in the future. Introduction I’d like to start by saying how much I enjoy playing on Ascension. I’ve played WoW on and off throughout the years both in retail and private servers since Vanilla and I can see the devs have really done a great job in many areas - when things work out as intended Ascension is some of the best WoW I’ve played. I hope Ascension keeps growing and I’d keep playing for years to come. Problem There’s a huge drop-off in population in the last ~1-2 months. The lack of players makes it much less exciting to play and limits your options content wise. Although the drop-off can be largely attributed to the double-whammy - the start of a new season (S4, ironman) AND the release of classic WoW, I don’t think we can blame the population decline entirely on these. If Ascension's LS (Laughing Skull) offered a unique and compelling game play, players would prefer it despite the alternatives. Cause The root cause of the recent decline is that the typical player lacks meaningful end-game content. I will define meaningful as content that is both challenging and rewarding. These 2 ingredients are necessary for a sustainable and thriving community - whereas leveling, various progressions (i.e. items, professions) and specializations (i.e. builds, techtrees) are present in other MMOs, what really sets WoW apart and keeps people playing is the focus on meaningful end-game content. Specifically, I’m talking about: PvE - Raiding & Dungeons (Heroic, Mythic, Mythic+ in later expansions) PvP - (Maybe Battlegrounds), Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds. I’m intentionally omitting WPVP (World PvP) because WPVP has always been overhyped not an essential element in my opinion. This is because most WPVP encounters are decided not by skill but by sheer numbers and organizational factors (i.e. high-end guild vs pugs). We can see how Raids and Arenas can be both challenging and rewarding - the challenge is the mechanics, communication and coordination, counterplay etc. and the reward is the loot, the defeat of a hard boss and the rating and titles that set you apart from other players. Currently, rewarding raids are completely inaccessible to the average player because High Risk farming provides such a strong alternative and drives down Raid loot prices. The best way to progress your character is to grind mobs in High Risk. Only Nax (Naxxramas) items are unobtainable in High Risk but most players cannot participate in Nax raids due to gear/spec requirements. The issue is not that Naxx is hard - it should be hard as the latest raid. The problem is there’s almost no reason to complete earlier raids because of the flood of raid items obtained from High Risk grinding. A Solution Although High Risk is a really cool and unique feature of Ascension I believe it’s degrading the game experience in its current state. I would propose changing High Risk with the release of a future major patch (Burning Crusade release would be ideal), as follows: Completely remove dungeon/raid drops for High Risk farming - these should be obtained by cooperating with other players; completing dungeons and raids and competing in PvP. Letting players get high-end loot from solo grinding mobs eliminates the alternatives and is unsustainable. Increase profession materials drops in High Risk - cloth, ores, herbs, leather from skinning etc. This would make it easier to grind everything you need to start doing dungeons, raids and pvp which is what the game is about. (Optionally) Add cosmetics/mounts to High Risk loot tables. These would provide the gambling aspect previously provided by the rare epic drops you could get in High Risk without wrecking the game economy. To Discuss I’m interested in hearing others’ opinions on the matter and seeing a discussion around how we can bring up the realm’s population. Specifically, I’d like to ask: The Players - What do you enjoy most about playing on Ascension/LS? What do you enjoy the least? The Devs - Can we estimate High-Risk’s contributions to the population decline using some player data? For example, we can compare the decrease of daily/weekly active players on LS vs Andorhal around the time S4 launched and around the time classic WoW was released. Also curious what is Andorhal active population vs LS’s active population. Finally, do you have any thoughts/plans on reworking the High-Risk system? Everyone - What do you see as the main problems with Ascension/LS that drive down the population? What are some solutions?

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