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    I have a character on andorhal who does 4-6k dps I don't use a seal, aura, armor, no pally buffs outside what my raid put on me. they're not required at all to make a good melee build, you just conditioned your self into thinking that all melees need to be the same and haven't put effort in trying new builds and instead come to the fourms and complaine about how everything is the same. There are tons of builds for melees that don't follow the meta and still do way more dps then what's considered the meta. yall just see the one dude in your guild who's geared and following a meta build and think that's top of the top dps there.
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    I feel like you didnt understand my last post at all. Balancing is still needed in your suggestion as well, How is it any different? Blink vs Every other spell in the game = Blink Meaning anything rivaled agaisnt it is never going to be seen. The solution? Balanceing. Anyother example? This is literrally what Retail WoW has been doing since Cata, there is always a meta in what abilities you pick. One season every Rogue ran Death From Above, so they nerfed it then every rogue used Marked for Death, then at the end of Legion they had too move it another choice selection bar as well. On what planet is that better than increaseing Blinks AE cost too 3 from 2 and say increaseing its CD to 25-30 So players may not take this ability in PvP by there own choice without removing other abilities in the process.
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    It is limiting and before you can even go on to justifying your idea you need to achowlege that for the sake of your own debate. Im sure there is flaws to be found in adjusting the AE costs but there is also many flaws in what your suggesting for example, it doesnt matter what abilties there are to choose from players will always choose an ability like Blink in PvP in this situations you would be simply removing its rival options from the game, hence the limitation. So here its clear a nerf to Blink is required, which is essientally what increaseing its AE cost would do, the issue you pointed out is unavoidable one way or another.
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    Here we go again. No, there is no need too limit pickable abilities. You choose if you want to be effective player or a roleplaying plebian. Every build have a counter mechanic, and these can found through theorycrafting and playtesting. The entire idea of limiting abilities are against the conspet of ascension to begin with. Is it necessary balance stuff out? Sure. Is it necessary to completely change the entire foundation of ascension? No. If you dont like it, get back to retail.
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    "Obviously Meta will always be there" Yes, everyone will pick windfury, frost armor, a seal, an aura, a buff and possibly blink. Where is the fun in that? "but limiting the spell you can pick (Cough Seasonals Cough)" In seasonal you can't pick what you want, you pick from what you get. "It limits the game" Only if you want a sandbox game. What you call limit, I call a system. Don't let them pick all the good skills with one character, so they have the incentives to level up many to catch them all. If people have many characters, there will be more pve.
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    "You choose if you want to be effective player or a roleplaying plebian" If you ever want to be invited to any decent raid you have to be effective. Can't you see the problem in that logic? In other to stay competitive, you have to do what everyone else is doing. "Every build have a counter mechanic" Just pick the same one point wonder talents and skills and have better gear. "If you dont like it, get back to retail." I can make my own server. Whoever thought of this idea was a genious, but I think the execution could be much better and bring more players. I like the idea very much and I want servers full of people, that's why I'm trying to help.

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