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    Problem is the dev's don't really care about andorhal, we've seen it many times where the community managers and other staffs have said them selves that they'd rather focus on seasonal players over main realm players because they're a bigger crowed, and look what happened most of the seasonal players have left for classic and a lot of the veteran players have left too because we got tired of being either ignored for months on end. (Think it's like 5-7 months between balance patches for main realms) nothing we can really do to save the ascension. people are just tired of dealing with broken promisses and massive content delays. (ya I know naxx is being release but every wing is more or less broken at start and at this point most players just tired of how the staff deals with anything that's not the seasonal realm)
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    Again I dont agree. Why always the choice is Nerfs and restrictions? That enterily kill the FREEDOM and the FUN. For example yesterday some guild mates and I where given tips about a tank build to a fresh lvl 60 and after pointing to him all "choose this cause this dont work", "or this spell is mandatory" He said: "Im now unmotivate, its no longer fun". So my point: Freedom should be the key here, if we wanted restriction we went to play retail version of the game. Ascension is Fun cause it destroy classic rigidity and bring a new world of posibility. Like your Example "Titan Grip" in the only build that is no brainer is in healing, cause the huge nerf it has sufered, some dps builds use it, but to be honest its not even that usefull, I have seen people doing insane damage with 2 one handed weapons, and no one have ever has say: "nerf one handed please". So my opinion is: Dont nerf spell and talents, give only one essence type and let the people decide was its better for their builds. Ascencion will nerver be true balanced due the infinite amount of conbinations posible, but when "balance" has been fun? We play wow to make an OP character full geared to the theet, with the most optimized talents and REs posibles for our build and thats a fact. Most people would agree with me that nerfing its not the answer, and if you think you are OP right now: please go and try ZG Spider boss and Hakkar and please post a video of your results. Cheers!

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