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    Thats not a good Idea at all lol. Would mean an unfair advantage for everyone who plays well in pvp in ... everything pvp, pve ... would be better than to sell etra TE on the shop and than we are on a pay to win server.
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    paymentwall is not supported in Bosnia... why you won't take my money ?
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    Figures, my apologies, I got it backwards. I would be fine in increasing the delay because not even in Andorhal those items would be looted that fast, plus that might be another reason LS has less population active because people get bored from having it all pretty early. +1 to Author idea
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    Similarly to the seasonal realms, Andorhal and laughing skull should be merged to address population issues. With andorhal being dead and having a much smaller population than Laughing skull, andorhal should merge over to Laughing skull. The developers have even stated that they have fixed transfer issues and lag related issues, so there would not be any missing characters, or laggy realms.
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    I think they're in a good position, and don't need buffs/nerfs. I think people have no idea how to build them and that's why they think it's bad. now what they should do is allow kick and cleanse on a cat.
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    wtf, people saying hunter doesnt need buff in pvp? BIGGEST JOKE LOL. I've played hunter since sargeras and i can still say that hunter is shit in pvp compared to other specs, especially after all our abilities got nerfed in pvp especially explosive shot not proccing 3 times poison anymore and the huge 15-20% reduced pvp damage on all our spells and yes we received buffs thats why we got those nerfs but pvp hunters die easily if they stack damage way too easy compared to other specs and the damage isn't even that high if u go full damage and we receive 1 rap per agility which makes stacking stam/int better choice since we have mana problems and scaling sucks. Pet's were a problem because of the RE's and the huge health pool that they used to have but now thats fixed and base hunter without pet and fully specced into whatever hunters spec into nowadays (arcane shot,chimera etc) is still weaker than a pet specced hunter even after all the nerfs pet's have gotten. Pets are not supposed to be stronger than the player, thats just so stupid
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    Replace adorhal
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    So laughing skull is dead, yet is the only server that killed c'thun? Apparently Andorhal has all these 'raiding guilds' and 'players' even though they haven't even cleared c'thun yet? Lol so dead server and a bunch of noobs you're telling me?
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    Triggered all the andorhal kiddies that's why
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    read title. buff ranged hunter damage and pet damage for ranged hunters (Laughing Skull.) Thank you!
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    I think it would be cool if players were capable of earning extra talent essences at level 60 for completing certain achievements. This would of course only be on significant achievements that require time and effort. For example, major achievements like a world first achievement or a rank 1 arena achievement could reward 2 TE. Meanwhile achievements that are worth noting but not super significant like say a heroic raid clear achievement or any arena achievement for 2000 CR or higher could award 1 TE each. That would mean you could potentially get 4 TE if you were good enough at PVP that you achieved 2000, 2200, 2400, and 2700 CR in an arena season. I think this would create an incentive for players to experience other content or just do different content than they normally would in order to make their character as strong as possible while also opening up more build diversity. DC Universe Online has (or had, haven't touched it in a while) a system just like this where in order to min/max your character you had to do achievements to get all of your talent points, although their system was a bit more generous with handing out talent points as i remember being able to get them from achievements that were tied to completing certain daily quests just once.

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