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    Removing spell mastery right now is a way of making sure that the only healing spells used in PVP are instant casts. It's 25% haste for fuck sake, and hardcasting is already suffering with the amount of CC, interrupts and silences available. And we lost 6% haste last patch aswell. Actually insane how something like this could go through right now. I mean even for PVE Creatures and bosses in dungeons and raids now deal 20% less damage. Removing spell mastery leaves the healers more open to everything, the changes makes it so we have less reactive healing, less mobility, become more vulnerable to interrupts, knockdowns or any form of CC. And this is along with the staff + offhand things are supposed to bandaid it? They don't help out with the problem that arises, just provides more overhealing%. All of this also applies to PVP. Not to mention you're really shooting yourself in the foot here when it comes to Naxx, I'd assume you'd want it to be the "raid" in vanilla. But at the pace we're going i have half the healing output i had in BWL. And slowing the pace of Naxx down aint really what should be needed here, the very opposite should be the case. It should be hectic & difficult. This is really the type of thing you change with an expansion, not just before a new end-game raid tier.
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    Hey guys! This thread is to gather feedback and ideas about balance changes that the community wants to see on live realms. Express any ideas, thoughts, concerns, or points of view on the patch here, and be as concise and articulate as possible. The goal here is to pinpoint particular, specific issues and develop solutions for them--addressing individual changes, spells, and potential tweaks will be ideal. Please upvote changes that you think would be ideal--especially ones that are well thought out. We're working on putting together a poll system in-game that will better track the community's opinions and desires. Post away!
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    I'm curious to hear about your overall analysis of the PvP meta. My opinion is that PvP is incredibly fast-paced, with big burst and a huge emphasis on avoiding damage (through CDs or CC). The spell mastery nerfs to heal specs are offset by damage nerfs in PvE, can we expect similarly big nerfs (through a resilience buff?) restoring balance in PvP as well? I think that would be great. I also hope, as I have for a long time now, that you start buffing things again. Player power has been going backwards for like 8 months now, which is really problematic considering that character progression is one of the main driving forces in MMOs. Don't you think?
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    Allow mutilate legendary affect be a buff on the player rather then a debuff on the mob, like executes legendary 25% haste, it has a horrible time with target swapping which rogues already have a problem with seeing as they have no effective good aoe.
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    Hello there is one thing missing from this update - Frostbolt- Damage and scaling increased by 15%. - IN PVE (Just because Frostbolt is META in pvp does not mean you should just ignore it in PVE ❤️ ) Tbh i don't really mind this update i have never liked stealth being "abused" as it was (This change might have been a bit overboard but not for me to say really) Healers, needed a nerf, not sure if this was the CORRECT option, Haste = makes rotations feel more responsive and fun Casters didn't lose anything and i can now dual wield, Everything got a "base castspeed adjuset. Smite/frostbolt got (less), And frostbolt didn't get any scaling update at all, and that is the only thing i don't like - Should just add a pvp modifer like the rest, just because frostbolt is META in PVP on LS does not mean it should be ignored for PVE
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    Also both Vampiric touch and unstable affliction had their "boom" effect nerfed by 25 % awhile back in addition to that vampiric touch had a 5 % scaling nerf to both dot and the dispel instant damage. However, i would take 25 % haste over 15 % damage increase, which is base damage and not scaling btw. And therefore pretty weak buffs. I have only seen a handful of people that are actively dispelling themselves in pvp when engaged with a dotter, the rest is either drooling over their keyboard or moaning about losing damage when they have to dispel. Newsflash if you going to engage a dotter keep the pressure up with using cds, and forcing your opponent to use his. Cleanse costs 163 mana, a dot costs twice of that. Guess who is going oom first. And before you even mention cc, there are so many ways you can get out fear, poly, stuns and horror effects that it isn't even an argument anymore. Either you pick counter abilities towards cc or shut the fuck up about it because at that point it is on you as a player.
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    Because they are actually retarded and have no idea that they just buffed half the current meta while nerfing some underdogs. Spell mastery was the separation between caster and hybrid. I would also describe it as a direct nerf to the fun factor, they don't even know what the gcd reduction means in PvP.
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    I would like to know this aswell, the 25% haste nerf to healers aint as simple as just nerfing healing output by 25% due to haste scaling, not to mention all the other shit that comes along with having higher cast times. And just giving us abit of % healing from Staff's is not a good enough compensation in any way.
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    While we're on topic of sustain, maybe it's finally time to make purge and dispel target specific magic effects first and foremost instead of dispelling random crap? It's not that hard to add a simple weight and priority system. Going like hots>barskin-like magic mitigation>PW:S and other bubbles>hard casted buffs>procs>buffs with charges. So tired of using my GCD in attempt to stop hots and dispelling god damn bloody water shield charges. Make mass dispell destroy every single magic effect the target has active instead of just one. This will reward skill, smart play and there would be no need to nerf so hard.
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    I feel like Ascension balance in PvP is about to take a nosedive, can just feel it coming.. The balance team want to steer the buss all of the place. Regarding Spell Mastery... Honestly I would rather have a flat 25% healing nerf than a 25% haste nerf and I'm a healer!.. Don't take away the fun factor just for some lazy fix because SP builds are dominating Most SP builds in the meta are Hybrids without Spell Mastery or Casters that function from Instant casts anyway.
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    Wait. That's not my name. It's Traidable! Or... Traid for short. But not Triad. It's nice to meet you all. I've been playing WoW since Vanilla, and Private Servers for quite a while, too. I'm very excited to try out this server, and hopefully find a new home here. I love the concept and everything about it so far! I am hoping to find a family in this community, and be ONE OF YOU. See you all in-game!
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    I think changing mutilates poison increase from stacking on a mob to making it a buff on the player's side should help with the problem it has when changing targets. While this doesn't affect damage on longer fights or fights with only one mob, it does help bridge the gap in fights where their are lots of adds and allows for more flexibility to compete with burst builds. Also a while back mutilate's poison was nerfed from 30% to 20% at fully stacked. I think changing it back to 30% would really help bring life back to the other side of the build rather then focusing on physical damage.
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    MC and BWL gear are perfectly fine for the content they are available at. AQ Sets are fine for AQ. Compared with BWL is AQ a Slaugther House, specialy C'thun and Skeram (pre Nerf). Why is that tho ? AQ is heavily modified, some bosses are far, far, far away from the vanilla original versions and extremly funn to play and challenging. And this Slaugther House, sadly requires the power of some of the Set efects of 2,5 to actualy beat it. You can progress it with BWL Gear, but most likely need same Sets at 3/5 in the group to clear. So what do ? Nerf the sets to the ground and nerf the raid to the ground ? Or Buff t2 to the Sky so AQ Gear become irrelevant. BWL needs to get Buffed tho too, since T2 is better now! Devs learned, AQ was the first try of a "custom" Raid, with custom Sets, both ending completly overtunde and got nerfed several times. A horrible hard raid requires horrible powerfull sets and ones you get hands on them, they tell you what spells you have to pic, what specs to play and bring side efects like T-Claping people in PvP for 4K with them. Iam sure they will do Naxx better in all of this points. why post openly here and down vote people ?? PM the Devs and tell them what your thoughts are. No its not, small changes can have extrem impact on the game. Take Vanquished Claw of C'thun, it was allways more of a vanity item, on Ascension its BiS for a majority of specs and that just because it got 28 crit rating addet. AP Conversion ? Sheat of Light and Mental Quickness where so good in the past that healer and caster used strength gear to get AP that they can convert into SP. Both talents got nerfed to the ground for this reason ending in Hybrid (Enhancement Shamane) got literal kikt to the bottom of DPS. And needet multiple patches to come back. X to X stat conversion is a fckn risky design. Frostbolt doesnt got the same Bonus from SP than Starfire, and both of that spells got other talents in different trees modifying them in different ways at different vallues. I personaly woould like to see a change that just sets the crit damage of all spell types to the same level, meaning 100% crit damage baseline, but as long this is not the case, its the same as for X to X conversion, you cant just throw X% damage done on an entire spell damage type. Yes exactly ! And still its totaly fine for the content it drops in. Just boring. Last time i checked a BM Hunter needs a pet that is not dead to deal damage, the T2 Hunter 5 piece is very usefull to help with that and it even exist. Still its boring. Last words, everything is fine currently, dont break it, get naxx out, do it better than AQ and give AQ the Golden Nerf Hammer afterwards so people can get hands on the items from it for Naxx. @all sry for the horrible spelling but i dont bother to check this wall of text over xd
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    1- Revert the spell mastery changes, and nerf healing output instead. The talents required to regain haste close to the 25% we had crushes build variety and lowers healing even more than a 25% haste nerf and 6% healing nerf from using a shield. A change that large feels too clunky to keep healers around. Also, the longer you make healing casts the more that allows them to be interrupted and the more time you allow interrupt abilities to come off CD, which again is a nerf to healers. If im going to shadowfury to stun and cast a spell, but my cast takes too long, I will have to cancel the cast and kite, just to continue this process. It makes PvP feel less "reaction" based because you cant be a "good player" and sneak a heal in due to longer cast times. For instance, theres a 3/3 TE ability for 25% healing wave healing increase.... You guys need to look at the talents we have currently for anything thats clearly broken, like that talent. Theres NO other talent that you can get that much benefit from 3 TE. If the goal was to nerf healers, just make that a 15% max healing increase for 10% effective nerf on all HW builds. Not that HW is the meta because regrowth/rejuv is stronger in my opinion, im just pointing out that talent. 2- Dot casters running staff + shield can be fixed by applying an aura to anyone who uses a shield. "While a shield is equipped, the player will do 20% less SPELL damage". The major complaint of spell dot casters is that they have too much dmg and healing. This would reduce their damage and we could see how this plays out. Also if you didn't want to apply an aura, you could just reduce the base damage of shadow dots, either way tanky DOT casters need to go. 3- Looking at the post above me also inclines me to suggest this. 1) Make a difference between healing power and spell power as a stat, IE, healer sets have only HP and dps sets have only Spell Damage. SD will only affects damaging spells, and same for healing spells. (retail style last i checked) Adjust the values so that the HP of a healing set reflects closely the SD value of a DPS set. Further, you could introduce spell damage--> Healing power conversions to gain a little extra healing for "sustain" style caster builds (maybe a 5/5 talent for 20% of SD to HP conversion. Additionally, splitting spell power into spell damage/Healing power would also be a nerf to hybrids which are the meta "melee" build. This would make them also less sustain as SP doesn't immediately give HP. It would force them to invest into SP --> HP conversions and eat up 5TE which should inherently lower their damage output. Side note: I think this would be interesting for the market of items as well, because now there are more BIS items as SP and HP have been split, meaning more items are desirable and worth more gold 4- On a tangent from the previous point, if you're melee and not hybrid, you are at an immediate disadvantage compared to hybrid builds. Idk what exactly, but pure melees like arms needs some sort of buff to make them a viable option. 5- Don't put stealth on a CD. Despite stealth not being used 100% of its duration, that doesn't mean you should take it away from people. Stealth has been the same ability since vanilla wow till current and people like what is familiar to them. In the previous announcement you guys stated you wanted to make stealth feel more meaningful and bring more power to it. I don't quite understand how putting it on higher CD and a duration is bringing power to it. If this was supposed to be a stealth nerf, make imp stealth cost more TE so that they are forced to take points out of damage and into anti-detection talents. Or if you really wanted to nerf stealth, make it cost more AE like 4-6 instead of 2 giving them less freedom. I dont necessarily want these changes but i think those would be better than stealth on a duration... 6- I also saw a "make pvp gear great again" comment and I would like to see that very much. Resil and Resistance feel almost useless currently. I still get hit by 4k back to back shadowbolts with CD's putting me at 275 shadow resist. This would allow for PVP'ers to have an "advantage" over those PVE's because of the correct gear aka pvp gear has its purpose. The only reason people use it now is because of the insane Str + Agil + SP you can get for hybrids. I suppose this would make the server less "noob" friendly as those with no gear would get crushed in pvp... but they also would have something to "grind" for.
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    Remove base resilience, make PvP gear the only source of resilience(possibly at the cost of offensive stats), and dramatically increase the effect of stacking high resilience. You introduced this mechanic back when fresh 60s had 1,5k HP. Now fresh 60s have 4,5~5k HP. They don't need babysitting in PvP. PvE schmucks don't need it either. Make PvP gear great again. As an icing on a cake, you will no longer have to deal with coding abilities to do less damage to player characters. This type of ghetto resilience is really cancerous 'couse there's already well established and itemized on top of it stat that does exactly the same. Aditionally, I'd love to know the reason talents/REs that reduce duration of stuns/CC/movement impairing effects are getting nerfed or otright removed. Getting passive immunity to being slowed and/or severely reducing duration of stuns/CC was incredibly costly endeavour, we're talking roughly 25 TE worth of investment on top of multiple REs. Half of what you get to play with at level 60. Half of your build devoted to do just one thing. It was never optimal nor was meta for this reason, but it was extremely fun to kite heavy melee endlessly. Doing flag carry duty was also absolutely hilarious. Why are you destroying this? Is it wrong, bad fun?
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    Feels rather shitty not being able to haste cap yourself anymore...some healer paths just feel like unfinished archetypes. Would much rather see a dampening in throughput rather than haste sources. With the length of time Spell Mastery has been around for, it's one of those things you would really want to leave for deprecation in an expansion transition, i.e TBC. On that note, bring back passive Netherwind Presence :V
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    Attitudes like this are partially to blame for keeping games from being better overall. I'm guessing because either you don't have access to T2 or it's "below" your farm level. Doubt that, maybe a couple would need to be rebalanced. You're talking about an 8 piece set that...95% of the time it's better to use T2 equivalent or lower over T2. It's pretty sad that you run through BWL and most of the gear no-one really wants. Giving 2-3 hit and keeping the sets about 4-6 crit actually makes them competitive with other gear. Most of the other changes were aimed at making the sets more than 1 trick ponies for each "class" or at least introducing an interesting set bonus. If I had known the Dev team would be willing to fix Sets a bit, I would have suggested a while ago but since T2 gear is newer to me, I didn't really pay attention, but having gone from T1 to T2 and still seeing overall weak sets, I figured it was a good time to make suggestions. Sure, plenty of stuff needs to be fixed and addressed but the overall content of the game can't be put aside.
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    Wow, so all the people who are into T2.5 don't want T2 to change....what a shocker. And I love how this place is filled with an abundance of negativity. Wish the mods would just approve my guest post. Short story is easy: T2.5 for people who play the game is fine, but other guilds and people who enjoy PA and want to progress before TBC is out can't rely on crappy T2 gear that is currently available and might not have 2.5 for Naxx. Faction gear is basically the worst reward system created for MMOs so being unrealistic about the available gear isn't helping anyone. Blanket conceptual piece: everything can be different or scalable. If all you can read is exactly what I posted and not the idea that T1 and/or T2 sets can be addressed, or the fact that they should have already been addressed, then your opinion really doesn't matter much to me. You can poopoo all you want, but you're wrong, end of story. The Devs can agree with you and do nothing because it's easier but that still doesn't make it the right decision. Adding REs and changing existing gear means they're already invested in enhancing their version of the game or correcting blizzards mistakes, especially when taken in context with PA players use vs vanilla. Useless set bonuses on gear that should be substantially better and at least comparable to existing, non-set pieces is a very easy fix. @Foibos Show me a gear set or a few pieces that makes MP5 >> str/agi OP and I'll take you seriously, otherwise you pretty much just come off as a troll. Not that the conversion couldn't be adjusted, regardless. @Vedartha Arcane Crit: FYI, 50% of 50% is 25%, which means weak Arcane builds would crit the same as Frost... 10% damage on the druid set that basically has no damage support? You might be right, then it could be 10% of your druid abilities, or maybe just 5%. But it comes out to 2% per T2 set piece at best on Druid gear, which has mediocre spell power, no offensive melee stats without the 3P I suggested and 1 piece of gear with crit and 0 hit rating. Last I checked, tanks still needed to hit bosses and that 5 piece would be very useful, regardless if it's exciting.
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    Been PvP healing for a while on retail and for 1.5yrs on Ascension. I can make healing builds. My 0.9 cast Healing Wave wipes the floor with any priest core. There is 0 single target options it's all Shield/Prayer/Nova. In other words two specialisations that can only do pure 1 button AoE spams. Even a retail Priest has better playstyle options. Also if should lose 25% spell haste in a single patch as a hardcasting PvP healer, i won't be logging in again so I would no longer care. However I'm under the assumption there will be more to that patch.
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    Yeah or instead of letting oak and exiled Players go at each other to test pvp stuff what about actually asking the pvp scene on LS for suggestions.
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    I agree with Tryant and Peel2g. Lets test this first and see how it turns out. Wicky usually listens to player feedback on such extreme changes. On the other hand Shield builds using spellpower are ridiculously strong in pvp right now. Shield healers with 2-3 dots and hots are kind of op in terms of survivability and taking down melees with low selfheal. I know I'll sound like a broken record but I think people are as usual overreacting a bit like the OP. It's not like those changes are set in stone for eternity and can never be changed. It's simply something they want to try out and see if it works to fix spellpower shield builds.
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    Master of Deception is no no longer worth 5 talents revert back to 3/3 and buff Camouflage - Stealth problem Revert Spell Mastery and give flat healing nerfs instead - Healing problem
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    Why was shadow DoTs the only class to receive buffs. Other casters have lost 15% damage on most spells and have been given a relatively small reduced cast time in comparison with 25% haste. I feel like other specs have received mediocre changes while DoTs have received a really good change and this will funnel players into this playstyle. With flat 15% damage increases all round. I feel like instead of broadening the options certain changes are funneling more players into certain builds. Hybrids and DoT sustain builds are incredibly powerful right now and will remain so until they are correctly addressed. Why do tanks in PvP have to suffer for having a shield? With a total loss of 20% healing to self. You cater to this for PvE but PvP is ignored which is rather disappointing. Would you consider reducing the healing reduction on defensive stance to 5% rather than 10 as it is currently?
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    Single target Priest healing PvP ?

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