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    Hi ascendants! Was thinking of a nice personal challenge and remembered the guy who leveled only with gathering professions so I did that It's kinda calming but you need tons of patience and run from everything (freezing trap, blind, stealth,feign death and vanish help) This was done on Laughing Skull and you also can make love not Warcraft.
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    Replace adorhal
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    How to make ascension the perfect incarnation of wow. add WotLk but not other expainsions as they suck add all spells from all expainsions add hardcore mode toggle united horde and alliance detailed in hexents Zenith post (project-ascension.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10809-birth-of-a-new-server) two dedicated servers one PVP one RPPVP removal of flat % buffs that impoverish gameplay

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