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    Well, I was exaggerating quite a bit when I said 'at the cost of almost 2 empty servers', but players and devs react very sensitive to pop splits. Players don't like playing on 'dead' servers because it would be for nothing in the end aka not having anyone to show off their progress to. (Jokes aside..) It doesn't feel very good to see an empty(-ier) MMO world, which does make sense. New players could be affected by that, too. Which explains why the Dev's will probably never introduce another server. Especially with seasonal servers being introduced soon. Maybe when BC content becomes available, enough new and old players will come together to justify the opening of a second server. Even though I would instead prefer having that "New Expansion Feeling" with tons of people running around everywhere, grouping up and everyone doing dungeons to gear up.
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    I can see why it ruins the experience for you, really. I don't agree that it is bad enough to ruin the whole experience (there is other stuff that does), but as someone who does not have a PvP spec, world PvP is just wasting time for me. I usually just turn around so they kill me faster, then go do something else if they keep ganking. But as long as Ascension does not get a huge increase in players, they will not open a PvE Server. People stop playing when they feel like pop is low (instead of trying to stay and not be part of the problem, dont ask me why), even mentioning another population split will cause a whiny outrage. And tbh, I don't think there are enough players who hate wPvP with such a passion, that they will quit the server just because of that. There may be enough people right now who would switch to a PvE Server, but at the cost of 2 almost empty servers.
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    You sure it's not cause you guys completely delete builds instead of buffing others or just giving them a love tap? You effectively screw people that invested in gear and RE's for that build. Unfortunately I can't find it but I remember reading or hearing you guys saying you didn't want to completely nerf a build because you didn't want to fuck someone over that invested a lot into their build. Imagine you're a new player and you just spent all of your mystic runes you farmed (probably getting smashed in bgs) or even what small amount of gold you have left to get extracts. Then you use those extracts (which yes, are easier to get now, but mystic orbs are not), and the 30 mystic orbs you spent forever farming because god forbid you even know what DME orb runs are as a new player. Finally you find out that instead of just tuning down damage they removed a core part of your build. This isn't even counting gear that you spent gold on which has now halved in value and mostly nobody wants. Would you want to keep playing after that?
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    Let me start by saying that this item is usable by everyone, similar to how the Book of Ascension is usable by everyone. One altar can be used by every single player in the area the same way one book is usable by every player in that area. Items like this help Ascension grow. We have a lot of staff who work really really hard that we aren't able to compensate right now, myself included, even top end administration who opt to forego compensation in order to ensure other developers can continue working on the project. If this item allows us to compensate more staff and allow the server to continue growing while improving gameplay then it is a win across the board. I'm picking up contracting jobs to pay my bills while I work on Ascension. Our senior most staff members have paid developers out of pocket to ensure the future of this project. We are very lucky to have reserve funds to keep our servers running, and those funds are set aside for that sole purpose, but at the end of the day we don't just want to keep the server running. We want the server to really thrive, and that means developing great content. Great developers don't come cheap. We don't think new players will have trouble finding RE tables when needed if they don't wish to donate. Players rarely have trouble finding a Book of Ascension. I really believe that this change will help the team and the players, and as more players acquire the altar it will be even more and more available.
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    Are you really making this into a personal attack? How very bizarre I expected more at least from you of all people @Kaladin. I would MUCH MUCH rather it be made so there is an RE table in capitals EXCLUSIVELY for people with less than say 4/5 extracts (seen as they are so easy to get now). But you decided NOT to make this change, and instead are charging $25 for the privilege of using an RE table in Stormwind. If this is really to "help" fresh 60s, why isn't it just like what was suggested in a previous forum topic? Why did you have to make it a donation store item.
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    That way us that don't want to BG and only wpvp can just buy it off the AH.

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