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    I think there is a problem in the way this server is presented as a funserver we get increased exp rates and much better random loot which makes leveling a typical funserver experience. Now the issue is when you hit 60 and realise how expensive it is to respec (particularly if you are new and have no idea where to get 150g from). You just have to allow for people to play around with the classless system and at the moment it isn't possible which kind of defeats the purpose of the system. My suggestion is: unlimited respec until 60, after 60 a 48 hour COOLDOWN to reset again for free. This cooldown can be removed with a reset orb or individual abilities tweaked with scrolls. This way people will want 4 specs and will buy them so when one spec is on cooldown they will switch and reset another that isnt Please try this out I am certain that the money players don't spend on respec they will spend to get 2nd 3rd and 4th specs there will be no loss to you but there will be gain to the playerbase. Thank you ff
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    Hey guys I think xmog should be to the slot and not to the piece on full loot servers it used to be okay when you could fel comm everything you own but now its just 3 pieces so it's just not worth it to xmog more than the 3 pieces you have backed up. It would ultimately increase their own sales as well. What does everyone think?
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    How very strange... not. The exact same thing happened in Sargeras. Then people started leaving. Then they were going to merge Sargeras with Andorhal. This is what will happen again.
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    There is so much endgame right now, granted it is not as much as classic wow was itself. But this this server is all about creating your own unique build and perfecting it. After leveling, you can work on your gear which means buying it from the AH, grinding it, crafting it, searching for the right REs to apply to each piece. You can do raids such as ZG right now, you can join a guild and do world pvp, you can do BGs to show off your setup, you can work on your professions and get more money to buy more specializations to try to build a new builds. You can collect mounts or work up rep. I am not sure if they aim to bring out pvp gear on the server but you could work on that WSG rep for epic pvp gear. The development team will aim to release more and more raids such as MC, AQ and eventually push into new expansions (leaving behind the deathnight thankfully). In addition to all of this, something that just happened the other day, was a huge horde raid went to stormwind and there was an epic battle in and around the gate of stormwind. Maybe do something similar? You can aim to collect more REs, farm more orbs, you can quest and follow story lines within the game itself. There is honestly so much you can still do, you have definitely missed a lot.
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    Like.. as long as dying to someone that's more or less in your same power level or so isn't extremely punishing in which case you are able to rebuild yourself if need be, say you lost 1-3 items upon death from your set, or whatever the case may be. I honestly think we should have a skull system too, like if you kill 1 player without them attacking you first (unjustified) within a 15 or 30 minute timeframe, you'll be skulled/flagged for being a PKer, and you can lose 25% more items or so - or just more chance to drop more items from your set, at 5 players within 30 to 1 hour, 35% more items, at 10 players within an hour, 50% more items, you get the point. Neutral players shouldn't be as punished for dying in PvP as those that want to just kill other players, be it alone or in a gank squad.
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    After you transmog a piece of gear click the "Save as Set" button and save it. Then if you lose a piece of gear or get a new piece, you can reapply the transmog.
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    It's funny how fucking RP heavy this thread is, No Guild in Laughing Skull actively contests Other Guilds. I see a looted die to a Wronghood, or any other gank guild of the like, and do you know what I see after that? Absolutely nothing know brawl no world Guild Pvp, absolutely nothing. What I do see however is whoever has the smaller group runs. This whole "The server is like mad max every man for himself" is BULLSHIT. Yall can RP with your words well but none of you actually tries to commit to that in game. This game is not some baron wasteland, it's a Server full of Greedy opportunist who prefer a fight without a consequence, prefer a reward without risk. Why the hell do you think people group gank? Not to protect themselves, it's to increase the odds of a gain while decreasing the odds of a loss. It's as simple and basic as that, you pretender ass "Hardcore kids" wanna make what you guys are doing out to be way more than what it actually is. Because in all honesty, the real challenge is being solo and gaining gear ON YOUR OWN. That kind was the point of the increase drop rate, not for some losers to wait till someone else had gear then jump on them like rats on 3 year old cheese. In the end, the majority of the gank guilds are average players who prefer 3v1 because 3v1 some how makes their unremarkable skill level somehow increase in their minds.
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    Restrictions create more interesting and emergent gameplay in this situation. When everyone is a murderer no one is a murderer. I want ffa pvp with a challenge. Stop looking at it as a restriction or limitation and look at it as an increase challenge. It's creating a line in the sand that will allow people to become infamous for crossing and being successful at it. I STILL remember the top "red" players from my UO server over 15 years later. People who could walk into a guarded town without fear of being attacked. Can you imagine earning that type of respect as a player from an entire server? That is the type of environment I want to create. One where that is possible.
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    What? Did you ever play UO pre-trammel? Doesn't sound like it. Being a murderer was HARD in UO. It was the single most difficult profession in the game. Murderers in UO had to deal with.... Stat and skill loss on death ONE shrine to res at in the entire world, rare evil healers, the goodwill of a player to res them(if they were a "blue" player they would become a criminal for ressing a murderer) Guards would not assist them Other murderers would also kill them You had ONE town without guards to shop at. You were constantly in danger. You could be openly attacked at any time by any player and they would suffer no penalties for doing so. Playing as a murderer in UO was fucking hard. You basically had to rely on other people to supply you and take care of you unless you were exceptionally good. That's why in a ffa loot pvp game murderers were in the minority of players. That didn't mean people wouldn't kill someone and accept a kill count every once in a while, but it made killing someone a hard choice with consequences. UO was never "only consequence free because you let it be." It had an entire system dedicated to the consequences. "You make the consequences, not some artificial in-game built systems." The game that did it best had a built in system that was really harsh. It WORKED. It expanded game play beyond anything I've ever seen. No modern game has come close to what UO created. And part of that is the "carebear" attitude that pvpers want. You don't want ganking to be harsh. You don't want consequences for murdering someone. THAT is the most carebear thing of all. Consequences for non-consensual pvp are the great balancer in ffa pvp. It's what separates the real pvpers from the wannabes. I want to feel like a murderer when I'm a murderer. I want to sneak around the edge of town avoiding guards, hiding from groups of "blue" players because I know I'm an easy target to gank. I want the world to be unforgiving towards me. It's a challenge. This running around jumping someone while they farm and then being able to walk into town nonsense you claim "isn't carebear" isn't hardcore at all.
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    When Sarg came out I had about 18 kills under my belt before 40 and I died 0 times because I treated the game like UO. I grew up in this environment. If you think I want it changed to benefit me you are mistaken. I think it should be changed because it would benefit the server as a whole. I've taken many broken/exploitable things directly to the devs instead of telling people to "git gud hurr durr" because it creates a better environment. This has nothing to do with punishing players who are better at ganking and everything to do with creating a more healthy and challenging server overall. If you want a real "hardcore" server you should be fighting for consequence driven pvp. This is the most care bear ffa pvp I've seen. Being a murderer should be a challenge. Right now killing someone means nothing and presents no challenge a BG couldn't.
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    They really need a murderer system like UO had. Kill a player unprovoked? You get a kill count. Get 3 kill counts you become a murderer and cannot use faction towns, AH, or Flightpaths. Limited to neutral towns and some form of neutral travel only. Kill counts decay one per 48 hours(online or offline) with no way to reset kill counts using gold. This allows people to still get some kills on players who deserve it or protect their grinding spots without becoming a murderer but makes ganking actually have a punishment. FFA pvp should not mean consequence free pvp.
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    Last week I was like "lets log off forever" then PTR came on and allowed me to try out a new build and I am sticking around until I am geared and bored. I think loads of new people will quit after using 3 respecs, realising they cant afford any more respecs (how many 15$ respecs can you realistically afford) even though they have a few builds they would like to try they just quit.
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    Dont forget the Casinos in SW. Roll 54 or higher (out of 100) to double your money, 100 is tripling!
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    Man that is some hercules vs zeug olympic race shit im reading. What type of respect are you talking about. If you are flagged and you run into a city, doesn't matter how respected (kek) you are, 3 grouped guys will kill you in a matter of seconds, no fancy music playing, just 5 seconds till you are dead and your corpse looted. You can run such a system in a chinese MMO that is clearly balanced upon such ideas, but on a classless realm where everyone is oneshotting each other seems pretty silly to me. But that may be just me, w/e's.

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