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    It is going to be awesome and people no longer will spend tons of hours getting decent starting abilities.
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    Is it just me or are the scourge invasion rewards overtuned for no-risk players on seasonal? Atm a no-risk player can go there with absolutely 0 risk, and get several raid items a day with almost no effort, just from doing invasions (guaranteed!). Meanwhile high-risk players risk getting ganked while farming mobs or doing Crow's Chest, and they aren't even guaranteed any loot from it. They also risk getting ganked while traveling back and forth from invasions. I honestly like the hybrid system at it's core, but imo the fact that no-risk players can farm epics easily every day without risking anything just seems contradictory and demotivating for high-risk players. Where's the carrot at the end of the stick? I feel like no-risk players have nearly the same accessibility to epics (outside of raids) as high-risk players do. Agree/disagree? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, all opinions are welcome.
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    Everyone I talked to wants a permanent wildcard realm. It wouldn't hurt the server, if anything it would make the population better. People complain about the cookie cutter builds on normal realms, and this is a great fix! Please make a permanent wildcard realm!
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    Dev's 99% haven't listen'ed to the community when they've suggested something that would actually help the server and instead do the exact opposite . remember making orb shards drop instead of orbs off bosses and how big of a shitshow that was. After the seasonal population dies down (which it always does) we'll end up with two servers again the problem now is that they're pretty much the same with the hybrid risk system. why exactly is their a reason we should have two servers one permanently low risk and the other a hybrid, it doesn't contribute anything to the game. now anything that can be done in andorhal can be done in LS which in a way invalidates Andorhal. That's a huge dick move to do to a server that's been the backbone of ascension sense day one and keep'ed it afloat. Also the dev's haven't learned anything from the population blunder. we literately had the same problem at the start of 2018. I wonder where all tho's server updates went to last year that they said could hold thousands of players with out lag. instead they're literately doing the same thing as last time and just making more and more servers
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    I cannot see any specific issues with having hybrid on LS. A lot of us started there with high-risk yes but with the amount of toxicity and in general just drama it has created, i think it's good with hybrid as it is. Yes there might be a few flaws and problems and bugs that needs to be worked on, but eventually they will be fixed. And actually having some population on the server compared to the previous state of LS is great if it remains. The only thing the high-risk players lose out on is ganking raids, something which i haven't seen in months and the few times i have seen it the raiders were the ones who receieved items or gold from sellbacks. People since the start of the server hasn't taken their BiS out in world as there is no motivation in for doing so, u only lose out heavily if u get ganked and get marginal gains in duels. Only areas where it actually happens is 1v1 zones which it seems we're finally getting rotating now aswell. With more population comes more possibility of strong communities and guilds, which means there is a bigger possibility of yet again having big group fights and guild vs guild. Which is by far the most enjoyable aspect of high-risk. Andorhal still has their shtick which is soulbound, LS does not. Hybrid will attract new and old players alike, there are tons who are tired of the high-risk aspect but do not want to go to Andorhal. And the population spike that has already happened since hybrid was implement has meant that dungeons, BGs, and even raid pugs has been happening. Ive also seen a huge spike in people looking to join guilds, and there are plenty of players around in both low & high-risk phasing. There are obviously some issues with a merge, but if that is to happen later on hopefully there can be some way both the realms populations can happily co-exist after the functionalities of the new realm has been decided. And when things like being put on high-risk or at least getting to choose the first time is actually fully functional there should be even more high-riskers around. Something that should be looked on with hybrid-risk being active is the karma system, as it really just punishes and makes the high-risk aspect of the server slower.
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    Who we are: UNO is a EU guild started by a group of Veterans with Ascension first clears in Molten Core, Onyxia's lair, Zul'Gurub and Blackwing Lair 25 and 10 man. We're a dedicated group of players that like to discover and push limits of possibilities, we created UNO to make it possible to min max in a open and unified peer to peer circle here on Project Ascension. Mainly PvE focused but doing PvP from time to time if we find interest. Raid Progression: Molten Core - On farm Zul'Gurub - On farm Onyxia's Lair - On farm BlackWing Lair - On farm Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - On farm Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - 8/9 Raid Times: 7-11 pm server time, raid days are normally Friday to Monday but sometimes we raid outside if we need to catch up. What do we look for: First of all we don't care what gear you have. What we do care about is the dps / hps you are able to deliver with your current setup and dedication to progression. It's important to us if you are able to learn. We aren't looking for drama or problems. A small problem may get you removed from the guild. In addition, we don't like to boast. It's expected you keep a humble and silent approach to outsiders, respect those who respect us. In raids, we need everyone to be fully aware of what's going on during boss encounters. We look for people who can react instantly if something gets out of hand and not just do the usual thing or tactic. Communication is key, this means you'd have to reduce clutter in raids and get to the point if possible. Don't just mention problems come up with solutions. If another player needs help, aid him if you have the time. You wont be forced to but just keep in mind this builds up the connection between guild members and helps our guild progression. We expect you to be interested in pushing limits constantly, to improve in performance and consistency between raid sessions. High activity is expected from recruits, on discord and to raids, it's a big difference in dedication shown by being around and in action. You failed in raid? No problem. As long as you don't repeat it. We understand that the boss mechanics combined with the custom added on ascension might be intense and many problems might occur, but do not deny failing if you truly know that you failed. Think before you act and be honest. The most important for us is to understand why we failed and improve/adapt to the situation. Blaming others for failing is not allowed, you need to spend your focus on what you could differently after a wipe, don't focus to much on others. Do you have a problem with someone in UNO? Contact Soz, Alzamon or Corpsethroat ingame or through Ascension discord. How to join UNO? As a general interest we have no intention to form into a 25 man guild any time soon, which means we will only accept a few amount of players. Now with that in mind contact Soz ingame and a interview on discord is required to be invited. Generally: Don't think of us as a strict and very serious guild. We are laid back and like to joke and play around but there are some times when we get things done. We have accomplished clearing MC, ZG, Ony, BWL and AQR with one tank and one healer.
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    Good guild, good raids, fun people to play with.
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    Hello there everyone! I am today publicly releasing my boss mod addon for Ascension, known as Oak Boss Mods or OBM for short. OBM is designed using the Deadly Boss Mods addon as a base, with many additions and customisations, as well as of course having all of the boss scripts customised for Ascensions custom mechanics. OBM was originally created as an addon for my guild (OAK) but I eventually decided to release this publicly. OBM has been in a phase of invite-only-beta for a while now, and I am finally confident that it is ready for mass release! At the time of posting, every boss in Ascension is scripted to a high standard and is bug free (to my knowledge), the only boss with a mechanic missing currently is Bug Trio, and that is one I am still working on! I plan to publicly release my Naxxramas sub-mod for OBM eventually as well! However, until we finish progression this sub-mod will remain OAK-only! You can find a .zip download, changelog and other relevant channels in the OBM Development Discord: https://discord.gg/NQkgFbT
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    I think it's a wonderful mechanic and works wonders in seasonal. I'm glad they left it in. and I'm sure their are many people who also like it too.
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    My idea for your Wildcard Server System is to make people able to choose what they want at lvl 1 - and when done, they "lock" it like that. Say... One of the main reasons for bugs and lags right now, is prob that people are spamming random/wildcard reset constantly - and they will do that till they get what they want anyways, so you might as well make it optional at lvl 1. Hope you'll take it into consideration and i am sure alot of people will appreciate it - saving us all time. Laughing Skull, Horde Riskybusinez/Trippin Elune Alliance, Lit Peace!
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    Theres alrdy an addon which allows players to target Roll their starters... might aswell give this opportunity to everyone and not just a selected few.
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    Well if something is broken, better sooner than later, if a player with a broken build is aware of that, he is not gonna feel cheated at all. He just will have to reroll another character, which is very easy considering it's only 60lvs with increased rates.
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    Earlier it booted me off the server and it now gives me the same issue as it did yesterday where it says my password is wrong for some reason, the password reset says it sent me an email but im not receiving anything , I even checked my spam folder and junk folder, if anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Really dev's didn't you say you wouldn't be adding the system to legacy servers, now you lie to us again? why would you add this with out asking the community at all if they want this. I only see this negatively affecting both legacy servers. Laughing skull will lose a lot of it's unique ness of having every fight be high risk. and your taking away one of the core aspects of andorhal away from it. It also makes no sense because now your just makeing both servers more and more like each other, it's way better to merg the servers then split them, Seems to me like the dev's keep going back on things they say, what exactly is the point in having a high/risk/low risk hybrid server now and also a low risk sever that both have the combine population of one normal server. why not just merge them already and just make andorhal a hybrid server. Or is this going to be another screw up that causes the sever to go into decline like all the other times.
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    Well that's going to happen to matter what seeing as it's now a hybrid system. With daily quests and invasions bwl is already less important then it used to be, yes being able to buy gear will make it even less of a priority people will still play it. Sure at the start, but how long will the population last, every time their has been a population boost it's always died down in a matter of months. Don't get me wrong, I find the hybrid system a dumb idea as their are to many ways to abuse things to ever make it a possibility with out neutering the system. but we all know that the dev's have a habit of not really listening to the players and just doing their own thing. I can only see andorhal getting hurt more by making LS a hybrid system while andorhal stays the same as it basically steals andorhals shtick
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    Personally, I'm fine with the change. While I haven't really had time to experience the hybrid risk system, and can only speak of the concept as it is on paper, I was hoping that this system would have eventually been implemented on Laughing Skull and Andorhal, and that could hopefully also pave the way for a future server merge to help with population issues, once Ascensions's server's could support such a thing, of course. Personally, I play on Andorhal (having started on the old Sargeras server and enjoying the high-risk aspect quite a bit), I switched to Andorhal because it supposedly had a higher population. I think it would be a great thing if a high-risk option came to Andorhal, not being forced into it, and also having items not be Soulbound for both sides (that being one of the things I loved about high-risk). EDIT: To add onto my earlier point, with LS being Hybrid Risk, is there any real reason to play on Andorhal anymore, anyway? I can kinda see this killing the server. I hope they have something in mind to answer that issue.
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    It would ruin the nature of the high risk PvP realm to include flying mounts. It would ruin World PvP in the new content zones. I know people are going to say those areas are only playable with flying mounts, this could be resolved with portals to certain zones in certain areas, or by simply adding walkable paths through the mountains from one zone to another, or possibly zeppelins or ships, or even trains! I really don't want to see flying mounts included, for it would ruin High Risk PvP. Don't post comments saying "Those areas require flying mounts", since I already stated a counter measure to that.
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    if u locking for a guild that can make u impove whit a carot and a stick at the same time u are welcome.
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    +1 Good friends there. Keeping some seriousness while raid, but still great humor when no raid. Generally nice people, no drama.
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    So as we know shields got this negative healing and spell power debuff. Well so do the caster based shields, which makes me super useless for a caster.. My suggestion is simple, reverse the nerf on the caster shields so it's inline with caster off hands, or remove the Nerf/buff off those style shields only.
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    The last option seems suitable since it would force players to play the hardcore version of "Wildcard" while being rewarded with the option to create a completely different character at level 60.
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    I've been playing the game for a long time. The day i quit, i had two characters near best in slot, and i just got tired of the fact that there is only a handful of builds people use, because op. What drew me to the game in the first place, was the possibility that everyone would have a different build, but that just isnt the case. If it was randomized abilities however, then there truly would be a unique build for every single player.
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    I questiin this too. But you could just macro shoot into each attack and get same effect. Woild be different if it would auto shoot while running. If I recall you can also auto shoot while u cast shoot for a double attack can probably also macro steady into it for a triple shot. But i dont use steady never got enough time to cast It off.
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    It is once total. So you will get 400 even if you bought both Chests.
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    I've made 2 addons that me and my friends have been using for a while now and I figured I should share them with some more people. MaloWAscDeathDrop - This addon will print all items in your chat that you drop when you are killed in PvP combat. MaloWAscKillLoot - This addon will broadcast gold and items that you loot from players to other people in your party/raid that also uses the addon, and they will have that printed in their chats. (MaloWUtils - A support-addon containing code required by all the other addons.) The addons probably have a few bugs left that me and my friends haven't found yet. If you encounter any feel free to report them to me and I'll see if I can get them fixed. Direct download: https://github.com/Malow/MaloWAscensionAddons/releases/download/v1.0/MaloWAscensionAddons.zip If anyone wants to contribute then feel free hit me up and we can discuss it. Be warned though, I'm quite a novice at Lua so the code is not the cleanest. Github page: https://github.com/Malow/MaloWAscensionAddons
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    because it's s seasonal temp server that's focusing on wildcard and not only that but we've had two normals seasons already. if you don't like the randomness play on either andorhal or LS. If you want to experiance "the full version where they get the experience of the Ascension that they'll get on the normal servers" then play the normal servers. ezpz
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    Greetings adventurer! The karma system works as follows: You lose reputation with The Law by killing members of the same faction. You gain reputation with The Law by killing Outlaws. If you are level 60 you have to kill level 60 Outlaws. If you yourself become Outlaw, you have a one time option to change your ways. You can pick up the quest "Pay Your Dues" at any of the Command Boards. However if you go Outlaw again, the only way to return is to kill other Outlaws.
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    The following pet families are considered Exotic and accessible in Classic content: Worms (Earthborers in RFC, Dredge Strikers/Crushers in Silithus, etc.) - Acid Spit, reduces target armor, stacking. Does not stack with Sunder Armor. Chimaeras - Snowstorm breath, a ranged attack that does mixed nature and frost damage and slows the target. Devilsaurs - Monstrous Bite - does some damage and increases damage done by the Devilsaur for X seconds, stacks up to three times. Silithids (Not the worker-looking and wasp-looking ones) - Ranged web similar to spider families, except this one does damage over time as well. Additionally, Beast Mastery also increases your pet talent points, allowing you pick talents further down the tree, with each pet specialization having different ones.
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    Afaik, most say go towards AoE spells, and take threat talents because that's how you build for dungeons. People just seem to want to pull many mobs, and aoe, as such you need hefty aoe threat. Def stance with TC is very easy early on to hold nearly all threat. Bear and swipe is another. As for raiding, it's more about 1-2 main threat dealing abilities, many utility tanking spells, and proper stats. Since it's capped at level 60, you don't actually have to worry about defcaps, since with 60 gear stats and how the calc works, you'll never really reach it. Bear iirc can with talents, but it's limited to bear form / abilities. Really just focus on gathering a decent amount of stats (armor, dodge, block, hp, etc), keep 1-2 main tps dump spells, with 1-2 aoe spells, 2+ "oh shit" buttons (last stand, or chall shout types), and you're set. Dps should be watching their threat anywise, and not just racing your tps.
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    Nice addon, ty for sharing
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    This forum,the discord, and world chat has been filled with people asking for build help. I am tired of typing the same things over and over again ,so here is a formal guide. I have leveled to 60 several times on the wildcard realm this season, and having a pet makes leveling much easier especially early on. Hunter pet is the best leveling ability you can get. Re-rolling for hunter pet+Sin strike/mongoose bite/frostbolt/shadowbolt/auto shot is pretty ideal. You can also go pet+a heal which will make leveling very safe though a bit slower, you are taking a big risk however as you are not guaranteed a good offensive ability. Of course ideal starting roll is pet+heal+decent offensive ability,but that would be a very lucky roll. For talents you grab anything that improves the dps of your pet and anything that will improve your main damaging ability. Before I share some other builds here are some things to keep in mind. At 60 you get 3 ability essence to pick a level 60 talent with, all level 60 talents cost 3 AE(ability essence). You can however opt to pick a regular talent ability (like crusader strike for example) instead using 2 of your AE. You can't select regular abilities like sinister strike with this AE only talent abilities! Also if you have one AE at 57 you will have 4 AE to play with at 60. This means you could pick one 60 talent+a 1 AE talent(like omen of clarity from restro druid for example). I recommend saving a few ability rerolls for level 57 to make sure you can go into 58 with an extra AE. All the builds I am about to share are possible with just your starting abilities and the 4 AE you get at 60. I am going to leave some talent essence to spare in a lot of these builds as you might want to spend them to improve some of the other abilities you get, if you have nothing to improve then go for stat boosting talents. If you plan to pvp grab "pursuit of justice" from ret pally tier 2, without it you can be at a serious disadvantage if the other player has it. Now for some other builds: First you don't want to go for any builds that require high level spells to do well. For example wrath needs starfire(a level 20 spell) to do well which makes it a bad choice unless you want to keep hitting 20 then rerolling until you get it. For your sanity I do not recommend that unless you are really determined. Rolling for 3 specific abilities at start is pretty slim odds, I recommend rolling for two abilities+at least one usable ability. DISCLAIMER: This is a lot of information so I am probably going to miss some things!!! Build samples: 2 ability starts Hunter pet+sin strike start: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:201t2:269t3:270t5:1122t5:1388t2:1390t2:1393t3:1396t5:1397t2:1705t3:1706t2:1709t1:1718t3:1818t2:2139t1:2227t5:2228t3: This build does well against other players while also killing mobs quickly. If you don't pick up a heal by 20 I would re-start. Aside from that this build is pretty RNG proof, any rage/instant mana spender,auto attack modifier(like a pally seal or sham weapon imbue), or utility spell will benefit you in some way. Sin strike+Eviscerate start: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:121t3:156t3:167t1:201t2:269t3:270t5:276t3:283t3:827t1:1122t5:1664t2:1703t2:1705t3:1706t2:1709t1:1718t3:2244t3: I go for bloodthirst as I like the heal for farming+having a rage spender is nice, it also scales with attack power making it good for duel wield and 2 hander. This build can hold it's own in pvp while also clearing mobs quickly. This build is easy to play. and the single target dps is very high. Shadowbolt+Imp start: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:943t3:944t5:964t2:967t5:981t1:983t2:1222t3:1242t3:1263t3:1673t5:1677t3:1678t3:1817t3:1883t1:1889t2:1891t1:2045t3: Even after the shadowbolt nerfs this build is still great. If you have the legendary enchant for metamorphosis then I recommend dropping chaos bolt for meta and the 3 points in "shadow and flame" for 3 points in "nemesis". I like the metamorphosis variant of this build better,however being that it requires a legendary RE I am listing the chaos bolt version. Chaosbolts legendary RE works even if you do not have rain of fire, so it is pretty strong as well. 3 ability starts Starting with 3 specific abilities is pretty slim odds. If you start with two you want then you can hit level 10(takes about 15 minutes) then go to a capital city to speak with Nozdormu who will give you 3 ability re-rolls+the 1 reroll you got for hitting 10. With this you can raise your chances of getting what you are looking for. Frostbolt+fireball+arcane missiles start: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:37t3:61t3:68t3:73t3:75t3:77t3:574t1:793t1:1639t2:1725t2:1727t3:1728t3:1740t3:1826t2:1851t5:1854t3:2049t2:2209t3:2222t3: This is mainly a raiding build. It does high single target damage and is very fun to play. This build works by spamming frostbolt which can proc fireball/arcane missiles. It can be modified into a pvp build by removing the mana talents(more talents from the frost tree or some haste talents from other trees are good replacements) and swapping moonkin form for icy veins. Overpower+rend+battle stance https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:121t3:127t2:131t2:135t1:136t3:137t1:156t3:157t5:662t2:1410t3:1660t3:1661t1:1664t2:1824t3:1859t2:1860t2:1862t2:2185t3:2231t3:2232t3: Another build I really enjoy playing. This one does well in pvp, and has good enough single target dps to do well in pve. Healing Starts Healing on wildcard is kind of rough,but of course it can be done. Holy light+life tap start: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:347t3:1007t2:1201t3:1444t3:1449t3:1461t3:1465t3:1502t1:1728t3:1733t3:1745t3:1746t3:1771t2:1772t3:1815t1:2060t2:2179t5:2193t2:2195t3: A holy light focused build designed not to run out of mana. A more pve oriented build. For pvp I would start with Holy light+Renew and pick up empowered renew over meditation. Renew is a fine option for pve as well,but mana might be an issue. Healing wave+rejuvenation start: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:347t3:586t3:592t5:613t5:828t5:830t3:1648t3:1733t3:1789t3:1929t3:2060t2:2061t3:2063t5:2064t1:2240t1: Rejuvenation+Life tap+ level 12 regrowth start: For this build you will be hitting level 12 then running to your capital city to grab your 3 rerolls. You are rolling for regrowth as it is a level 12 ability. Regrowth is an amazing heal for both pve and pvp. This build is focused on raid healing. Wild growth variation(raid healing): https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:347t3:402t5:592t5:825t5:828t5:830t3:1007t2:1728t3:1772t3:1789t3:1797t3:1917t1:1929t3:2060t2:2238t3:2240t1: Tree of life spirit stack variation(decent for everything) https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:347t3:402t5:592t5:825t5:827t1:828t5:830t3:1007t2:1772t3:1789t3:1791t1:1797t3:1915t2:1929t3:1930t3:2060t2:2238t1:2240t1: Pvp variation with riptide for as little hard casting as possible: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:347t3:592t5:825t5:828t5:830t3:1634t2:1648t3:1772t3:1789t3:1790t3:1929t3:2060t2:2064t1:2240t1: You can also start with healing touch+rejuvination. I am not a huge fan of healing touch, it heals for a huge amount but the cast time is a bit too long for my tastes. Hard to utilize in pvp, but if you wanted to you could swap tree of life for riptide and to decently. https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:402t5:783t3:824t3:828t5:830t3:1561t1:1772t3:1788t2:1789t3:1791t1:1797t3:1822t2:1916t5:1922t3:1929t3:1930t3:2060t2:2240t1: Tanking Starts To tank you must have an aoe. Otherwise you will not function, there are really only two tank starts that don't put you totally at the mercy of rng. I don't know much about tanking so I got these from someone else. Bear form+Swipe+Maul(maybe growl): If you want to play bear then you will probably have to level to 10 and use your resets until you get 2 bear form abilities. Swipe+mangle is just not enough. https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:121t3:794t3:796t5:798t3:799t3:801t2:803t3:804t1:805t2:807t2:808t3:1753t3:1794t3:1796t1:1915t2:1919t3:1920t3:2241t3:2242t3: Bear really needs to get lucky to function. Thunder clap+defensive stance: https://project-ascension.com/development/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:141t3:144t2:186t3:641t3:702t5:1311t3:1403t3:1426t5:1429t3:1601t5:1652t2:1654t2:1751t3:1753t3:1893t3:2196t1:2246t2: Devastate+hemmo over hammer of the righteous can be considered for single target focus, but you lose a lot of aoe potential. Edit: I am sure there are some errors in the spelling and such. I will edit this in a few hours when I have time.
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    @Anthaney Actually ESO does this with their system, it kinda works, so no need to be rude.
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    The whole point of wildcard is to have it random, if you don't like it go play andorhal or ls
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    This is a good suggestion. I'll end up with the same problem. I picked Arcane Barrage and a few talents that make it benefit Arcane Missiles. However it turns that Arcane Barrage kinda sucks and it doesn't really help my Arcane Missiles enough to be worth it. So I'll be swapping it out eventually when devs finally get Fragments of Scrolls of Fortune working for another ability. Shame I won't be able to choose the new ability to replace it. But yeah you're right. We should be allowed to re-choose that last level 60 ability talent. Or the devs should just remove the option to choose alltogether.
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    All I'd want from DK's would be the ghoul, army of the dead and gargoyle. Some of the tanking stuff would be pretty cool to play around with as well.
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    This is actually a splendid idea and think it might work and could be where things are going with the way devs are working. Having only one realm would solve alot of population problems and the instance/ low and high risk on one sever would defiantly lead to every getting what they want, but also have the playe rcounts to make sure all content is accessable to everyone, ie the RDF actually having people in it.
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    Balance is at its all time best. There is perhaps a few ´´abilities´´ that could use a sllightly nerf but nothing major. Casters are doing very fine and pretty much all builds are viabel at high end pvp fights. Balance is and should allways be around 1vs1. Ofcourse a full dmg TG with Pocket healer that spam dispells and heals are doing easy work of others in BG if you dont have the same backup as him. I dont agree with TG or Judgment nerf at this point. They could add some more CD on Bladestorm and Killingspree but not more that this. TG and Judg are not even close to be worth being mention in a balance talk. TG and Judge needs alot better gear than casters to shine, Problem with both these builds is that they are very easy to play and have a tunnel vison playstyle. On LS you can buy full epic caster gear for less than 800g with decent spellpower and stamina. Calling for a nerf for builds that is not even top5 1vs1 is just stupid. imo. Both Judgment and TG´s are very easy to work around once you know how it´s done. It require alot of pratice but once you get hang of it TG´s will have so little uptime on you. Xecc has some nice videos on youtube of 1vs1 and 1vsX. there you can see how his playstyle prevents the uptime from TG´s. You say casters is in bad shape? im sorry but atm casters are doing just fine with their silence nuke combos and many times will oneshot players up to 7k hp and with more people going casters we will see alot of better caster builds in the feuture. We havent even seen the true power of casters yet. I would suggest asking the pvp players about tips and tricks to help you deal with those builds that seems to counter you. experiance means alot on Ascension since you will learn how to adapt your playstyles vs certin people. i use this method myself since it´s the same people i end up fighting. Im happy to help with builds and advices if you guys need it. Tryant -Filthy Few- Laughing Skull
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    So, I'm making this thread now because I feel the current state of Laughing Skull is a joke IMO(Not everyone's opinions) I don't find WPvP as fun as it used to be in beta and the early days of Sargeras and there are a few reasons why and I will list them and what my idea(Currency system) will do to help fix these problems. 1. It's not High Risk if people aren't taking risks or the risk is too great. Case and point, people with full BiS epics and re's spend time getting that gear even on LS it's not so easy to farm hours a day to get gold to do it. So once you've acquired all that gear you won't leave the main city alone to avoid being ganked and losing it. 2. PvE on a high risk realm? The original idea for Ascension was a classless high risk experience where WPvP was abundant and group content was not needed. In beta there were no raids until the end and 5 man dungeons gave the best gear, blues... 3. Abundance of gear back then, as we progress forward the gear gap between newer and older players started to grow and so does the lack of WPvP. In beta the best gear you could get were blues, maybe some world epics that dropped which were abundant. People didn't care to lose gear and there were no re tables to make your build only viable through the use of 10+ re's. Not only until the end of beta and beginning of Sargeras when raids were announced and people got raid gear were the fel commutation system really changed and made so you couldn't lose gear then changed to only 3 pieces being allowed. 4. Balance... This is a tough topic as it's hard to say how you can balance a classless server that has so many opportunities for things to become overpowered or "meta". When we all first started we all thought our build would be the greatest thing ever and we all enjoyed making stupid builds because no one knew what they were doing but as time progressed and the Dev team have changed talents, spells, from their original WotLK ratios and timers, things get a little bit harder to do. In my opinion, I believe the Devs should remove RE's from the game and stop looking to make new RE's as they only seem to break more things and add another factor when it comes to balance. If there RE's that gave little advantages instead of increases to damage, health, crit or any other stat and the Dev's focused solely on balancing the abilities and talents they have, then they could accurately balance all builds and test with them. But, you can't buff something without trying every re because some builds are terrible without 10 re's, some are good then get even more broken with re's and some like judgement don't require many re's but still hit very hard. TG's have always been a problem since beta since they were easy and fun for new players but they were counterable and still are but that line grows harder to see as changes are made without proper documentation or tooltips. Also IMO I don't think stealth should be a major thing on a high risk WPvP realm as it allows you to not fight and only pick when you want to assassinate the 1 guy in greens/blues farming that has no cd's or run away from a fight before it starts. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now onto my idea: Currency system I will still use the point system to address each topic discussed above and how my system changes it. The currency system is an idea that each player has their own currency, that isn't gold or anything but more like rank points or honor and top level gear is only accessable through buying this with this currency. This currency is only obtained by killing other players in WPvP but the catch is, if you die you lose an amount of your currency. Epics will no longer drop from world farming or raids or dungeons, although blues and world drops will still drop abundantly and I mean abundantly for newer players to atleast stand a chance against veterans. Your character along with this currency also has a gear score, so if a player in full epics decides to fight a player in greens/blues thats new, that player will not lose as much currency and the player will not gain extra currency. This is just the basis for this idea and I will further explain it in the points below. 1. The point of this currency system is to allow risk in WPvP while not also killing yourself if you die once with epics. You will not lose your gear on death unless you are at 0 currency... Which will require you to die multiple times or to a player that is significantly lower geared then you. By doing this, there will be those players that stick out from the rest and do better and achieve the gear faster then others. This will by no means be an easy thing to get fully epic'd and it shouldn't take a measily 2 weeks or month and should be earned because if you're constantly in fights, you can constantly lose? BUT WAIT WHAT IF THERE'S A 1000 PLAYER GROUP THATS JUST WIPING THE ENTIRE WORLD OUT? They don't get currency if they kill players with the help of others, perhaps make it so if X amount of players fight a lower X amount of players, they gain less currency or none at all and the opponents lose no currency for being killed by 10. I also don't believe you should be able to group with more than 4 other players, so basically you shouldnt be able to make a raid group period. Also, you cannot farm the same player over and over to achieve currency, there will be a limit on how many times they can die within a certain amount of time. 2. The system itself as explained above eliminates raids. Well you want BWL gear and high risk gear, go WPvP and try to kill more people than you die. If you drop down to 0 currency or are killed multiple times you may lose 1 piece of your epic gear which will result in setting you back. 3. The system itself will obviously have players that stand out from others, survival of the fittest and all and so those players will get more gear then the others and quicker but by no means should they be fully epic'd out in 2 weeks, or a month. Perhaps 2-3 months sounds reasonable as players deserve to be challenged as vanilla, and TBC were. And then when ascension decides they've had enough of BWL or whatever raid their on they can release the next set of raid gear that can be acquired through currency. Currency will have a cap FYI so you cannot hoard it abundantly for the next raid gear to be purchased and so players cant have 1 million currency and never have a chance of losing their gear. 4. Although, there is no system that will fix balance, if you read my above post you can either agree or disagree with points but I don't think large scale WPvP is really a thing for a server of this proportion and should be left to AV when we have an abundance of 3000-5000 players and can make rewards that are suitable for BG's... Also, if you get rid of stealth and other things that make it so WPvP is an "Option" and not required on LS, you may get some pretty funny/angry and fun moments. I think RE's are a big problem though at the moment. ; All in all I hope you can take the time to read this and give constructive feedback on maybe ideas that you have or think about, or improve on my idea. I love this server very much as I am a big WoW fan and have played almost every expansion thoroughly and competitively but nothing has given me the rush that I once had since WotLK and I would hate for this server that has so much potential be ruined by little things that can be changed if the people love the server as much as I do band together and work on it and are willing to put the time in. Also, sorry if there are mistakes in my grammar I am too lazy to go back and fix them. If I missed any crucial ideas/flaws in my system be sure to let me know and give me your idea on how to fix it.
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    it would be nice though see some these builds so we can use them as starting points to customize to our liking ...i agree no one want share there builds makes it hard to see how someone is doing certain actions so you maybe add it to a new type build ..i get it that players don't want crap load with same build but we see that already lets see some these builds so we make some new1s out of it in some way PLEASE

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