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    WE need somthin new... People Bored...we each week miss 1 guy from me Raid Group cos people overgear and dont wana do same dungeon each week WE NEED NAXX
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    Hey! I cant log into any game server. i am stuck on " Logging into game server" screen. Tried to delete WTF/cache File still cant login. Do you have any solution for this ? Thank you !
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    An update would be great, maybe a server restart? lol
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    So naxx development seems to have really slowed down, at least from the perspective of a player. We went from rapid wing releases to one wing in over a month (and one that felt rushed at that) Can we get an update on the status of development, on the release schedule for PTR wings, and a more accurate release than Dutch saying "I updated the timeline, it's accurate now!" in world chat and the timeline saying May (which obviously isn't happening)
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    I've been playing this game every day and now all of a sudden It tells me unable to connect at this time from the login screen.
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    following this to for update. want to roll DutchToday at 1:15 AM Update: Our Auth servers are experiencing an outage, we're preparing to migrate them, while we do this we're looking at another solution to get players online. Downtime ETA 2 hours.
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    same, following for uppdate uppdate DutchToday at 1:15 AM Update: Our Auth servers are experiencing an outage, we're preparing to migrate them, while we do this we're looking at another solution to get players online. Downtime ETA 2 hours.
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    Just happened to me as well. Just got into a dungeon too
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    I was online even and I was booted off to the same issue. so it wasn't only people offline alrdy
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    Yes im having the same issue as well.
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    Same. Seems like they are having issues with their connection servers. I believe a lot of people who weren't already logged in are experiencing the same issue. Hope this is fixed soon...
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    I think it would cut off all those players that sit in the starting zone and re-roll for hours. So here we go : My suggestion is to create new real (next seasonal?) with this rules set: 1) You can pick your starting abilities at level 1 - allow option to get random ones for the hardcore players. (some people will stay in the starting zone and re-roll for hours if you don't do this). 2) From level 10, system rolls 2-3 abilities from the list (like standard wildcard mode), and you get to pick 1 out of them, in case players logs out or doesn't pick anything its either saved in the server memory, or 1 is picked at random (to ensure no 'hacking' will be involved in the process). 3) Remove re-roll scrolls from game entirely - they shouldn't be there anymore since draft mode should be more then enough for everyone. 4) Limit character slots. (Optional) -------------- This would make game a bit easier for some unlucky players, and would allow less players to just sit there at the starting zones and overload the server. Overall I think its a good idea, with high potential, which obviously requires some coding on the server side and addon side but I think its worth time investment.
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    Greetings community of Ascension! Back at it again with compiling information that may be of interest to those creating Ascension Builds. With big changes to the game; nerfs and buffs, it took a while to update the Talent List in addition to testing them as well, however, the hard part is done and so I hope the new update talent list is of use to you people! Overall the website also went through some visual changes, with a new menu slide to navigate around the site. WEBSITE LINK https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/p/talents.html TALENT LIST UPDATED! As many of you have requested for an updated talent list, it is now complete! New additions include: Hit Chance Expertise Stamina Increase Holy Healing Increase And more! If you are interested in seeing other categories added to the list, let me know on discord or on the website. ADDED BUILD LIST Added a build list which was previously removed. I've brought it back with further improvements including the following: Build Level Role/Design Creator Name Build Link Description Some of these builds are outdated, mainly used as a reference when creating a personalized build. Soon I'll try to update the builds I've made myself. If you are interested in adding a build to the list, let me know. The general requirement is that it needs to be in-depth either written or video. Builds currently listed are by content creators such as: Tommyruin Schlotzer Bra the Ele and more! ADDED WILDCARD LIST Added Wildcard information such as possible wildcard rolls at level 1, combinations for build setups, basic build startup, and more! FUTURE UPDATE Expect future updates to the website including the following: Ability Talents added to Wildcard List, to players can see what their options are when picking Talents costing AE/TE at level 60 Add more Categories for the Talent List Update some of the Builds Add more Builds PvP Build Guide Update the RE List Update the Legendary RE List Update Coefficient List Hopefully this stuff continues to assist players of today and the future! Take care and best of luck! WEBSITE LINK https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/p/talents.html
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    As the title says. I've been out for a while and didn't saw this change 'till these days when I was about to play a dungeon healer toon on andie. Talking about this wi peeps on discord, seems that If we get MW > CH back won't hurt anybody, it won't touch Raids, won't touch instanced PVP, and maybe a lil of WPVP but this can be easily tweaked. So pls don't kill a spec that probably will be only viable on dungeons but a fun way to play a healer. Ty.
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    The problem have and always going to be resource allocation. Until they have fixed that i.e providing more resources towards content creation, rather than spending it all on seasonal. They have aĺlready wasted alot on providing more servers than it is needed, transfers and what not. With no actual gains.
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    It seems their priority is short term gains, rather than long term retention, sad, this is AQ release 2.0. I remember when we were promised "never again" after an almost 12 month wait between BWL and AQ, and yet here we are. First bosses in AQ dropped in September, and we're almost at July, yikes. :PepeSweetSad:
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    Why would you downvote me lol, I was trying to help ya out bud.
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    Don't use installer, instead manually do all steps from ascension downlaods page.
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    Greetings fellow players! I am Kruxis, 20 years old and from Germany. My favorite games at the moment are: Destiny 2 and Rocket League. Who cares about my favorite game? Idk but i thought i point it out! I play World of Warcraft since the middle/end of WotLK and until they screwed my favorite class (Elemental shaman) in WoD. Since then i am playing on Pservers. Also i did a lot of Roleplay during that time, around 4-6 years. This is the first time for me on Ascension. Always wanted to try it out but had no time. Now i do have it. After i looked into it and like it, i will applicate as Gamemaster or Community Manager since that's what i am aiming for. I can't life with just playing I was a GM/CM for another project for more than 14 month and i kinda miss it. (a lot) So yeah thats it about me. Hopefully i don't get rekt to soon. Cheers, Kruxis p.s. FOR THE HORDE!
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    Did you do those quests the last time you played. Every time I relog I end up with a couple of quests I did the day before. The worst thing is that it reactivates the quest items dropping, which might make you forget youve done the quest already, but you cant hand it in again.
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    seasonal is never going to get to aq, with wildcard only it's pretty much impossible to get through all of bwl with out some serious mechanics handling.
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    Where is your threat generation? why windsear for a tank? it reduces threat (small amount i know.) Does hammer of righteousness even work with a two hander?
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    Greetings! We're experiencing some issues with our servers atm!
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    Greetings! We're experiencing some issues with our servers atm!
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    Greetings! We're experiencing some issues with our servers atm!
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    try and log on my account and I'm stuck on connecting and I can only reach the forums not project-ascension.com, if it is the case the only thing I think that could've caused it is using the MoveAnything or Auctioneer addon? please let me know because I'm in love with the server thanks
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    Since Ascension wiki thread is dead and doesn't look like wiki will be released any soon, but so many articles was written and didn't see the light, I think it will be a good idea to create unified database for ascension players especially for this amount of new players that came with new season. Here I will be posting my guides and builds that i have already written or will write. If you have any article that you would like to be published here, please contact me ingame or discord. Also, if you have anything to add for a written article or if you want to help with article translation feel free to ask for access to the article. Since guide section on the forum is closed i've decided that general section will be a perfect spot because everyone can post here. With every new article/guide released or major article update, this topic will be bumped. Please feel free to leave your feedback, suggestions, improvements for articles/builds or constructive criticism. Database:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GjSmMZKk67B6SebTjIT9ZfVlaR_c_1XWb4mo02thLt4/edit?usp=sharing Released articles General High risk complete beginner's farming guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/149zWwsfN39_cc7bKSs8U7Wg9EB7Y5TK5sLAqB5q2ZwE/edit?usp=sharing Treasure Hunt quest chain:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MWdmUQjkpKOTaD8eMPI6PTZOKo_4HPQcMXqQ7-0DsN8/edit?usp=sharing Builds Holy crusader - Holy nova build guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1N4CU8Gu8EhBYXxkhhOk4Bc6f0k7CcWNDaM_rn2upfWM/edit?usp=sharing Nature prophet - Dual Wield Nature hybrid build guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_zc1sxA52adcf0DVvH1nQaLDXePcHT0Bm-IJXxfBVNo/edit?usp=sharing Frostfang - Mutilate Hybrid build guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F15p2P5IkC4MpTJf7KEL50gLJC4tka0n8A263TFR2f8/edit?usp=sharing Ashbringer - Fire hybrid build guide:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OJk1WNZ5zCd-SPJux3vm9nvgrpk2TdYDQjM5nzF_Uh4/edit?usp=sharing In development none P.S. if you see any grammar mistakes please point that out on forum or contact with me ingame/discord, I am not a native speaker thats why you will probably find alot.
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    Wow so where to begin. No that's a dumb idea, locking content is the worse idea you could possibly had people on legacy realms only stay on for new content, you'd just kill the server then. no that' just spliting the population, seasonal's aren't going to last for ever and spliting the population it terrible for the long term survivle of ascension. Adding an expansion isn't going to fuck up anything. do you realise how dumb this sounds your argument is that more content = more bugs so we shouldn't bring in more content lol what??!? eq2 is a failure of a mmo and no one should follow their business examples. td:dr op thinks locking content is good somehow even tho that's how you kill server, he has no idea what he's talking about and that's that seasonals should be focused rather then legacy lol.
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    log in wont go past connecting. it was working fine a few hours ago
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    Greetings! Somehow the buff managed to work it's way onto Andorhal, however, this was not intentional. It does not affect anything whatsoever though.
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    Depending on how many fire spells you have to use, going for a high spell crit ignite build with boomkin could be a decent option. Or if there's more shadow damage, shadowform of course
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    Basically right now on the seasonnal realm when you get to 60, if you keep rerolling your spells weeks after weeks, you'll end up with only 1ae spells cause you have a chance to get two 1 ae spells when rolling a 2ae spells but not the other way around. I suggest we add a way to get to reroll two 1ae spell into a roll, letting the game decide or not if we get a 2ae spell or two 1ae spells again. I heard some people got no spells from rerolling a 1ae spells and if this is true i would like it to be more consistent than just a chance to.
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    I agree on this subject. Rerolling 2ae spells into two 1ae spells feels really bad, especially after investing so much time into a character. OPs sugestion would not go against the natural feel of wildcard eighter imo, it feels like a very elegant solution to what i personally feel is one of the biggest issues i have with the system. I sincerely hope something will be done at least, i'm tired of rerolling lvl 60 chars after getting like 10 1ae spells in a row after lvl 50.
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    It is pretty ridiculous. At the same time however, being part of a close society where we can effectively group up and retaliate faction leader attempts, I can't complain about the sheer glory gains. It's never been faster getting to r13/r14 than now. It's so easy to wipe 30-40 people as 8-12.
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    the non seasonal realms have more then enough players to do any end game content with a good amount of new players leveling too. there are a ton of viable builds that rely on only a few abilitys mostly talents. so yes you can just roll what may be good and have it viable late game, at least through mc/ony/zg.
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    Got to lvl 60 on my second character. Was hoping to pick a 3 ability essence talent, but somehow I ended up with 2 leftover AE. (I didn't pick a 1 cost AE). I tried unlearning a random ability to see if that would fix it, but the message log told me "You have to pick your own talents first". Am I stuck with not being able to pick a 3 cost AE?
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    Everytime i log on i cant interact with anything in the game, and then i Disconnect from the server after around 5 seconds. This happens on any of my characters and new ones. ive been playing on the server for around 3 weeks but now i cant play at all.
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    Siggi looking proudly on you from heaven
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    Is it just me or are the scourge invasion rewards overtuned for no-risk players on seasonal? Atm a no-risk player can go there with absolutely 0 risk, and get several raid items a day with almost no effort, just from doing invasions (guaranteed!). Meanwhile high-risk players risk getting ganked while farming mobs or doing Crow's Chest, and they aren't even guaranteed any loot from it. They also risk getting ganked while traveling back and forth from invasions. I honestly like the hybrid system at it's core, but imo the fact that no-risk players can farm epics easily every day without risking anything just seems contradictory and demotivating for high-risk players. Where's the carrot at the end of the stick? I feel like no-risk players have nearly the same accessibility to epics (outside of raids) as high-risk players do. Agree/disagree? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below, all opinions are welcome.
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    Hi guys Im new around here, got really interested in the game after seeing therainman play it but have played very little wow and didnt start until wod. I've never really leveled my own toon before either, any tips for just starting out? Im playing on whisperwind on alliance! Ive got a few but are there any addons you'd recommend besides your basic tidyplates and dbm type stuff? any big server specific ones?
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    Hypothetical scenario. You roll Arcane Intellect, Eviscerate, Life Tap, Fade and Defensive Stance. You can't reroll. You can't deal any damage. By the time your tears have dried, your rival with Sinister Strike, Heroic Strike, Battle Stance and Rend has hit level 20. Yeah okay, sure, we've got professions to somewhat allow you to grind out levels. So it might not turn out for the worst in the end. But it misses the point. Everyone and their pet dog is rerolling. It's not a fun process. It's not a beautiful process. It's not a meanginful process. People will always do this min-max stuff. It's unavoidable. I'm having immense difficulty keeping to a true wildcard system and solving this start problem. You want people to make their character and go right? Go play the game, not play a glorified slot machine for hours on end. So force them on a single roll and go. But nobody's waiting to kill things with a 20x as long TTK as someone who actually got some meaningful skills at the start. I get that the concept of the forced wildcard servers is the risk, intrique, excitement of not knowing what happens next. But at some point you have to compromise on the wildcard realism. You need a ruleset of mechanics that enables a baseline of fun for everyone. That might mean abandoning some of your principles on what wildcard is to get things going. Give a caster a wrath or a fireball. Give the tank his thunderclap. Give the DPS his sinister strike. It's either that, or rerolling for 5 minutes to 8 hours. Or being stuck autoattacking mobs to death for 20 levels while Xxdankweedkillx clears his fifth dungeon. With his ill-gotten high risk gear because he had abilities to kill things. Or a pacifist run where you live off the land and its bountiful resources. At least, that's how I've experienced things thus far.
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    I'd recommend that one should be capable of selecting ONE SPELL from a randomized list of three spells in order to increase one's possibility of attaining a decent or acceptable spell.
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    Here's the updated custom model/texture patches that works with the Ascension models. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KW3stTZoExeuvuIqfNJQpasy4iA8dy5N I'll update this thread when I update the patches as well. If you run into any issues while using the patches, feel free to message me on Discord. https://model-changing.net/profile/2422-finsternis/ - Credit to this dude for some of the original patches. Enjoy!
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    I think changing mutilates poison increase from stacking on a mob to making it a buff on the player's side should help with the problem it has when changing targets. While this doesn't affect damage on longer fights or fights with only one mob, it does help bridge the gap in fights where their are lots of adds and allows for more flexibility to compete with burst builds. Also a while back mutilate's poison was nerfed from 30% to 20% at fully stacked. I think changing it back to 30% would really help bring life back to the other side of the build rather then focusing on physical damage.
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    The Contributor's Corner can be read by everyone, but only users with 50 or more Reputation may post new topics or reply. Users can earn Reputation by posting high quality and valuable topics or replies. We hold Contributors to a higher standard while interacting in this section of the forums. Topics and replies should be well thought out, constructive, on-topic, and free from personal attacks or negativity. Contributors who do not live up to their name-sake will be lose their Contributor title after one warning.
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    You have to pick YOUR Character. That Character than gets the scroll and the RAF Mount. Ingame you than invite your friend to a party and met ingame (you have to be close to each other). You than use the scroll and type into the window your friends Character Name. You MUST complete the proces by CLICKING THE ACCEPT BUTTON at the end of the proces. If you just hit enter nothing happens (took me an entire day to figure that out...).

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