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    Hello, I have been around here for a year now but I no longer play for several reasons, I do come to check if any changes are made, every single time it's stuff about seasonal or other things most of the potential population (what you could and should have) doesn't care about. The initial goal and promise of this server was to offer the player a chance to build their own class and identity, that is the attractive concept and you should work on it, such idea means that you need to be very careful when balancing spells and mechanics and you did spend a lot of time into it, but it is evidently not enough. People stop playing or leave when they see that some average cookie-cut class deals 50 times the dps that their own well planned class can do, the motivation to keep playing here is gone when you see that a broken mix of spells outclasses something you loved to build and play, this is not a huge problem as long as it is addressed in time, there are plenty of spell combos that do way above synergy and are simply broken, you can find out more about them by asking the community. Nothing changed in months. The staff here is mostly focused on the seasonal realm, while Andorhal is seen as the "legacy trash", but why? How's a realm where you're assigned a bunch of random spells giving players a feel of control and customisation? Even the seasonal realm is functionally dead. Sure you can find a bunch of lvl 1 infinitely resetting themselves in starting zones and some "hardcore" guilds doing their own challenge, but there's NOTHING in between. Seasonal is not fun to play since all you did about it was throwing away blizz's conventional classes and forcing players to play with stupidly random things, most people are there because of the rewards and nothing more, there's no class identity, no real synergy, you won't even look like the "class" you're trying to play, it's simply a random cards game with extra steps, and it's out of your original concept. Andorhal is not fun to play because it is empty due to two things: 1: Your focus is always on seasonal 2: Balance is being overlooked, reducing the damage certain abilities deal on players is not enough when you still have shadow based casters killing you or anything else in 3 global cooldowns All this while ignoring TBC, I know you do hope TBC will bring you more people but you'll lose just as many once they realize the flaws in your project idea. Would be nice to have more support from the community and staff about it, I personally feel no satisfaction in playing the game anywhere else so I really wanted you to succeed, such thing won't happen if this forum stays the echo chamber of useless complaints that it is.
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    Sure, developer focus is probably in the wrong place, but I feel your outlook on class creation and imbalance is also wrong. The main appeal of this server is to build and play whatever you want. It's why I've been on-and-off the server since 2017. It's a fun aspect, albeit very niche. However, if you're the kind of person to quit playing your class just because someone did better DPS than you, then I think class fantasy isn't what you wanted from the server. It feels like you wanted to create something OP, and you thought you had a strong idea, but someone else's idea was stronger. Of course there is going to be imbalance. When you have the option to choose your build with hundreds of spells and talents, that's almost impossible to balance. And that will always be felt the most in PvP. When you play PvP, you're there to win, so of course you would choose the most OP build to guarantee your victory. Take old Titan's Grip for example. I remember a time when it was the be-all and end-all of builds. You'd never see a level 60 without it. Nowadays, sure it's still common, but not everyone has it. There's more variety now than there was when I first played in 2017. Continued spell/talent balance by the developers is good, and I want them to continue it, but this will never be a balanced server. Imbalance will always exist in a game with asymmetrical play-styles. Even the official Blizzard WoW servers have this issue. There's no absolute fix. And if you're going to quit because someone else out-performed you, then this isn't your game. I hope you find your interest in class fantasy and build flexibility in the future, and that you do return. Best of luck. 👍
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    Whatever, seems like development is very active but the admins are completely disconnected from this community, they might as well make it their own offline private project at this pace. Rip
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    I think it's just due to the playerbase really, it's not big enough. Back when seasonal was first introduced it was to try out new ideas for people who fancied it while still having a large focus on legacy realms but after the hype died down over time, LS and Andorhal just slowly died out and they focused hard on making seasonal hype. I don't mind seasonal but the same rng draft 3x in a row when the ideation of seasonal was variety is a bit strange
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    Let me correct you on this one: Ironman Challenge was failed fairly. Allow me to explain: The two mobs you have encountered are linked together, the demon you saw is for Rokhdelar quest and is special type of elite designed around hunters. It should hit like hell without the proper string debuff on a demon. By attacking its pet you put a mark on yourself, and made it aggressive. You didn't have this knowledge and failed Ironman Challenge by your own mistake. Next time you do it try not to attack mobs you don't know, and please, don't bother staff members for "unfairness", in description of Ironman it says EVERYTHING including lags, your PC specs, realm disconnects, custom mechanics etc is part of Ironman Challenge.
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    Remove base resilience, make PvP gear the only source of resilience(possibly at the cost of offensive stats), and dramatically increase the effect of stacking high resilience. You introduced this mechanic back when fresh 60s had 1,5k HP. Now fresh 60s have 4,5~5k HP. They don't need babysitting in PvP. PvE schmucks don't need it either. Make PvP gear great again. As an icing on a cake, you will no longer have to deal with coding abilities to do less damage to player characters. This type of ghetto resilience is really cancerous 'couse there's already well established and itemized on top of it stat that does exactly the same. Aditionally, I'd love to know the reason talents/REs that reduce duration of stuns/CC/movement impairing effects are getting nerfed or otright removed. Getting passive immunity to being slowed and/or severely reducing duration of stuns/CC was incredibly costly endeavour, we're talking roughly 25 TE worth of investment on top of multiple REs. Half of what you get to play with at level 60. Half of your build devoted to do just one thing. It was never optimal nor was meta for this reason, but it was extremely fun to kite heavy melee endlessly. Doing flag carry duty was also absolutely hilarious. Why are you destroying this? Is it wrong, bad fun?
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    I think changing mutilates poison increase from stacking on a mob to making it a buff on the player's side should help with the problem it has when changing targets. While this doesn't affect damage on longer fights or fights with only one mob, it does help bridge the gap in fights where their are lots of adds and allows for more flexibility to compete with burst builds. Also a while back mutilate's poison was nerfed from 30% to 20% at fully stacked. I think changing it back to 30% would really help bring life back to the other side of the build rather then focusing on physical damage.
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    Hello! Per request of the community and out of the desire to reach as many people as possible, I decide to write up a stream-of-consciousness style blog on the state of balance. This will include significant experimental changes we will be making soon, methodology for decisions we make, and a general philosophy of our Classless balance. I apologize if any of this is incoherent, the grind of discussion and changes regarding balance is exceeding 20 hours with a small nap in between! Experimental Change to be made: We are currently testing a change with cast time. After exhausting discussion amongst the team, we determined the following CORE issues: Casters cannot use cast time spells in PVP Players have way more option for gap closers, interrupts, and CC/Stun immunity There was no haste in Vanilla. Percent haste isn't resulting in desirable outcomes. Casters using a shield in PVP is what we call a 'Non-Choice' Armor from a shield is the best value-per-slot for a caster at the moment in PvP Partly due to the inability to keep opponents CCed or stunned for any real duration. Casters as a whole are underperforming in PvE Dps setting. Our Experimental Fix: 1. We are implementing a passive cast time decrease of 20% to players. 2. Shields will now increase cast time by 20%. This is a purely experimental change to get a deeper feel of complex interactions in the system. We believe this will have positive implications on all of the issue presented above, with more alterations to solve other issues in the future planned! I also wanted to take the opportunity to answer this question as I feel it allows me to encapsulate our values quite nicely! Why do you nerf everything that is good rather than buffing things that are aren't? This is a multifaceted issue. When we make development decisions we are making decisions in the vein of promoting player choice and build variety. We want the player to have as many unique defining characteristics as possible. When we see 80% of players are picking the same 2 core abilities, it is economical to alter the the interaction of those two abilities rather than buff everything else. This has no impact on player power, because we will always tune dungeons and raids according to player power using our procedural scaling. A great example of this is the recent Hemo and Sinister Strike change. These abilities were statistically the most picked and producing the highest dps for melee using 2-handed weapons. The result was a 'meta non-choice.' This is something we strive to avoid in our balance decisions. We don't want players being forced to choose abilities that are indicative, radically the best. That isn't a choice for you as a player at all. That being said, buffing and altering costs is a huge part of our overarching system too! We recently made changes to open up new build varieties regarding holy talents. 'Searing Light' was given additional ranks, and buffed to some degree, this will make Holy Caster fantasy potentially competitve and viable! With your help, we can make many more changes like this moving forward! TLDR: Every change we make is striving towards giving you the player more unique, defining choices. Why do you make these changes instead of fixing bugs? We have a fairly large team with a variety of skill sets. Just because raids are being worked on, doesn't mean quests are being ignored. Just because we are making balance changes doesn't mean we aren't actively working to resolve problems with the system.
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    Hey guys! This thread is to gather feedback and ideas about balance changes that the community wants to see on live realms. Express any ideas, thoughts, concerns, or points of view on the patch here, and be as concise and articulate as possible. The goal here is to pinpoint particular, specific issues and develop solutions for them--addressing individual changes, spells, and potential tweaks will be ideal. Please upvote changes that you think would be ideal--especially ones that are well thought out. We're working on putting together a poll system in-game that will better track the community's opinions and desires. Post away!
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    The problem with recruit a friend is if that one person that your recruited for isn't on you don't get any bonus. As for me i have 2 people recruited to me so if I'm not on they can't level with the exp bonus we paid for and that is really annoying. Instead of recruit a friend just change it to friend code that u can do with anyone. That way if I'm offline and my friends have a friend code for eachother then they don't have to worry about slow leveling without me bc they would get the bonus off of eachother as well.

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