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  2. Metamorphosis tank was doable in the past but it was never a viable tank option. After several changes to Random Enchants its no longer possible to reach 100% uptime on Metamorphosis and since than you cant make a tank build from it annymore. You also cant mix Metamorphosis into other tanking builds cause while its up you are only alowed to use warlock spells, using anny other class spell will immediatly throw you out of Metamorphosis.
  3. Metamorphosis grants a 1.3x bonus to armor from cloth, a general 0.2x damage bonus, minor chance to ignore crits, 1/2 the time stunned or snared, and seems to only let you use warlock and Feral druid abilities along with the demon powers. Given the latter restriction, you'll probably want to bear tank and pop Meta for the damage boost and demon powers. Bear is only going to take up so much ability essence, so use up the rest on buffs and passives since most other abilities will drop you out of Bear form. Demon Skin for helping your healer's efficiency, Seal of Command + Righteous Fury (and its talents) for extra group threat management and mitigation, aspect of the dragonhawk for dodge bonus, pump AC with devotion aura obviously with it's talent improvements, Windfury + warrior sword spec (+maybe rogue sword spec), two hand weapon mastery + battle stance, Deep Wounds + Blood Craze. It's a shame more active abilities can't be used in Feral forms, since other tanks can branch out, but the restriction also narrows your focus which might be a good thing for a starting build. Make sure to check how Metamorphosis interacts with your forms, as I'm not certain on that and you don't want to be dropped back into your humanoid form after 30 seconds in the middle of a pull. GLHF!
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  6. Hi, when there is a new patch I download it manually from downloads section, I noticed there is a new patch but it was deleted, it needs to be re-uploaded please.
  7. Heya Fate! Reach out to me on discord. We can get you situated. Any further questions, comments or concerns can be messaged on Discord. Grey#0001
  8. I made a donation to get some DP an hour and a half ago, more or less. The Double DP event was supposed to be still active, since the website said so, the payment wall, and the in-game announcements. However I didn't seem to get the extra DP, just the normal amount. It's a shame, also because I would like to buy some more but now I'm waiting for this issue to resolve and will lose the event.
  9. To add to what Gank said, you can learn Dire Bear Form at level 40 if you have Bear Form learned.
  10. You won't get any dev's acknowledgements here, they never really talk here any more. I don't see it as a problem allowing hunter abilities to proc wrath.
  11. The burning crusade, it's the next expansion after vanilla wow (original wow).
  12. Thank you for replying but I’m not sure what tbc is
  13. Moonkin is in balanced tree talent and tree form is in restro talent tree. the rest are unlocked in tbc I believe.
  14. I am very new to wow in general and i have a lvl 12 Tauren and he mainly uses feral druid spells and I’ve been looking around and I’ve heard about forms called moon kin and dire bear and a tree form and a bird form but on the feral druid spell page i can only find bear,travel,aquatic and cat so I’m wondering is there the other forms i mentioned and if there is how do i get them yours truly chromagold
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  16. Let warlocks name their demons. Also if a demon disagreed with his new name, it will attacks its master and disappears into a void.
  17. They won't do that for a bunch of reasons. it's been requested for over 3-4 years sense alpha. anyways population is low on most of the servers but you might still find a few raiding guilds.
  18. It actually makes perfect sense. You tame a beast which doesn't have any name, so as his owner you get to name him if you wish. Demon on the other side are assigned to Warlocks, since Warlocks have connection to the void. It also makes perfect sense that Demons do not die, they disappear back into the void, while you need to resurrect a pet. Making a long story short: Demons have names before the Warlock summons him, unlike Pet.
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    Rename Warlock Pets

    Please make it so we can rename demon pets like hunter pets. It doesn't make sense that a demon would be going by it's true name anyway.
  20. You cant enter Twisting Nether without buying the TBC alpha. The game telling you to delete the WTF is trolling you. Just log in -> wait for the pop up to say "Connecting" -> Hammer escape -> you get kicked into the realm list again -> choose another server.
  21. Hello! I cannot seem to login to Twisting Nether. Says I need to "Delete WTF folder" if the message appears. That fix appears not to work.
  22. Updated Guide. - Removed Elemental Devastation from the Build cause it no longer procs from Poisons. - Updated Core and Example Build. - Updated my Weak Auras Paste-Bin linked in section 7. - Once again addet Toxic Boss Mods (TBM) to the Addon Section since we decidet to make it open public again. Waiting for approvel of Links as allways ...
  23. once again being updated, v1.81 is out on the discord above
  24. When I'm on the look for a interesting new server to start playing on, the first thing I look up is the Server statistics - how many people are online and what's the faction ratio. My suggestion is obvious, make a real time count that shows the current online players for each server available on the website.
  25. High loot grinding and high-risk PVP is what a lot of people came here for. Raiding you may do in any progressive WoW server, this is however unique in the way that you can reach a destination unlike other servers by yourself.
  26. @Numby I believe what your refuring to is fine-tuning, what i was refuring to is big issues such as Blink, every build has been useing this without fail forever or every melee build other than Retri uses SoJ to auto stun every target they look at, and casters always run Fellhunters in 1v1s. "play battlegrounds/raid all day and observe what's OP? " - Actually yes, it would be very good if Dutch was passionate enough to take part in PvP from time to time how can he be passionate about somthing he has no interrest in doing himself? "At least on Ascension changing spec is fairly painless" - What? No you can only que 1v1 skirmishs, the 2v2/3v3 or any ranking is not enabled, i actually tried to setup some friendly 2v2's & 3v3s with my guild and learnt this, and when i say later, i mean like 1 or 2 weeks, i am just saying its takes little effort to open the door here.
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