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  2. They banned a kid for "hacking" so he went all DDOS on their server.
  3. Well my issue is pretty simple, just tried to log on to the servers but I get stuck on "loggin in to game server" after a few seconds i get the REALM SELECTION, i got the same problem with all 3 servers, cant connect to any of them, after searching for any news on the server, or the status of them, i can't find a way to know if its a problem on my end or on the servers, any help? are the servers down? any way to know WHEN are the servers down?
  4. i was playing on andorhal and the game disconnected me, and the website keeps saying "file not found"? ddos?
  5. Last week
  6. Well, im willing to make my own article about farming zone, maybe leveling guides, but i would like to know if there any need of someone to translate the articles to spanish
  7. Sorry i finally found that i have to talk to the dwarf
  8. Hi, I just received a mail from ascension who tells me : Jump instantly to Lvl. 20, draft your skills, pick your talents, and storm into the fray--but be warned: you only have one life. You get 500% increased EXP from slaying other Heroes and Monsters, you heal to full every time you lev.... etc But i don't know or understand how to acces it, can you help me ? thanks !
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    Help! Stormstrike Build

    I'm trying to make an stormstrike build, this is where im https://project-ascension.com/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:78:130:133:421:498:587:783:853:1715:2098:2139:2687:2836:5143:5185:5308:5504:6343:6572:8024:8190:8232:8921:8936:12051:20484:33t3:34t5:134t1:565t5:611t3:616t3:681t1:827t1:901t1:1431t1:1662t2:1679t3:1690t1:1691t5:1692t3:1714t1:1751t3:1848t2:2054t2:2057t3:2191t1:2249t1: But im feeling like i do no dmg , maybe is because of the gear, but 1h weapons feels weak af ,can someone give me a hand with this ?
  10. Greetings! This sounds very odd. Try changing some of the appearances of the model, and see if that helps!
  11. Tried to create character for the first time but i get a message saying "Error creating character" . deleted cache and wtf. plz help
  12. @Litterbin SoC is AP based, you dont need to scale Spell Power, even the Conquerors set means more burst than Avengers. You should choose between Sustain or Damage, trying to focus on both in this way will create a weak win condition. The best win condition for SoC is massive burst and CC/defensive counters. You also dont need this many damage GCD's for PvP, i wouldnt use the Exo into Hammer for this, even if you wanted to, it belongs on a SoR build rather than SoC. Use CC GCD's instead. Hammer of Right shouldnt be here, as you need a slow 2H weapon. SoC Burst: :100:465:642:1044:1126:1953:2457:5277:6673:8075:8232:18499:19750:20217:20252:53407:64382:965200:123t5:821t2:1386t1:1402t3:1463t3:1481t1:1658t3:1661t1:1689t3:1693t1:1702t3:1714t1:1756t1:1761t3:1803t1:1823t1:1862t2:1865t2:1908t1:1910t1:2150t1:2176t2:2185t3:2199t3:2250t3: RE's: x1 Warcry x1 Direct Command x1 Divine Strength x1 Survival of the Fittest x1 Deadliness x1 Crusade x1 Holy Strength x3 Seals of the Pure x3 Sanctity of Battle x3 Sword Specialization Allocation: 150 Str & 63 Agil Gear: x5 Conquerors, Bloodfang Gloves, PvP 2H Sword & standard bis AP SoR Sustain: :17:100:642:691:1044:1120:1953:2094:5277:6789:8033:8075:8177:18499:19750:20217:20252:20271:21084:66843:1402t3:1444t3:1463t3:1502t1:1687t1:1691t5:1698t1:1714t1:1735t1:1757t1:1758t3:1762t2:1823t1:1849t2:1865t2:1910t1:1911t1:2059t2:2083t3:2150t1:2176t2:2179t3:2195t3:2199t3:2279t2: RE's: x1 Consecrated Strikes x1 Divine Purpose x1 Protector of the Pack x1 Deflection x1 Holy Power x1 Holy Strength x1 Infusion of Light x3 Seals of the Pure x3 Healing Light x3 Sanctified Light Allocation: 150 Str & 63 Agil Gear: Avengers, Shadow Flame Staff & BiS SP As you can see SoC and SoR are two builds seperated by burst & susatin with very different win conditions and playstyle. Both are overpowered and are the top meta builds.
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  14. Hi! Currently trying to find a good ret-like pvp build with good survival and relying on paladin spells for damage. https://project-ascension.com/builds#/talentsandabilities/editor/?hash=:100:781:853:879:1044:1953:6673:6789:8232:18499:19263:19750:20217:20271:24275:965200:611t3:1386t1:1388t2:1402t3:1463t3:1481t1:1502t1:1631t2:1698t1:1714t1:1758t3:1761t3:1803t1:1823t1:1910t1:2059t1:2064t1:2147t2:2149t3:2150t1:2176t2:2179t5:2191t2:2195t3:2196t1:2199t3: If anyone care to take a look and see what you might change/add i would be grateful. Thank you very much in advance.
  15. It seems like: A - ("Ascension Patch") ascension UI and interface C - ("Cosmetic Patch") models, mounts I - Icons M - ("Main") legacy server patch S - Seasonal server patch T - Transmog models W - ("World Patch") maps, tilesets, textures, effects previously you may have needed patch B for fel-touched, but I play that mode without B
  16. just an update; I believe it either has to do with the system not liking my email address or username (length maybes?) had a friend try to register, then we identified the only differences between our registrations were really length of username(6 vs 15) and the email service (yahoo vs gmail). I changed both of these used my alternate username and alternate email. registration worked perfectly fine.
  17. I have our contact information in my signature! I just tried creating an account and had no issues. Please note that the captcha is case sensitive. Could you try and provide a gif of what happens? It is a little easier when I am able to see the result. I understand that there may be some private information in the signup, so feel free to send them in a private message, and I can make a followup comment here, when we have it solved.
  18. If you don't mind I'd rather just keep it here so others can see the troubleshooting and maybe be able to rectify it on their own. also I don't know where to email if you need private info for back end creation (if that's possible) The part i get stuck at is filling out the registration sheet, i type in my username, email, password on both lines, then i type in the captcha and check the boxes... then it seems the page just reloads; no error message, even zoomed in a few types to make sure i typed the captcha correctly, But no changes I've tried more times than i can count but it seems after filling it out and trying to get it to process it just empties some of the boxes and nothing else happens.
  19. Where are you getting stuck with the account creation? Feel free to send me a private message, or email us, and we'll try to see if we can help with the creation
  20. So after about an hour (I think, didn't time myself thought this would have been less of a painful process) of attempting to create an account, sifting through google searches, and searching here on the forums...trying to figure out why i cant create an account. I decided to stop in here and see if registration on the forum was just as shit (nope its functional), but I can't be fucked to follow the only blue advice I've found on the forums ("its not broke, keep trying")... figured I'd mention that it was a persistent problem in the hopes that its fixed for the next guy who wants to play, servers look cool I'll try again at another point in time. Peace
  21. Update: Issue has been fixed! Now we can play as Resolute mode characters on Andorhal! Thanks to Grey and the team behind the fix!
  22. -B is the custome Zone for the Fel-touched mode -M are updated dungeon/raid maps - all the other were part of patch -A before but they decidet to split contents up (that why patch -A is smaler now), for example are all custome mounts from the shop in there own patch now. - why ? well you dont need to download patch -a again just to see that new DP Shop mount, would be enougth to just get the updated version of that specific patch than.
  23. @Kellogs can i just look up the game folder for Ascension to delete the cache?
  24. I have trouble with spells, addon count it twice in last page, but talent works normal
  25. in manual instalation you need patch-a questions are: - why is last patch-a smaller than prewious? - why patch-a dont allow in game flipping throught spell book? - why are there more patches-...? - what that patches do? or for what there are other patches (C,L,M,S,T,W)?
  26. Latest Relevant Patchnotes - Seasonal only changes NOT includet - 04.01.2020 General Crafted Items can now roll with random additional stats. A New stat has been addet: PvE Power. Increasing damage dealt to NPCs and reduces damage taken from them. A New stat has been addet: PvP Power. Increases damage dealt against other Player. BWL bosses now drop 3 Raiders Reccomendations (up from 2) except for 3 Drakes, they drp none to prevent bug abuse. Talents and Abilities Blink has had its cooldown increased to 25 seconds, from 18. Frost Trap, once triggered, now lasts for 20 seconds, down from 30 seconds and slows players by 40%, down from 50%. A new talent has been addet: "Lone Wolf" replacing "Improved Tracking" in the Survival Hunter Tree. "Increases damage dealt by Auto Shot and Hunter abilities when you dont command a tamed beast or demon by 5/10%" Explosive Shot base damage and scaling increased by 5%. Viper Sting duration increased to 12 seconds, up from 8 seconds. It now drains 2% maximum mana every 2 seconds, before it was 2% maximum mana every 1 second. (Overall effectiveness reduced by 25%) - Comment: This is indeed a buff since the 12 second duration now allows the reset of Viper Sting with Chimera Shot for a small window and with that a 100% uptime. T.N.T. now increases the damage of the affected abilities by 3/6/9%, from 2/4/6%. Multi-Shot rank 2 and above now deals additional static damage. Rank 2, 10. Rank 3, 20. Rank 4, 30, Rank 5, 40.. Aimed Shot rank 2 and above now deals additional static damage. Rank 2, 10. Rank 3, 20. Rank 4, 30. Rank 5, 40. Rank 6, 60. Steady Shot is now available at lvl 30 and has two additional ranks. Random Enchants - Item Changes Reworked all BWL trinkets. Venomous Totem has been reworked to read: Use: Your melee and ranged attacks deal an additional {0.08 * Nsp + 0.08 * ap + 150} Nature damage for 10 sec (50% damage to players). Damage from this effect cannot occur more than once per sec. (1 min cooldown) Arcane Infused Gem has been reworked to read: Use: Your next Arcane Shot deals an additional {1000 + 1.0 RAP} (100 + .1 RAP to players) damage as Arcane to the target and enemies within 8 yards of your target. Lasts 10 seconds. (1 min cooldown) Mind Quickening Gem has been reworked to read: Use: Quickens the mind, increasing haste rating by 180 for 20 sec. (2 minutes cooldown) Scrolls of Blinding Light has been reworked to read: Use: Instantly deals {2000 + 1.5 Hsp + 0.75 ap} to up to 8 targets within 8 yards (20% to players). (2 minutes cooldown) Reworked: World Boss Loot - [Nightmare Blade] stats have been reworked. It now has a 2.8 weapon speed. Its top end damage is 207 with the minimum damage being 103. It now provides 22 Strength and 3 Agility. - Old Rating was 36, new one would be 8. With that i remove it from the gear list. [Ancient corroded Leggings] stats have been reworked. It now has 47 Agility, 21 Stamina, 16 Intellect. - Old Rating was 112, new one would be 152 #5 up from #11 [Polished Ironwood Crossbow] stats have been reworked. it now has 10 Attack Power, 14 Agility, 5 Stamina. Its max damage was changed to be 215 and its minimum damage is now 139. The weapon speed has been adjusted to 3.4 . - Old Rating was 1267, new one would be 1466 #3 up from #8 [Ring of The Unliving] has had it stats reworked. It now provides 19 Strength, 12 Agility and 6 Stamina. - Old Rating was 58, new one would be 33 #24 down from #21 [Dragonheart Necklace] stats have been reworked. It now provides 14 Agility, 14 Intellect, 24 attack power and 6 Stamina. - Old Rating was 38, new one would be 84 #4 up from #15 [Acid Infused Greaves] stats has been reworked. It now has 13 Agility, 31 Stamina, 8 Defense rating, and 10 hit rating. - New: 69 (39 without Hit). #19 New Cooking Recipes Added Seared Cunning Carp, a new cooking recipe which grants 20 Intellect when well fed and can be fished from high level waters. Added Azerothian Schmorgus Board, a new cooking recipe which grants anyone in your party or raid who eats 35 attack power OR 20 spell power, depending on their current specialization, and 15 Stamina. Can be purchased from Dirge Quikcleave. Added Chilled Lava Eel, a new cooking recipe which grants your direct damaging abilities a chance to deal additional Fire damage when well fed and can be purchased from Plugger Spazzring. Added Silithid Snack, a new cooking recipe which grants 13 armor pen rating when well fed and can be obtained from a quest granted by Dirge Quikcleave at 60. Added Dirge’’s Nevermelt Ice Cream, a new cooking recipe which grants 10 hit rating when well fed and can be obtained from a quest granted by Dirge Quikcleave at 60. Added Hydra Scale Soup, a new cooking recipe which grants 14 crit rating when well fed and can be obtained from a quest granted by Dirge Quikcleave at 60. Added Chillwind Flank Steak, a new cooking recipe which grants 8 increased resistances when well fed and can be obtained from Brumeran in Winterspring. Bugfixes Fixed a bug where world bosses would NOT drop raider's commendations Sniper Training should once again increase the periodic damage of Black Arrow Multi-Shot once again is castable while moving. Items that increase AP/SP against a specific type of creature (Undead/Dragon etc.) are now working correctly. This was a core issue. Before this effects only applyed to Auto Attacks and Abilities based on Weapon Strikes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Removed Multi-Shot not castable while moving bug from section 9. Removed Multi and aimed Shot dealing same daamge on each rank bug from section 9. Implemented reworked Items into Section 8. New entry. Buffed. Nerfed. To Do: PvE Power.
  27. Mutilate has better consistant dps, SS Has more Burst with Eviscerate. I would go with Muti currently. Arms is good for BGS/Crows and Arena with Healer Support, It is not bad in 1v1s either but i wouldnt say they are the best in that field. Both are countered by Block/Parry Tanks though. Here is an Example of a Muti 1v1 build: :78:100:408:642:853:1038:1126:1784:1833:1856:1953:2094:2842:2983:5277:5384:8936:13161:18499:19263:20217:45438:64382:182t5:221t5:241t3:261t2:265t2:269t3:277t3:279t3:281t1:284t1:1361t1:1659t1:1701t2:1702t3:1705t3:1713t3:1714t1:1719t1:1814t1:1908t1:2065t1:2069t3:2074t2: RE's: x1 Festering Wounds x1 Deadliness x1 One-Handed x1 Crusade x1 Holy Strength x3 Close Quarters Combat x3 Puncturing Wounds x3 Find Weakness x3 Opportunity
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