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  2. I tryed to donate paying with my card via Pay Pass or normally but it doesn't work. When i tryed pay just normally with the Debit/Card option, i got this massage; Your donation could not be completed at this time. Error: Customer is not allowed to pay; Array ( [message] => Customer is not allowed to pay => 5000 ) What should i do?
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  4. I attempted to use the bug tracker report first, but the ticket got closed and nothing was fixed. I have a level 60 character that when summoning mounts, the sound is accurate but the mount does not show and I cannot use it. My other characters are not experiencing any problems.
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  6. the freedom to pick anything is literally what some people myself included dreamed about after playing the game normally. for years. its such a ccool mutator to the gameplay and i think theyve done a good job in making things still feel challenging. pvp while unbalanced is incredibly fun and clear balance changes have been and will be made in the future, which in itself is just crazy considering the undertaking of attempting balance with so many variables on builds abilities etc. Its closer to balancing a moba in ascensions case, than any other mmo because of the class free system. the way orbs / runes / REs work is really intuitive and addictive once you learn the basics of it. it adds a whole new area to be addicted to in game, which at times can be stressful, but its a good stress. its the problem solving kind of stress that an RPG should give you at times! the builds part on the site removes the need to stress over losing gold on poor choices, lets you theorycraft all you want and its a great addition. and its all free lol. Thank you and good bye !
  7. I downloaded the client elsewhere to manually add the patch and .exe, I can get in but now I'm facing another problem.. Something to do with the Ascension AIO addon, if I dont disable it I'm not able to see players move and I cannot interact with the npc's, server is unplayable without it. Anyone else had this problem before? Help me solve it please.
  8. Wouldn't work unless the RP was enforced. Now, if you want a kind of experience that will leave you with stories, imagine a Survival Server. It would include bringing back having to eat, Forced Ironman(Survivalist) for every player, etc. Of course, PvP would have to be disabled to avoid griefers.
  9. With the endless possibilities with from classless system, the lack of faction limitations on pvp and the great stories of early wow rp would be awesome on this server. Could you imagine the limitless possibilities guild storylines could take, even guild conflicts within the same faction. Could you imagine two dwarven clans fighting for political power outside the impregnable walls of Ironforge?
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  11. THe cost of marks will not resets but it has been changed few times already. Atm you can reroll 30 times but they will increase it to 40 at some point. They just increased from 20 to 30 few days ago. There is a mark cap for each quest but im not sure what is it now. Reroll quests from 10 to 20 where 55 marks for me. But quest from 20 to 30 cost me only 30 marks each. I dont think prices are set yet and they are still testing what price to set as a cap.
  12. Yes it does work. You do not get all random spells like in season 3. You get to spend all AE as soon as you switch to the other spec. And you can choose between 3 cards each time.
  13. actually no one is against re trading on andorhal infact everyone on andorhal wants re trading like how it used to be where rolling on re's didn't soulbound the gear, The dev's for some special reason made them turn soulbound when you did it causing a lot of people to get pissed off and ruining a healthy part of the economy, right around the time they introduced season 1. that being said the dev's will never add any kind of easy way to get re's as for some reason they want players to have less freedom to try out builds. that or they simply don't care because andorhal isn't a season server.
  14. ya in a being able to test new abilities kind of way, Yes it's a beta that they're still working on. No I haven't seen more then 5 people on at one time but usally it's empty for the most part, again it's a beta test server and not really made for people to play regularly on it.
  15. If your talking about backstab, then the best counter is to keep having your character face them. now if your a hard casting then that's the risk you take for using hard casting abilities,. try popping some defensive cool downs, get more stamina, take talents that reduce crit damage as that's where most of backstab damage comes from. cc them ect. there are so many ways to counter backstab that it's really not even a good pvp spec outside of ganking under geared players.
  16. Been getting the same message over and over again saying I'm logged in when I'm not, been about 20 mins now since, please help Re:Been resolved
  17. i don't know how caster can survive on BG, when backstep deal more then 1500 dmg. I have 40% reduce dmg from armor + 12% reduce dmg from talants. Melee meta have a lot instance huge dmg. Now ratio on realm is 7 backstep's build vs 3 caster build (based on BG runs). By the way, heroic strike deal 400-500 crit from the same player. Looks like need nefr backstep by 50-60%
  18. Heyo. It's been more than 15 minutes and I still can't log into my account. Help!
  19. Try to download WoW from megaupload (there are few links around) and then use launcher or download patches separately.I wasnt able to download it via torrent from this site as well ;<
  20. Be patient, wait that 15 mins but without trying to log in over and over otherwise that's another 15 mins.
  21. looks like login server under ddos or some problem with login server. Much people in game now
  22. yeah i have same problem so i guess it is everyone else as well
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