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  3. it become nearly 4 am inside the deep jungles of un'goro. i was by myself, searching devilsaurs for his or her skins with my rusty daggers, and my outdated tools and a dream. a dream that when i hit 60, i ought to purchase my epic mount and ride around my server understanding that what i rode turned into payed for with the blood and skin of masses of large dinos. i do not have a whole lot, and what i do have is spent slaughtering those gently walking behemoths, and each kill i make is spent popping all my cds, taking pots, and the use of bandages. in the end, any other dino falls earlier than me, this need to be the 150th. however then like that a 60 rogue tried to gank me but happily for me, i was capable of blind him and sprint away. i stealthed and waited as i watched 2 greater 60 whinge ass rogues show as much as the others position. wonderful. exactly what i needed. a stealthy kill squad jogging my dino direction.
  4. there are alot of unused places and sightings in global of warcraft and it's hard to look them all. this addon will send you on a quest to find out a number of these places. there also are some puzzles jumbled in. the quests are difficult sufficient as is i assume however in case you need a real challange, try solving the quests without the use of google. the addon will provide you with a description of a place, npc or different venture to do and you may need to determine out what to do. how to play instructions may be determined inside the addon or at the addon web page. the fast description is: discover what the search wants you to find and press the resolve button. when you have to find an npc you target that npc after which hit solve. this is mostly a proof of idea. if there is sufficient intrest i will make greater quests and implement different ideas i've.
  5. Cheers - downloaded the new launcher and will install overnight. A little odd that nothing prompted me to get a new launcher, but hey, at least it'll get fixed. 🙂
  6. Hi there, I played back in... season 2 or 3 I think? It was a wildcard season, and was quite enjoyable. In any case, coming back in to season 5, and drafting. Seems cool, but I'd like to start out on the right foot. I know I can manually reset by deleting my character and recreate it in order to re-draft - but back in that last season I could reroll (I think I had a dice item that let me do so), and in Elwynn it looks like there are tonnes of people who are rerolling. I'm just wondering how everyone is doing it? In my bag the only unusual item I have is the "Spelldraft Deck", which is an item with a ? icon and right clicking or using it does nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. my grandfather always had three or four books subsequent to his chair and usually endorsed me to examine everything i ought to get my hands on. i was in 4th grade whilst he let me have his hard cowl 1st version replica of rb6 which was a monster of a ebook and a assignment for someone my age . i was a bit nervous about studying this kind of large e-book, however i took it to highschool day after today to start studying it at some point of recess and loose time. my domestic room instructor made fun of me for looking to examine it. she instructed me it was too difficult and lengthy for me and that i wouldn't recognize it. not plenty extra than per week later i completed it and started out the hunt for red october. she pissed me off and out of sheer stubborn will i finished the book and never doubted my reading capability once more.
  8. There's no money in making endgame or at least that's what the Dev's think because most of the development is driven by short term gain rather then long term, it's why they've pretty much abandoned everything that's not seasonal. hell they're almost 2 years past their original timeline of releasing tbc now they've just changed the time line to TBD because they never followed it. the honest fact is that they'll keep milking seasonals with minimal change over and over and over and over untill it doesn't make anymore money then they'll release tbc as a new server and force merg both andorhal and LS. they're whole plan on how to deal with the ls/andorhal merg is to just wait untill the population of both servers is so low that there is little resistance and they can just claim they're doing it to save legacy. TL:DR legacy is fucked, it was fucked months ago when most of the major guilds and population left. now all that's left is a husk of ascension with 2-5 month long seasonals being released with the same basic idea (draft/wildcard) and some extra short addons to make it look like they've worked hard on it. balanced is fucked and it's easier for them to nerf things then actually fix the problem.
  9. everytime i try to install the launcher it gives me an "out of memory" error, i heard deleting my actual wow cache fixes it but it did nothing. I have around 400 Gbs on my pc unused.
  10. Smite is available at level 1. My first char on s5 with same name - smite on level 1.
  11. I think we should be able to pick starting abilities ourselves because infinite rerolling is a bit boring.
  12. Whatever, seems like development is very active but the admins are completely disconnected from this community, they might as well make it their own offline private project at this pace. Rip
  13. When you start rolling for abilities at level 1, there are a lot of skills that are not in the "roll pool" on the first of your four rolls. This in general is totally fine, but I find it weird that Smite is not in the rooster for skills you can get on the first roll. As I am currently rolling to get a good smite build, it is annoying to have to roll a "filler" ability to just have for re-roll later, since almost all of the abilities you can get on this first roll are quite useless for such a build. The first half mostly being skills like stances or combo generators that unlocks more skills to roll, that is not wanted for such a build. The second half mostly being all the spammable starter spells, all of them if I am not overlooking anyone, except Smite. So not a big suggestion, I just had a hope that Smite could be added to the roll pool for the first skill you roll at level 1.
  14. i bought the game to play traditional however i locate myself taking part in retail alot! best trouble is i'm lost inside the sauce and dont recognise what to do next or what to prioritize. i am in boulderfist however would switch if there's a terrific home for me someplace. i'm 34 and no longer dumb lol i could youtube it and simply observe questing guides but might opt for ppl to play with. any assistance is preferred
  15. why are all nation-states not connected yet? i understand rp servers should be stored to themselves and the big 10 with: location 52, frostmourne, illidan, stormrage, tichondriuos, mal'ganis, zul'jin, sargeras, azralon, and ragnaros. but for the relaxation of them why are they not all connected into 1 conflict-organizations that could allow for trading and guild invitations? it would help out alot of lifeless servers preserving the name they prefer "garona" however being capable of join and trade with human beings from the alternative medium / low population servers? simply curious if there was a motive for this.
  16. Update 30.11.19: Addet ZG Trinkets after they got reworked to the Gearing Up list and the new PvP Rewards. Changed or newly addet Items are highlighted. Addet explanation of Raider's Commendation (8.2), including a small list of what to spend Commendations efficient on to it.
  17. I would like to have a whole season dedicated to this with a list of leaders
  18. And once you're at the peak of that mountain of spikes you lose motivation to keep logging in, since there's no actual endgame thanks to the devs continuously rewriting the basics or adding small client details. They're very capable and certainly no technical issue would be the reason for them not to continue the work on their original character advancement concept and real endgame content, it must be a management failure of some sort.
  19. Cant speak for Andho but LS has worked out like this: Veterans crush new players They quit Some veterans quit as they can no longer crush new players More veternas leave because population is low The remaining pop is forced to play on seasonal, were there is life left. Seasonal does allows new/casual players to be at the same start line, while the rng system can give many an upper hand. So i can see why its popular, however they should really address the system which overscales everything creating an unplayble gap for some. Funny the thing about overscaling is i have been moaning about it for 2 years now and everybody disagreed when i pointed at this aweful RE system that overscales and trap players into specific build types, since then the x5 limit has been reduced to 3 more and more and being limited to 1 and the value of most is continueing to decrease, it just needs to be removed. Either way, as it is i wouldnt expect a new player to join LS and stick around, They would need to climb a mountan of spikes before its even enjoyable.
  20. Yeah but not really, mine isn't a complaint about class imbalance at all, class imbalance is just a symptom of devs being out of track. I personally didn't bother much, PvP scenarios right now are either about you winning by a mile or losing by one, there's never a fair fight with fair odds unless you're playing against someone with a very similar setup, I find losing against a similarly specced player more frustrating than being oneshotted by a shadow caster, since I don't take the latter seriously at all, that's the problem. I'm sure that's what turns new people away from this place, if they stopped focusing on the rng gimmicks and boring forced styles of seasonal and worked more on low/high risk realms and TBC it wouldn't be so empty anymore.
  21. Sure, developer focus is probably in the wrong place, but I feel your outlook on class creation and imbalance is also wrong. The main appeal of this server is to build and play whatever you want. It's why I've been on-and-off the server since 2017. It's a fun aspect, albeit very niche. However, if you're the kind of person to quit playing your class just because someone did better DPS than you, then I think class fantasy isn't what you wanted from the server. It feels like you wanted to create something OP, and you thought you had a strong idea, but someone else's idea was stronger. Of course there is going to be imbalance. When you have the option to choose your build with hundreds of spells and talents, that's almost impossible to balance. And that will always be felt the most in PvP. When you play PvP, you're there to win, so of course you would choose the most OP build to guarantee your victory. Take old Titan's Grip for example. I remember a time when it was the be-all and end-all of builds. You'd never see a level 60 without it. Nowadays, sure it's still common, but not everyone has it. There's more variety now than there was when I first played in 2017. Continued spell/talent balance by the developers is good, and I want them to continue it, but this will never be a balanced server. Imbalance will always exist in a game with asymmetrical play-styles. Even the official Blizzard WoW servers have this issue. There's no absolute fix. And if you're going to quit because someone else out-performed you, then this isn't your game. I hope you find your interest in class fantasy and build flexibility in the future, and that you do return. Best of luck. 👍
  22. Seasonal as a side project would be okay, instead it became the main focus and it doesn't make any sense, especially after the resources spent on Andorhal. Is anyone from the staff going to reveal what your goals actually are? it would be nice.
  23. at this point snowstorm must simply be given the fact that alts are a part of this sport. even on rp realms, i don't think there are numerous people who play simplest on one individual. so, why no longer use that as gameplay ? consider something like an order all, where you can see all of your alts on line. the usage of ai, you can cause them to simply wander, chat among every other. now, whilst you get right here with your individual, this would be viable to use them as bodyguards within the international, cause them to xp with you, advantage a few stuff, hell you can simply deliver them stuff with the "exchange" windows in preference to mailing the whole lot ! i wasn't fond of this concept a few years ago, for roleplay motives, however certainly now it is turning into quite silly to play such a lot of characters who leveled up so fast, simply to attend in a man or woman display screen.fedloan irs.gov easybib
  24. i best started 2 days ago and the day i simply had turned into just like the times i used to have in vanilla. i joined a good levelling guild and a pleasant guildie got here and gave me a few luggage, i did some dungeons with guildies and we communicated and joked around the complete time even when we wiped or got lost (it changed into wc). i even get whispered by means of humans asking me to join them as a tank which made me sense great and valued as a member of my server. it changed into the exact opposite of retail where it feels like anybody is simply detached to eachother, its a whole extraordinary enjoy imo. these are the small everyday stories that made me fall in love with this recreation, and its truly been years considering the fact that ive had these styles of interactions simply out inside the international so these as an alternative ordinary interactions just made me in reality satisfied.reverse phone lookupnba reddit pcpartpicker
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