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    Fire mage build

    Hey guys im new here and I am a lvl 45 caster build. So far I have Pyroblast, fireball, fireblast, flame shock- as my main dmg skills mana shield, life tap, water shield - as mana regen concussive shot, wing clip, earth bind totem - as cc (only got slows) flame tongue totem for +spell power. I was wondering about what level 60 talents I should consider? I am aiming to be a pvp caster and think my build is pretty good glass cannon so far. also note I have 0 heals :*( also what gear should I look into getting once I reach 60? go for the full T2 set?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Maybe it’s just the server I’m on but I’m level 30 now and ever since leaving Coldridge Valley I have hardly encountered any Dwarf players. A few Gnomes but almost zero Dwarves.
  5. Actually, scratch that. Just checked and back up again lol I feel bad.
  6. Yeah, all Servers are down it seems. Would like some news as to what is going down or what is happening. I am sure it's nothing serious, but hey, a response would be nice. (Can't seem to log my account into the Forums so dunno if this will show up.)
  7. I cant get onto any realm either
  8. Whenever I try to log in to any realm it keeps on giving me the same message. Does anyone else have a solution or anyone else having the same issue?
  9. Yea, I can't get onto any realm as well
  10. An update would be great, maybe a server restart? lol
  11. Same, cant log in into all realms
  12. Same, can't connect to any servers atm.
  13. I am having the same issue trying to log into Shadowsong.
  14. Hey! I cant log into any game server. i am stuck on " Logging into game server" screen. Tried to delete WTF/cache File still cant login. Do you have any solution for this ? Thank you !
  15. I have created a post a couple of days ago but it is still hidden on the forum, how is it that this one has been posted 3 hours ago and is already visible?
  16. Well, not goingto say much on the build except there's a lot of things wrong. my advice would be for you to google how casters work and understand what the real valuable stats are for casters.
  17. I'm sure the dev's are working hard guys, they're probably working so hard on nax that they forgot to make a post about it on the forums or even say a single thing about it. There's no way guys that the dev's would focus on the seasonal over naxx that wouldn't the best idea for long term play ability they've already learned their lesson with AQT last year I'm sure they'll tell us next week that Naxx is ready to be released bug free and tbc will arrive 3-6 months afterwords. Just have patents guys the dev's have learned their lesson totally. I mean surely they won't do anything like push naxx farther down the timeline with classic coming out so soon. because we all know that the private server community isn't into FRESH content.
  18. Seems the payment system is bugged or something,I am not even able to donate, get some error about invalid fingerprint lol, which kind of makes me chuckle
  19. So the sensible thing to do would be remove the Wisperwind server from the list rather than confusing new players no?
  20. Meanwhile, Chromagus broke entirely, fighting a target dummy is a bigger challenge, Ouro and Twins still bugged, Pets spaming abillities 24/7, Pets die at dismounting, Blink still broken. Maintenance ? Cant see, New Stuff ? cant see. But hey we got 50% off on TBC does that mean we see it before 2022 arround season 19? 😮
  21. Hey Guys, Can someone recommend any changes or advice for the following Build: :168:331:403:421:642:688:1126:1454:1459:1953:2120:2458:5504:8004:8024:8042:19263:29166:87t1:322t1:562t1:563t5:565t5:574t1:721t3:808t3:1263t3:1686t3:1691t5:1728t3:1772t3:1782t3:1783t2:1916t1:2049t2:2083t3:2252t3: Thanks,
  22. 6/24/19 Well almost 10 days later, and im STILL here without my spells. and yet again. Nobody, NOBODY, Will shed some light on if i will be getting my toons back in a reasonable manner. This is some really sad shit for anyone playing the server. Because I've been wanting to play for almost 2 weeks on my main two Toons that i spent real Money on, and Time since May 5th, and now I'm wondering if my time or money is even worth playing on this server with Classic around the corner. Please help soon, i'm losing faith
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