Blackwing Lair comes to Season 5!


On Black Wings

Blackwing Lair Releases Saturday on Season 5




You’ve cooled the Core and extinguished the Firelord--the threat of Molten Core is vanquished. Now you and your allies must raise your sights from the depths of Blackrock Mountain to its heights. Nefarian awaits at the mountain’s summit concocting his terrible Chromatic Flight, and this time he’ll prove more of a challenge than you ever imagined.


A reforged Blackwing Lair releases Saturday, January 4th on Season 5!


Get ready to tackle an improved Blackwing Lair, Heroes! Like Zul’gurub and Molten Core before it, Nefarian’s lair has been overhauled and rebalanced to provide a true challenge for guilds seeking one. Throughout its release we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Lair, making adjustments as needed to ensure its integrity and keep it cemented as one of Vanilla’s most iconic raids. Put your Heroes to the test as you climb to the heights of Blackwing Lair and engage the horrors within. 


Blackwing Lair releases at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, January 4th. With its release, Bloody Blackwing Lair items will be available in the High Risk open world!


Finally, we know many of you will be gunning for the honor of Realm First once Blackwing Lair opens its gates. Please remember that video footage of the raid and all boss kills is required for any Realm First claims! If you have footage you’d like reviewed, make sure to send it on over to Grey or Zen via discord.


Gather your allies, heroes, and get ready to step into Blackwing Lair!


Blackwing Lair releases at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, January 4th.






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