Weekends: The New Arena Primetime


Weekend Warriors

Bonus Rewards for Weekend Arena Battles




Competing in Arena Battles is one of the highlights and hallmarks of PvP: here, your skills are tested--your gear, enchantments, strategy, and abilities are put to the test. Unlike the exciting unpredictability of World PvP, or Battleground PvP which relies heavily on group strategy and teamwork, arenas, especially 1v1 arenas, are your place to truly show your mastery: competing here is the culmination of both your skill in building a Hero and also in playing them; they are a place to truly test your might.


In order to keep the arena the competitive battlefield it needs to be, it needs new faces, new Heroes, new builds, and epic prizes. The more people fighting, the better: thus, for the rest of Season 5 the Arena will offer bonus arena points when competing on the weekend!


This season, weekends are the go-to primetime for Arena competition. Why? Because fighting in the arena on weekends during Season 5 nets you bonus arena points. These points can be spent on mounts, enhancements, and character upgrades such as Mystic Runes, Mystic Orbs, Secondary Specs, and more. Plus, as new PvP Progression phases near, you’ll need those arena points to purchase powerful PvP gear. If you miss out, the competition will leave you in the dust--but if you can gather points, you’ll be in a position to purchase brand new gear the moment it becomes available.


With bonus arena points awarded during weekends, Heroes now have a huge reason to hop online and join the fray--more Heroes means faster queue times, and faster queue times means more arenas. The more Heroes engaging in arenas, the more different match types, playstyles, and Heroes you get to compete against. In the end, the Arena scene becomes a truly rigorous competition of some of the best PvPers on the Season. The end result is a season that offers Heroes looking for an extreme PvP competition to get the challenge they’re seeking--more Heroes, more points, more arena gear, more fun. With Bonus Arena Weekends, Heroes can feel confident that competing in the Arena is getting them that much closer to rewards.


We’ll be keeping a close eye on Arenas to see what will make them truly shine as a place of competition throughout Season 5.

See you in the brawl, Heroes!






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