The Final Room Beckons


The Frozen Heart

Kel’thuzad is Unleashed upon Naxxramas




The final battle has come. You have struggled and fought through all four of the dread necropolis’s wings, put down the horrors and abominations of the Scourge, and climbed to the peak of Naxxramas. Only one challenge awaits you--one monster left to overcome. Beyond the final corridor, Kel’thuzad awaits.


Kel’thuzad releases tomorrow, September 28th, at 18:00 server time!


Be ready for the challenge of a lifetime as you contend with the ruler of Naxxramas. His frozen arsenal will chill the marrow in your bones, and only the strongest guilds will be able to overcome his wrath. Yet if you succeed, you can lay claim to the greatest treasures the world has ever known.


Naxxramas is complete, heroes--can you overcome it’s legacy?


Kel’thuzad, the final boss of Naxxramas, releases tomorrow, September 28th, at 18:00 server time.






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