Temple Beneath the Dark Moon


The Temple of Doom

The Temple of Ahn’qiraj Releases Soon on Season 4!




An ancient evil stirs beneath the sands of Ahn’qiraj. The master of the Qiraji, hivemind of the Silithid, begins his assault on Azeroth. The whispers of C’thun drive the mortal races mad, and rally the silithid against invaders. It’s up to you to crush the swarm once and for all. Delve deep into the ancient temple and slaughter the insects that stand in your way. 


The Temple of Ahn’qiraj releases this Saturday, September 28th!


The Temple of Ahn’qiraj release at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, September 28th. With its release, AQ40 items will be available in High Risk in the open world!


Gather your guilds, ready your drafts, and get ready to end the Qiraji threat, heroes: the Temple opens soon.


The Temple of Ahn’qiraj raid releases at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, September 28th on Darkmoon.






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