Enter the Dragon's Lair


On Black Wings

Blackwing Lair Releases Soon on Darkmoon




With Ragnaros’ defeat and the Molten Core cooled, you and your allies must raise your sights from the depths of Blackrock Mountain to the threat that awaits at its heights: Blackwing Lair opens soon on Season 4! 


Nefarian, prince of the Black Dragonflight, concocts twisted experiments with the blood of other dragons, attempting to combine them into a single, unstoppable Chromatic Flight. You must put a stop to his plans, and strike down the son of Deathwing.


Blackwing Lair releases Saturday, September 14th on Darkmoon!


Get ready to take your Draft Mode heroes into the heart of Blackrock Mountain as you challenge the creatures of Blackwing Lair. The raid will release at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, September 14th. Additionally, with its release, Blackwing Lair items will be available in High Risk in the open world!


Gather your allies, heroes, and get ready to step into Blackwing Lair!


Blackwing Lair releases at 18:00 Server Time on Saturday, September 14th.






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