Stack your Deck, Heroes!


A Helping Hand (of Fate)

Shuffle the Deck Quests 11-20 Added!




As Season 4 rages on, it becomes more and more apparent that we would all be kicked out of Vegas the moment we sat down at a poker table. We’ve been shuffling and stacking our decks so often, you’d think we were some kind of present-day Duelist. The [Hand of Fate] is responsible for players careful manipulation of their Draft Mode Decks, allowing Heroes to draw three random abilities from the ones they know and choose one to re-draft. Unfortunately for anyone looking for a fair game of cards, we love seeing players taking fate into their own hands: that’s why we’ve added more opportunities to bargain with destiny.


The quests “Hand of Fate: Shuffle the Deck 11-21” have been added to Silas Darkmoon! 


Players looking to get their hands on more [Hand of Fate]s should head over and chat with the grinning Gnome. He’ll have 10 additional Hand of Fate quests for you to complete: all for the low, low price of 55 Marks of Ascension each! Trade him some Marks, and you’ll get to re-draft a few of your less useful abilities. What a bargain!


Good luck out there, heroes! We’ll see you on the battlefield!






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