Onyxia Soars Against the Darkmoon!


The Broodmother Stirs

Onyxia Comes to Season 4




Deep within the Wyrmbog, the daughter of the Deathwing rests. Her charade within the Alliance unmasked, she now eagerly waits for adventurers foolish enough to tread into the depths of her lair. After all, surprise snacks are delightful...


Whether Horde or Alliance, Protector or Outlaw, the time has come to gather your allies and slay the dreaded Onyxia! Polish your armor, sharpen your sword, and head for the Wyrmbog--just be careful no one is waiting for you along the way.


Onyxia comes to Season 4!


Get ready to tackle the Broodmother, heroes--this Wednesday, August 14th, at 18:00 Server Time, Onyxia takes flight on Darkmoon. Finish up your attunement quests and get your raids ready, because you’ll need every ounce of your draft mode power to bring her down!


Of course, for those of you who lead a more risky lifestyle, Onyxia’s release means that her loot will be available in the open world for High-Risk players! Players will have a chance to snag items from Onyxia’s Lair off of monsters in the world of a high enough level--but be warned, these items will be rare!


We’re excited to see who will bring her down first, Heroes! Good luck!


Note: Heroes! Please hold fast and firm to your Drakefire Amulet once you have obtained it. If you let it go, whether on purpose or by accident, we will not be able to return it to you. 


The Drakefire Amult is untradable, and will also not drop in High Risk PvP encounters.






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