Missing a Character? Read This!


Character Select Powers, Activate!

Players can now Activate and Deactivate Characters




With the recent merge between Whisperwind and Shadowsong, it’s become apparent that you all really like making new characters. Many, many, many of you had characters seemingly disappear in the transfer, only to find that they were actually unable to show up on the character selection page. Here’s the solution:


Players now have access to .character commands that will allow them to activate or deactivate their characters!


What the heck does that mean?


The maximum number of characters that the client is capable of displaying on a single realm is 10. Basically, when you log in and go to choose your character, the game actually can’t show you more than 10 characters. However, with the recent transfers, players could potentially have up to 20 characters on Shadowsong. Because the game is unable to display that many, it deactivates the character, rendering it invisible and unable to be selected.

With these new commands, players will be able to activate their character, causing it to show up on the selection screen, and allowing them to log into the game with it. Although therewill still be a max of 10 characters displayed at a time, these commands will help you deactivate characters you don’t need at the moment, and activate the toons you want to play. Here’s how it works:


If you have more than 10 characters on a realm, you’ll need to deactivate onebefore you can activate another. To do this, enter the game on any character other than the one you plan to deactivate. Type the following:


    .character list

    .character deactivate [Name]

    .character activate [Name]


Where [Name] is the name of the character.


This will allow players who have over 10 characters on a single realm (due to server merges) to properly switch between active and inactive characters. To display all of your characters on a realm, type the .character list command. Then, simply activate and deactivate at your leisure.


Good luck out there, heroes!






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