Whispers of Transfers on the Wind


Come Together, Right Now!

Transfers from Whisperwind to Shadowsong are Live!




Season 3 storms on, and with it, players all across Azeroth are tackling the challenges of Wildcard mode! As the season continues, we’ve been working on a brand new transfer system that makes switching characters between realms easier than ever before. In order to give it a proper debut, we thought we’d give it a whirl:


Character transfers from Whisperwind to Shadowsong are now open!


Starting today, opt-in transfers from Whisperwind to Shadowsong will be available for any player who would like to change realms. With it comes the prospect of more players in one place, meaning more PvP, more Dungeons, Raids, Battlegrounds, World Encounters--more of the gameplay you love. The goal of the transfer will be to eventually fully merge both realms, essentially doubling the population of each, and bringing the Ascension community that much closer together.


For the super fun technical side of things, keep these in mind before you transfer:


  1. Your personal bank WILL transfer with your character

  2. Mail DOES transfer, HOWEVER we highly recommend minimizing the amount of mail you have: if it gets lost in the aether, not even the strongest arcane magic can retrieve it

  3. Guilds DO NOT transfer--Guild Masters of Whisperwind will be mailed items to unlock the amount of guild tabs they had purchased. All guild gold will go to the Guildmaster

  4. Guild Banks DO NOT transfer--please remove all items from your Guild Bank before transferring

  5. If your name is taken on Shadowsong, you will need to rename your character

  6. Auctions DO NOT transfer: Cancel your actions!

  7. Collections WILL transfer

  8. Recruit a Friend WILL transfer


For the time being, transferring to Shadowsong will remain completely optional. If you’d like to transfer, you can find an NPC in-game who can send you over in Stormwind Orgrimmar, and Booty Bay--just look for the pack mules or pack kodos! While Whisperwind WILL end up fully merging with Shadowsong in the future, it’s only fair that everyone has enough time to get things in order with their guilds, friends, etc. in order to reconvene on Shadowsong. Don’t forget to make arrangements with your friends to meet up with them on Shadowsong!


This merge is the first step towards helping bring Ascension’s community together in one place. We hope you’re ready to meet new friends on Shadowsong!






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