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The Ascension Referral System is Live!




Are you a master of persuasion? Owner of a silver tongue? Have you guided your friends towards Ascension’s warm embrace like a shepard leading their flock? Well now you can get rewarded for it!


Introducing Ascension’s new Referral System


Every day, thousands of players enjoy Ascension with their friends--players who went out of their way to let their friends know about the game, and come together for a communal experience. Playing together is part of what makes an MMO great, and for making that community possible, some rewards are in order for players who go the extra mile.


Here’s how the system works:


Each and every account has their own custom referral code. To access it, log into the Ascension Website, go to your user interface, and hit “Referrals”. There, you’ll see both your unique registration code AND a list of all the players you’ve recruited.


Here’s the link to your referral panel:


When you give another player your referral code, it will take them to the website to create a new account. Once they create an account using your referral link, they will be linked to your account.


Once that player is linked, they’ll need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Achieve a level 30 character

  2. Play for 6 Hours


Once the player you referred has met those conditions, they’ll be marked on your Referral page as being referred by you, and YOU will net yourself some spicy referral points! These points can be spent at a brand new vendor to net yourself exclusive items, some of which won’t be available anywhere else in the game.


You can see how many points you’ve acquired by looking at the [RP] currency on your User Interface once you’ve logged into the website. Additionally, as soon as they’re implemented in game, you will be able to see them as a currency in your character’s currency tab.


Thanks for helping make Ascension the community it is today, heroes! Good luck out there!


Influencers capable of reaching a large audience through referrals should contact Ascension for additional incentives.







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