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 The Power to Choose

Select Your Level 60 Talent




Season 3 is in full swing, and thousands of players are rolling the dice and managing their Wildcard heroes. Throughout our Season 3 Realms, one of the number one requests players make is to change their level 60 talent: some players made a mistake when hitting 60, selecting something useless--or worse, and ability they can't actually use, and have been looking for a way to fix it. Today, that dream is a reality--introducing the Scroll of Choosing!


The Scroll of Choosing is now available!


The Scroll of Choosing is a brand new item available as a quest from Nozdormu. With it, players will be able to select a new level 60 talent to replace one they already have. To use it, simply click on the NEW level 60 talent you wish to learn, and the scroll will automatically unlearn your CURRENT level 60 talent, and replace it with the one you choose! Keep in mind that the Scroll of Choosing only works for level 60 talents--you won’t be able to unlearn 2AE abilities.


Nozdormu will offer players a one-time quest to obtain two free Scrolls of Choosing, and at current that is the only way to obtain these scrolls. Please learn and unlearn your level 60 talents wisely! Additionally, make sure to clear your cache and install the latest Patch-A from the website in order to see and use the Scroll of Choosing!


How do I use the Scroll of Choosing?


Simply click on the level 60 talent you want to learn while you have a Scroll of Choosing in your currency tab. This will not work for talents that require 2 ability essence, and it will not work if you do not already know a level 60 talent that requires 3 ability essence.


Clicking the talent you want to UNLEARN will not do anything. You must click the new talent you wish to learn.


Why have we Added the Scroll of Choosing?


Players should be aware that the Scroll of Choosing is NOT a tool designed to help them optimize their builds: it's a tool for players who made MISTAKES to more easilly rectify them. There were players, for example, who chose Metamorphosis without ANY Warlock abilities to make use of, hindering them significantly. The Scroll of Choosing is a way for these players to get back into the game, swapping something completley useless for something more meaningful to their build. With the Scroll of Choosing, these players will have a chance to come back from small mistakes.


Finally, players who would rather have Scrolls of Fortune may TRADE their Scrolls of Choosing to Nozdormu, swapping out the Scrolls of Choosing for Scrolls of Fortune.


We hope you're able to fix up any mistakes you've made in your builds with the new Scroll of Choosing, heroes! Get out there, and show the world what you’ve got.






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