Guide: Book of Ascension Transfers


How to Get your Book of Ascension

On Other Seasonal Realms




Over the past few days, we’ve seen many tickets from players wondering how to get their Books of Ascension (and other vanity items) from one Seasonal Realm to the next. We’re here today to let everyone know exactly how to do that!


If you had a Book of Ascension on Elune, here’s how to access it on the other Seasonal Realms:


Step One: Open up your Character Advancement Tab and Click ‘Collections’



Step Two: Click the “Vanity” Tab



Step Three: Find your Book of Ascension and hit “Deliver Item”


And it’s as simple as that! The book will appear in your inventory, and you’ll have a quick way to learn abilities on the fly.


If you see a new player wondering how to get their Book, be sure to send them to this article!


Take it easy out there, Heroes!





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