Third Time's the Charm!


Good Things Come in 3’s

Ascension Opening its Third Seasonal Realm




It seems two realms are not enough to hold everyone! The influx of new players to Ascension hasn’t stopped. Despite Shadowsong opening only two days ago, it reached capacity on its first day, with queues today on both of our Seasonal realms exceeding over 350 players each. That’s too long to wait! While we continue to increase the capacity of both realms (around 100 players a day now), we want to make sure each and every Hero on Ascension is able to enter the world and explore the project. For that reason, we are opening a third Seasonal Realm.


Whisperwind is a brand new realm that is exactly the same as Elune and Shadowsong: same ruleset, same options, same everything. Here, players will be able to start their Wildcard journey from scratch, creating a new hero and traveling Azeroth on a new adventure. Heroes will have a chance to roll new abilities, attempt new builds, and snag Achievements and World Firsts they might have missed on our other Seasonal Realms.


Additionally, the Vanity Collection will again be copied over in full--this time from both Elune AND Shadowsong. Once Whisperwind goes live, we’ll be taking the Vanity Collection data from both Elune and Shadowsing, merging them, and applying the merged store to Whisperwind. Basically, if you’ve got the Book of Ascension, or any cosmetics, mounts, pets, etc. from our Donation Store, you’ll continue to have those items on Whisperwind.


As the season continues, the player cap of each Seasonal Realm will continue to expand. If an opportunity arises, we will not hesitate to merge any of them (or all of them) together, if we’re able.


If you’ve been waiting for a chance to roll the dice, or love the rush of a fresh start, you’ll find everything you love about Season 3 here on Whisperwind!

Whisperwind is launching Wednesday, May 1st, at 12:00pm CST / 7:00pm Realm Time! We’ll see you there, Heroes!






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