Bonus EXP Week is LIVE!


Forward, to Glory!

Bonus EXP and Honor Weekend




Season 3 rages on! As players on both Elune and Shadowsong continue to roll the dice, heroes across Azeroth are climbing to level cap through quests, crafting, dungeons, and PvP. Starting zones are bursting with new players, and Heroes who have made it to 60 are fighting tooth and nail to get themselves the best gear.


With so many players determined to reach their goals, we thought we’d offer a little help.


We’re activating bonus EXP in both Dungeons and Battlegrounds!


This event will last throughout the entire week, so get ready to put your nose to the grindstone! This weekend, you’ll receive heaps of bonus EXP while slaying monsters inside dungeons, or slaying players inside BG’s. Specifically, players on Elune and Shadowsong can score 25% more experience inside dungeons, and x2 exp in Battlegrounds!


The bonus EXP event is live NOW, so get out there and get some levels!


We hope this event boosts your forward, Heroes! Good luck!






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