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Hybrid Risk System Overview



Season 3 will be here in less than two weeks, and with it, the debut of our new Hybrid Risk System. With this new system, players will be able to experience both High Risk and No Risk rulesets on the same realm. Not only will this allow more players together in the same place, but it will also let individuals who have different preferences in playstyles enjoy the game their way without splitting up the population. Additionally, the system goes one step beyond bringing High Risk and No Risk together, and actively lets players swap between game modes at their leisure, allowing individuals to experience eachwhen they want, if they want.


With the season beginning in just 10 days, it’s a good idea to catch up on the nuances of the Hybrid Risk System. You’ll be better prepared when you throw yourself into the season on April 12th.


The Hybrid Risk System


The Hybrid Risk System is a phasing system that allows players to choose what types of players they encounter in the world. At level 20 players choose whether they’d like to continue as a High Risk player or a No Risk player by selecting their preferred style from a menu. Once selected, they’ll join that phase, and only be able to see and interact with others in their selected phase; High Risk players will see High Risk players, and No Risk players will only see other No Risk players. Even if they’re standing next to each other, or in the same group, players in separate phases won’t see each other in the open world, or be able to interact.


Choose your Risk!


The Phasing system is only active in the Open World. Any place where a player would be able to drop gear if slain is where they enter their preferred phase. That said however, in safe zones--such as towns, cities, battlegrounds, dungeons, etc.--players of all phases will be able to see and interact with each other. Additionally, High Risk players will be able to see players outside of towns while they are inside in order to avoid potential ganking tactics.


Depending on the phase you’re playing in, your hero will gain the benefits of that ruleset. High Risk players will enjoy bonus EXP and the ability to find Dungeon and Raid loot off of world monsters, and no risk players--though they won’t receive the former--can relax knowing that their gear is safe from bandits. Also, both phases can look forward to FFA PvP and the Karma System, and Non-Soulbound items. Regardless of your chosen phase, you’ll be able to engage in FFA PvP (although no risk players still will not drop loot if slain), and become a Protector or Outlaw. Similarly, players will be able to buy and trade all types of gear without worrying about soulbound items.


Finally, players will be able to swap between playstyles by speaking to an NPC in their capital city. This NPC can shift players between High Risk and No Risk phases, allowing each type to try out the other, or move into one strategically. Keep in mind that this NPC will have a cooldown--choose when and which to swap too carefully.


That’s it for the Hybrid Risk Overview, heroes! We hope you’re looking forward to Season 3’s official launch on April 12th!






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