Hybrid Risk System Now on Laughing Skull!

Like Playing Hybrids?

Hybrid Risk System Now on Laughing Skull



Season 3’s Hybrid-Risk system has been a resounding success; for the first time in Ascension’s history, players can switch seamlessly between High-Risk and No-Risk on the same realm, experiencing Ascension the way they want to, while still sharing things like battlegrounds, dungeons, auction houses, and towns. With its success during Season 3, the system is now moving to Laughing Skull so that players can try out Hybrid Risk for the first time on our Legacy Realm!


Try out the Hybrid Risk System on Laughing Skull!


Everybody loves winning gear in a PvP encounter! On the flip side, few people enjoy losing it. For new players especially, losing gear on High Risk meant the end of their adventure--one or two deaths and a few pieces of gear lost, and they’d hang up their cloaks for good. However, with the Hybrid Risk System now in place, newer players on Laughing Skull will have the option, after losing a piece of gear, of jumping into No Risk. There, they’ll have some time to lick their wounds, farm up some gold, purchase new gear, and adjust their spec a little before leaping back into High Risk.


The Hybrid Risk System will offer a space for players to recover after a defeat.Although players in No Risk mode won’t be able to loot gear off of World Monsters or participate in events like Crow’s Cache, they will have space to rest and recover before jumping back into High Risk. While in No Risk mode, player’s won’t drop gear, and can use the Hybrid Risk System to better recuperate after a particularly devastating loss.


The Hybrid Risk System is available at level 20, and can be switched in major cities. For those of you unfamiliar with the nuances, here’s a quick overview:

Hybrid Risk System


Select your Path!


The Hybrid Risk System is a Season 3 mechanic that allows players to choose whether they want to play with a High Risk or No Risk ruleset. At level 20, a player decides which style they’d like to play in. Once they choose, they’ll be placed in that ruleset’s ‘Phase’. While out in the open world, questing or slaying monsters, players will only see and interact with others who have selected the same phase. If you chose High-Risk, you’ll only see other High-Risk players. If you chose No-Risk, you’ll only see other No-Risk players.


Additionally, the Hybrid Risk system allows players to change their ruleset at their leisure. In major cities, players can find an NPC that can swap their phase, allowing High Risk players to take a breather in No Risk. Players now have the choice of which style of play they'd like to engage in at any given time.



Switch Phases When YOU Want


It is worth noting that High Risk and No Risk phases only apply to players in the open world.Cities, Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Raids, Guilds, etc will all be activities that all players can engage in, regardless of what phase they happen to be in. If three high risk players want to run a dungeon with two no-risk players, they can, although the two groups will be unable to interact or even see each other until they phase into the dungeon. Additionally, Battlegrounds will be a place where everyone can test their PvP mastery.


Finally, a few final notes:

  1. PvP Loot Drop in the world will only be active for players in High Risk.

  2. Players playing in No Risk will not find Dungeon and Raid items in the open world.

  3. Items will remain unsoulbound regardless of which phase you are playing in

  4. Players will see eachother in cities, towns, battlegrounds, dungeons, raids, etc. regardless of phase


Good luck out there, heroes!






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A New Challenge Awakens on Seasonal!


The Broodmother Stirs

Onyxia Comes to Seasonal Realms




Deep within the Wyrmbog, the daughter of Deathwing rests. Her charade within the Alliance unmasked, she now waits for Adventurers foolish enough to challenge her. Whether Horde or Alliance, the time has come to gather your allies, and slay the dreaded Onyxia!


Onyxia is coming to Ascension’s Seasonal Realms!


Get ready to tackle the Broodmother, heroes--next Saturday, May 25th, Onyxia is releasing across Elune, Shadowsong, and Whisperwind! Finish up your attunement quests and get your raids ready, because you’ll need every ounce of your power to bring her down!


Additionally, for those of you who prefer the risky lifestyle, with Onyxia’s release, her loot will be available in the open world for High-Risk players! Upon her release, players will have a chance to snag items from Onyxia’s Lair off of monsters of a high enough level--but be warned, these items will be rare!


We’re excited to see if players are capable of slaying the Daughter of Deathwing in Wildcard Mode. Good luck, Heroes!





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Vanity Collection Merged Across Season 3!


Travel at your Leisure!

Vanity Collection Merged Across All Season 3 Realms




We have an INCREDIBLE number of players on Ascension’s Seasonal Realms. As such, many of you have been bouncing back and forth between multiple characters--whether to play with friends, try different builds, or experience one of the other realms. A good portion of you are having fun playing across two, or even all three of Ascension’s Season 3 realms: we want to help you enjoy that a bit more!


We’ve merged the Vanity Collection across all Seasonal Realms!


Not too long ago, we pulled the Vanity Tab data from each of our seasonal realms, combined it, and put it back--that means that all of the Vanity Items you have on one seasonal realm, you have across ALL seasonal realms. No matter which Season 3 Realm you visit, you can find your Book of Ascension, Mounts, Pets, and other Vanity Tab items there!


Additionally, with Recruit a Friend being account wide, there’s never been a better time to jump into an adventure.


We hope you enjoy your Collection Items across Season 3, heroes. Have a blast, and good luck with your rolls!






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Guide: Book of Ascension Transfers


How to Get your Book of Ascension

On Other Seasonal Realms




Over the past few days, we’ve seen many tickets from players wondering how to get their Books of Ascension (and other vanity items) from one Seasonal Realm to the next. We’re here today to let everyone know exactly how to do that!


If you had a Book of Ascension on Elune, here’s how to access it on the other Seasonal Realms:


Step One: Open up your Character Advancement Tab and Click ‘Collections’



Step Two: Click the “Vanity” Tab



Step Three: Find your Book of Ascension and hit “Deliver Item”


And it’s as simple as that! The book will appear in your inventory, and you’ll have a quick way to learn abilities on the fly.


If you see a new player wondering how to get their Book, be sure to send them to this article!


Take it easy out there, Heroes!





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Third Time's the Charm!


Good Things Come in 3’s

Ascension Opening its Third Seasonal Realm




It seems two realms are not enough to hold everyone! The influx of new players to Ascension hasn’t stopped. Despite Shadowsong opening only two days ago, it reached capacity on its first day, with queues today on both of our Seasonal realms exceeding over 350 players each. That’s too long to wait! While we continue to increase the capacity of both realms (around 100 players a day now), we want to make sure each and every Hero on Ascension is able to enter the world and explore the project. For that reason, we are opening a third Seasonal Realm.


Whisperwind is a brand new realm that is exactly the same as Elune and Shadowsong: same ruleset, same options, same everything. Here, players will be able to start their Wildcard journey from scratch, creating a new hero and traveling Azeroth on a new adventure. Heroes will have a chance to roll new abilities, attempt new builds, and snag Achievements and World Firsts they might have missed on our other Seasonal Realms.


Additionally, the Vanity Collection will again be copied over in full--this time from both Elune AND Shadowsong. Once Whisperwind goes live, we’ll be taking the Vanity Collection data from both Elune and Shadowsing, merging them, and applying the merged store to Whisperwind. Basically, if you’ve got the Book of Ascension, or any cosmetics, mounts, pets, etc. from our Donation Store, you’ll continue to have those items on Whisperwind.


As the season continues, the player cap of each Seasonal Realm will continue to expand. If an opportunity arises, we will not hesitate to merge any of them (or all of them) together, if we’re able.


If you’ve been waiting for a chance to roll the dice, or love the rush of a fresh start, you’ll find everything you love about Season 3 here on Whisperwind!

Whisperwind is launching Wednesday, May 1st, at 12:00pm CST / 7:00pm Realm Time! We’ll see you there, Heroes!






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