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Project Ascension:

Tips and Suggestions to new Players

Starting out on Ascension, you're exposed to many things, such as the ability to create your own build [Your Own Combination of Spells] , World PVP, and the haunting knowledge that upon death you are liable to drop items to players within a certain level range. Through out all of this, it is easy to make simple mistakes that can sometimes ruin the feeling of the great experience that can be had on here, so, I'd like to give to you a list of potentially helpful tips & suggestions for when you play on the Project Ascension's [Beta Hardcore] realm, Sargeras.


If you find this post to large for you to read, and only want specific elements out of it, there is a summary section all the way at the bottom which will include tags that you find via. the [ Ctrl+F ] combination on most browsers.

Quick Tips

If you find yourself struggling to move the [ Custom UI] in the middle of your screen, all you must do is bring your cursor only near it until it glows, and then move it aside. [Mentioned at Tag; a2] Should you also find yourself feeling a little bit lonely, make sure to check your [ Chat Settings ] to see if you have Project Ascension's [ World ] Chat enabled.

Starting Out

[a1] Starting out on Ascension, you'll first be met with a [ Custom UI ] that most people have trouble with. This [ Custom UI ] includes; Character Advancement Panel, a Stat Allocation Panel, and a Talent / Spell Reset Panel.

Character Advancement Panel: This panel includes the access towards picking out your own spells from the current available classes, and each of their respective 'Specs'. eg. Warrior; Arms, Fury, Protection.

Stat Allocation Panel: Here, you can allocate the stats you'd automatically have placed for you as you level up in retail of in other realms. As you level up, you will gain these points to allocate at free will. - You are not able to allocate stats while in Combat, inside of a PVP Instances such as a Battleground or Arena. These stats are not 'permanently' allocated, and can be changed freely as you go. -

Talent / Spell Reset Panel: Should you make a mistake in your current build, you can access this panel to reset either your Talents or Spells for a cost. - You have three 'free' attempts at resetting your talents or spells at first, should you run out of these essences, you will have to use Gold as a resource instead. -

[a2] Commonly, people find themselves struggling to move these panels. All that must be done to move them is place your cursor near any of the icons until they glow without actually being close enough to click icons.

[a3] When starting out you'll have three abilities that will give you a taste of the different general classes.

Strike: A melee based ability that costs [15] Rage to cast, dealing good amount of damage.

Quick Shot: A ranged based ability that costs [15] Energy to cast, dealing a fair amount of damage.

Arcane Bolt: A ranged casted ability that costs [4] Mana to cast, dealing good damage. - Best Source of Damage at Lower Levels. -

Out of these three abilities, Arcane Bolt is your best chance at dealing glorious amounts of damage reliably. What I'd suggest to you is, allocate your stats into Intellect via the Stat Allocation Panel. This will increase your mana pool, allowing you to cast this spell more often.


[b1] When allocating your stats, it is important to know what exactly they'll be more in a more in depth perspective; the Stat Allocation Panel provides a clear clean cut explanation of what they'll do, however, I'll explain further what the best options are for builds when it comes to stats.

Strength: will increases your attack power with  - Melee Weapons - and increase the amount of damage you can block with a Shield. This stat will not provide any bonuses towards - Ranged Weapons - , Critical Strikes or Dodge. You will gain '2' Melee Attack Power per point of Strength.

Agility: will increase your attack power with all weapons, not including wands. It will also provide your chance for a Critical Strike, or a Dodge. You will gain '2' Ranged Attack Power and only '1' towards your Melee Attack Power. If you are in a morph that changes variables; Cat Form, you will gain '2' Melee Attack Power. A  small benefit you gain as well is every '2' points you invest into Agility will provide you with a varying amount of armor.

Stamina: will increase your hit points by 10, adding onto of your base health pool.

Intellect: will increase your mana pool by 15, adding onto of your base mana pool. This stat will also include a minuscule increase to your spell critical chance. [ Every estimated 60 points of intellect will give you 1% Spell Crit Chance.]

Spirit: will increase your passive 'health' and 'mana' regeneration per second. This can be compared to mana per/sec items or spells in game.

[b2] When making a certain build, you should of course only invest into stats that will have some sort of benefit for you.

Melee: Strength, Stamina
Caster: Intellect, Stamina - For Low Levels, it would be best to consider spells as melee builds only excel with a combination of abilities in most casts. -
Ranged: Agility, Intellect, Stamina - Being able to avoid close combat with melee builds while staying mobile is key to survival. Investing into Strength would be wasteful as your opponent will only do more damage as they probably have more stat points invested into it, you can use your higher levels of mana to benefit from spells. -

[c1] As I've stated before, Arcane Bolt is your best chance at dealing damage at lower levels, so I would personally recommend that you focus on utility in lower levels as you're given a good enough ability to deal okay damage. Things such as an Imp from the [Warlock Demonology] tree are a good grab. Having a filler is very important, and sooner or later you should pick an ability to replace the ones you've started with. They will not last forever, and waiting too long can sometime be punishing as at around Level 10, you can easily become a target as most players KoS. [ Killing On Sight ] When making a build it is always important to have balance and focus on having the ability to fill most rolls; deal decent damage, have some sort of sustain [ healing ] , and take a fair bit of damage. Being a glass canon at lower levels is risky as being stripped is always something that can ruin your experience and sometimes making leveling very difficult. - Stripped in this case as in; losing all or a high number of items within your current set. -

[c2] Another thing to consider when making a build, it is vital that you always balance out your stats correctly. It is common for people to have a melee build, and invest into full Strength without considering that you don't always gain from placing a point into something. When you invest points into a stat that gives you attack power, it won't always increase the damage you deal until you put enough points into it. - If you level up and invest all your points into a damage type that, you will notice sometimes your DPS will not increase, I'd recommend that you place your points into a different stat like Stamina until you can really gain the benefit of that state. -


[d1] Getting a nice [ Common ] , [ Rare ] or [ Epic ] is always a nice feeling, especially when it either drops from a random mob within the world or has a wonderful enchant that benefits you, [ Gear on Project Ascension's realms, gear has a chance to randomly roll a talent or enchant upon itself for a bonus benefit; eg. Reduce the costs of your instant spells by x% ] but it is always best that you do not hold onto these while roaming the world alone in most cases. In PVP, you're at a risk to drop these precious items, even higher so when you're higher level or have more items from what it seems. Tho tempting, you should think about it before bringing these items out. If they only benefit you slightly, and losing them isn't much of a cost as it will not ruin you, I'd highly recommend that you bring them out anyways, but if you're at risk of losing an item that you required heavily I'd say that it is best you place these items in your bank until needed. - At risk in this case; if you find yourself struggling to win battles against other players, you're not a fairly high level for the zone you're in, or if you have players that have dedicated it to killing you for any reason at all. -


[e1] Getting from level 1-60 is sometimes a lengthy process if you do not use the Donation features. You should always consider making yourself known as a player and try to get a party going at all times. Safety in numbers. While leveling you will gain the necessary [ Ability / Talent ] essences, but sometimes you won't always be able to get something that is extremely useful for you. In many cases, I'd recommend that you hold onto them so that you may use them on things that may be more beneficial for you. Typically every 10 levels you will have a new set of very good abilities. 10: Hunter Pets | 20: Ghost Wolf | 30: Travel Form // and so on. If you feel like nothing you have available for choosing is to your taste, it would be good if you simply held onto them until you can pick out these very good abilities.

[e2] Another thing to keep in mind is Talents. In the current [ Custom UI ] it displays the fact that you require a certain amount of points down a specific tree before you can pick up certain talents, however, this is not the case. Even if you have no Talent Points / Essences invested into a specific Talent Tree; [ Demonology ] - you may still acquire these Talents. So, in some cases it is also a good idea to hold onto your Talent Points / Essences so that you can skip certain things that will not benefit you very well.


[f1] Guilds have been, and always will be a core part of World of Warcraft  for a good reason. It gives you the benefit of being apart of something bigger, the ability to connect with other players and the strength as a people to do content that you wouldn't be able to do alone in most cases. I think that it is ESSENTIAL that you find yourself a Guild as quick as possible. Not only for the fact that you will have people protecting / helping you, but it is better to play alongside people than alone.

Common Issues

[g1] Project Ascension is still only in beta, and it is important to remember such when playing. If you find yourself running into a bug, or an exploit it would be wise to always report these things, even if they're things that have been found in the past to perhaps give them more traction unless solved. Even if these bugs were apart of the previous expansions, just for a more clean experience. Not only that, but if you are to create a build surrounding a specific bug / exploit, or around an element that isn't suppose to regularly happen, having your build be patched is a pain and can really ruin the time playing on here. [ MinMaxing ] is something I do enjoy, but I'd suggest avoiding these sorts of things to further yourself as they will only be temporary in many cases.


Thank you reading this Post, and hopefully it has helped you in anyway, and perhaps even made your experience playing on Project Ascension more fun. Below, you will find a small box that will include all of the tags for each section I have listed in this post.

Tag(s) [ a1-a3 ] : Starting Out; Helpful Information
Tag(s) [ b1-b2 ] : Stats; How to Properly Allocate Stats
Tag(s) [ c1-c2 ] : Builds; What is Best for leveling? Survival Tips
Tag(s) [ d1-d1 ] : Gear; Keeping it Safe, and When to Use it
Tag(s) [ e1-e2 ] : Leveling; Make some Friends!
Tag(s) [ f1-f1 ]  : Guilds; Be Apart of Something
Tag(s) [ g1-g1 ] : Common Issues; Report, Fix, & Stay Clean


This post will have images included in a further date once all of them are collected.

Leave feedback!


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Cheers @Tommyruin. I might lower the font size and remove some of the excess writing from it, do leave feedback and ideas for future posts.

Have a good one!


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Forgot a mention.
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May want to add that the exception for agility, in regards to melee, is cat form (lvl 20 ability) which gives 2 attack power per point of agility. Otherwise nice starter guide for new players.

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I would tone down the color changing just a bit, use more base colors instead of blending them together, makes it a bit harder to outline points and read specific details when jumping from point to point, and especially when skimming. I do like the thought of a 'New Player Handbook'. ;)

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@Vince The input is much appreciated, it will remain this color set for now until I get images for the final editing, when such is done I'll most likely having all picked out and properly put together.

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Wish I had this guide when I was starting. I do agree with @Vince though, the purple was a bit hard to read, and it was hard to distinguish what was a new header/subject as they are all different colors and the same size font. Overall very good starting guide @Nammey!

P.S. I didn't see it when I read through but you should probably put in a section talking about the Weapon Skills visual being incorrect, and the fact that there are some weapon skills that you can't see and it wont say Skill-ups in chat log but you will be gaining skill in that weapon skill. I was an idiot for not asking questions beforehand but I ended up spending one of my precious Respecs Pre-20 because my character didn't have Bow or Crossbow skill, and I thought I wouldn't be able to hit anything after level 10 as I didn't have those skills.

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@Thundfin, I will surely add that in, as well as make a proper set up for the color scheme. Just haven't planned it all out properly. Once I do, I will make another edit before I add images.



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Thanks  Zukien. Plan on reworking all of it since there have been a few changes for builds later on in the game, and a few things I think could be added.

Also plan on making a detailed post for stats and spells, what works, and what doesn't.


Edited by Nammey

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Should note for perfection that Agility only gives 1.5 Ranged Attack Power here.

Intellect contributes towards maximum/total mana, not base, although I am not entirely sure how it's treated when you gain Intellect as a base stat on level-ups.

Each Point of Agility is 2 Armor.

Other than that, kudos (Y)

Edited by Gubbyascension

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Ty for the input. Still an old post I haven't updated in a while, slowly pumping things out again.

Will definitely go over the mistakes once I find a way to re-format my post. :)

Take care. <3


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I'm trying to get some help to get project Ascension working on my Mac, how can I achieve that? please help, there's no other place to make these kind of questions.



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