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Ancient and very dark forces are ready to improve your character with Fel Commutation!

Dear Ascension Players, today I'm going tell you a bit more about Fel Commutation System from lore, technical and my personal point of view.

This system is about new mechanics which will be a pleasure to Sargeras customers same as for veterans of our hardcore realm as for new faces on Ascension. It is about a new opportunity for everyone from level 10 Orc to level 60 Night Elf, Fel Commutation is a chance to keep your inventory items safe and secure, even if you lost in a pvp battle.


Why the hell it is about demons!?

Fel Commutation is a way to insure your items from being dropped in pvp trough keeping their essences in a very special place in Twising Nether, the only access to which is available from demonic powers. Fortunately, after third war some of the demons still left in Azeroth, so it shouldn't be a problem to find one. The thing is that most of the demons are not very friendly and they rather would try to kill you than let you use their secrets. But our development team is happy to present to you new kind of demons, Greedy Demons who don't care about who they serve, because the only thing they care about is money, money and protection by your character.


Greedy Demons are little, weak, but very evil creatures which used to serve high-ranked demons. They are squiers who polish Succubus's plate bikini's, Doomlord's shoulders and even Imp tails! Those little angry beasts helped the demons to port back in Twisting Nether when heroes of Azeroth defeated the Burning Legion back in time.

Now, in lack of their owners, Greedy Demons are ready to serve any kid who are willing to store their belongings somewhere in the Demon's Realm for a fee. This mean that when your character dies in pvp-fight, your fel commutated items won't be lost because their essences are kept in a safe place, access to which in any time is available by your personal Greedy Demon!

No one actually knows how many are Greedy Demons left in Azeroth and where they're located, but be sure that you have the same chance to find one in Burning Steppes same as in Elwynn Forest or Durotar.


Besides gold, you'll need a special currency which is filled by a demonic energy which makes it possible to open a portal to the Twisting Nether for some of your inventory slots. It is called Demon's Tears and it have a chance to be dropped from any strong enough creature in the world of Azeroth.

Your Greedy Demon is an angry little beast, so only trough slaying your enemies you can deserve respect of it. In the moment when you defeat the strongest, the rarest and evilest opponents, your demon-squire is able to extract very special enegry from the corpse of your foe.


Fel Commutation is a system we want to bring for you guys to give you an opportunity to choose between losing gold or your items after death in pvp. Our development team hopes that you'll like that from both victim and agressor sides because we know how painful it could be to lose your items on low level. We're ready to hear any of your critics and suggestions because we are working as hard as we can to improve the game. We would love to see you guys in game.

Have fun and enjoy Project Ascension. 

Best Regards, Shelly

p.s sorry for my english :3

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Interesting solution. I just have few issues with this.

First, between insane respec costs and price of safeguarding equipment, you basically push players to grind gold 24/7. This stops being a simple money sink and becomes a chore. 

Second, I dont like greedy imp implementation at all. I just dont see a point spawning more NPCs, that players have to seek, for a simple access to menu. Suggestion: just put a static NPC in main capitals that does the same. You have Ethereals who could fit in perfectly for that. As for imps, they could stay but for other purpose - if players manages to kill imp before he vanishes through portal, player gets decent chunk of gold scaled to his level.

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I think as long as you add some sort of gold entry into the game this would be really amazing. 20G for one item? Man with these rates it takes 2 hours to grind 20G...I guarantee you'll die 4-5 times a day....Unless you're grinding like CRAZY for mats or something (And you'll lose some of those when you die too..) it's going to be a chore and a half to protect your items. REALLY cool idea don't get me wrong, we just need a way to make it feasible for the loser, but still lucrative for the winner.

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"to give you an opportunity to choose between losing gold or your items after death in pvp."

"...we know how painful it could be to lose your items on low level."


Sorry, but isn't Sargeras a hardcore drop-on-death pvp realm? Why take away from both the hardcore and drop-on-death aspect?

The idea behind Fel Commutation is great but I think it should be limited to a few items only. Players would still have a way to save their important items without feeling like they have to farm gold to be relevant, because right now the only choices are "get gold" or "lose your items in pvp".

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I like the FM system and I think there needs to be something like it, but I see some flaws. I'm not claiming to know anything (the devs are gods and I am but a dirty potato farmer) but i'll try to illustrate those flaws with a narrative.. 

    Johnny Average has been 60 for a month and has 400g. When Johnny does wPvP he switches his gear out with dungeon blues because they're easy to farm and cheap on the AH. Johnny equips a big f**k-off sword and some epic shoulders but protects them with Fel Commutation, then Johnny goes wPvPing. Most people are doing what Johnny does, so his loot from players is gold and the same dungeon blues he's wearing.

    Johnny eventually dies. Heck, Johnny is a trooper and probably keeps going, but dies again. Johnny stops before he loses too much and resurrects in a city with his epics safe. At the end of the day Johnny puts his raid gear back on and stands still in Stormwind with his bounty: a couple hundred gold.


    Meanwhile, Doug Dalladome owner of the Dalaran Dalladome is out PvPing in full raid gear. He dominates, but everyone is trying to kill Doug for sleeping with their wives, so Doug dies a few times and drops some seed for the pigeons. Doug also stops dying before his losses become too great, and resurrects in a city with all of his precious purps intact.

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Can anyone confirm "Greedy Demons" do exist?

I'm almost 60 and haven't found a single one - or - heard by ANYONE on the server, that he has found one.

Only one I've seen was purchased through donation.
I really want one of these and it's really pissing me of.
Okay, make them rare! But that even NO ONE on the server has found one, really seriously? sucks

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