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[Laughing Skull] Are there any plans to build a more robust crafting system?

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My experience with WPvP games has led me to believe that a strong crafting economy is central to the development of quality player-driven content. Are there any plans to develop out vanilla WoW's crafting system to help drive PvP interaction? My opinion on this isn't fully formed, but in general I've found crafting to be a strong driver for WPvP, especially in games that allow more customization and specification. Ascension is its own animal, though, and I think that WoW's baseline crafting system is less than ideal for getting the result I've seen elsewhere. Please note that all the crafting I'm referring here is regarding low to medium quality gear. I'm not talking about BIS epics, I'm talking about a set of blues or non-BIS epics that isn't phenomenal, but can work very well if your gear and your skills are paired up correctly.

Here are some of the reasons I think a stronger emphasis on crafting would be good for Ascension:

  • Niche talent builds often require niche equipment. A crafting system allows a player to farm, but then to apply their rewards towards a specific set of equipment. For instance, with builds that require players to stack a certain stat: it can be frustrating to have to farm, sell gear, look at the AH to see what's available, and eventually settle for suboptimal gear because they couldn't find an obscure BIS piece that best emphasizes the strengths of their skill/talent builds. With a crafting system players would be able to build new sets of gear to compliment each gear. This, in turn, makes gear more expendable. If farming could give you a guaranteed set of blues for exactly the stats you want, you're less worried about losing it. You know you can get it back.
  • It allows playfields to be tailored to certain gear tiers. Concentrating resource faucets for specific tiers of gear in specific areas allows devs to generally control the equipment and experience of folks that congregate in those areas. For instance, someone with a full set of blues that compliments their gear won't want to go fight folks farming equipment for a fresh 60, since there's really nothing to gain. They have better gear than they'll ever find on those folks. This doesn't save anyone from griefers, but that's WPvP for you. It's part of the game.
  • It allows guilds to develop more organized doctrines. One of Ascension's flaws right now, in my opinion, is that it's challenging for a guild to theorycraft interesting doctrines for their members and then execute them. I think there are two big solutions to this: the first is making respecs more affordable, which doesn't align with the developers goals for reasons I understand. A second way to make this type of play more feasible, though, would be to gear standardization more manageable. As it stands, if a guild leader wants to create a doctrine for WPvP, they need to make the talent/ability build, and then just trust that players will equip themselves appropriately. There's no way for them to help everyone hit certain numbers--a certain AP, a certain stamina value, a certain armor value, etc. If they could make sure that everyone in their PvP gang had a certain bare minimum set of gear, group PvP events become a whole lot easier and more affordable to plan.

Here are some things that concern me:

  • It will make a lot of gear drops obsolete. I'm not sure how to fix this. I'm worried that it will make any non-crafted low or mid-tier gear useless, and that it'll just end up hurting the economy in the end.
  • It's a lot of work. Devs have to pick their projects, and I'm not sure that this will have enough of an impact to warrant the investment. My experience has been that WPvP tends to thrive when players use good equipment most of the time but save their best equipment for important fights, and that's what makes a system like this so effective. Ascension has proved the opposite, though--players seem to hoard gear until they have full epics before diving into WPvP. I'm not sure if this is something that will change as systems evolve, or if it's a leftover from WoW, where gear wasn't disposable, and it's just part of the playerbase.
  • It only makes a big difference for WPvP realms. I think this is the most difficult obstacle to overcome. This system would have less benefit (though not no benefit) for low-risk realms. It shines when you're losing gear frequently, and it become just a stepping stone as soon as you hold BIS gear forever. In a high-risk realm where it's more economical to run a build at 80% efficiency knowing you can afford to replace it a dozen times, this system rocks. In low-risk, there's no reason not to run at 100% all the time.

Anyway, I hope I articulated myself well here. I haven't hashed out the details, but it's the general system I've been thinking about. Thoughts?

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I hope they take a look at crafting. There are so many useless reciepes. LW, Tailoring and BS almost irrelevant unless its some specific items like enchanting rods or bags.

Devs, dont afraid to revamp some reciepes and add new ones to make crafting more interesting. Id love to see cool items available only for people with that profession. Like Goblin glider for engineers. Or invisibility cloak for tailors. Or bonus reputation elixirs for alchemists.

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On 5/21/2018 at 11:05 AM, steakhouse said:

i'm pretty surprised at how irrelevant crafting professions are on a server where you lose gear on death ...

Well the best gear always came from raids with the crafted stuff either having worthless stats, or stupidly expensive in terms of mats with the addition of still being 2nd place to raid drops. The first one will make you lose because you really don't need anymore +int +spirit pieces, and the other will run your gold pile into the ground.

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This needs  a bump. incase the Dev's forgot about it and want to do something with it later. i was going to suggest a similar feat. Probly more for BC and Wrath. as you add Expansions the Crafting system is more and more useless with enchanting, jewelcrafting, and alchemy the exceptions. any work should be focused on Tailor/Blacksmith(Armorsmith and Weaponsmith)/leatherworking.

I would love to see at least one set from crafted items in Vanila content BC and Wrath.  And make it use ALOT of resources from a lot of low lvl content to get he value of those Items up.

and the recipe HARD to get a drop. like worst than the sea turtle mount in wrath.


Robes of the Ascendant:   Requires 20 bolts of runecloth 20 bolts of linen 10 bolts of wool 5 light leather 3 heavy 1 enchanted Arcanite Bar 10 iridescent pearls 15 Pristine Black Diamonds

5 Red dye 20 heavy thread 10 rune thread  25 core of elements   ETC lots of stuff make use of high and low lvl items to craft things

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   give the items like 2 week CD so they cant flood the market.

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Guest Wacky

There's one thing that I think could make professions useful, and that's adding professional abilities. Buffing the gear would make raiding pointless, but if each profession had its own special ability/abilities unlocked by maxing it out, or by learning x amount of recipes, you could make them useful past a certain point.


Alchemy gets Regenerating Flask and Chemical Bomb, mana-costing spells that conjures 1 AoE bomb item that heals or deals damage respectively based off of spirit.

Blacksmithing gets Smoldering Hammer, a ranged mana-costing attack that causes damage, and hits additonal times for 25% melee weapon damage for every fire-type debuff active on the target. Has a 10 second cooldown.

Enchanting gets Rage Tap and Energy Tap, abilities that convert rage and energy into mana, applying a debuff that halts the regeneration of both for 30 seconds.

Engineering gets Mega Tonk or Flying Machine CD abilities that allow the engineer to operate a tank or a flying machine for five minutes. While operating, the engineer will have several unique abilities. The Mega Tonk can dish out and take massive damage, is immune to stuns, fears, polymorphing and disorients, and can fire specialist cartridges, such as poison bomb, which covers an area in toxic gas for 10 seconds. The Flying Machine can not be attacked by melee attacks, has exceptional dodging capabilities, but is a complete glass cannon; it is also immune to stuns, fears, polymorphing and disorients, as well as roots, but can only attack with its machine gun and by dropping AoE bombs. Gnomish engineers receive Mega Tonk, while Goblin Engineers receive the Flying Machine. Both have an hour long cooldown.

Herbalism gets Lifegiving Roots, a CD ability that conjures five healing items equivalent to major healing potions. Has a 1 minute long cooldown.

Leatherworking gets Nine Tail Lash, a short ranged rage-costing attack that causes no threat and applies a debuff similar to sunder armour. Has a 10 second cooldown.

Mining gets Stone Rise, a mana-costing ability that brings a pillar of stone up in front of the caster, blocking line of site. Can not be used in combat or in battlegrounds. Has a 5 minute cooldown.

Skinning gets Scalping, a passive that gives the skinner the ability to gain a scalp upon killing a target that rewards honour. Scalps can be turned in to faction scalp collectors for reputation, honour, or gold. Can not collect scalps in battlegrounds.

Tailoring gets Web Weave, an energy-costing ability that roots a target for 10 seconds. Has a 20 second cooldown.


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