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Project Ascension - Rules and Regulations

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Greetings, Heroes!

Welcome to the official rules and regulations thread for Project Ascension. Below you will find the official rules for all of Ascension's servers, forum conduct, and Discord. Please do note that this is not an exhaustive list. Use common sense. We hope these rules encourage a positive atmosphere of fair-play and cooperation between players, as well as foster a feeling of community here. It is everyone's responsibility to create an environment that players can thrive in.

These rules apply to anyone using your account or accessing our servers from your unique IP address. You are personally responsible for the consequences (including the termination of your account) that may result if any such person breaks these rules. For that reason, we encourage you to not share accounts, never share your password, and change your passwords frequently. A staff member will NEVER ask you for your password.

These rules apply to anyone accessing Ascension servers from your unique IP. Infractions resulting in an IP ban will be applied to ALL accounts accessing our servers from that unique IP. It is your responsibility to ensure friends, family, roommates, or guests understand that infractions resulting in an IP bad impact ALL players from that IP. 


Project Ascension Rules and Code of Conduct:


(1) Communication, chat and general conduct. The use of unlawful, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, racially, ethnically, politically charged or sexually derogatory language toward any other player or staff, including real life threats or personal accusations is not permitted. As a community with a diverse range of players, kindly speak and post without the use of vulgarity. We just want people to enjoy Ascension without worrying about real life.

We have zero tolerance for harassment or verbal assault towards Ascension staff members. There is no reason for any player to ever verbally abuse a staff member, and it is expected that you will speak to them with respect. We hold our staff to the highest standard, including how they interact with our players, and we understand that no one is infallible. Disagreeing with a staff member’s decision is not grounds for being rude. If you disagree with a staff member’s decision, or were the victim of verbal abuse from a staff member, the ONLY correct course of action is to file a report with a Community Manager via Discord or email support@project-ascension.com

Excessive spamming in chat is prohibited. Filling the chat window with messages, typing in all capital characters consistently and constantly, and/or relaying the same information in a repeated fashion are all included in the definition of spamming. Consistently using incorrect channels in-game or Discord may result in a mute or ban. Guild recruitment messages belong in guild recruitment channels only. Please note that there is a degree of autonomy allowed to GM's in regards to enforcing this rule. They will address individual issues according to their own benchmark of severity.

Action may be taken against players who consistently create a negative atmosphere. While we welcome constructive feedback and criticism, we expect that feedback to be delivered without the use of personal attacks, threats, toxicity, or gloom and doom. Feedback should focus on how to improve the Ascension experience. 

(2) Guilds. You may not organize any guilds or groups based on any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, political or any other hate-mongering philosophy. You may not partake in idolatry of any kind that does not exist within the lore of Warcraft.

(3) Character names are unique and on a first-come/first-served basis. Please choose unoffensive, non-sexual and non-obscene character names. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to change your name, or have your name changed for you. See NAMING GUIDELINES below.

(4) Impersonating Staff Members, or lying to a Staff Member, in any and all circumstances, will result in a ban with no warning.

(5) Frequent abuse of the ticket system, whether to ask the staff for goods, services, or favors, or to insult them, is prohibited.

(6) Posting external links in chat that lead to content that is inappropriate, for example pornographic, grotesque, or content deliberately designed to arouse anger, is prohibited.

(7) Altering the color of your chat is annoying and prohibited. Colored chat in-game and on the forums is reserved for server staff to ensure important announcements are seen.

(8) Multiboxing, by which we mean having CONTROL on more than one character at the same time, is strictly forbidden. Using any automation software to copy actions of one character to another will get you in trouble. However, being logged in on multiple characters at the same time, as long as you control them INDEPENDENTLY, is accepted. This does not include using alternate characters on /follow.

For high-risk only, you cannot use a second logged in character to provide any advantage to your main character in the open world. This includes buffing, being a loot mule, hiding and ressing, scouting, or anything that would give you an unfair advantage over a player only operating one account. You can still have a bank alt logged in on high risk.

(9) Threatening players, staff members, or the server in any way is against our terms of service. Please follow this rule to its logical conclusion; a player who tosses a /threaten at you is not on the chopping block.

(10) You will not exploit any bug you find on Ascension to gain unfair advantage in the game, and if found, will not communicate the existence of any such bug to another player. All exploits with the potential to create an unfair advantage must be shared immediately with through the in-game ticket system or with a Head Game Master, Community Manager, or Developer via Discord. Players found profiting directly from an exploit or the failure to report an exploit may be punished based on the severity of the exploit.

(11) The use of hacks, bots, scripts, malicious third party programs or game altering patches that provide any tangible advantages to gameplay will result in an irrevocable permanent ban regardless of circumstances or considerations.

(12) We don't tolerate extortion on Ascension.

(13) No Real-World Trade: Any attempts to sell any items, accounts, or information for Real money will result in a swift permanent ban. Attempting to sell, trade or give away a player account will result in that account being banned, even if the transaction has already taken place. Do not conduct business with anyone who is looking to sell an account.

(14) Win-trading is strictly prohibited.

(15) Fraud, for instance a Paypal Chargeback, will lead directly and unceremoniously to account suspension.

(16) Advertising another private server while playing on Project Ascension will result in a ban of both your account and your IP. Players are free to play where they wish. We do not condone our players advertising Ascension on another server where doing so is a violation of that server’s rules and action may be taken against those players. Please respect Ascension, our players, other servers and their players.

(17) GM's will not involve themselves with guild politics: players are responsible for using proper discretion when joining guilds, and any events that occur between members of a guild, except for those that specifically violate the above rules, will be left to players to resolve.

(18) Intentionally disrupting intended gameplay or functionality is prohibited. Examples include queuing for random dungeon finder repeatedly while avoiding the queue or joining a battleground without intent to participate(going AFK, hiding in stealth, or intentionally putting your team at a disadvantage).




Character & Pet Naming Guidelines:

This policy applies to characters, pets, items and other in-game naming methods.

You are encouraged to choose a name that represents your character in the way you want to be seen. However, we also ask that good discretion be used when choosing names for characters, guilds, pets, or any other item or entity in game which can be custom-named. Examples of inappropriate names include, but are not limited to:

Any name that is defamatory or attempts to defame the reputation of another account holder, or a staff member of Ascension.

Any name that violates the Ascension Code of Conduct. This includes names that are racially motivated, politically charged, sexually graphic, anatomical and excretory references, hateful, defamatory, ethnically derogatory, in reference to hate groups, or any other names that would be offensive in nature including homonyms. Simply, if your name defames any demographic or is in poor taste you are likely to be disciplined.

Any name using offensive content as outlined above in conjunction with names of famous or important historical, political or religious figures. Names of modern era serial killers or anyone, or group who have committed crimes against humanity or any name that is closely connected with these acts.

Any name involving a combination of words that produces an offensive result. Masked profanity or slang which denotes offensive terms. Misspellings, phonetic spellings, word combinations, or alternative spellings of any names that violate the above rules in an attempt to circumvent them.

Any name that is an unintelligible combination of letters. Garbled names such as “zzhdsjhdkd” and naming multiple characters with variations of a word such as “dddbbdbdbd” and “dbbbdbdbdbd” which seek to only to gain an advantage in PvP by scrambling voice communication/targeting.  

An inappropriate name may subject you to disciplinary action, most likely resulting in a request to rename yourself, up to and including termination of your Ascension account for repeat offenders.

Overall, we encourage you to be creative and mindful of your naming in-game. This helps to foster a creative and enjoyable gaming environment. We understand this is a high-risk server, but we implore you to try your best to be a mature member of our gaming community.



Ban Appeals.

If you have received a ban and would like to appeal it, please do so on the forums. All ban appeals will be reviewed by the entire staff before a conclusion is arrived at.

Please note the Ascension Team reserves the right to change or amend these rules at any given time without prior notice. Changes to the rules will be posted in our Announcements channel on Discord. It is advised you come back to review our rules every once in a while, to make sure you have the most clear, concise and up to date information! 

We hope you enjoy your time on Ascension, Heroes!

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Forum Rules - Disclaimers And Our General Warning

   The following guidelines and rules do not cover our Terms of Service; Those can be found here: http://www.project-ascension.com/page/termsofuse

Violation of any policy listed below will result in an infraction, which may lead to a forum ban. Game bans and Forum bans might translate, depending on the severity of the situation. Using the Ascension Forums is a privilege, not a right. Behave accordingly, and remember to take a step back before you post; Proofread and double check your message, as posting it might have consequences. We don't expect saintly behavior; we do expect you to act mature.



  • We operate under a Zero Tolerance policy on our forums. Bans are handed out based on user offense and severity. They may be extended if higher level staff deep it necessary.



  • To report a player for breaking the forum rules, send a private message to any Forum Moderator. To report hackers, open a ticket in-game.
  • Do not open a new thread to whine about hackers, ninja looters, exploiters, bugs, staff, etc. The forums are a place for people to discuss game-related content, not a place your inarticulate rants.
  • Please report bugs exclusively at https://project-ascension.com/bugtracker -please do not report them on the forums. This includes using the forums to beg for ratings on the Bug Tracker, or creating threads with Bug Tracker links.



         (1): No Discriminatory, derogatory, and or disparaging behavior or comments. Just be considerate and polite.


         (2): No Avoiding our Language Filters: Do not avoid the language filters. This encompasses changing or removing letters, adding symbols or spaces, or anything that will cause the word to not be replaced by asterisks. Any attempt of copying the alert or circumventing the filter is not tolerated


        (3): No Advertising Or Solicitation: We do not allow other businesses to operate on Ascension because we find their methods often break our terms; This is not the same as advertising for guilds or group projects that involve in-game gold which is permitted. Any unauthorized transactions between Ascension and any other game or any trades between Ascension goods and any currency, including but not limited to real money, items or services, are strictly forbidden. 


         (4): No Inappropriate Material: No links, images, videos (including profile pictures or signatures) that might display content which is generally considered to be NSFW (included, but not limited to excessive violence, gore or adult-oriented content). Gif avatars are also strictly forbidden. Infractions for this offense will result in a ban.


         (5): No Colored Text: Color is allowed for guides, delineation, or for very important sections of a post. But don’t be excessive. No Rainbow-Guides. Make sure we can read it.


         (6): No Threads for Staff Attention: If you need to talk to the staff, you are to use proper methods. Sending us a private message on the Forums or on Discord is strongly advised. For suggestions, complaints or bug reports, please make use of the proper sub-forums or the bugtracker.


         (7): No Reporting Bugs or Player Abuse. Use our bugtracker to discuss bugs - https://project-ascension.com/bugtracker. The developers and the QA team do not look for bugs on the forums. Report players by sending a message to a Game Master on Discord or by creating an in-game ticket. Make sure to provide enough validating evidence!


         (8): No Disrespecting Staff or the Server: Disrespecting the staff, or the Ascension server is against our  policy. It will be tolerated under no circumstances. Posts or topics that directly disrespect any staff members or Ascension, including questioning its professionalism or values, will result in account suspension. We are not infallible, and we do not claim to be perfect; we do take offense to being called careless or other unjustified names. Impersonating staff members goes against our rules as well, and thus should not be tolerated.


         (9): No Spamming: Do not spam threads or messages more than once. Cross-posting, necro-posting, thwarting or derailing discussions and provocation also apply here.


         (10): No Real-World Trade: Any attempts to sell any items, accounts, or information for Real money will result in a swift permanent ban.


         (11): No Drama: The forums are not a place for you to whine, complain, insult, show off, or harass other players or the Ascension staff. Topics that do so will be deleted, and the authors will receive an infraction. If you have an articulate, well thought out and evidence-supported claim, that is one thing; If you just want to complain, we will not tolerate it here.


         (12): No Posting in the Wrong Section: Forums are divided into specific subcategories for a more facile use. Please double check that you are posting in the right sub-forum.


         (13): No Posting On Alternate Accounts While Banned: Players who are banned from the forums may not make posts on alternate accounts.This will result in an immediate and permanent ban on the account and IP.


Team’s Discretion

         Moderators and Game Masters, both in game and on the forums, are given a large degree of autonomy. They have the freedom to ban or delete things as they see fit if they feel the content in cause is deemed unsuitable for the forums and / or is not covered by previously stated rules.


Ascension’s rules are subject to change at any time, with or without notice. It’s advisable to check up on them once in awhile.

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