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Gladiator Mode : High-Risk Arena

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Welcome to the Pit

Gladiator Mode is a separate 1v1 arena interface that pits players against each other in a battle for fortune, fame, and treasure. Gladiator Mode is unique in that it features gear destruction on death. Players earn incredible amounts of honor and glory from winning a Gladiator fight, but will permanently lose some of their gear should they fail. Furthermore, Gladiator Mode would be accessible on all Ascension servers, allowing for players to engage in High-Risk PvP content regardless of their current realm choice.


To queue up for a Gladiator Mode arena, players simply talk to the 1v1 Arena Master and select Gladiator Mode 1v1.

Gladiatorial Treasure

Winning a Gladiator Mode arena will not only reward the player with plenty of honor and glory, but will also reward the player with special Gladiator Treasure. Gladiator Treasure ranges from lump sums of gold, to a piece of item level appropriate gear, to full sets of tradable cosmetic gear.

Gladiator Sets

The following are possible Gladiator Cosmetic sets.


Top to bottom, left to right: Crystalhide Armor from WoD, Primal Combatant's Leather Armor (Horde) from WoD, Silentleaf Armour (Black Recolor) from MoP, Daggerjaw (Light Brown Recolor) from WoD.

Additional Gladiatorial Combat

A bullet point list of some few loose ideas that might also be usable in Gladiator Mode:

  • PvPvE: Ravenous lions, raging kodo, fierce elekks and rampaging hydras could be unleased upon Gladiators periodically, either to expedite the match, provide additional treasure, or give out a temporary buff to the slayer, giving them an upper hand.
  • Thematic Battles: the fight could be decked out with unique features to spice things up, such as flooding the arena, periodic dart traps, vehicular combat, and more.
  • Criminal League: outlaw players or players with criminal intent who are slain by guards or defender players will be queued up instantly for a Gladiator Mode arena, and will be unable to unqueue for a short while afterwards.
  • Team Gladiatorial: Additional interfaces for team bouts using the same rules as 1v1 Gladiatorial Mode. Perhaps with even more teams, such as 2v2v2.
  • Deathmatch: A FFA PvP experience using tweaked Gladiator Mode rules. Players lose less gear on death, gain the same amount of honour and glory, but can not receive Gladiator Treasure.
  • Gladiatorial Titles: Win a number of bouts to unlock titles.
  • Judicial Arena: Challenge a player to a Gladiator Arena by purchasing a Letter of Challenge from Edrim Skysong. The challenged can pay a gold sum slightly higher than that of the Letter of Challenge, or accept the challenge. 
  • Spectating: A general PvP improvement, a spectator mode would allow players to view the fighting going on and inspect the combatant's gear.

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