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<OAK> (H) - Andorhal

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<OAK> is currently recruiting for new members, we accept both experienced and new players! OAK is a PvE based progression raiding guild, that currently boasts 4x 10man raid teams as well as a highly progressed 25man team! On top of that we have a positive environment, with members willing to help out with whatever's needed. OAK was originally a guild on Cenarius, but moved to Andorhal with the realm merge.


The Teams

- Green Team - [FULL] Green Team is one of our EU teams, they are 9/9 in AQT10 and boast (at the time of writing) 12 C'thun kills. Green Team raids are at 7PM Server Time on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
- Red Team - Red Team is our NA/OCEANIC team, they are 8/9 in AQT10. Red Team is currently looking for experienced and geared Andorhal raiders to join us for AQT progression. Red Team raids are at 5AM Server Time on Saturdays and Sundays.
- White Team - White Team is one of our EU teams, they are 2/6 in BWL. White Team is a newly formed team that was created by a group of passionate and new players. These players have managed their own progression through Molten Core and are now working through Blackwing Lair. White Team is currently looking for any semi-experienced or new Andorhal players to join them for BWL progression. White Team raids are at 8PM Server Time on Wednesdays and 6PM on Saturdays and Sundays.
- Black Team - Black Team is one of our EU teams, they are a newly formed team that consists mainly of ex-Dark Wolves players. This group is looking to begin progression in AQT10 and is recruiting members for that purpose. Black Team raids are at 7PM Server Time on Mondays and Wednesdays.

- 25man - OAK's 25man raids are currently held at 9PM Server Time on Thursdays and Fridays.


The Expectations

We expect you to push yourself, ask for help and try to be the best you can be. We have multiple competent people in the guild who are willing to spend time to help you improve your build (without forcing you to use a new one). All you have to do is ask!

We have very few rules in the guild, most are related to our Loot System. However those that aren't are related to ensuring the guild remains a drama free environment. Drama Queens will not be tolerated.


The Rewards

OAK is a passionate raiding guild, and while we may not get every Realm First, we do have one or two and we love to push ourselves. We will continue to clear content week after week and gear up those in our guild who wish to raid with us. This means loot for you!

We boast a positive environment, where guildees will help with whatever issues you may be facing, be that finding a dungeon group, min-maxing your build or generally just having a good chat.



If you wish to join OAK then you're welcome to contact Sky17#0017 (Guild Master), KiddGundam#6616 (Officer), blart blart blart#4655 (Officer), Epzilon#1455 (Officer), Haddeqi#1574 (Officer), Name#9457 (Officer) or Skray#8162 (Officer) over Discord.

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Guest Numsekriger

shadow hunter here, have cleared molten core and know the raids. :)

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