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Removal of Random Enchant system

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Yes, i would very much like the random enchant system removed, AND replaced by an idea i was talking to a friend with. Ascended talents (WIP name, just thought it fitting for the server).
So one of the issue with the current RE system is that 99% of the RE's are utterly boring, and just %increases to stats, dmg, healing etc, while there's only a few RE's that are actually a slight bit interesting, like some of the newer legendary ones. In any case, the system is boring.
And as such a friend and i were discussing it a bit, what if the system just got removed, and replaced with something new.
The Ascended talents.
The idea would be to have a separate talent page, where you can spend ascended talent points (I'm bad at names 😄 ). You would have a very limited amount of these points at level 60, around 3 or so. 
this would involve entirely new talents, but NONE of them should be %increases and stuff. Instead they would be unique effects that changes your build up a bit, by enabling the use of unused spells in your rotation.

Let's say you're a lightning bolt build, and you're tired of pressing 2 buttons, but at the same time, you don't want to lower your dps by picking additional spells. Then you look in the Ascended talent page, and see an interesting talent: >insert name here< Your lightning bolt adds a mark on the target, your next shock spell will have an additional effect on that target. If this is tuned correctly, you could then perhaps use shock abilities i your rotation, depending on the circumstance.

This talent in itself might not seem that unique or interesting, but that's why you'd have about 3 talent points for this, so you can pick 3 talents that would fit your build.
I do realise this is A LOT of work, since for the system to be optimal, you would require a bunch of talents, tailoring to the different types of builds, and some which would somehow making it viable to mix 2 builds. within reason ofc. we're quite likely talking at least a hundred different talents.

And as a final note, not only would this be fun in my opinion, it could also be less daunting than the RE system for new players, since atm getting full RE's as a new player can't be fun, having to farm runes for all your RE's and then orbs to use these RE's. 

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, as there is certainly gonna be flaws with this system that I'm not able to point out.

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Ya, not going to happen, you asking to remove a system that's heavily ingrained into ascension and ask the dev's to Re make a whole new system. you know the re system took a few years of work to get it to where it is now. not only would removeing the re system take a lot of work but to make a new system? Not ever going to happen.

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The dev's already said they're changing the philosophy on the RE system, instead of it making builds viable as it was originally. Now they say they're looking to make builds viable via talents and just let RE's enhance builds. Which makes more sense, now it's just a waiting game. But I think it would be a great idea to have a seasonal realm that doesn't have RE's so they can balance based on talents then better balance RE's based around the information they gain.

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The reason why Random enchants were introduced originally, was that lots of players who had spent more than a couple of months on Ascension had already full knowledge of all talent combinations and there was no real new builds available to explore, through the talents alone. The template for most builds are very similar, especially for tanks/healers/casters to optimize their dps/heals and tankiness / threat. When I make a healer build for someone, there are like 19 talent points which speak for themselves. To remove the RE system complete, or to even lessen the impact of the RE system, will not help retain players as people will become even more bored with experimentation due to the lack of options within a small amount of time. 

Since the RE system was introduced, it did increase the variety of playable builds for a while. But due to constant nerfs and purposefully overtuned content, it has become the main focus of every build. You build around the RE's and not around the talents. This will not change, no matter what they do to them, as long as they exist. 

Before the current system, I knew people who would farm for weeks on one dungeon for one item, just to have it spawn with the random enchant that they wanted. Thats how dedicated some people are to maxing out their character. Imagine spending 100 hours of your time grinding same content over and over for 1 item which isnt even bis - but has a good RE. That is what it was like pre-rune table, and it will return probably to Andorhal.

The other options that the dev's have is embrace Random enchants fully, let people experiment and make custom builds, with a small time cost, so they feel they can progress and experience the content. Boost the lesser used RE's and utility RE's to make them more enticing for people to choose utility over pure dps/heal/avoidance output. 


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On 1/11/2019 at 7:27 PM, Hexent said:

You're asking the devs to throw out a LOT of hard work.

That is something we would be 100% willing to do if it was the right direction for Ascension. Keep your eyes open for an article discussing the upcoming RE system changes in the next few days. 

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