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Help improving shadow warrior build

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Im looking to improve tommyruins shadow warrior build: 


I like the class fantasy of this, but I believe it has to many survival abilities and mana regen could be better with better talent selection such as Rapid killing with Rapid recuperation combo. Also, not entirely sure where to allocate stats, I Just dumped all of it into strength since it is converted to spell power thanks to talent. 

Im down for anyone's help and a reduction on offensive abilities would be nice as well for easier management. take a look and thanks

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It's certainly still viable, I've tested a similar build on the ptr when it was up, utilizing nightfall and maelstrom for instant fireballs and shadowbolts, I didn't use vamp touch as casting mid combat didn't seem efficient. His original build is definitely outdated so you'd have to do some tweaking for the updated talents, also there are some talent picks in that build that seem redundant or just sub-optimal.

There's a few ways you can make this build, and I almost never see it used in PvP which is where I play. You can make it so your shadowbolts reset your corruption to avoid having to recast it, but it's not guaranteed that you'll get a nightfall proc with each corruption cycle, even at 5 Nightfall REs. Same with SW:P on mind flay if you chose to run it, but being a melee class you wouldn't really want to be using a cast time ability. If you made a base of what your build idea is and posted it I could help you out somewhat with it. Would you be focused on PvP or PvE?

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