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  1. Peel2g


    Merge the Realms after Season 2 alrdy. After that no more scammy seasonals which are only there to generate money. Instead make your Mainrealm good enough that people spend their money there.
  2. Peel2g

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    Those changes are literally made by an ape pushing either his own agenda or dont play the game at all. Considering not even the helpers/QA agree with these changes at all. Ontop of that its quite surprising that the last balance patch was opened to public for testings and announced beforehand but this one just came live at the same day seasonal launched. I wonder why. Next patch: Spell mastery now grants 50% haste to make rly fucking sure none even thinks about rolling any sort of melee charakter at all. Mark my words.
  3. Peel2g

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    Funny how you actually buffed a passive 2 AE investment ability, while Kaladin once said you rly want to have spell mastery removed. Do you rly dislike melees that much @itswicky ? How is 25% spell haste and 25% gcd reduction justified, while being a mere 2 AE investment. Pls explain. It should cost at least 12.5 AE if you compare it to other haste increasing talents. Will melee charakters get melee mastery aswell in return which increase melee haste by 25% and reduces gcd by 25% aswell?
  4. Peel2g

    Dev Update #74

    aighty... i was browsing talent tree and res while adding it in my post the last 30 minutes... those are kinda huge nerfs to TG btw ... im kinda interested in your reasoning for that all those picture are taken ingame just now imp ww talent flat 10% ww nerf and 20% bladestorm nerf imp ww Re down from 5/6 to 4/5 armored to the teeth: 3 ap every 108 armor before mental quickness down from 20% to 15%
  5. Peel2g

    Dev Update #74

    why are these changes not listed and you literally have to go on an egghunt to find out what else youve nerfed without it mentioning at all.. thats gonna be a rough awakening for every TG and Hybrid.
  6. Peel2g

    Seasonal xp rates

    Too bad LS has x3
  7. Peel2g

    Discussion about seasonal release

    Nah bro... high risk would mean that they had to disable soulbound gear and have it nonsoulbound which would remove the Core underlying idea of Andorhal! No gucci
  8. Peel2g

    Discussion about seasonal release

    Merge Andorhal and LS pls. Find a middleground for both systems. Population on LS is abysmal.
  9. Peel2g

    PTR Testing 20/11

    did you guys change something about execute ? it hits even less than before while me being able to make much more use out of the extra damage part due to having more rage from unbrided wrath to work with... its even surpassed by deep wounds now in total dmgwhich never happened before. pls have a look at it this is with cooldowns popped (blood fury and Death wish) and having deathdealer 5p equipped (which i never had before) my average crit was arround 3k'ish before while having less AP and less rage to work with my ap is at arround 2.4k fully buffed (w/o crusader up) no talents invested into imp. Execute or Wrecking Crew btw
  10. Peel2g

    PTR Testing 20/11

    Interesting indeed.
  11. Peel2g

    PTR Testing 20/11

    I mean if you want to you can get those abilities rage cost quite low right now if you rly wanted to since a maxed out focused rage on its own will get them down quite a bunch... and if you rly wanted to you could RE it ontop of that. Its just rly big investment and not worth in the grand scheme of things. Making focused rage a 2/4 2 pointer would just lessen the investment overall and remains quite a niche talent aswell. About execute: it still uses ALOT of extra rage for the extra damage per rage point so reducing the initial rage cost would still make it a huge rage dumping ability besides being a soft hitting ability since it only has a mere 25% ap scaling.
  12. Peel2g

    PTR Testing 20/11

    Ty for the fast reply! Good to hear about you guys taken unbrided wrath into consideration!! Theres also another Talent which could serve quite a similar effect and that is the talent in protection warrior which reduces rage cost for offensive abilities (focused rage i believe). You could make it a 2 pointer, reducing ragecost by 2/4. Just an idea. Ah sad to hear about frostbrand. I kinda liked it hehe. Cheers
  13. Peel2g

    PTR Testing 20/11

    Any plans giving physicall dualwielder back the 25% increased rage gain stolen from them due to the fact its bound to having 2hander equipped? - Or rly any changes concerning phys. Dws? All theyve received was a nerf so far which is kinda funny in a melee (buff)patch. 😛 best regards edit: any Information about what exactly happened to frostbrand weapon? Dmg output was nearly halved after last ptr update ?!
  14. Peel2g

    PTR Testing 20/11

    Said this earlier aswell... got no reaction "Fury" got left behind quite a bit so far

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