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  1. Enough of this roleplay nonsense and actually focus on important stuff!! Buying gear off of the AH aint none of them since this is one of the big selling Point of LS.
  2. Find weakness RE needs to be changed from flat dmg to crit aswell ! (As they have changed the talent currently on ptr)
  3. Pls change the Find Weakness RE from flat dmg to Crit Chance aswell as you did with the Talent
  4. Peel2g

    Next meele skills

    They do? DW furys finally get some love after like 8 or so months??? Wew im spook rn
  5. the original estimation of a maximum of 3 months has alrdy been exceeded. From whhat ive seen itll close by the end of this month.
  6. first bring season 2 to an end alrdy.
  7. Laughing Skull: 2 equipped pieces and like 3-5 things from inventory Bloodscalp: same as above as non-outlaw 3 equipped pieces as Outlaw
  8. But its limited alrdy? Im confused
  9. Fun fact: none does that. I think in now 11 months of raiding on LS i did an alt run twice (bwl). Thats about it. Might change now tho since we have to catch up on AQ gear due to the fact that we actually played seasonal instead of keep playing on our isolated legacy server like most of the "Elite" Andorhal players. Neither do we have a 25m grp being able to fly through AQ and gather the freeloot (Except cthun).
  10. 🙄 For once you say. Ok. Stop being an angery joerman, Schlotzi.
  11. agreed. I fear buffing hybrids in pve will make them out of control pvp-wise once again. If you consider a buff maybe tweak the AQ set bcz that is pretty shitty.
  12. Sorry if i pinpoint you down on this. Would you consider a Realm-transfer for those who wanted to change realms before you release new content (Naxx) in case LS pop stays low after S2 ends ? Reason i ask is that alot of people i know would change the Realm in a heartbeat when getting the chance to do so. Wouldnt mind paying for it either btw.
  13. how could there be the same pop when there was 5 guilds on Andorhal doing 10m and 25m regularly but there was 1 guild on LS that barely got together a 10m and havent done a single 25m since Juni last year ? doesnt rly add up to me what if player retention/increase in population wont turn out to be as youure expecting it to be ?
  14. My Initial idea Behind a Merge Realm was that it comes with sacrifices being made by Both Realms LS will lose its High Risk feature Andorhal will lose its Soulbound feature. So youll end up having a no-risk but also non-soulbound server. Those who seek their daily dose of adrenalin will either leave the server when the other Server whichs name i wont mention - or have left alrdy due to the fact that theres literally none to kill on LS anymore since its a Ghosttown.

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