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  1. itswicky

    Dev Update #75

    I'll hop in here really quick and interject on what's going on. We definitely understand and agree that hybrids are in a bit of a deplorable state at the moment, as are a handful of other builds due to the recent changes. We are actively working on getting an update out to address many of these issues/outliers. Hybrid is top on our list of these. We won't be able to touch on everyone with our first update, but we will be able to get several and then we'll continue working on the rest.
  2. itswicky

    Dev Update #75

    Ideally we're doing a bit of both to help close the gap, but recently we decided that for our game to better retain new players, we had to make some semi-drastic changes to balance and the amount of power players had available to them. Previously we saw a lot of people hit 60, go do some PvP, then quit. Now, that still happens to some degree, but with the changes we made this is happening less and less. We are aware that these changes are a little harder on our veteran players, which most of you on the forums are, but we really need to do some serious work on things to make sure we're keeping our new players in game. Otherwise there will be no one for our veterans to play with. I know this can be a bit frustrating, trust me I really do, but we just ask that you guys bear with us and be patient, as you always have been, and we promise to do our best to get you guys new players and a more stable game/meta.
  3. itswicky

    Dev Update #75

    I'd say that might be true if you look at the last 30 days on the changelog, but I would heavily disagree on that point over the last 6 months. I would say we are definitely concerned with players perception and how they feel about changes. That said, we understand with the start of Season 2 that if we were to keep any level of players around that we would need to reduce the gross level of powers players were given. We still feel that overall player power is likely a bit high, but not anywhere like it was before the start of the current season, so we'll likely begin to see a bit more a transition to a more healthy balance between buffing and nerfing moving forward. Again, we do feel it was absolutely necessary to bring down player level even if that meant upsetting some of our players. We hope that our foundations that balance is built on is much stronger now moving forward and will give us more leeway to make the game more balance and a more enjoyable experience.
  4. itswicky

    Dev Update #75

    Hey there heroes! I'm back on the forums today to let you know what's been going on in the dev team and what our plans are moving forward! If you happened to catch the stream today, then there likely isn't any new information for you here, but for everyone else, I'm glad to be writing to you again and I hope you will be pleased to hear what we've been up to. So first thing's first is to talk about what we've been hard at work on. Naxx development is still going strong! I don't have any specifics for you just yet, but we hope to have some content available to you guys for testing in the near future. The balance team has been hard at work monitoring the state of PvP and keeping up with the gaps that were created by the new 3 stack limit for random enchants. We've noticed spell power being a very strong option in PvP at the moment, whether for damage, sustain, or even playing tanky it has become apparent that casters and spell power tanks have become prominent in the meta. We'll be looking to make adjustments to sustain in PvP and looking to tone back how resilient tanks can be in PvP. Our other major objective is looking to see what new REs we can create and design in order to fill out some gaps in the new random enchant system and also use this as a way to potentially bring some power to builds which are lacking options when it comes to enchants. Now I want to talk a little bit about our plans and goals moving forward. I can confidently say our primary objective at the moment is to tackle many outstanding issue on the bug tracker and improve the game at its core. We'll be looking to tackle some major and long standing bugs, including the way auras work on and pet behaviors on Ascension. We can't promise we'll be able to fix everything, but in the coming weeks we'll be looking to do as much as we are able to do, so keep an eye out on the changelog! Other than that we are continuing to move forward with work on Naxxramas and the balance team will be continuing to monitor the meta to see what changes need to be made. Lastly I wanted to briefly update you guys on some of the things I'll be working on personally. I will be moving a bit of my time currently spent on balance work over to having more interaction with the community through the forums, in game, on stream, and in discord. I will also be starting to help prioritize the team and making sure we are all working as effectively and efficiently as possible. It will take a little time to complete the transition, but I'm both excited and looking forward to the changes to come. I'm hoping that I will be able to provide a strong direction for the team and that we will be able to provide a better quality experience because of it. Thanks so much for coming out to the forums and don't forget to leave a comment if you have anything you'd like to share with us! ❤️
  5. itswicky

    Wildcard Feedback

    Howdy Heroes! I'm here today to ask you guys how Wildcard mode is going for you over on Bloodscalp and update you on some improvements we're making to the system. The first thing I'd like to ask you guys is what build have you ended up with? The second is what are some things you like, and don't like, about Wildcard mode? We're continually looking for feedback to improve the system to make it as polished as possible. Lastly, I'll go over some improvements we're making to the system and will have on seasonal realms as soon as they're complete: We've added additional rules which requires certain prerequisite abilities to be learned before some abilities can be learned. All warrior abilities, Shaman abilities which require totems, and a few others have be included to the list. We've also fixed a bug which allowed clever players able to select abilities for their random build. Some additional things we're looking to add as seasonal progresses, but isn't quite yet ready for testing yet is the ability for wildcard mode to select talented abilities while leveling and the ability to select a keystone (level 60) talent when you've hit 60. Big thanks to everyone who has joined us on Bloodscalp, and if you haven't checked out Wildcard mode yet be sure to do so! I look forward to hearing from you, Heroes.
  6. itswicky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    Right, and we understand Bloodscalp isn't for everyone and that we likely won't get all the information we need from there alone. I mention it mostly because we will likely we doing changes to Bloodscalp long before its finished, which means changes that you see listed in the post above may not even make it past Season 2, let alone over to live.
  7. itswicky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    All very good points. We do have communication going with AI team to monitor raids. I've made a post previously about it, but we do plan on paying more attention to this specificaly. You're absolutely correct on the last point. It's always good to hear from the underrepresented.
  8. itswicky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    The changes we've been making for the last 3 months have been more geared towards PvE. This is the first content patch that we have that is heavily PvP focused in quite some time, and most of the changes are even only on Season 2 for the time being.
  9. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    Sorry, the Curse of Elements fix seems to have missed its way onto the list. We do sit in raids, and we don't only base testing on target dummies. I know you give us a lot of feedback already on the forums, but would you be interested in sharing more with us? Just as it helps us greatly to get feedback from the community when we're able to post changes before they go out, it could also be greatly helpful to get a constant flow of information from the players without having to do as much digging. This would allow us to get more constant, up to date, and well informed information to make changes with. I know this thing is more of a responsibility of the team, so I don't ask of this lightly, but it would free up more time for the development team to actually make changes and likely make them more effectively. Which in turn should result in a better game play experience for the community. I ask directly here on the forums because the team has reached out to certain individuals before in an attempt to recruit more members to the team, but most of these players have shown little interest. If we could, however, have direct dialogue going through another medium then we could solve some of the problems I think the community perceives we have currently. Again, I don't ask this lightly and I have much respect for many of our veteran players. I know I'm not the single most knowledgeable member of the community, and I don't think any one of us is, but together I think we are more clever and effective then as individual voices. Edit: To clarify I don't ask this only of an individual, but to the entire community.
  10. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    We did the WW changes to focus mostly on the burst potential in PvP. We'll look to see what we can do about TG in PvE before these changes go to our dedicated servers. It's something we considered, but one problem is that we want to rework spells on Ascension and completely remove the Spell Mastery ability altogether. We have definitely noticed hunter and melee hunter builds doing very well. We've seen TG perform very well also, but not as highly as I'm hearing on the forums at least. They currently are certainly extremely good at a few things including swapping targets and cleave, which AQ has quite a bit of, so it makes sense they are performing so well now, but I don't believe that will always be the case moving forward. Hunter/melee hunter is slightly different, but some of the changes on seasonal will certainly be affecting them. If anyone in the community feels the balance team is misguided, or is lacking in information, you are all always welcome to DM me on discord directly. I'm not always immediately available, and I do receive many messages each day, so it can sometimes take me a moment to reply, but don't be afraid to reach out.
  11. itswicky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    We definitely do not want to upset the raid progression balance on Ascension. As I've said before, in a previous post maybe, we have coordinated with the AI Team to monitor the state of raids to ensure progression is not hindered with changes and that balance adjustments to raids are made accordingly with balance updates. We definitely don't want that to be the case. High risk should be there only for the people who really want it. Not sure if you also saw the large spell power nerfs we're handing out to casters. Not as high in PvP, but we wanted to offset that loss a bit. Melee damage was also dropped a bit so we didn't feel like we needed to overcompensate for casters.
  12. itswicky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    We made a lot of these changes with the increase in baseline resilience, which lowers damage done across the board by quite a bit, and also additional PvP damage nerfs. So while it wasn't at an egregious state, it would have gotten much more powerful with players dealing less damage. The RE is actually multiplicative. Not every damage % modifier is, but most are. On top of that, a large part of Holy caster burst in PvP is due to Penance and Holy Fire, which didn't get any additional damage back to compensate. I understand Smite is core for them as well, but there damage should have decreased notably in PvP with this change.
  13. itswicky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    We don't expect to have all the proper feedback collected in the first week as players are still gearing up. We do have some additional systems in place for Season 2 that should help people gear up more quickly than normally, so we don't expect it to take too long before people have mostly optimal set ups either.
  14. itswicky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    Also, I understand many people will be upset with some of the changes since we are attempting to decrease the overall power level of players, which can certainly be unfun, but we hope this results in better game play experience in PvP overall. I also want to say that even though you may be upset, please try to refrain from name calling, derogatory remarks, or any off-topic rants. Derailing the conversation and resorting to any of the aforementioned tactics will not help to get your messaged received or voice heard. If you want the staff to hear what you have to say, keep it constructive, try to be succinct, and provide as much relevant information as you can. Thank you.

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