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  1. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    See my above comment.
  2. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    We'll take a look at this. Edit: I'm told we've been working on this and have an update coming to fix this for live servers. We'll make sure to keep you guys up to date on this.
  3. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    Ooof. Hope you can understand that myself and the rest of the team is a bit busy with getting Season 2 ready for launch and I seem to have made a large oversight in my announcement in that any change you are currently seeing that is live and not documented on the change log should be tooltip errors only, and not actually changed in game. Those are changes which will be tested out on Season 2 specifically before they do, or do not, make their way to live. My apologies for this.
  4. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    It's on our list, but it's not high on priority at the moment. Sorry if that's disappointing to hear. We'll make sure to keep you informed if/when this particular change happens. I'm hopping off for now, but you all should hear from me again tomorrow regarding additional changes we have ready to roll out for Season 2.
  5. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    The damage capabilities of Imp in PvP weren't supbar, however. I understand it isn't a top tier choice at the moment for PvE, but we're looking to take bigger steps to address the area of the game which need more work, which is PvP. I know you're a respected member of the community and a huge brain when it comes to theorycrafting on Ascension, but we're able to get in game and collect data in ways in which players are not. We don't like to make any changes lightly and certainly not if we feel they're not warranted. We're also happy to admit when we've made mistakes and revert and make additional changes to address changes we've already made. And most of the strong specs you've mentioned are things we've addressed with the last patch. If the players still feel these builds are over performing then we will be keeping our eye out and ears open. I'll also mention again that there are many big changes which are not yet listed that are going specifically to Season 2 first before they will hit live servers, so I would be careful to assume too much on only the changes listed above.
  6. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    We've got reports and have watched BGs in game where this ability will be the highest % damage in some scenarios, so we're reducing that by bringing its damage down in PvP. Sorry for not clarifying further in my OP, but we want to reduce the power some REs are providing. We don't feel that modifiers like 10% are good for the game. I should have mentioned that we will monitor damages in PvE and make buffs to TC baseline if we need to. People were in fact, however, doing very good damage with the set bonus since it does scale with the RE and does ignore armor. As stated above, huge RE modifiers are not good for the game, so this is mostly what we're addressing here. If Imp damage feels too weak in PvE we'll add some power back and add a PvP mod. I apologize for omitting, but we'll be increasing the base damage and scaling of Smite by 5% with this change, so PvE damage will be mostly unchanged.
  7. itswicky

    Dev Update #74

    Hey there heroes. I'm here today to talk briefly about some changes we have going live today on Andorhal and Laughing Skull. Let's get to it. Agility now grants about 0.038% dodge per point at level 60, from about 0.0574%. Strength now grants about 0.033% parry per point at level 60, from about 0.016%. We're aware of the power Agility grants over Strength in PvE, but this is magnified further by the additional defensive stats it also provides to aggressive builds in PvP. We wanted to make sure we weren't hurting tanks too badly with this change, and we also wanted Strength to be a better contender vs Agility. This change should ensure that overall avoidance levels will go down greatly, but it should also make sure tanks and builds that actually needed the avoidance aren't hurting too badly. Resilience now grants about 70% less reduced chance to be crit by attacks. (Tooltips will currently display one third the value for reduced mana drains and reduced damage taken. We are currently working on a fix for this and baseline resilience on players has been increased.) We wanted to reduce the damage players were able to output versus other players across the board again to deal with increased scaling that is ever present on Ascension. We also realized the very high crit reduction was much stronger versus some builds over others so we wanted to tune that back a bit. This change should leave most currently players with around 20% damage reduction and 3.3% crit chance reduction. This should allow tanks to still easily remain crit capped as well. I also want to point out that this is meant as more of a short-term fix for player damage, but we do have plans to make some more long-term changes to address this problem at its core. Charge now has a 16 sec cooldown, from 20 sec, and no longer requires a stance to use. Improved Charge now reduces the cooldown of Charge by 2/4 sec, from 2.5/5. Intercept no longer requires a stance and now shares a 10 sec cooldown with Shadowstep. Shadowstep now shares a 10 sec cooldown with Intercept. Curse of Exhaustion now has a 4 sec cooldown. Slow now has a 4 sec cooldown. Warbringer has been reworked and now removes movement impairing effects on you when using Charge, Intercept, or Intervene. Blast Wave now shares a 10 sec cooldown with Typhoon. Typhoon now shares a 10 sec cooldown with Blast Wave. Improved Intercept RE now increases the damage of your Intercept by 8/10% instead of reducing its cooldown. The above changes were originally meant to be season specific, but because of a few technical limitations we'll be needing to roll this out on live servers first, which will give us a first hand look to see what these changes will look like. The intent of these changes is to create a more dynamic PvP experience where players aren't constantly spamming their gap closers and gap creators. This should make players have to consider first whether or not it is the best time to close or open a gap. We will closely monitor these changes on live and be looking for your feedback to see how these all play out in our meta. Wild Quiver will now deal 80% damage to players. Lightning Shield will now deal 90% damage to players. Improved Thunderclap RE now increases Thunderclap damage by 6%, from 10%. Empowered Imp now increases Imp damage by 6/7/8%, from 11/13/15. Searing Light now increase the damage of Smite, Holy Fire, Penance, Exorcism, and Holy Nova by 2/3/4%, from 3/4/5%. Booming Thunder now increase Earth Shock damage to player by 6% per stack, from 11%. The above changes are all done to reduce some of the highest damage and burst cases in PvP and are all changes we've made based on feedback and data gathered from players in PvP. We have additional changes coming to live servers beyond what was mentioned above. A large list of changes we'll be making is adjusting the ranks of many different random enchants. You can find a full list of changes on our changelong once the patch is live. Tomorrow, when season 2 goes live, we will have another update of even more balance changes for you to view and give feedback on. As always, thank you for your time heroes. Best of luck to everyone on Season 2!
  8. We're still looking at this, and it's temporarily set to the side for Season 2 at the moment, but we intended for thematic enchants to drop from things like: Rare mobs, Dungeon bosses, and Raid bosses. They would have thematic effects like Baron Rivendare having an RE which gave you movespeed and health regen, like from his weapon, or having the ironfoe proc effect drop as an RE from BRD Emp. We'll make sure to share more information with you on this when we get started with development. I can't really speak so much for the long term, as it's likely the random enchant system will change greatly in the time to come, but in the short term we're looking at increasing the rate at which you obtain orbs by giving you multiple different tasks available to you, so it feels a bit less like a grind and you are presented with options on how you can go about obtaining them. Yes, absolutely. The new player experience is something that's very important on Ascension. We've heard some really great recommendations from the players, like free resets until lv 20, and we've got some ideas of our own to make it a more streamlined and user friendly experience for new players. As I said above, it's a great suggestion, but it's not something we have immediate plans for, but definitely something we will discuss. Some of us like the idea a lot. I don't know if we have taken great consideration into this yet, but you make a great point about it potentially overwhelming new players with how much becomes available. Absolutely. We have some ideas floating around for the random enchant system that would be a very big overhaul of the system currently with the main idea in mind that we want to lower the power gap it creates between new and seasoned players, but to also try to keep and bring back some of the feeling of wonder when going out and trying to get the RE you really want. The immediate benefit that comes to mind is that it shrinks the power gap a bit between newbies and vets in that you have about the same amount of flat damage reduction. It also helps prevent crazy one-shots in PvP to an extent, but of course we have the PvP damage mod system for this as well. It also helps scale back damage in PvP which is a bit needed because of the inflated numbers we have on Ascension. I'd like to turn the first part of the question around, however, and ask you all what you think are the flaws of the system. It's an interesting idea for sure, but not quite as simple as letting everyone pick anything they want. Even though we might end up with more varied races, we'd end up homogenizing the game a bit as everyone would simply pick from the same 4 or 5 racials. It's still something in development. We'll definitely share more information with you guys when we have more to share. I've already heard this one. He's actually working on some videos for us at the moment! We do have plans for more world content to make its way into season 2, but I'm curious what kind of things you would be interested in. It's still a ways off, but we'll likely have custom glyphs in addition to the blizzlike ones. We're still not really sure, but we will likely do our best to make them work in a classless environment. The big issue becomes all players dealing with mana, energy, rage, and now runic power and runes. I'm not 100% sure what you're referring to but we will likely have the same 3.3.5 stacking rules which we are currently using. Well rogues don't technically exist, right? We don't have any plans to unlock any abilities earlier than they were normally available at this time. We don't have any plans at this time to add a cleanse ability which is usable while shapeshifted. This isn't set in stone just yet, but likely we will be moving bonuses around and possibly replacing a few. Many of the T3 bonuses are fun or good bonuses, but sometimes they are a bit too high or low on the list, so they will likely move a bit and any that need tuning will be retuned for classless. The reason we have changed the 2.5 sets, and possibly the T3 sets, is because there was a huge disparity between sets. Some bonuses were borderline broken on classless and other were 100% completely useless, so we decided to take the time and make sure each set had its own purpose or niche. Definitely not. We'll only have the PTR available for short periods of time when we need the community to help with testing. It's hard to say exactly what will happen when classic releases, but we certainly serve more of a niche than most other Pservers, so it's likely the impact will be felt less here. The plan at the moment is to simply keep doing what we're doing while trying to improve on the design and efficiency. This is a bit of a difficult question to answer. The best I can tell you is that it's an extremely difficult job to properly balance a classless system and it can sometimes be near, if not entirely, impossible to make a change to one thing without having it ripple and begin to affect multiple other things. Of course we do our best to make sure this doesn't happen, but sometimes there's no avoiding it. Especially when we start to look at things like stat conversions. If we have any legendaries still under performing then we will definitely bring them up to par, but it's likely that first we will take some enchants down a notch, and create new ones, to make sure the playing field is a bit more even and balanced. So earlier this year we made it so that you were available to get raid item from out in the world. We've gotten a lot of feedback on this system and will have some changes for it coming up with Season 2. We're planning on changing the system so that you are more likely to get higher ilv loot if you already have high ilv loot equipped. This will not only encourage players to bring their better gear with them when out in the world, but will also bring more sense of progression when farming out in the world and alleviate some of the frustrations of getting that druid T1 piece for the 5th time. So we've got this system, but also the fact that all items are BoE so you always have an opportunity to either purchase your gear from a guild, if raiding isn't your things, or hopefully finding someone out in the world with the gear you're looking for. Which again, we expect to happen much more in Season 2. We already have some REs that affect some of the TBC spells, but we don't have any additional REs to share with you at this time. Likely not. I think we are more inclined to find a solution to the Staff Mastery spell first so that we could simply deprecate the general tab before adding more spells to it. Not at this time, but it's not something we are unwilling to consider. Great question. Even in a classless game, there will always be defining builds that are easy to identify as 'classes' and there's not a whole lot we can do to change that perception. If you're playing a TG build with WW and maybe SS, you are still usually seen as a 'TG' or 'TG warrior' build. Even though I could play that same style with Hemo and Rupture for example. That said, recently we have been a bit more focused on buffing 'builds' or making packages that fit nicely into a completed build or play style. Moving forward we will likely take a slight step back from this a try to have a better mix of general improvements and power adjustments to individual spells and abilities versus looking primarily at complete packages. That one is a little tricky as we have TBC around the corner and we imagine Spirit will become a very powerful and desirable stat with talents and REs in their current state. A large part of the reason I don't think we're seeing as much Spirit focused play styles is because Spirit is not readily available on gear in vanilla aside from a few T3 sets. In which case maybe we see some adjustments to builds as early as naxxramas to take advantage of this. I answered part of this a bit above, but Call Boards will be available on Season 2 and we have lots of new ways planned for you to be able to farm for orbs with the season as well. We do have additional lv. 60 content planned for Season 2, most of which will likely make its way over to live. Definitely. I'm not 100% certain what you are referring to specifically, but yes we will have changes and new content for leveling in the future. Again, I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for in a response, but my best answer is that we are looking to continue releasing new BG, like Eye of the Storm, and balancing PvP content so that it feels more fun to participate in. Other than that we do have some custom things in mind that are PvP oriented. I think we simply had too much content all coming at once. We're going to do better at making smaller, but more frequent changes in the future so it doesn't feel delayed or overwhelming. It was a QoL change we decided to implement because the community had asked for them and we decided that since glyphs would be serving this function in the future we could afford the make the change baseline now. If the community decides they wish to have reagent requirements again then we will happily add them back. Yes, because Itswicky. We've heard a lot of people asking for this. We'll take a look. 'Required' raid abilities and talents is something we'll look at moving forward. We don't think it feels fun to feel forced into certain talents and abilities, like AoE damage reduction, and the AI team honestly doesn't like having to design around them either. Great question. What do you think would be a way to make we could accomplish that? It's likely we will see power squish happening in the future, but probably in the form of some of our custom systems like stat allocation or REs. We'll likely have damage squishes in the future. It's something we've talked about for, but nothing we've committed any development time to. Is that something you would be interested in? We'd love to make that, and many other new play styles viable. I'd be curious to hear about what play styles the community is most interested in. We need to first address the Spell Mastery ability, but it's something we'd like to do moving forward. Definitely. It's an approach we relied on heavily in the past, and one we will likely better adopt moving forward. We think that tank threat is in a great place at the moment when comparing equally geared dps to tanks. We absolutely work on getting it higher. We run ads on facebook and many popular WoW Pserver raking sites. We'll be pushing even harder with these advertisements and on our youtube channel once we've released Season 2 and we have our new website up. Thanks so much for everyone who submitted questions, and sorry again for not being able to get the stream up for you guys to share with you that way, but we definitely will in the near future. If I didn't get to your question in this post then expect to see a response shortly from VG with an answer. Thanks again, and best of wishes to you heroes! ❤️
  9. itswicky

    PTR Testing 20/11

    Then perhaps it's been fixed. All I can say is it's working on our test realms, which means it will likely be working on live realms after we've made our push of everything. If you notice this bug after the update just go ahead and poke me.
  10. itswicky

    PTR Testing 20/11

    Possible patch issue then. Working for me on all realms.
  11. itswicky

    PTR Testing 20/11

    Just tested an confirmed it's in fact getting both.
  12. itswicky

    PTR Testing 20/11

    I've just tested and can confirm it works for both Revenge and Overpower.
  13. itswicky

    PTR Testing 20/11

    You can also, unequip and then reequip your main hand for the same effect, but thanks for adding to the report.
  14. itswicky

    PTR Testing 20/11

    We'll continue to monitor their performance on live. PvP Damage modifiers are pretty easy to tweak on the fly, so we won't need to wait for another big update like this if their damage is getting out of control. As for the healing we want to wait just a short while before reevaluating what our options are regarding agi healers and what changes make the most sense. As for the dodge chance, it's something we plan on addressing in the near future, but simply was quite in the scope of what we were doing with this update. We understand it's an important change to make, but it's not necessarily an easy one as it also effects tanks in raids, for example, and we want to do some changes to them in the near future as well. I promise that we'll keep you guys up to date and informed on what we're working on as soon as we start getting the next update prepared.
  15. itswicky

    PTR Testing 20/11

    The power you get from Agility per point in PvP is something we're looking at tackling in the future. We'll also continue to follow the sustain of the different agility builds in PvP, but they should have taken a sizable reduction from the RE changes, as well as the change we made which reduces the amount you are healing while in cat form which was done baseline to the talent. I'm not sure what you mean by giving them more damage, however. We've given some buffs out to cats in PvE, but we've reduced their damage in PvP as well to compensate for this. If there damage remains too high in PvP then we will adjust the damage modifier accordingly.

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