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  1. I thought this was real dammit.
  2. take all the buffs and pick 1 spell to spam like everyone else.
  3. We should have a dedicated rp server.
  4. Fantastic, thanks a bunch, i just wanna squeeze wrath totem some where to save a button : )
  5. thanks, also what is macro for multiple spells on 1 button? uses delay or?
  6. What is macro for this?
  7. How about just some new content?
  8. Hey karl gotta be fresh -not very strong -not dead weight make up your mind dude, so far this build seems like major loose butthole, maybe something with felguard could work.
  9. I want 3 stack action bars as an option.
  10. What if they removed all the % tweak stuff entirely in favor of making spells and abilitys that actualy does somthing the status quo.
  11. If it increases %% remove it from the game, add more movement abilites, thanks.

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