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  1. Treasure Goblin

    Write Wiki Articles - Earn DP!

    You appear to have made a typo. It should be "A Lesser Known Issue", no? My title says it all. Quality has been assured.
  2. Treasure Goblin

    Moonkin form and Arcane Orbs

    Highly unfortunate! 🤔 Especially considering the refund policy does not cover graphical faults. My guess would be that only some models cover the attachment points the store items go by, and this causes an issues on models like Druid, Warlock and Shaman forms.
  3. Treasure Goblin

    Dev Update #75

    Unfortunately not in the works, but I do admit Adrenaline Rush is left in the dirt, particularly due to better, passive energy sources that are constant. That being said, Adrenaline Rush is a fairly situational ability, and it is still unclear whereabouts to go with the ability without making it too desireable
  4. Treasure Goblin

    Dev Update #75

    Well articulated, especially the last part. Obviously parts of the team try and get a few, sometimes several simulations of various archetypes going, although with the recent downscaling of the team as a whole, it is difficult to find time as QA seeing as reports and pending tests take up most of the daily tasks. It's also a no-brainer that this is also one of the reasons the PTR was brought back up to fiddle around with such changes, where the freedom to experiment with random enchants is present without larger investment (with the exception of time), even though there were some last-minute issues that caused altars and other PTR-related objects not to be present on opening. There are also new random enchants planned, and while I cannot disclose full details, one of them could benefit setups focused on energy as primary resource and certain rogue abilities.
  5. Treasure Goblin

    Dev Update #75

    Or focused attacks was simply outscaling everything else synergized with massively overbuffed crit values, not to mention the extra energy compared to the standard two per trigger. Would be interesting to see more playstyles involving Passive regen increase/Combat Potency/Relentless Strikes. Perhaps it would do better by now.
  6. Treasure Goblin

    New player stuff and things

    Welcome. Hope you will find yourself an enjoyable playstyle.

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