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  1. Greetings! For the time being a solution is, to remove your Patch-A, launch the game, and change the settings, then exit and place back the patch!
  2. Lost

    How to get DP?

    Greetings! DP are Donation Points, and can be obtained by clicking on the "Donate" button
  3. Greetings Siccomode! Please contact Riko#0001 on discord, and he'll be able to give you any further details or information around this
  4. Greetings Baculek! Please contact our Head GM, Riko#0001 on discord, and we'll figure something out!
  5. Greetings! We actually saw quite a lot of people online when we started this post, we also got a lot of response to things that weren't working properly, so we have had to sort this out before pushing it to live. If we could, we would've pushed this right away, however, mistakes happen and we would rather try to fix the ones we can before putting it on the live realms, rather than after!
  6. Greetings Conormcsevene! Please try another browser also, if this issue still persists, please contact Riko or me on Discord!
  7. Farming guides are useful, pvp builds can also be, however they need to be very friendly for new players, meaning minimal gear and minimal Random Enchants
  8. Greetings Gwenriss! It is on Laughing Skull!
  9. Greetings Macholla! Please Contact our head GM, @Riko on discord (Riko#0001) and he will help you figure this out!
  10. Lost

    Proudmore info

    Greetings Draven! Proudmoore is our development realm and is inaccessible for players. I believe you are talking about the realm Twisting Nether? Twisting Nether is our Burning Crusade alpha realm. there is not a great number of players, however, that is not the intention either. We use it to get ready for TBC release after having cleared Classic. The realm has not begun being tuned at all yet and is therefore quite under-tuned. The donation is the only way to access it. Regards
  11. Greetings Orangemanmd! Please check your vanity collection (Default key 'N')
  12. You need to make a character transfer from one of the live realms. You do this through our donation store, there's a 0DP option on all realms
  13. The PTR should be up and running! You just need to have the patch from the link at the start of this post Remember that this patch is only suitable for the PTR and not for the live realms!
  14. You can also send Riko a friend request through discord.
  15. Greetings! Please try to sign out and clear your web browser cache and cookies

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