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  1. Thank you Riko but it seems anything I did to there WTF folder/file wouldn't have help cause inside the file "confiq" it said my default server was still Andorhal. So I have decided to just uninstall the game and reinstall the game in hopes it resets the whole file back to normal. I will keep you informed when it is done downloading.
  2. So I tried to login to my account to which the game said the servers were offline, but one of the servers Twisting Nether was open and it said I had a character on it. So being the idiot I was I clicked on it only to get the error "system unavailable please try again later". Which I can guess means that server ain't of ascension, but the issue now is that's my default login server to which I can't switch it. Is there a way to switch my default login server from twisting nether to something else?

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