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  1. We do have better detections now than perviously so this is why you would notice an increase in bans, there will be no specific information into other players behaviours aside from the reason. This includes things such as but not limited to , hacking , exploiting intentionally, abusive behaviour towards players or staff. If you encounter any staff member or person claiming to be staff threatening you please contact our Community Manager, myself or email us at Support@project-ascension.com as we take the integrity of the team very seriously! We want to make sure everybody can feel safe and have fun here. We aren't going to unveil our plans just yet but rest assured we do have a plan going forward for this as we know the issues it creates and do not intend to end world pvp as we know it with flying. We do realize TBC is designed with flying in mind and believe our plan will address it in a manner that's still fun! We appreciate all of our players who have joined us over the time we've been up, no matter how little or much. Everybody's time is precious and the fact that so many have chosen to spend it with us on a project we are all passion about is incredibly fullfilling. The reason we haven't done something like this though is because we feel that rather than a simple platitude we can take the reports people have generously given us and work as hard as we can on them to improve the quality of the server as a whole. I am sure you've seen the increase in activity lately and we are fired up trying to deliver the best experience possible. Something in the future would be possible though! We have had some ideas for this but at this time we are focusing on fixing what we have so we can roll out exciting features, we want to make sure that when we are ready to have something like this that more of our core gameplay is fixed. The custom battleground is still in the works! As you can imagine it is an incredibly ambitious plan but the landscape itself is almost complete. The team is working on fixing many things right now but this is not forgotten by any stretch! Events or tournaments are something that we want to be able to do in a more structured manner however yes, we have thought about this but right now we want to make sure more fixes are out and balancing is done in order to make it the best experience possible for them. We are always looking for ways to make the experience better and right now we've been focusing our efforts on balance and less bugs so we can introduce more players into PVP but this is within the realm of possibility in the future. Haha I had no idea people knew about that one! That is something I wanted for a while and it's very ambitious but certainly not forgotten. Another amazing volunteer is the brains behind it and we are still wanting to finish it! There will be also some other amazing stuff coming in the future website also sometime after release! We will be looking at getting one but it isn't the highest priority for us at the moment, we will have a great new website soon however so that is one of the things we want to include , as well as some other surprises! Yes this is something that has been thought of before! We do want to have some incentive there for positions but believe our focuses on the server quality elsewhere through bug fixes and updates will alleviate a lot of the wait time in dungeons with new players having fun! Thank you for the questions! I will be answering more in the future and there will be some screenshots posted of some season 2 teasers within the next couple of days! (The thing I am working hard on!) If you have any other questions that need quicker attention or need assistance please DM me in discord, I am here to help even if I am busy I will get back to you as soon as I can.
  2. Hello Everybody! I am VG, as you may have noticed I've come out of the back recently and have been doing my best at interacting with everybody to get the players opinions directly, I've been answering questions and talking to many amazing people with fantastic ideas. Some have even joined the team! (apply today!) With all this in mind I've wanted to do a developer stream where I can answer as many questions as possible and get the feedback but this is a very daunting task! I am not the man behind the balance and I am sure there will be balance related questions so I've teamed up with the very talented ItsWicky! The Plan! Itswicky and I will host a livestream on our Youtube Date: Saturday 1:00pm GMT -6 Duration: 1-2 Hours The Content We want your questions We would like to pick from questions posted here and share the answer on stream, we will also be answering some questions in stream as well! Ascension Season II There will be seasonal information in the stream as well as answering as many seasonal related questions as possible! Giveaways! We will be including a few giveaways throughout the stream as a token of our apprecation for coming and interacting with us! We truly appreciate everybody who takes time to be with us and participate in something we all believe in passionately. Thank you from The Ascension Team

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