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  1. I'd pay to see or participate in this tbh.
  2. So, the purpose of this post was for you to tell us how great you are, while also admitting that you can't adapt to a bit of a challenge? :thinking: Last time I checked, Power Word: Shield was a single target option... Regardless, have you tried not playing something so simple as a one button spec, single target or not? I've been playing a single target pvp healer that incorporates both Paladin and Priest spells, using Holy Shock, Holy Light, Flash of Light and Flash Heal, while relying on procs to make the latter two insant casts. You can even throw in circle of healing for some added spice. It may not have the raw HPS of other specs, but damn can it move, which you might find quite useful in a PvP situation.... If you're serious about quitting over the 25% spell haste nerf, then please go ahead, because to be honest its about time, healers are freaking OP in both PvE and PvP. I'm keen for the challenge of rebuilding my PvP spec after the change. Chin up pal
  3. To be fair, this doesn't indicate to me that they'll be using the Scrolls of Unlearning to do this. Probably something new and shiny, with an original name like... the Scrolls of Rerolling will be used to reroll abilities in WC mode for S3. But hey, that's just speculation.
  4. Any chance of getting PTR set to low-risk ruleset so we can Summon inside of Naxx / use the porta-bank inside of Naxx as well? ((OR just allowing those items to be used on PTR))
  5. Heigan had slight changes, the 50% HP reduction was changed to a 40% slow and a new debuff was added thats a 90% slow as well... but really yeah it was just a sped-up-Heigan with the most frustrating change imaginable added to it. Not really that exciting or creative, fucking with the dance by speeding it up as well as adding slows is just meh. Could've been so much better Is that all they changed on Noth? Yikers Plague wing = big let down
  6. Noth spawns and walks through the walls of his room.... never to return Heigan: Read vedarthas post Loatheb: Undertuned, I was honestly paying more attention to netflix than to the boss, downed it first try (with 9 people lul?) -- The blizzlike mechanics are fun, but it should be a tough dps check and a bit more pressure on healers (while also remembering that they only get a really short window to heal in)
  7. I mean the ascension custom models... like the book of ascension...
  8. Is this updated to work with custom models, if not then why should we use this over the pack the Head GM riko posted?
  9. Sky

    PVE Realm

    Their best bet would be trialling something on a seasonal, if it gets a good response then move it to Andorhal, if it doesn't then don't.
  10. Sky

    PVE Realm

    The problem with this is population, Andorhal is booming now and Laughing Skull is doing okay. But if you look back at the past, spreading the population over 3 or more realms has never worked. It'd need to be a realm edit in order for it to sustain a population at all imo.
  11. Sky

    New PVP system!

    Wrong, most of the alliance guilds quit over the RE changes, the remaining few from those came to horde. lol >we don't suck >we focus on pve >we don't run pvp specs for pvp Sounds like your issue, is that you suck because you run into pvp expecting your pve build to be able to handle it. wE sPeNd OuR mOnEy OuR fEeLiNgS aRe VaLiD Seeing as horde is the bigger population, if the devs start catering to the alliance, won't that cost them more money overall, even though your argument is shit just on the basis that you're trying to flex your donation power, it's logically flawed as well. ----- You've already identified the issue, you run no proper PvP spec. So gitgud, make a PvP spec. You might not "win" but you sure as fuck should be able to get major.
  12. Sky

    New PVP system!

    Man if you stopped being a crybaby and started getting good you could've got some epic loot by now

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