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  1. <OAK> is currently recruiting for new members, we accept both experienced and new players! OAK is a PvE based progression raiding guild, that currently boasts 4x 10man raid teams as well as a highly progressed 25man team! On top of that we have a positive environment, with members willing to help out with whatever's needed. OAK was originally a guild on Cenarius, but moved to Andorhal with the realm merge. The Teams - Green Team - [FULL] Green Team is one of our EU teams, they are 9/9 in AQT10 and boast (at the time of writing) 12 C'thun kills. Green Team raids are at 7PM Server Time on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. - Red Team - Red Team is our NA/OCEANIC team, they are 8/9 in AQT10. Red Team is currently looking for experienced and geared Andorhal raiders to join us for AQT progression. Red Team raids are at 5AM Server Time on Saturdays and Sundays. - White Team - White Team is one of our EU teams, they are 2/6 in BWL. White Team is a newly formed team that was created by a group of passionate and new players. These players have managed their own progression through Molten Core and are now working through Blackwing Lair. White Team is currently looking for any semi-experienced or new Andorhal players to join them for BWL progression. White Team raids are at 8PM Server Time on Wednesdays and 6PM on Saturdays and Sundays. - Black Team - Black Team is one of our EU teams, they are a newly formed team that consists mainly of ex-Dark Wolves players. This group is looking to begin progression in AQT10 and is recruiting members for that purpose. Black Team raids are at 7PM Server Time on Mondays and Wednesdays. - 25man - OAK's 25man raids are currently held at 9PM Server Time on Thursdays and Fridays. The Expectations We expect you to push yourself, ask for help and try to be the best you can be. We have multiple competent people in the guild who are willing to spend time to help you improve your build (without forcing you to use a new one). All you have to do is ask! We have very few rules in the guild, most are related to our Loot System. However those that aren't are related to ensuring the guild remains a drama free environment. Drama Queens will not be tolerated. The Rewards OAK is a passionate raiding guild, and while we may not get every Realm First, we do have one or two and we love to push ourselves. We will continue to clear content week after week and gear up those in our guild who wish to raid with us. This means loot for you! We boast a positive environment, where guildees will help with whatever issues you may be facing, be that finding a dungeon group, min-maxing your build or generally just having a good chat. Contact If you wish to join OAK then you're welcome to contact Sky17#0017 (Guild Master), KiddGundam#6616 (Officer), blart blart blart#4655 (Officer), Epzilon#1455 (Officer), Haddeqi#1574 (Officer), Name#9457 (Officer) or Skray#8162 (Officer) over Discord.
  2. Hello friends, please find attached my guide to becoming a Prayer of Healing based healer! Please let me know if you have any questions. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QKe-7yM075MW4gxrNqUjUQ1ZwPRzW626bIkfqEl-0vI/edit#gid=0
  3. Sky

    Issue with fel commutation

    Sorry that this is a little late, but I believe your three weapon slots are commuted by default, you CAN turn this off by visiting the commutation place, but new characters will always be created with this on.
  4. @nuggettis You may want to consider contacting Riko directly and/or submitting an official application to be a GM @ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSegt73OKrCfZzisVl4knosCbzBDUF1QG1iHgEXAJ6PuxUqMkw/viewform
  5. Sky

    Dev Update #75

    Gosh you really do love twisting what people say don't you Schlotzer? But hey I'll indulge your idiocy. 1) I never said that, what a stupid comment to make. 2) Why would someone who enjoys pushing the limits suddenly be happy with bottom to mid level? Getting their numbers cut almost in half? A numbers cut like the one hybrid received is LITERALLY the definition of nerfing to the ground. 3) I do, actually. But you wouldn't know as you don't really play at all. Playing the game for an hour a week hardly qualifies you to make the comments you make, and is detrimental to this whole process Schlotzer. You derail threads by getting in to arguments with people (see page 2 of this thread) and generally this makes you one of the most disliked players on here. Thank you, next.
  6. Sky

    Dev Update #75

    When a spec goes from being one of the top specs to one of the bottom specs then yes, it has been nerfed to the ground. As Skray said, are they still playable? sure. Are they enjoyable, satisfying, GOOD? Not really, no. As you don't actively PvE, let me break it down for you how we enjoy it. 1) Progression is fun, figuring out new things and pushing ourselves in new ways is enjoyable. However this only lasts a certain amount of time and is over once the raid is cleared. 2) Finding new ways to push our specs to the next level either by pushing our numbers higher or even make our playstyle more enjoyable is one of the main sources of enjoyment from raiding. With the example of Hybrids in mind, players like Lewtorz, Eazymode, Vath, Epzilon, Haddeqi, Skray, Royalbloodx were some of the go-to people for hybrids. They'd pushed themselves and found something they really enjoyed. They were at the top of their game because they pushed themselves, not because hybrid was, and I quote, "The pinnacle of PvE and PvP". I know dozens of players who've tried to play hybrid and failed, and that was okay too. The point is, these players who were good at hybrid were performing at the top end of PvE content, yes. Then hybrids WERE gutted and are now near the mid-to-bottom range. Could those seven specific players still make hybrid work and do decently with it? Definitely, and some have either tried or are still trying. At absolute peak performance could they be top of the game? That's extremely doubtful. The ceiling for that spec is much much lower than it ever used to be, and at least half of those names above have quit or changed specs so far. You realise statements like that are made into memes, because it's so far from the truth it's scary. Do you still play the same game as us, genuine question.
  7. Sky

    Dev Update #75

    You mean the multiple hybrid archetypes that were nerfed so badly that almost all of the hybrids either quit or swapped specs? Man you really need to stop getting baited into making dumb comments like that @Mikkiller93, it takes away from the valid points you actually have lol. I dunno, an increased health pool might do PvP some good, you've gotta remember most players are doing low-to-mid end WOTLK level DPS currently, but with the HP pools of a vanilla player. Just some food for thought. RIP Haathun This is a joke, right? Prayer is still one of the stronger healing specs, not sure where you got this from o_O I mean you're right, players progressing through content to get more powerful, only to be brought back down has made a LOT of people quit. It's frustrating, infuriating even. I feel like balance packs should be a bit more of a mix of both buffs AND nerfs, rather than buffs OR nerfs. As it often seems like you just push a round of nerfs or a round of buffs @itswicky, rather than a round of balance changes. Some more food for thought I suppose. I would like to end with this though. Even though there was mass panic when the seasonal changes were announced, most people were not affected as badly as they thought they would be. THAT BEING SAID, some specs are absolutely still in the gutter and I would like to hear what you are gonna do for those players and the archetypes they love to play @itswicky
  8. Sky

    R.I.P Roger

    RIP Rogerdown and Haathun! Core Raiders of OAK. They will be missed. Can we get an F in chat in memory of our fallen brothers.
  9. It's alpha, it's a test, currently you can 3man the raid content as it isn't tuned or re-scripted for Ascension. The extremely obvious answer to this is no, characters won't transfer, as you'll have a huge advantage over live players given that you could do all the raids like this.
  10. Sky

    Dev Update #74

    Comments from another top level Hybrid who doesn't have a forums acc atm EpzilonToday at 06:23 I gotta say, if they're going to nerf Mental Quickness, I sill think they should just make it and Spell Mastery Exclusive That would stop Strength stacking casters as well Which I don't have an issue with, but is still weird I've literally been hybrid since I found this server
  11. Sky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    I have to agree, simply relying on seasonal is not good enough. If you want us to post accurate feedback @itswicky then you need to give everyone equal opportunity to do so in the form of opening the PTR up to test these changes. Not everyone enjoys seasonal and not everyone enjoys high risk, so simply relying on seasonal for data collection is unacceptable.
  12. Sky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    The problem with this @itswicky is the same as the post I made above:
  13. Sky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    This is actually a problem for a lot of the changes, lots of this stuff is gear dependant, saying "test it on seasonal" requires top PvE players to then play seasonal, gear up to BiS again and test. Not many people have the opportunity to no-life the game in such a manner. If you want changes tested properly, put them on the PTR. Saying "test on seasonal" is completely unreasonable @Mikkiller93
  14. Sky

    Season 2 Balance Specific Changes

    They weren't buffed nearly enough to compensate for the incoming nerfs. They'll return to being a mediocre or underperforming spec. 👍 ^ Basically this, spot on.
  15. Sky

    State of ascension #andorhal

    Then it's not cleared

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