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  1. Hey there everyone! I've finally been able to fix the Patch-B.mpq Troll Metamorphosis crash as well as the Nefarian shadow clones crash. Please delete the old Patch-B.mpq from your Data folder and download the new one from the drive link. If you run into any new issues, please feel free to contact me on Discord about it. Enjoy!! - Riko
  2. Riko

    Downloading Torrent File Not Working

    Greetings Alakazam! I'm sorry to hear about your issues If possible, please contact me on Discord at Riko#0001 so I can help you through there, thanks! Best regards, Riko
  3. Here's the updated custom model/texture patches that works with the Ascension models. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KW3stTZoExeuvuIqfNJQpasy4iA8dy5N I'll update this thread when I update the patches as well. If you run into any issues while using the patches, feel free to message me on Discord. https://model-changing.net/profile/2422-finsternis/ - Credit to this dude for some of the original patches. Enjoy!
  4. Riko


    Hey there Ersken1234! I'm sorry to hear about your issues. If possible, could you throw me a message on Discord at Riko#0001 as I require some more information from you before I can help, thanks. - Riko
  5. Riko

    Lost my character

    Greetings Bearry794! I've restored the character "Fizzlebonk" and you should now find it on your account again. I suggest you make sure you change your password to prevent this from happening again in the future. - Riko
  6. Riko

    I can't Log In!

    Hey there Realwilz! Go to your game folder, inside the "WTF" folder delete the file called "Config.wtf" and then try again! If you continue having issues, please let me know. - Riko
  7. Riko

    Unable to connect

    Howdy Greco! If you're using the Launcher, try completely uninstalling it as well as deleting the "Project Ascension" folder in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming, then reinstall the launcher and try again. If you're not using the launcher, make sure you don't have Patch-B.mpq inside of your Data folder and make sure your Patch-A.mpq is updated. If you continue having issues, please let me know. You can also contact me on Discord at Riko#0001 if you prefer to chat there. - Riko
  8. Hey there Babin! Go to your game folder, inside the "WTF" folder delete the file called "Config.wtf" and then try again! If you continue having issues, please let me know. - Riko
  9. Riko

    How do i update my game?

    Hey there Funkeymonkey! Download Patch-A.mpq from our website (https://project-ascension.com/downloads) and replace the old one in your Data folder. If you run into any issues, let me know! - Riko
  10. Riko

    Ravenholdt to Andorhal xfer not working

    Hey there Nickyj232! I'm sorry to hear about your missing character. If possible, please message me on Discord at Riko#0001 so that we can get your character restored. - Riko
  11. Riko

    Gadgetzan Inn's PvP exploit

    Since this thread is old and no longer relevant I'm gonna lock it.
  12. Riko

    How can I play on Mac

    Hey there Kiros32! Like Alp mentioned, Winebotter seems to be the way to go. Perhaps these pictures can help you? https://imgur.com/a/hYzFEcG - Riko
  13. Riko

    Change Username & Email

    Greetings Forest11! We spoke shortly on Discord where I directed you to VG#3170 on Discord who might be able to help you out. Have a great day! - Riko
  14. Riko

    Cant log in

    Hey there Donohue666! Navigate to your client folder and enter the “WTF” folder. Inside there should be a file called “config.wtf” delete this file. Open your game back up and log back in! If you continue having issues, let me know! - Riko
  15. Riko

    Servers appear offline for me

    This is most likely due to you using an outdated game client. I suggest you delete the client that you’re setting the path to, reinstall the launcher again like I explained previously and then download the client anew. - Riko

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