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  1. Ashsj1992

    Shield of the Templar RE change

    I love the Shield of the Templar RE on my healing builds Although i have never considered it to be unbalanced Now its just another dead RE and the talents are not really worth the investment in most cases. Its better to buff everything thats underpowered rather than nerf everything that may be overpowered otherwise it just leads to dull gameplay with nothing exciting to use.
  2. Ashsj1992

    Overscaling is MMO Poison

    @SirGank I hate debating with you to be honest, i find you argumentative and tunnel visioned with ulterior motives for debating. So i may scan read your replies yes, however i'm not sure what i have misunderstood in this case. "That's not how mutilate is built at all" why do you sprout everything as if it's fact. I know how Mutilate works, i was referring to PvP. Being that PvP is situational it is undebatable from your point of view considering i didn't even give you my RE list with a build and purpose for that build. In PvP i find it much better to focus on value of the GCD than energy as you wont be spamming Muti on every GCD. Your much better hitting hard with Muti and pooling energy with CC GCD's instead of heavy energy investment While even if you tried to spam it: Uptime, CC and Defensive CD's from both sides can often get in way. For example: x1 Festering Wounds x1 Omen of Clarity x1 One-Handed Weapon Spec x1 Crusade x1 Killer Instincts x3 Find Weakness x3 Opportunity x3 Puncturing Wounds x3 Close Quarters Combat As you can see the focus is mostly on the GCD value of Muti AP scaling is not the best for Muti so i would give crit priority with energy in mind. the Crit RE 's with talented Focused Attacks, Leg RE and double Omen is enough energy in PvP for most cases. However you could use a burst focused Muti which runs double Cold Blood and Warcry and exchanging any Crit investment for Dmg. Why did you even start debating Mutilate with me, does it matter ? Even if you disagree with my RE list the point i was making still stands, it was just an example, so argumentative it is ridiculous. Muti is one of the builds that isn't really affected much by the RE limit, so my point was an agreement to your point. Yes with current RE options to some builds the RE limit has little impact because of the backup RE's i agree Which is why those builds should be looked into by changing the RE's available to them. However at the very least those Backup RE's is a small nerf to scaling, but it is not enough. Hence why i described this as a first step instead of a success. Can we be done now ?
  3. Ashsj1992

    Overscaling is MMO Poison

    @SirGank "It's not a step in the right direction" In your opinion, this is not a fact. By your logic if reducing RE stacking isn't going to help Then i can only assume increasing RE stacking will help I'll just go ahead and stack Improved Whirlwind 17 times and 1 shot a party of undergear players. Just because new problems have been created doesn't mean it isn't a step the right direction The issue you mentioned should be addressed as well. I can understand that this changes the balance of some builds Such as Mutilate, its very easy to stack 17 RE's all increasing the damage of that 1 ability This is an issue with the RE options available for some builds, which is something that can be corrected.
  4. Ashsj1992

    Overscaling is MMO Poison

    @SirGank Yeah it is certainly not enough, but it is a step in that direction. My point is how long it has taken to make that small step
  5. Ashsj1992

    Overscaling is MMO Poison

    Made this Post 7 months ago.. Only now they have started to change the RE limit to x3 instead of x5 Funny that.. "facepalm"
  6. Ashsj1992


    Enough population for 1 server.. with 3 active servers needing that 1 population.. Oonlyy if there was a solution to this problem 😮
  7. Ashsj1992

    The Concerns and Grievances of a New Player

    You make some good points. Been playing Ascension for just over a year and i hate the RE system too. Not played in the last 2 months, very little motivation to do so. I log on with a build i no longer want to play and no money. I need to respec, get a new RE set and change gear. My options are: Crows chest - i mean i could run 10 crows chest and get nothing back in return Either from losing gear or not winning on rolls, I stopped doing crows just after its peek in popularity, its a shadow of that now. Honor Farming - BG ques are unavailable most of the time I have also seen the interior of WSG to last several lifetimes. While the honor cost of the half decent PvP gear is absurd. Most importantly, there is no Arena.. Farming Mobs - No thanks, i don't like listening to my brain cells die. Raid - No. never in 9 years of playing wow. Seasonals are clearly a great idea, but the issue is LS dies every time its open, like 2 players in SW at a time. So i guess they just hope we are all in the mood to level yet another character instead of playing endgame. Well i'm not, so i guess i'm done here until TBC. If a new player started Ascension now, not knowing what Seasonal is and choosing High Risk LS assuming that is the main PvP server they would be put into a server with only tumbleweed for companionship That would be a player that isn't going to tell his friends or stream and bring in more players which breaks a long chain. A lot of issues all come down to Ascensions population being too low making small tweaks ent going to fix that. There needs to be a large investment into advertising, all my friends i spoke to who are playing retail have still not heard of Ascension. This is without a doubt the number one issue, population is what makes an MMO.
  8. Ashsj1992

    The most annoying Aspect of PvP?

    Yeah pet issues are relevant to my issue Anything that is passive and overpowered is the worst.. I do hate the way there is insane dodge on players with over 40% passive with no real way of countering it The expertise talents are very low value while its also hard to find on gear Although for things like Disarm or Concussion Blow i would always try and Shadowstep into them to prevent that but it is an excessive requirement. I think they should make combat rogues Blade Flurry increase Expertise for the duration this would also add some counter play for Evasion, which is used on every melee build.
  9. For me with out question it is Seal of Justice.. Getting locked out for 2-3 sec every time a melee so much as looks at you. In group fights this happens 3 times every 25 sec, i can't move.. I don't mind getting stunned if the player has actually invested a GCD or even a keybind. This passive debuff is also very reliable, pretty much guaranteed to proc on the opening CGD/auto attack Of course i use this my self, but it is still terrible for pvp, for me usually it goes: Charge > Silencing Shot > 3 Sec stun (Judgements of the Just) > Blink > Intercept Its either happening to me or i am doing it to someone else like a Mirror imagine It just repeats itself every fight. Anyone else ?
  10. Ashsj1992

    PTR Testing 20/11

    @itswicky Yes i have included Spirit weapon's, i have worked out the % value of all the relevant talents for my overall dps I think the crit scaling should be lowered yes and the base dmg increase to 140% with flametongue (retail) For more reliable Dps as the build is far too RNG with below average dps compared to my other builds. I think i may have experience that bug actually, my dps results have been drastically up and down.
  11. Ashsj1992

    PTR Testing 20/11

    @itswicky I would say Lava Lash is very far from a S-Rated build. I tested up against a Feral build in Strength based gear lol yet it was doing a lot more dps. Lava Lash can hit hit hard yes i got over 4k out of it However that chance's of that happening in PvP might as well be 0 It requires perfect conditions from multiple procs While the actually Crit chance will only be around 30% at the most, thats with the 10% weapon mastery (against players) As for RE's there is only 2 RE's that would have a place on a PvP build: Lava Flows & Molten Earth Lava Rush is worthless in a PvP build and Hasted Eruption shouldn't have a place on a well crafted RE list for PvP either PvP in Ascension is about increasing the value of GCD's, Hasted Eruption does not do that I mean the average hit of Lava Lash in Pvp is 900 - 1.1k in a build the purely focuses on that ability. With the same amount of attack power the average Whirlwind is a much stronger GCD Plus there isn't an ability that spins you around spamming Lava Lash over and over This is the RE list i put together for this build RE's x1 Molten Earth x1 Pursuit of Justice x1 Lava Flows x1 Divine Purpose x1 Divine Strength x1 Survival of the Fittest x1 Deadliness x1 One-handed Weapon Spec x1 Crusade x1 Killer Instincts x2 Holy Strength x5 Poleaxe Specialization (Deathbringer's) A clear lack of Lava lash focused RE's if you ask me, mostly just baseline RE's that can fit on many builds. Although this RE list would be pretty rare for most people to come up with i would expect 99% to be worse. The build itself stacks attack power and few higher valued Lava Lash increases + the basic PvP utilities and defence Am i missing something ?
  12. Ashsj1992

    PTR Testing 20/11

    Yes it should fit into a Melee haste build with Hammer of Righteous and Heroic Strike/Cleave I think the Lava Lash Haste change came some point at the start of Cata Would be a nice change to have here.
  13. Ashsj1992

    PTR Testing 20/11

    @itswicky I have been testing Lava Lash extensively trying to make a build focused around it. it's awful. Off Hand damage increases doesn't affect it Has no Spell Power scaling Melee Haste does not affect it (retail) Elemental Fury + Elemental Devastation doesn't affect it The only thing affecting it is Attack Power and some flat fire gains So i used a build that maximizes attack power and those gains. So the main rotation i can see in this build is Stormstrike -> Lava Lash -> Hammer of Righteous, Whirlwind/Heroic Strike It has below average DPS and is limited because there is no real RE's for this build. Frostbrand is so much better than Flametongue in PvP because of it's slow effect and healing reduction through Winter's chill and higher base dmg I still see no reason to give that up for this ability even after the changes. If i remember correctly Lava Lash was useless in wotlk on retail. PvP players used Frostbrand and Windfury and often didn't even take Lava Lash as a talent as there was always better GCD's to be using Blizzard increased the dmg to 140% with Flametongue and gave it Haste scaling to fix this, you guys have just increased it to 125% Also the Duel Wield Spec change pretty worthless in PvP Rng chance on a off hand auto attack ? can't think of anything less reliable in PvP for 3 talent points I feel Lava Lash should also be able to proc this too. As for a "Flametongue" build with Focused Fire & Fired Up, Lava Lash still is not apart of that build As using TG for the Slower weapon speed is far better and Lava Lash cannot be used with TG (rightfully so). My Poison focused TG is a lot better. Pvppriest - LS
  14. Ashsj1992

    PTR Testing 20/11

    @itswicky Judgement build's will be broken again (PvP). This is a burst i have tested, its way to high and even the sustained DPS is high. Master of Subtlety -> Arcane Power -> Icy Veins (Silence immunity + GCD Reduction) -> Judgement (Fanaticism Talent & RE's) -> Exorcism (Art of War) -> Hammer of Wrath (Sanctified Wrath 50% crit around 80% total) -> Divine Favor -> Holy Shock -> Divine Storm -> Crusade Strike. Seal of Righteousness, Lightning Shield, Frostbrand, Legendary RE & and Auto attacks will deal passive dmg during this. Most targets will be dead after the Hammer of Wrath in this rotation I mean i have taken 8k Health in 3 GCD's on a tanky player with only 1.4k AP and 500 SP Here is an example of part of a build that could be abused. AE Remaining: 18 TE Remaining: 0 Druid - Feral (0 AE, 3 TE) Survival of the Fittest (3/3) Hunter - Beast Mastery (2 AE, 0 TE) Aspect of the Beast Hunter - Marksmanship (0 AE, 3 TE) Ranged Weapon Specialization (3/3) Hunter - Survival (2 AE, 0 TE) Deterrence Mage - Arcane (2 AE, 1 TE) Arcane Power (1/1) Mage - Frost (2 AE, 1 TE) Icy Veins (1/1) Paladin - Holy (8 AE, 8 TE) Divine Favor (1/1) Exorcism Holy Shock (1/1) Judgements of the Pure (3/3) Seal of Righteousness Seals of the Pure (3/3) Paladin - Protection (0 AE, 6 TE) Divine Strength (3/3) Touched by the Light (3/3) Paladin - Retribution (12 AE, 16 TE) Crusade (3/3) Crusader Strike (1/1) Divine Storm (1/1) Fanaticism (3/3) Hammer of Wrath Judgement of Justice Retribution Aura Sanctified Retribution (1/1) Sanctified Wrath (2/2) Sanctity of Battle (3/3) The Art of War (2/2) Priest - Shadow (2 AE, 1 TE) Silence (1/1) Rogue - Subtlety (6 AE, 4 TE) Master of Subtlety (3/3) Shadowstep (1/1) Stealth Vanish Shaman - Enhancement (4 AE, 6 TE) Frostbrand Weapon Lightning Shield Mental Quickness (5/5) Static Shock (1/5) Warrior - Arms (1 AE, 1 TE) Endless Rage (1/1) Warrior - Protection (1 AE, 1 TE) Warbringer (1/1) RE List: x1 In for the Kill x1 Pursuit of Justice x1 Divine Strength x1 Survival of the Fittest x1 Crusade x1 Holy Strength x5 Fanaticism x5 Seals of the Pure Pvppriest - LS
  15. Ashsj1992

    Adjusting the RE Stacking System

    @Soklava45 RE's not being stackable would be huge result that i would welcome. Would add more depth to theorycrafting and stop 1 shot builds sucking the fun out of PvP. However this would require even more work on balance than an a completely new RE system.

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