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  1. @TocMonster Your right in the sense that T2 should be buffed and this would be a massive help to the new players who are now trying to compete with players in T3 However some of your suggestions are highly overpowered, As @Vedartha mentioned 1 already, a 50% crit with Arcane would break the balance. Frosts Mage is based around the crit and its mods Arcane is based around Missile Barrage which can achieve its dps without relying so much on crit. Giving it the same crit chance even just on a burst would not only make Arcane OP but render frost to be useless in comparison. Also if you could get a 10% flat dmg boost off a set bonus, a few builds like a normalised dagger build which has lower AP scaling may find T2 to be better than T3. There is a few others too. So bottom line, the idea of buffing T2 is good but i think if Ascension was to buff T2 they should do it in a much lesser degree than what you're suggesting.
  2. @Treasure Goblin So i see this on the Changelog: "Enchants from Argent Dawn and Zul'Gurub are no longer soulbound on High-Risk." Which is good, however this is the not the enchants that i was referring too in this case, it was the PvP shoulder enchants such as 20 Spel Pen and 8 Resilience. Is there any plans to change this as well ?
  3. The talents are constantly getting changed soo any "database" of builds would quickly become outdated. PvE ? Lyfe had a few https://lyfe-support.blogspot.com/ He focused on new player builds mostly, maybe there is some useful information still there. PvP ? Pick up 1 CC from each DR group Run PWS, Riptide, Rejuv & DoTs + Pet Done, welcome to the meta.
  4. @Imachickirl If you need help with builds just ask, i would be willing to help and so would many others. You don't need to spy on players theorycrafting without their consent. @Arkoniel I also don't want you here either. Great, so now that's been established, what did it achieve exactly ? FYI.. Ascension claimed to never have plans to implement build inspection, it was simply a bug on PTR Which was stated after i posted this, so my post here is Irrelevant. So why are we here now ?
  5. @Scorp No, i am not, did you even read before you replied ? I suggested nerfing Stealth just as much as changing the way it works and fits into Ascension, the complete opposite of underestimating.
  6. Who playing Stealth this meta ? Good luck with that. The majority are are Hybrids with Starfall and Casters with DoTs. Don't even get me started on players spamming Holy Nova, why is that even a build?? 1: Fix the meta. 2: Remove perma stealth add a duration to Stealth like Vanish. Then prevent DoTs from braking Stealth, counter such as Stealth Detection/Faerie Fire/Flare and AoE dmg exists too. Feign Death into Stealth, 30 sec (resettable) combat stealth is a bit much, fix that too. Its a High Risk classless server ffs, why has Stealth not been reworked already.. It's either complete useless and shut down by a passive or its annoying as hell in WPvP. Honestly it feels like the game gets worked on by PvE only players.
  7. @Gobrox Why not ? Most of them are trash considering there item level and the set bonus is irrelevant most of the time. Although it seems abit late to be addressing this now and there is 100 bigger issues i would want fixed first lol. Ascension seems to give new players 90% of their attention.. so perhaps this should be addressed now that Vets will be in T3 Maybe we would squash them a little less if there T2 was more useful.
  8. Is there a reason why it costs 25g to switch out 1 talent But costs 20g to reset ALL talents ? I just reset all my talents to save my self 5g #logic
  9. LS is suppose to be RP/PVP. Ascension cannot populate a 3rd sever sadly can barely manage two.
  10. Please stop PvP enchants from Soul Binding an item it is soooo annoying and serves no purpose.
  11. @ProfessorPwn #showtooltip Shadowfury /stopcasting /targetenemyplayer [noharm] /cast Counterspell /cast !Shadowfury Like this ? Just change Counterspell for whatever silence you are using, /cast Silencing Shot Or /cast Spell Lock ETC.. You cannot add a "delay as such, you can do a castsequence but that wouldn't be very useful here Also you can only use 2 spells together if only one of them is not on the GCD For example the Shadow Priest Silence would no long work in this macro. Just in case you wanted to use Castsequence for something else.. here is an example: #showtooltip /targetenemyplayer [noharm] /castsequence reset=7 Stormstrike, Whirlwind /startattack First use it would Stormstrike, second would Whirlwind, if the second is not used it will reset in 7 seconds Change the timer/abilities to whatever. Just don't get too lazy with castsequences or you may have problems in some situations
  12. Its locked btw, have to request access.
  13. @MonkaS Yeah i would of assumed that too.. although i guess its not really about the GCD value Its about the % of its value in your overall dps If Muti is doing 50% of you damage and Rupture is doing 10% Then it makes sense to invest into Muti rather than the Rupture
  14. @Fubby Chromatically Tempered Sword + Vis'kag the Bloodletter Sword Specialization Hack and Slash Reckoning (PvP or Solo) Unfair Advantage (PvP or Solo) With Instant Poisons x2 Vile Poisons Improved Poisons Stormstrike (20% nature) Arcane Power + Unleashed Rage (25% poison burst) Venomous Totem (Trinket) Sudden Death + Execute Stack Attack Power. Stormforged Weapon , as it got buffed too. Just some ideas off a PvP build i used, called Poison Flurry but it can be used in PvE too. For a Hybrid version, Static Shock with Flametongue focus instead of Poisons is decent.
  15. Sounds to me like Rogue Finishers need a huge buff while the generators like Muti actually need a nerf. The purpose of a Rogue is to set up with Cp generators and "Assassinate" with a finisher.. That is what Rogues are about. If CP generators are more valuable than the finishers, then there is a serious problem So isn't buffing Muti the last change that should be made here ? Take that 10% buff away from Muti and put it on Finishers, which would total a 20% Finisher increase on this patch, then review it again later if it needs more.

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