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  1. Soklava45


    I get that when ever I try pressing the escape key when swapping resolutions, interface turns buggy and its haywire till I reopen the client, no joke. I generaly just edit my config file inside the WTF folder instead. It rids of headaches for me.
  2. You are probably using one of the Ascension external upgrades for the graphics, it includes a horrible rip of "procedural water mod" by someone on modcraft to be used in wotlk. Im not certain which of the patches contains it cause frankly, I use my own mods regarding that.
  3. Soklava45


    There are times I'd call you a weirdo, but disregard the aggression you present in the thread I do have to agree, I don't get much gametime as it is since work eats me, but seeing the AH this empty is dreadfull if I want to get an RE I need. The progression curve is getting steeper and steeper with every change done to the RE system. Considering its the "Bread and butter" of progression outside obtaining equipable gear and something the entire server is balanced around. Its not as if getting the required RE's wasn't annoying enough, grinding orbs for rerols, now the Re's i don't like but could sell off on the AH, instead I either have to save it up encase I wanna try building something with it or reroll it into something better. Also didn't you implement a RE search system for the Ah for the sole reason of easening the search for them on the AH, what point if you intended for this feature to become burried after wards?
  4. Soklava45

    New players Expierance

    Battlegrounds are always a clusterfuck and mostly one sided when new players join in, getting used to creating a build thats filled with esential cooldowns is the first barrier you must pass in order to have fun here, albeit you are gear dependant, you can pvp semi efficiently and be of use on a bg if you time your cooldowns right. (CC spells and escape cooldowns) even in post quest blue crap you can get in dungeons or the first cheap, "Chinese bootleg" gear you can buy for quick honor after a single COT week end. If you are starting fresh, grab buffs and lots of utility which you can slowly reduce as you gear up. Keep essential spells such as Divine shield/iceblock, blink, dispersion and the likes. If you are a caster youl dry out of mana quickly so grab anything that can get you mana back, avoid life tap if your health isn't exactly huge and your spellpower doesn't hit high. You can reset your skills and talents by using honor points, the resets that way are very cheap to obtain. When I started this was the biggest barrier to break for me, since I was uncertain what to play, so I ended up getting nearly every CC spell and some healing abilities alongside a bunch of DR cooldowns and talents, eventualy I dumbed it down to what I really need it for. I hate to admitt it, but the learning curve is extreemly exhausting here and if you can't commit to your spec to create something usefull, you ain't gonna have a good day. If you think thats the same for PVE well youl soon realize that unless you pick specific META spells, hitting raiding is gonna be a challenge for you if you don't pull specific numbers, and youl find often that other players won't be there to help you much asides "sell you their builds" for specific gold ammounts (ranging from 200g and above depending of spec worth). So my advice for you is, pick the type of gameplay you wish to pursue, be it stealth into phisical damage, pure raw phisical damage without cowering, semi tanky caster, healer, bursty glasscannon, and use knowledge you know of talents based from your retail expirience (If you have any on wotlk since we are using their talents albeit on a tweaked level). And create something you feel comfortable with using. IF you ain't into the class fantasy just create an entire kit the class would use usualy during wotlk days. (Entire ballance druid kit,Frost mage kit, arms warrior,sub rogue... etc etc), its a good way to start and get the feeling on how numbers change based on what you use as a spell. Best of luck and good hunting. Cheese~ (Cheers)
  5. Soklava45

    BFA Allied races texture pack

    Currently the retro porting scene uses Legion tools to get models out of BFA, and only the alpha models from 8.0.1 work, so if there are allied races inside that patch, you can get them out, if not, you are out of luck till BFA retroporting tools come out. Keep in mind if a m2 model uses .skel files to define animations and attachment points it wont work. You also may have to redo the texturing yourself when it comes to models, since character models have different ways of doing textures between "m2 versions" (I believe the "emo elves" have that issue, but I could be wrong). For instance you can get the Vulpera models out but the 8.0.1 has them with goblin rigs so they animate like goblins. Look for things such as CASC viewer to get a view of BFA files (Listfiles are usualy supplied on the same site youl find the casc viewer on) ,8.0.1 BFA client, Legion->wotlk converter and obviously any MPQ editor will do as long its stable. (Id recommend the old 1.x versions since they never touch listfiles or the latest from zezula on his own website). Get any hex editor to get the actual model name and texture paths, of course any 010 version will do the trick for you but there are free alternatives that do the job just as same, unless you want to use the convenience of having premade templates that just dumb down your files for easier understand of where what is. (6.0 has a cracked torrent somewhere alongside a ton of templates inside, m2 and wow related files templates how ever you can find on modcraft forums) <Caution> ocasionally the converter leaves particles in, the models won't always work in game if the model has any particles in, thats where you may have to use a hex editor, find the particles section and instead of deleting in hex mode overwrite all particle related data to zeros so the model doesn't error out. You can add particles later with other tools such as the "particle swap" or "particle transfer" from other models. I can't provide download links as well..I am uncertain what this forum's policy is regarding such. Good hunting.
  6. Do you hate yourselves and your players? Jokes on the side, is there any plans on somehow "splitting" changes that happen in changelogs and have them apply to one of the realms instead of all at once? The re rerolls being soulbound now sounds like a "world interraction" kind of thing that is good for LS where people either sit in towns and wait for teleports for raiding or bg ques. But for a realm like Andorhal it feels like a kick in the nuts where people are used to obtaining Re's of the auction house if they don't have the will or time to farm. (Not everyone has hours and hours of "intended" time to invest to obtain a single RE required for their build when they could be doing something else.). And as a second question I was wondering if there are any plans to make pvp gear actualy worth getting for pvp, as it currently stands the only reason you would usualy get it is the ressilience as a stat, but since the baseline ressilience that scales with levels has been addedd there is very little use of it (even with the stamina increase which doesn't really help in the bursty meta we are in at the moment.) Its more of a personal curiosity at this point rather than something I am genuinely interested in so it is not a necesity to answer either of the two questions since there may be more important things to adress based on your current aim in the dev cycle, buuut..if you find time Id like to read/hear your oppinion on this.
  7. Soklava45

    World of Warcraft Ascension Texture Pack

    Id write a lengthy explanation but its 10 PM , downloading it is partialy a waste of space since most of the patches inside are near cloned so the game will only load the "last letter" within which the latest dbc by patch letter (Or number) will be loaded first. Only patch I found worth exploring was Patch-H which is basicaly the terrain texture swap with something that looks Hd-(ish?), its out of place considering the rest of the world doesn't follow in HD style. (Patch-z contains the tree's so I guess if you want to complement the textures, its a way to go..I guess?) Id share screenshots, but the patches inside are a mess so gotta find out whats where and whats compatible with what we already have in our "call it official" pre compiled ascension HD patch. Nothing special or what you didn't see already on modcraft threads or other download sites which contains these already.
  8. Soklava45

    Wildcard Feedback

    As far as spells go I seem to mostly get summon Imp, renew and wrath in 80% of the rerolls, ocasionally 1 point spells such as conjure water hit into the mix. I'l have some fun when my xmass vacation kicks in , I'l have about a week which should be enough to hit 60 in this weirdo-enabled mode and have fun. I'm a bit sad I can still manipulate the first reroll at lvl 1 for wildcard since I can reuse the cube over and over instead of remaking the character. I'm just tempted to reroll till I get stealth and play with what ever I get after wards. Its a interesting mechanic but it may not be for everyone, especially with "loot drop on death" enabled in the mix. I can tell I am the definately the targeted audience, but some may not be.
  9. Soklava45

    State of ascension #andorhal

    Maybe we should have a 3rd difficulty called "Ascended" mode where you run the 25 man mode mobs with 10 people (A version of heroic), maybe that would sate yall raiding thirst. Rewards can be stronger. I dont see the fun in reruning same content over and over even after not getting the gear I wanted from the runs, but can't sate everyone can you?
  10. Soklava45

    Wild card on S2

    I feel like rerolling characters till I get such random spells that make absolutely no sense to fight with let alone level with. Eye of krillog,autoshot,stoneclaw totem,concentration aura.... Such random mix that you can't combine with anything.
  11. Soklava45

    Seasonal realms idea

    You can only do as much with a game that is over a decade old and keep re-releasing content that you've cleared on retail/other servers again and again and again. Its not "new content to be had" its just re releasing the same car for the same price with a new coat of paint on it as a refresh. It gets stale very quickly, and stale things taste horribly after a few bites even if you are starving. Playing on laughing skull that had "loot drop on death" and "slaugher on every corner" felt like the game had danger, purpose, an actual world of -war-craft, it was something i've not expirienced in the game ever. Thats what draws new people in and keeps the old squads going, inovations and not rebranding crappy overtuned content you've probably cleared a bazilion times somewhere else. As an aged mmo player from pre 2000 era I can relate to the everquest/ultima "open dungeon" system which I feel like would be jolly in a realm such as LS, raids compeeting between each other for boss hunts in a larger zone such as Molten core, and all feels fine and dandy except one thing. Eventually you get the top tiers just hogging the boss, timing spawns (old crows cache issues we had) eventualy just driving away anyone that just started the game from doing anything at all and quiting. It would need to coexist with the availability to grind the same gear in the world so you can catch up to go ram into boss fights again. There is a very small "strong witted" ammount of players willing to tackle such issues, and in this day and age where you can pick whether you want "easy free gear" vs "effort to get stronger" it just dumbs down to the "easier aproach". A refreshing idea never the less, but ridiculously difficult to find players that would appeal to it here. Its a verry dim small minority.
  12. Soklava45

    Lost my character

    Did you yank his teeth out afterwards. I would.
  13. At this point I doubt they even know what their own spells do between so many changelogs/rather know what works as intended, hence why the tooltips ain't up to date ever. Unless a talent gets a full rework it's less likely it's reworded. It's not just pet talents, the entire interface could use a tooltips check, both spells and talents and stats themselves. You have no clue how many people ask on chat whether blessing of might stacks with shout, or the interaction between aspect of beast and trueshot aura for example.
  14. Soklava45

    The Concerns and Grievances of a New Player

    Whilst I like the way this was aproached, some points you put out may be a bit extreeme if not unnecesary for a "catchup" or "nerf" to happen and make pvp a lot more enjoyable, especialy on a realm where killing or getting killed can power spike you up and down drasticaly. So Ima address your points in the same order and shed some light/suggest to add to your points. 1. Whilst it is true that the RE system is the main culprit of all this damage mess, it is a custom "gimmick" call it, that is required to progress in our overtunned enviroment, removing it would require more work than it would to tweak it all together because all content is balanced around them. An alternative how ever I always preach about (and some others) is that no RE should be stackable, why? It allows for more diversity instead of aiming sky high for the biggest damage boost, highest shield count or the quickest casts, it still improves your abilities by adding an additional copy of the talent atop of the rest of your build, but thats about it, you are stronger but don't have as many damage modifiers to top it all up and get it even higher. Is it a solution? probably not, considering all content is built around these it would need a heavy overhaul and number tuning and may cause even more issues considering not every RE is of the same power, there is only as much when choosing between spells, so youl end up people picking meta eventualy since "Whats the point of using spell X over spell Y since spell Y does more damage than spell X". 2. Im not sure when was the last time you played this but drop rates are mad even without crows caches, a single sneaky run trough twilight camps in Silithus or demons in Winterspring yields good results to catch up to your old lost progress considering raid gear does drop in the world very often might I add. 3. Ehhh... Its a double edged sword as proven in the past, like it or not there isn't a "questionare" before logging on that kicks raiders out of the servers premices, raiders like the fact that the gear is not bound so they can trade it around, a feature unheard of in world of warcraft before, to top it off the "call it gimicky" RE system also doesn't bind gear so raiders can enchant each others gear as part of a "mini profession" when necesary. And considering the core game is still "world of warcraft" which was designed around players needing pve to progress into pvp or generaly gear up, its not as easy to remove it. Chop it off and you loose a massive playerbase, leave it in, and you get potential farming targets of which some (I've noticed a majority) don't have as much self awareness or mechanical skills to compete in pvp on this realm. At most everyone is able to "bubbleheart"/stealth jag back to safety, but is that really enough to get away? Draw your own conclusions here. 4. Picture a store that sells cake (everyone likes cake right..?), now imagine a super intelligent guy creates a machine next to the cake store which dispenses free cakes, why would anyone go to the store anymore? Now rename the cake store to "play the game normaly" and rename the machine into "murder your own alt characters". The picture gets clearer, we need heavy fail safes in order to get something like this runing, such as but not limited to "unique hardware ID locks", "IP checking of people online" that kicks 2 accounts that run of the same IP, Client that checks whether EXe has run trough modifications in order to bypass multi client starting, etc etc... 5. PTR was open the last few months constantly, allowing you to transfer your characters there and give respecing/gear cloned with your character so you can test things out, disheartening how ever is that the PTR may be ran less publicaly to allow such things to continue which may really require this change (A huge majority of the playerbase would welcomme this change, if not everyone instead of afk farming off on bgs) 6. This really depends whether your personaly view on "partying up" is repulsive or not, its a common mechanic in every MMO, not just locked to wow that creating alliances helps your and their cause in the future,guilds exist for a reason, its a mechanic given to players, whether they want to use it or not, is up to them. 3 companies exist in the real world, one ran by a single man the other two having a huge personell, can you blame the multi management corps for gaining an advantage because they have a bigger work force? No you cannot, its a basic principle of survival that can relate to this and vice versa. Adjustments can be made but don't put your coin onto it, 1v1 zones existed in the seasonal realm and produced mixed results. People would either pick encounters they can only win (Logic) or just fight for the fun of it since its just a short lasting realm. (Not give a damn squad) 7. Alike Re's , these are the second culprit due to wotlk/tbc spells having a higher base damage/odd scaling compared to their vanilla counterpart, but have you ever compared the two tree's next to each other? Heavily outdated and bland, besides its something unique to ascension, this would just take it away. (Mages had "wand" specialization increasing wand damage, how would you put that into the game nowadays? warlock spell stones giving magic shields but being offhand items, warlocks talent "sacrifice" paired up with voidwalkers here would be devastating considering hp values can get pretty high here, the list goes on.) Might as well host an actual 1.21 patch vanilla classless realm instead to mitigate all this and slowly move up to xpacs, and let me tell you, that its not as easy as transfering printed work from point A to point B, each core works differently and moving mods isn't as easy as "copy pasting" there. Stride forward and keep pwning champion, and don't forget, "Fuck elves". Cheese~ (Cheers)
  15. Exactly that, Im not even geared, yet I don't have much issue doing that much damage to a player in short spans,overscaling of abilities, whilst tuned down ever since the stat squish is still forcing people into these "immunity" abilities which should be used in clutch situations to reset fights, heal up or in group fights as preventive to save a team mate/other misc usage. Instead you are forcing yourself into the said "immunities" the moment you see a specific spell being cast on you because you are aware "i am going to die now if I don't bubble or iceblock". Is it an issue? regretably it is a necesary evil currently in this oneshot meta (i'l remind you we still don't have Naxx gear/warlords weaponry, and hp values ain't going much higher even past that, its going to get worse). That does not mean how ever that nothing can be done against it. For instance, I believe that bubble and iceblock for example should share some form of "union" in terms of cooldown, be it trough the usage of passives such as "forberance/hypothermia" or straight up go on cooldown as you use either of the two. Detterance/dispersion is in a good spot since well..You are silenced and can't use any spells during the duration, and you can be cc'd in dispersion even if you use it for the sake of the massive DR it provides. Bubble and iceblock how ever, whilst counterplayable by the likes of mass dispell and shattering throw, greatly rely on "chance to hit" targets and the lack of knowledge whether the user uses both or just one of the immunities, sometimes forcing you to take both shattering throw and mass dispell at the same time. Sometimes I ask myself whether the ammount of ability points is enough to fill your spelbook with everything you need for encounters. I mean you get about 30-ish spells in total ranging from buffs,.debufs,defensive and utility spells when you spend both talent and ability points, so keep in mind raising anything up reduces the ammount of utility spells you can take which you may need be it pvp or pve.

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